Photo source: Vogue UK

With first week of rain in Barcelona Fall is officially here and I'm ready to pull out my carefully packed cashmere, merino wool and cotton sweaters and sweater dresses out of the closet.

While I am doing a seasons shift in my closet at the same time I revise my outfit basics (black pants, black, grey, nude and red cashmere V-neck, white and denim button up and wool coat, brown and black boots - one paid needs to be flat) and see if I need to replenish on some. I also do a color check to see if I need to add some color to my Fall/Winter closet, many people tend to have to many black, grey and brown and no other colors in their Fall closet. I would definitely recommend to add some blush pink, burgundy, navy green, bright red, nude and white. YES white! :)

This week I made one of my favorite low carb, low fat, super healthy (and...usually doesn't come with the later) tasty avocado & grilled chicken burrito dinner! My boyfriend who usually isn't a fan of avocado absolutely loved it.

Since I am often working late and my boyfriend comes from practice shortly after I finish work I need to figure out dinner which will be both healthy and quick to make.

Photos: Sime Eskinja | Clothing: Alduk | Make up: Mihaela Dodic | Hair: Keune Academy

Croatian designer known by his gorgeous gowns and party dresses Ivan Alduk launched a new net-a-porter campaign named „Peek-A-Boo“ which features sensual and glamorous collection for Fall/Winter 2014/15. season. 

Alduk's new collection is titled by flirty cuts on dresses where emphasize has been placed on naked back putting focus on long legs. This new collection celebrated femininity and is reminiscent of some luxurious and more extravagant era of 70's and sexiness of 90's.

"After flirting with sportswear in his last two collections I decided to go back to my original signature based on feminine and flirty design. I tried to mix rock, glamour and sexy feeling which I emphasized with handmade mat and shiny embroidery, soft and comfortable fabrics like fine lace and flirty cuts. I used accessories like massive earrings and sleek hair to bring back the 90's which symbolizes strong and powerful feminine looks."

Ivan Alduk, designer

This collection is based on short, cocktail evening party dresses combined with black and grey warm, chic and modern sheep wool coats have that extra volume to the total look.

With adding details like handmade embroidery, gold detailing and other luxurious applications on clothing are bringing couture elements in Alduk clothing which is still affordable to bigger circle of people.

"Fashion today is anything but minimalistic and boring, with this collection I wanted to do esthetic makeover from my previous two collections and create pieces which are both comfortable, great quality, luxurious and sexy."

Ivan Alduk, designer 

My favorite dresses from this new and fabulous Alduk collection are certainly black pencil skirt with stitched details and high slit and mesmerizing long emerald green lace gown with thigh high slit and wrap top.

Behind the scenes photos by Mallane Stanbury 
Editorial photos by Danilo Hess 

Gorgeous Alice & Olivia editorial for Avenue magazine is featuring gorgeous butterfly filled golden-locks story. When I was younger I had this crazy obsession with butterfly so I wore the hair accessory with butterfly (still have a few left from this period) and I listed to Mariah Carey (which kind of goes hand in hand with butterflies) so this editorial reminded me to that fairytailish part of my childhood.

My very favorite pieces are blue Princess worthy ball dress and gorgeous red velvet embroidered coat.

Today is my 30th birthday! Last night after eating a piece of beautiful, calorie rich, chocolate cake with berries and blowing candles which spelled 'Don't ask' I applied my first anti-wrinkle cream (better safe then sorry) and well...nothing changed when I got up this morning. :)

For big 30 I put together 30 helpful things I learned so far, most of these you probably know but I feel like some I need to still repeat to myself daily....

Photo: Peter Som Spring/Summer 2015.

We all know that She is one of the closet basics. A piece of clothing definitely worth of investing more money. She upgrades every outfit into a more elegant, put together, classic look. For next Spring 15' season almost every designer included some kind of a white button up shirt variation and displayed it on New York's runway.

My favorite white collar shirts looks for Spring Summer 15' season were Peter Som who combined white A-line button up collar long sleeve dress, longer on the back with with high waist vintage floral swimsuit bottoms and with black leather net apron. 

Photo: J.Crew Spring/Summer 2015.

All Photo source: | Jenny Packhman SS 15'.

I love wearing sequins, but not those to be expected 'New Years Eve' heavy duty sequin cocktail dresses but rather daily 'just because' sparkle to glam up the daily casual look, be it a patch of sequin on cashmere or knit cardigan or a sequin pencil skirt paired with denim button up for the office and later evening on the town.

As someone who loves to mix casual and dressy pieces I was thrilled to see some gorgeous, red carpet worthy gowns but also some casual pieces like twin sets and sweatshirts and pants all sparkled up on Spring 2015 runway.

Two of the designer who played with sequin, prints, embroidery and colors are definitely Jenny Packham and Naem Khan.

Every year (both September and February) no matter where I am in the world. Today I am in Sevilla Spain supporting my boyfriend on basketball world championship...but I am always equally excited, ecstatic and hyperventilating ahead of my favorite shows. This year I (again) choose love but I made all arrangements to be there for at least part of the fashion week in February.

You can watch all shows which are broadcasting live HERE on official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week website. On the same site you can see the shows from MADE which is the schedule of shows from other (not main) locations where emerging designers are showing.

Hashtags which you can search on google or the social media network you are most using are: #NYFW, #MBFW and #FashionWeekNewYork and there you can join and follow live conversations directly from New York's events.