Producer & Fashion Editor: Claudia De-Meis for Harrods

After reviewing a number of videos and reading a number of articles about easy ways to change your eating habits in order to become healthier and have more energy I finally decided to write a post about it and share my learnings with you ladies.

As you know I live in between Budapest and Barcelona so I travel a lot both to see my boyfriend and for business. With spending a lot of time on the airports and in the airplane thus I don't eat always right. Sometimes I used to eat only a sandwich a day while sometimes I forgot to drink water and hydrate. With juggling both work and blog I don't sleep much at all. All of this together results with me being sick quite often.

Eating right, sleeping 8 hours a day, hydrating and exercising is not always only about loosing weight but also having beautiful radiant skin and hair, having energy, looking younger and being overall in the good mood and healthy. 

This is why since recently (ding!ding!) I finally started being more serious about drinking more water. I bring my Equa glass bottle with me in my purse everyday and add couple of slices of lemon to give it a flavor. Also, I try to make myself go to bed and sleep before midnight during the week and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Before my first morning coffee I always have one full glass of water and one cup of green tea with no sugar and I replaced my second cup of coffee in a day with a green tea. Instead of chocolates I used to have with coffee now I have granola bar or banana and almonds.  Instead of using sugar I learned from a friend Dunja to carry Stevia in my purse as a substitute. 

Below are 15 of small things I changed periodically which by now became habits and really make a visible difference in my lifestyle! 

1.Eat until you are 80% full. Confucius teaching recommends to eat slowly and really enjoy your food. 
2.Wait 20 minutes after your meal (from a small plate) to see if you are still hungry.
3.Don't eat 3 hours before you go to sleep (if you have to eat - eat banana, hard boiled egg or a cottage cheese).
4.Drink a cold glass of water in the morning to wake up your body and add few slices of lemon to speed up your metabolism
5.Drink more green tea! 

Fulvio Bonavia, book:  ‘A Matter of Taste’

6.Eat more frequently. Eat 5 smaller means a day (every 2-3 hours) and use smaller plate.
7.Ditch your soda drinks and other sugary drinks.
8.Use Stevia instead of white sugar (it eats your skins collagen!).
9.Eat banana or other fruit instead of chocolates and other snacks (check out some of my favorite recipes).
10.Drink a glass of water half an hour before a meal to cut your calorie intake.

11.Ditch your sides (for example ditch fries when you eat burger or have salad or steamed vegetables instead).
12.Exercise! At least a little bit, at home (check out the list of home exercise videos I do daily).
13.Have more colors in your vegetables and less whites - pasta, potatoes, rice, bread.
14.If you really crave some type of junk food - have it once a week (on a small plate ;))
15.It only takes a 21 days to start a new habit! TRY IT! 

In case you think you can use some of these, try it and let me know if you notice a difference. I would love to hear also if you have any additional tips to share!


When you are getting ready in the morning you probably first pick the base of your outfit. I always decide what I am going to wear right then and there in the closet in the morning, I never prepare the outfit day earlier (what can I say, I am living on the edge). Let's say we choose a nice leather pencil skirt with this season very popular plaid shirt and converse sneakers for a coffee date with girlfriends in the city. 

 If you are often running out of your apartment last minute like I am, then you grab your mascara and a lipstick, spend approximately 5 minutes searching for your car keys in your purse, finally get in the car (in my case I adjust the seat after my tall boyfriend who was driving the car before me), blast the music (cause without the music you simply can't start driving), put on a seat belt and then just do your make up in the car on the parking lot of a coffee shop when you arrive or at the long traffic light (I did it just a couple of times in my life, only when I was in extreme hurry of course ;)).

Now, let's say you are going out on a date with your boyfriend or a fashionable business brunch in a fancy restaurant. If not to formal you might want to wear shinny metallic silver flats, purple clutch, distressed boyfriend jeans with a sheer white blouse and shinny fuchsia rain coat while strolling down the main city street in your new shinny Fiat 500 in Chillout Purple to match your statement outfit ! Wouu! Talking about making an appearance! 


"Entertaining Italian Engines are no longer reserved for millionaires caught in mid life crises."


It's not all about the looks! But looks matters!

My boyfriend often makes fun of me for not differentiating the types and brands of cars. I usually differentiate them and recognize them based on the way they look: color and shape. I want my car to be pretty, not to expensive, to have beautiful luxurious details like a leather steering wheel, pimping music system, room for my spare shoes in the back as I most often wear heels but drive in flats. I want it to be small enough so it's easy for me to park it anywhere (other then on parallel side spot, I never park parallel, those spots don't even count)  but I want it to be big enough to fit my dog Papi and his cradle. Also, I want to be able to fit couple of my girlfriends in with their luggage if we decide to go for a weekend trip.On top, I want a car which is environmentally friendly as well. As I do put it time and effort with recycling trash and choosing Eco-friendly and refurbished vintage clothing pieces I don't want to cancel out all of my efforts with driving a car with high emissions. 

Why Fiat 500?
Because it completely suits my lifestyle. Simple as that.

The FIAT brand stands for discovery through passionate self-expression. It encourages people to be in charge of their lives, live confidently and celebrate the smallest of things with infectious excitement. The new FIAT 500 Autumn/Winter Collection campaign has taken inspiration from the well-known paper cut-out doll concept to strengthen the position of the FIAT 500 as a fashion accessory.

p.s. Check out also this hilarious commercial - seems like with Fiat 500, style and sense of fashion becomes contagious! Espresso anyone? ;)

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Fiat via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Fiat/Fiat 500.

Photos: courtesy of    Picard Croatia

As yesterday was my birthday and the past week was very busy travel week for me (Prague - Warsaw - Ljubljana - Zagreb - Budapest) I just managed to put together a giveaway post for you lovelies together with my blog partner -   Picard Hrvatska. Where you are having an opportunity to win an amazing and totally on-trend pink snake skin   Picard leather handbag! So here you go, award for you for my Happy Birthday! :)

Personally I love both snake skin and leopard print patterns (when carefully styled into an outfit). Luckily they are staying trendy across seasons in past few years seems like. We can see all from genuine leather to digital prints on dresses in these patterns. My favorite snake skin pattern is pink and grey on accessories (leather) and digital print on pencil skirt and dresses.

Here is a selection of other   Picard purses I got my eye on:

Handbag model names: Amazona | My Case | Virginia 

If I had this wonderful Bettsy handbag from    Picard I would wear it daily with both casual clothes like for example Converse sneakers and tailored grey sweat pants and with soft t-shirt, leather jacket and McQueen cashmere scarf or in a more dress version with brown leather pencil skirt and white blouse on dark brown (maybe also snake skin) flats. 

I love that this handbags because it is a statement piece on its own and it is not to small or not to big, you can wear it on one shoulder or across the body but also as a clutch if you put the belt inside. 
Picard leather handbag Bettsy, 1579 kn | Picard valet Bettsy, 969 kn

In order to participate in this giveaway all you have to do is to:

2.Write a comment describing the outfit OR add a photo of you of an outfit you would wear this handbag with below giveaway post on   Picard's Facebook page.

3. Comment below this post to confirm you did steps 1 and 2 and provide your email address so I can let you know if you are a lucky winner! 

Award: Picard leather handbag Bettsy made out of pink, snake skin pattern. Price: 1579 kn | 207 Euro.

Giveaway lasts from today 20.09. 3pm until 27.09. midnight the best outfit description and/or photo will be selected by Picard representative and me. This giveaway is limited for Croatia only upon partners request.

Good luck ladies! :)

Backstage photos: courtesy of Estee Lauder

Designers of Kenzo and their second 'baby' brand Humberto Leon and Carol Lim showed their debut collection for Opening Ceremony at New York Fashion Week in front of numerous celebrity friends.

 Designers were inspired by combination of influences of busy suburban Southern California with it's street races (i.e. seat belts reference) and Carol Lim's homage to her Korean background featuring traces of traditional Korean garments like below cross strap tops and wrapped jackets.

Collection was rich with carefully combined street wear and high end pieces like tank dresses, cargo shorts and over-sized t-shirts and tailored almost unitards ;) Fun, young, bright and wearable, relaxed story.  I selected below a number of pieces I would certainly wear!


Backstage beauty story was told by (as you might have noticed from last posts) favorite make up artist and Estee Lauder creative director   Tom Pecheux who created simple but beautiful looks using new Estee Lauder products shown on the photos on beautiful Estee Lauder model ambassador - Liu Wen. 

NEW Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Creme – launching November 2013.
Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher
Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

Eyes: Pure Color Stay-on Shadow Paint in Halo, Pink Zinc or Chained (Matched with Skintone)
Cheeks: Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer (Matched with Skintone)
Lips: NEW Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Insatiable Ivory – launching March 2014.
Brows: NEW Double Wear Stay-in-Place Brow Lift Duo – launching January 2014.

These amazing nails were done by Naomi Nails for Estee Lauder.
Nail Lacquer in Blue Blood | Overlay design: White and light blue acrylic paint

P.S. I want these nails. Trying to do it myself at home now (and failing miserably :/).

Photographer: Mare Milin for    Elle Croatia

I had a pleasure to interview Ivan Badanjak, part of the VAIN designer team together with Timy Šarec. Ivan  is part of a truly a hard working, business focused , tech savvy and creative duo. He shared with me his vision for this young and perspective fashion brand. Read the interview below to find out more! 

What is the meaning of your brand name – VAIN?
VAIN is the anagram of my name – Ivan. Before I had a brand I was signing my designs with my first name however when I started to collaborate with Timy we decided to play with a logo which can describe my creative work to date.

How did you decide to launch a brand together? How do you get along and collaborate creatively?
Three years ago we founded Studio Ploha in which we collaborate creatively in the area of fashion, video and web design. We are working on the idea of founding a fashion brand together for a long time now, it just took some time for idea to mature and develop. VAIN fashion brand is the result of our creative maturity. We are working together on all areas of brand development and business from creation to realization and final product.

Photographer: Mladen Šarić | Models: Helena Babić and Tamara Pernar | Make up: Saša Joković

How would you describe the ‘ideal’ VAIN women?
A VAIN woman is a modern woman who uses clothing to accentuate her beauty.

 In one of the interviews you said that VAIN is the result of a long-term planning, how big of a risk is to launch a brand new fashion brand in struggling economy on such a small market as Croatia is?
We cannot influence on the economic situation. We felt ready and decided that we are mature enough to take this next step. Good ideas do not wait for good economic circumstances, you are ready for them or you are not. Croatian economic situation we try to offset with hard work, professionalism, persistence and creativity.

What is the price range you have set for your brand?
We define the price of our pieces based on the investment into good quality fabrics and quality of making. We think that we have set the realistic prices considering Croatian economic environment as we are currently focused on domestic market. We plan to expand our product offering to shoes and accessories as well but this will depend heavily on finances.

 Photographer: Mladen Šarić | Models: Helena Babić and Tamara Pernar | Make up: Saša Joković
Do you particularly admire any of the Croatian or international fashion designers?
Absolutely! There is many of them. We are equally inspired and fascinated by costume designers and fashion designers. When working creatively it is equally important to be original as it is to be up to date with latest industry trends even though the goal is to always try to come up with something new and fresh.

On last season’s Cro-a-Porter fashion event you have shown your first, quite successful collection which got positive reviews from fashion media. Do you plan to continue to do seasonal collection and show season ahead fashion shows or maybe like some international designer design pieces which can be worn across seasons?
Currently we are working on a new collection which we will show on Fall edition of Cro-a-Porter. Fashion shows are part of fashion industry tradition which we love so we will continue to show seasonal collections but in the future we would like to make our shows available to wider audience by live streaming them online. In between seasons we plan to launch capsule pre-season collections featured by smaller campaigns.

 Photographer: Mladen Šarić | Models: Helena Babić and Tamara Pernar | Make up: Saša Joković

Now when Croatia became an EU Country, how fast do you plan to start selling on international markets and what is your sales and marketing strategy for it?
Our strategy is to first build a good base for our brand on local market. We want to create national recognizable fashion brand as a priority. In the next three years we plan to redirect part of the profit and invest it into showing on international fashion fairs in fashion capitals in order to present our brand to other, bigger markets. In parallel we plan to continue to develop strong logistic and production so we could source our expansion properly and professionally.

Based on your work so far you seem to be taking your brand building in a more professional and planned way then some of your more experienced colleagues especially when it comes to investing in marketing, PR and online platforms for promoting your brand.
Building a unique, recognizable and modern fashion brand is our imperative. Working in Studio Ploha, building our clients brand we gained a certain experience which enabled us to get the clear vision for direction, look, feel and direction for our own brand.

We present VAIN as modern European brand which successfully balances in between commercial and creative out of the box product. Carefully planned promotion is the most important tool for successful brand positioning on which we collaborate with top industry professionals.

What is your near future and long term plan for the brand development?
Our daily work has become extremely dynamic so our plans are being executed in a very short time period. One of our goals is opening our official selling location in boutique store ROBA in Zagreb. This is a big challenge and an opportunity for us as we will get to communicate directly with our clients and get their feedback. 

 Photographer: Mladen Šarić | Models: Helena Babić and Tamara Pernar | Make up: Saša Joković

Also, we are preparing Fall/Winter 13’ collection which keeps us creatively obsessed for weeks now. In near future we plan to also design men’s collection, start presenting our brand to international markets and expand our product portfolio to accessories, shoes, jewelry and perfumes.

Photographer: Mladen Šarić | Models: Helena Babić and Tamara Pernar | Make up: Saša Joković

Follow VAIN on Facebook, Youtube, blog , Instagram and web.

Photo:   Mario Poje | Dress:   Lei Lou by Alex Dojčinović

"Your dresses should be tight enough to show you're a woman 
and loose enough to show you're a lady."
Edith Head 

As the cold wind in the evening is announcing Fall I am slowly pulling out my favorite long sleeve maxi dresses out of the closet and preparing them for my September travels starting with Prague Fashion Week next weekend and then Barcelona at the end of the month.

While I am carefully ironing, steaming and hanging my favorite Fall one piece outfits I can't keep but wonder, why can't we wear gowns daily? So during Spring and Summer we could wear long romantic floaty day-gowns in bright colors and rich floral patterns or figure hugging drama dresses with high slip front for the evening parties over strapy sandals and heels, and Fall in Winter we could combine maxi long sleeve dresses with motorcycle boots and leather jacket (which is my all time favorite combo, especially for travels). This one piece outfit can be easily accessorized with necklaces, scarves and jackets. I just really like the comfortable feel and feminine look maxi dresses give me while in the same time hugging the curves and letting me move easily.

For this post I have selected a number of such Fall day-gowns I would love to wear from my favorite brands.

Photo source:   Reformation maxi dresses

Photo source:   Lei Lou by Alex Dojčinović maxi cotton dresses Helena and Severina 

Photo source: both dresses   Asos

"I love bold, colorful party dresses because they don't need accessories. 
Just throw one on and you're done." 
Cat Deeley 

How do you like this look? Do you wear long dresses often? How do you style them?

Last weekend I had a rare opportunity to spend a weekend in Budapest and not having to spend it working so my roommate and a friend, who has the same name as I - Katarina went for an afternoon stroll around the tourist full, sunny Budapest. First we visited a wonderful   WAMP fashion fair where we enjoyed creative handwork of young Hungarian but also other Central European artists and designers (I noticed some Serbian designers present as well) all from clothing, to vintage remade clothing and accessories to jewelry, food and home decor items. 

For the stroll around the Budapest, I was wearing a top shop dress and vintage handbag and skinny brown belt and sandals. My roomate Katarina was wearing Zara leopard pointy flats and Mango green dress.

Later in the afternoon we went to check out the Fall/Winter collection of my new love, Hungarian and now also internationally recognized fashion designer   Nanuska who had a pop-up store with her Summer collection discounted now to 60% for limited time only. 

Afterwards, we were quite tired from navigating through groups and groups of tourists and we stopped for a salad and later a cup of Starbucks skinny peppermint mocha and caramel macchiato! :) On top, we got 'hollered at' - 'hey sexy' by a guy trying to sell us city tour thinking we were tourists. :)

How was your weekend lovelies? :)