Yesterday I made this easy, quick(less then 20min with prep) and healthy quinoa salad with veggies. As I wrote in earlier posts, I tend to eat dinner quite late as I don't have lunch until 4pm at least so dinner is usually around 9pm so I really want to keep it fat free, nutritious and light so I can fall a sleep normally.

This recipe you'll really like. If you haven't tried to prepare quinoa again it's quite easy actually, you just cook it the same way you would rice. You can get quinoa in any grocery store or bio store like Bio & Bio or dm in Croatia or pretty much any grocery store in Western Europe or US.

         Since I go back from vacation and got into my daily work routine I finally also caught up with working out regularly and cooking healthy. Since I work from home and make my own schedule I try to match my body's rhythm and work part of the day and then again in the evening. This means that I get up later and go to sleep later, thus I eat my dinner quite late. For example, today I ate my dinner at 10 pm after working out for an hour.

Since it is very important to eat (protein) within half an hour after working out I like to have or cottage cheese with a small spoon of honey for dinner or tuna salad. I don't mean that tuna salad you get in restaurants with fattening dressing and mayo but healthy kind. :)

Now, I am sure there are gazilion ways to make tuna salad, but I would like to share some of my favorites. I  usually make the one for which I have ingredients at home and I never eat it with bread but rather substitute with plain rice cakes, multigrain tortilla wrap or a cucumber.

Once I make the base of tuna salad (and I make a bigger quantity) I keep it in a fridge for 2-3 days and combine it with different ingredients for delicious protein full meals.


4 small cans of tuna (in water not oil)
Olive oil
Squeezed lemon juice
Pinch of salt
2 cloves of garlic or 1 small onion
Fresh parsley cut to tiny pieces 

We saw them last Fall/Winter season and we again saw them emerging in different fabrications and structure on runway for Fall/Winter 2014. pastel pink trenches, coats and faux fur jacket are super trendy no matter if you choose structured, oversized, knee length, short or long.

Many designers embraced the trend so we could see it featured on Burberry Prorsum, Jil Sander, Comme des Garçons etc.

Ladies have you tried tapioca pudding?

I often order it for a desert when eating out but have never tried to make it at home. This morning I got a small pack of tapioca peals in local grocery store. Usually you can find it in Asian or international food section of the supermarket. 

It took me in total about half an hour to prepare and cook it, it's super easy and delicious. I adore all deserts (and cosmetics) with coconut so I added coconut milk to this recipe as well. On top of tapioca pudding you can add different fresh fruit to taste, this time I added mango pieces and toasted shredded coconut. In restaurants I also got it (and loved it) with different berries - raspberries or blueberries. 

Donna Karan 2011.

I am NOT a shorty, sexy, hottie, chick, bitch, cleaning lady, cook, baby making machine, nor a feminist, careerist, laud mouth. I a human being, a women, a lady, a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend, a dog owner, an athlete, a business owner and a fashion blogger.

I will tell you my women's worth story. I grew up in an average family with parents and a sister. My mother could do it all, she is a successful business women, book writer, home maker and has plenty of hobbies on a side. I grew up seeing women who can do it all, how and when she wants while still fulfilling 'society norms' and doing her family duties and more.

 When I was 16 my grandfather who lived in rural parts of Croatia asked me when I will get married. I left the country when I was 18 to go study on full athletic scholarship in US. In my country girls who play sports are perceived as masculine and not overly attractive while role models for majority of young girls are usually half naked folk singers disfigured from plastic surgeries or 'married-rich' models. The value of a women is measured and perceived based on her looks, marital status, family wealth or her domestic skills.

Photos by   Bernat Mestres

The advantage of working from home is that you can plan your own work day, disadvantage is that you end up working very long hours non-stop. This is why I consciously decided to plan my daily work schedule around conference calls with designers for my Trendcy buyers job, visits to multi brand boutiques and my blog posting. 

Spending full day in same room doesn't really make my creative juices flow so I often take a walk to my favorite concept-store slash cafe   Jaime Beriestain here in Barcelona where I have a lunch or coffee, browse through September issues of Vogue and quite often get inspired for my new posts.

The cafe is never super packet with people, the food and service is great and I love to pick up peonies from their flower shop on my way home.

Photo:   Bernat Mestres

The last week I returned from vacation in Dubrovnik and jumped right into 'work mode' with catching up on my blog and work emails and doing a long overdue shoot to refresh my blog's look and feel. 

Funny enough while everyone in Barcelona seem to be somewhere else vacationing in August and the city is occupied by tourists only, I don't mind the silence and peace while working on new and exciting projects both for Trendcy where I work as a buyer and my blog on which you can expect to see major changes during next two months. 

Photo source:

If you are a die-hard fashionista or just like to stay in touch with latest fashion news and trends you are probably following a fair number of fashion websites, portals and blogs. One of my favorite Croatian fashion portal and the only one I have been following since I was still living in NYC is supports and promotes Croatian fashion design and has been doing this much before it was mainstream. You might remember some of their previous seasonal lookbooks I posted about, with my favorite being "Abused Mommy" and "Croatian fashion designers SS 2013. lookbook".

The advantage for many young designers is that with this lookbook shoot which they pay to participate in they get not only media exposure but also a skilled team of professionals who knows both local media environment, local shopper needs but also how to present young designer work in the best possible way.

Spring/Summer 2014. lookbook was shot with record number of 26 Croatian designers in participation.
Looks shot varied from evening gowns to day wear and all pieces are easily wearable across seasons.

Design by   Arileo

'' Eight seasons ago when we enthusiastically launched first Lookbook of Croatian fashion designers, which by now became a tradition project of portal, I couldn't even dream that just a few years later we will be able to interest so many designers to join the project. It is a really rewarding to know that project with primary goal of promoting Croatian fashion design will be equally loved and well accepted by both designers and our portal readers."

Lucija Biondic, editor in chief of portal

On top of being known by launching Croatian fashion designers from a hobby or a beginner designer to successful local brand, team is known by having a good nose for choosing talented young models.

Even though team naturally became skeptical about slow growing local media and business which doesn't really sees the value and real potential in online fashion media, thus doesn't invest in advertising much, they still continue to work and enthusiastically support young fashion design scene in Croatia helping them with business development and media training which is far beyond their call of duty.

Without further due, please see below selected pieces their eight lookbook for seasons Spring/Summer 2014. You may see the full lookbook here.

Dina Grbin | KooKabee Design 

Karin design by Katarina Cvitković |  Modni Atelje DI Dizajn

La Marye

All photo credits:
Photo: Franjo Matković | Styling: Barbara Repe, Željka Kosanović | Make up: Danijela Lesandrić for INGLOT
Hair: Ivica Palinić i Ivan Pervan | Models: Dora Sabljić MyGuys Models: Lorena Tijan Talia Model | Alena Lena Kananović Midikenn

Which fashion portals do you read the most often and why?

Yesterday I was taking a single friend home and we were talk about how when she meets with some of her girlfriends all she hears is stories about kids or boyfriends, no more 'light girl talk', all of a sudden she saids what used to be 'I' turned to 'WE' in almost every sentence.So obvious question comes to mind, where did an I in WE go when it comes to women's conversations?

First of all....Let me get my hand up! Guilty as charged! Now when I again live in another country, most of my coffee dates with my girls happens over Skype and let me tell ya, it takes a bit for us to agree on a date. She suggests the time but then..ouu wait, my boyfriend has a game. Then I propose a different time and ouu friend Anita is going to a barbecue with her husband. Once we finally agree. What do we talk about eventually? Surprise, surprise...boyfriends and husbands. Not always only and exclusively about them but we definitely agreed that they took over a good part of our conversation repertoire.

Let's move it forward a bit now... another friends comes and joins us and all she talks about is her newborn child, breast feeding, breast pumps, sleepless nights..all while our fourth single friend sitting across is bored out of her mind and checking Facebook news feed on her mobile.

I started this discussion about how our girlfriend conversations change as we age and how many of us ladies let ourselves get overly consumed into WE on my Facebook page.

The purpose of raising this question and starting the debate was not to decide nor define what is right and who is at advantage the married one, single one or the one with a child. The purpose of this debate is to have each of us raise the question to ourselves at home, out loud and see how much of your past single 'I' got consumed into 'WE' and if you are comfortable with this or not?

How much of the activities you did before for Yourself (ex. going to gym, manicure, pedicure, reading, learning new languages etc.) and with Your Friends (coffee dates, movies etc.) did you reduced in frequency or completely stopped since you became a part of 'WE'. This is a question I am trying to investigate for myself as well.

Since when do we need a relationship or a child to validate our existence?

Photo: Brian Haider

Men do it better!

As part of my research for this post I talked to a handful of my male friends to see how their behavior changes/remains the same when in relationship or have a child vs. when they are single. 

Most of my male friends did say that when they go for a coffee or for a beer with friends they mention their wife or girlfriend but don't discuss their family life at lengths as we women do. What's more, they feel a bit 'weird' to keep babbling about their girlfriends or wives with their single friends.

They mostly talk about sports, politics and as they said 'light' topics or plan their other activities together. Interestingly so, they strongly feel like they should keep their premarital activities like going to same bar's during sports matches with friends or playing sports activities regularly as they did before.

Photo source: Cass Maya

In conclusion, I think it is normal that both men and women change when in relationship and with a baby. With that change we shouldn't sacrifice but should consciously work on finding time to build and grow friendships we were building for years no matter if our friends are in the same life stage as we are or not, while at the same time having understanding for different lifestyles and life choices.

What is even more important, we don't want to loose our own 'I' just to fulfill traditional women's roles when we became a part of 'WE'. Continue to building yourself as an individual,  keep learning, keep challenging yourself and don't let daily routing take over your life. 

"As I hung up, I realized I'd committed the cardinal sin... I'd forsaken my girlfriends for my new boyfriend."  

Let's me hear your thoughts! Write them down in comments.

Photo:  Mario Poje 

We all have some a bit strange, interesting and well... just our own things we do, say or believe in. I am listing five of things you might have not known about me and challenging you to share yours, let me hear it and I will reward the most interesting comment with a fun accessory gift! :)

#1 I earned my full university scholarship by playing basketball. I wore mascara and did my hair for every game.

After attending high school for athletes in Croatia I was offered full basketball scholarship at Towson University in Maryland. I loved playing basketball but fashion was always my #1 interest. Since I was little I was observing how people look and combine their clothing and make up differently and how does this match their personality. 

What I liked the most about basketball was winning and it gave me great sense of leadership, endurance and self esteem. I wasn't to happy with a dress code and jersey color though so I was always looking to add some sparkle to my on court look with fabulous eyelashes and sleek and chic hair as jewelry was not allowed and my pink jersey suggestion wasn't taken seriously.

Photos: fashion editorials

Do you feel like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation? :)

After switching jobs and handing over my old job responsibilities in large global corporation I took much needed one week long vacation. Now when vacation is over I need to tune in full time into a new  full time work from home job in wonderful new fashion startup Trendcy which I will be doing on top of my blog work in two different time zones.

This change and new work environment made me feel a bit anxious but also motivated and super excited. So many exciting and positive changes coming up for me! In light of easing in into a new work role and recovering from post vacation blues I put together this post to help you overcome yours and also learn from you if you have any tips of your own to share!

Outsource and automate your work before & during vacation.

Ok, I have to admit I wasn't totally offline during my vacation in Dubrovnik. I had my work email coming to my iPhone (on the beach as well, yes) but in comparison to my regular work schedule where I worked late nights and weekends, at least I got a full eight hours of sleep daily and ate healthy home grown food.

Before going to vacation I completed all of my old job handover and also booked most of my social media pages posts and some of my blog posts in advance to keep somewhat of a timely posting schedule. This definitely helped me be fully relaxed during my short vacation.

Change where you work from.

Even when I worked in large corporations like Rugby Ralph Lauren, A&F or P&G I managed to take an hour (usually 8-9 am or 12-1pm) and go somewhere outside of the office, to park or to Starbucks have a cup of coffee or a lunch while working on planing new project or brainstorming. This helped me get away from usually nervous office environment, be more creative, breed different air and see things from another perspective. Strangely enough, I feel most creative when working during flights. :)

Organize your desk.

My best friends and family would tell you that I am anyways organization freak, my desk is always organized and clean but to get and extra kick of motivation after vacation in my home office in Barcelona which can get a bit dark late in afternoon I add fresh flowers to my desk in the morning or light a scented candle in the late afternoon and turn on some music (if I am not working on number crunching :)). Also, I like to have my desk clean with only one pencil handy and my TO DO list for the day.

Keep a first couple of days open from meetings and conference calls.

First couple of days coming back from vacation tend to be the worse (starting from getting up early in the morning and dressing up). What I do is that I free my first two days after vacation from conference calls and face to face meetings and I try to focus on first running through my emails and answering them in order received and as per urgency, then I set my goals and to do list for the week and jump on it one by one, not to get to overwhelmed. I drink a lot of water and every 3 hours I take my dog to a 15min walk to also get some air and walk around a bit.

Block out all distractions.

With being totally ADD myself I learned to turn off all social media notifications while working, empty my desk, set a daily and weekly time tracker and consciously force and remind myself to follow my 'to do' list. I also put my cellphone on mute for the first 4 hours of the day and only take SMS messages so I ensure all emails at least for my time zone are answered quickly.

Do your favorite things first.

Even though we all might adore our job there are things in every business which you enjoy doing as much like for example paperwork, taxes etc. however, we all must do them anyways. To get motivated and start my day with a lot of energy, after delicious breakfast I first do things I like to do the most and this is project planing and creative brainstorming. I found that early in the morning or late at night are the best times for me to do this as this is when my house is most quite and I feel at peace.

Work shorter first day back so you don't get overwhelmed.

One of the most important things I learned working in a few large corporations is never to get to emotional and never to panic but be actionable and focus on problem solving, this process also included not being to harsh on yourself and not overkilling yourself with workload every day, all day.

First two days after vacation I get up a bit later - in between 9-10 and take longer breaks more often until i am fully back in my work rhythm. 

Get your routine back.

Getting your daily routine back doesn't just mean catching up with your emails. This means getting back in your routing of going to sleep and waking up earlier, eating your meals at the same time and working out. I found that is really important for both my family (boyfriend and dog) and I to have our daily routine back to avoid stress and get our work done.

Resume your usual diet and fitness as soon as possible.

Not many of us continue to work out daily during  vacation. Although I brought my work out mat and fabulous bright Victorias Secret and Nike work out gear with me to Dubrovnik, I haven't used it once. Instead of beating myself about it I now try to ease my body back into workout routine by gradually increasing the time of working out from half an hour to hour and a half to two. 

On top, I am back to making my veggie and fruit morning and post workout smoothies.

Ensure plenty of time for good night sleep.   

I was one of the idiots saying "I'll get some sleep when I'm dead" type of things. Boy was I wrong! Working day and night doesn't make you better employee or more hardworking then others, it makes you sleep deprived, less productive and eventually - sick. Famous Arianna Huffington is one of the biggest advocates of good night sleep after she collapsed from exhaustion. 


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