Couple of weeks ago I posted an interview I did with a dear friend and Bosnian jewelry designer Armina Fazlić. 

This time I decided to show you her first capsule jewery collection named “BE HAPPY” -  each jewelry piece is photographed next to the photo of what inspired its creation : the bright orange color, gorgeous fashion editorial, passionate deep color purple or just cheerful summer feel.

My favorite piece is the one in the post head image but I really love them all with special tendencies towards pearls, lace, satin ribbons and color purple.
Which one do you like the best?

Contact Armina via her blog Black&White Heaven and order your favorite, unique and very affordable piece right away! Some are already sold out! There are no two of the same J

Enjoy lovelies!


Recent happenings in the City brought back some old feelings and memories and made me really worried about the awesome friends I left behind. 

It is funny, but it seems like once you lived in New York, you are forever a New Yorker in a  way, it's like a piece of you stays there, I know which piece of my stayed in the City.

I have my opinion about the City and what it does to a person…it changes you, it changes you a lot. After ups and downs, various life & love battles, victories and defeats I can with certainty say…that this is the place that can take you to your lowest and skyrocket you to your highest but in return – it will consume your soul.

At the end, it is never about the walls, buildings, stores and glam…it is about people, their energy and desire, and people don’t come to NY to waste time, because the City would eat them alive! People come to try to achieve something for themselves; they come to chase their dreams (LTFD). Some do it by any cost, alone and lonely and some do it with care and integrity, slowly and steadily and some risk it all and loose themselves in the process.

Here is why I love you New York…

I love the kick in the butt, the energy your streets give me as soon as I walk out the door. Its a special rush feeling, GO GO GO! All day and all night! No stopping!

I love how rude and cocky your people are, they say it how it is, and mean it how they say it cause time is money.

I could feel, smell, touch and hear the fashion at the each of your street corners.

I love sitting in Starbucks early in the morning, typing a new blog post with a fresh cup of tall skinny peppermint mocha.

I love trying vintage clothes for hours in “Loveday 31” vintage store in Astoria, Queens.

I love buying bread and overpriced toilet paper from a charming old Arabian guy from the corner tobacco store who calls me “Hey pretty lady!” and helps me carry laundry home from laundry place.

….and I hate you New York…I hate you because you took the soul of someone I loved.

….Dear New York, I love you, but I love me more.

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere;
 it’s up to you, New York, New York”

        Recently I finally finished reading the #1 International bestseller “Why men don’t listen & women can’t read maps” written by a married couple Allan & Barbara Pease.  Ironically enough, I got this book (as many others) from my boyfriend who also reads a lot and I was surprised when he got me a “none chic-lit” book which I usually read for leisure.

I absolutely recommend every man and women to read this book which is scientifically based but written in a way that is easy to read and based on internationally ran scientific: physiological and sociological researches conducted over couple of decades by the two authors.

“The equality of men and women is a political or moral issue;
The essential difference is a scientific one.”

Here are some of the lessons I took from reading this book and will try to apply or fun facts I will try to remember when dealing with men in my life in order to have a better communication with them.

Women have wider peripheral vision, men have tunnel vision.
This is why men are so obvious when turning around after a hot girl, in fact women look at man just as much but their vision allow them to do it without turning their head. Men needed tunnel vision in order to hunt for the food, while women developed a peripheral vision in order to notice if other animals were a threat to her home and her babies.

On long trips, men should drive at night and women drive in the day.
Researches show that women are much safer drivers but have more minor accidents; interesting fact is that these accidents happen mostly during PMS period.

Men can mentally separate their problems and put them on hold. Women can’t stop thinking about and analyzing them. A woman will verbalize a series of items out loud in random order, listing all the options and possibilities.
Male brains are highly compartmentalized and they have the ability to separate and store the information. At the end of the day, a man is able to turn off and close the drawers. The female brain doesn’t have that ability, we keep running and processing the problems round and around in our heads. In order to solve them, women talks, not with intention to find a conclusion or solve them but to discharge them. Men get confused here, because when a woman presents him with a problem – he assumes this is because she wants him to solve it.

Talking to each other & relationship rules:
  • When a man is silent, it’s easy for a woman to start feeling unloved.
  •  The first rule of talking to a man: Keep it simple! Give him only one thing at a time to think about.
  • If a woman is talking to you a lot, she likes you. If she’s not talking to you, you’re in trouble.
  • To get a man to listen, give him advance notice and provide an agenda.
  • If a woman is unhappy in her relationship, she can’t concentrate on her work. If a man is unhappy at work, he can’t focus on his relationship.
  • Women recognize when love doesn’t exist. That’s why they’re much more proactive in finishing the relationships.

At the end, it is very important to acknowledge these differences in order to be able to have a good relationship with your partner. Men want power, achievement and sex. Women want relationships, stability and love. Many of these differences we knew on subconscious level, but we really need to acknowledge them in order to understand our partner. 

Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps: How We're Different and What to Do About It


I had an hour long PMSal conversation with my boyfriend last night, who although at moments losing his patience trying to find a solution or a point of the discussion we were having, he listened to me patiently, kindly and lovingly.

     Indeed, I had a point in mind, I knew what I wanted to tell him but I was terrified of what his response might be so I talked and talked and talked about everything else, none of which actually bothered me, all while trying to find a courage and a right way to tell him that I am totally falling in love with him and in a way looking for his  It's ok, I won't hurt you and lie to you, it’s safe to love me“  reassurance.

I know, this might seem naive from my side and impossible to guarantee from his side, but you see, I have been in relationships before with good guys, bad guys, cowardly guys, loving guys and athlete guys...but this time it feels different. He is different. I look into his eyes and I know that he has good morals, he stands firm on the ground, he means well, what he is telling me is the honest truth, he is young but he acts with an integrity of a strong, well raised gentleman and he really does care for me.
Is he a perfect man? Not at all. But he is not running away from problems, relationship talks and PMSal drama conversations – he stays and he listens, my weaknesses are his strengths, he makes me a better person.

What I am asking from him is an emotional security and loving support, in return he asks me to give him a reality check when he needs it and to give him an unconditional support with all that he does. Fair enough, cause at the end - these are the things that are priceless. 
  Passion and attraction come and go periodically through relationship, material things (presents, clothes, car, apartment...) are an instant happiness fix which quickly wares off, all of these material things need to be replaced sooner or later, while friendship and true values remain to be the thing we look for from our partner when we are at our lowest.
As this special person we love fits in between friends and family on our priority list - we choose who it is freely and are connected with more than just a platonic friendship. Cherish such person if you have him/her in your life, as these days – such people are trully hard to find.


    Few weeks ago I was making yet another order of Rugby Ralph Lauren clothing from NYC store, trying to find an ex coworker who can despite for not shipping to Croatia rang my credit card and mail my  favorites no matter the shipping costs to Croatia( Thank you Carl & love you for doing it!) .

 While clicking around the page, I saw the announcement – Rugby Ralph Lauren store finally opening in Europe, more precisely in Covent Garden London on August 27th!

      Rugby Ralph Lauren was launched back in 2004. and it managed to translate Ralph Lauren’s legacy of authentic prep clothing into eclectic, edgy, stylish and hip collection appealing to young people. What I like the most about Rugby is ability for customization of its basic pieces, timeliness and great quality of making,  absolute personalization in style and branding as well as its unique vintage appeal which is flirting with Ralph’s rich historic heritage giving young gals and gents looks effortless and sexy downtown vibe.

 God damn I thought, I wish they did this expansion while I still worked there! Then I checked my schedule and realized this store opening is falling couple of weeks before I am traveling to London Fashion Week – looks like I will be leaving my September’s paycheck in Rugby store in London!  I am sure that the store will be marvelously merchandised knowing the creative capacities of the creative team working on it! ;)

Soon I will be posting my recommendations to style fall collection Rugby looks as well as the report from London store visit in September! I am so excited about this! Stay tuned lovelies!

Bellow are some photos of the looks from upcoming Fall collection all taken from Rugby RL site. Please follow Rugby team via Facebook & Twitter for the latest updates and fabulus style advice.

“My goal in design is to achieve the best reality imaginable. I believe in design that has integrity, design that lasts, and whatever it is, it must be part of the lifestyle and become more personal with time.”
~Ralph Lauren~


Weekend is here, hot and steamy like we are still at the summertime peek.
For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to catch up with some work assignments, covering for colleagues on vacation, and trying to heel my dog Papi’s ear infection and trying to arrange couple of free-vacation days by my boyfriends schedule I have felt quit stressed. 

   This caused my immune system to go down and I got incredible insomnia which further raised my stress levels – so I took 2 days off last week to sleep and reenergize, to do nothing at all as I thought planning to go on a trip and party with my friends would just exhaust me even more.

       Today I really took it easy. I slept in late, took my dog Papi for a long walk, had a late breakfast, refreshed my lately neglected flowers, went to meet my friend Anita for a coffee and healing power chat and finally started reading the last book my boyfriend got me “I love New York” by Lindsey Kelk.

I still feel like summer passed by me quit quickly and I still feel like I desperately need that “me time”, with no phone, no laptop or internet or “I just need this one info from you” kind of calls from the office – just some breathing space.

What do you do to relax and unwind from weekday stress lovelies?

“One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is
the belief that one's work is terribly important.”
~Bertrand Russell~

Vogue Germany cover, September 2011.

Seethrough chiffon or sheer lace or crocket – doesn't matter as long as you can see through it! It comes in maxi, fitted or flirty patchy ways but one is for sure – it will grab your attention.

Last couple of seasons have been leading up to this trend and flirting with it. D&G did the all white underwear-to-daydress collection featuring gorgeous white lace and cotton which were cut in a way to act like a vintage underwear which when spiced with some brown leather acessories becomes inocent summer dress.
    There are numerous ways to rock this trend from day office wear to evening clubbin jumping straight into aftermidnight sexy time with your significant other ;)
    Lets see how seethrough is played out from runway and editorial looks to streetstyle. 

Stella McCartnely, Fall 2011.

Lets see who will be bringing sexy back to upcoming Fall season! Get inspired lovelies!