Today Anabela is three months and 13 days. Although I had a really quick delivery first two months were quite hard for all three of us, as we were trying to figure each other out and see how to help Anabela get eat, sleep and poop well. :)

Anabela was breastfed with addition of formula milk for first two months and now she is fully formula fed (she takes Almiron Advance Digest) which probably increased the likelihood of cramps and colic which she had. Our pediatrician and our duola helped us tremendously with various methods, organic medication and treatments to sooth colic and help Anabela feel calmer and sleep better. In this post I am sharing all we learned. 


Swaddling imitates baby's position in the womb thus it calms baby down. Wrap keeps arms straight to the side (usually a baby wakes up when her hands move) but lets the hips to be loose. Make sure you use a large square blanket, but don’t overheat, don't cover your baby’s head or allow loose blankets which can end up in baby's mouth. 


Sleeping on the back is the only safe position for sleeping for a baby but it’s the worst position for calming fussiness. Instead of having your baby sleep on it's back try putting your baby on her side, on her stomach or over your shoulder until it falls asleep.


In the womb the sound of the blood flow is a shush louder than a vacuum cleaner. The best way to imitate these magic sounds is with a white noise CD (because it's portable so you can use it in your car or on the round while traveling). 

We are using Fisher Price cod mobile with 3 different melodies and white noise, it also contains night light which projects stars to the ceiling. To calm baby's crying play the white noise as loud as your baby cries. To help baby fall a sleep -play it as loud as a shower.

When she is really upset I walk around carrying Anabela and I gently press her head sideways on my chest, I give her soothing pacifier and make shushing sound with my mouth while walking through the apartment with dim lights and I gently cradle her. 

We choose   a music to teach her when it's time to go to sleep. So each night we play this same music at the same time as we change her to pajamas and feed her last time before going to sleep.


Usually slow rocking is ok to keep baby calm, but to soothe crying baby your motion needs to be fast and tiny, kind of jiggly. Always support the head of the baby and keep your motions small but never, never, never shake your baby in anger or frustration. This is why it's important you have a helping hand during first 3 months of your baby's life. 

It's easy to get frustrated when sleep deprived for days and when the baby is attached to you 24/7. Whenever you feel tired, helpless, sleepy hand the baby to your partner or whoever is helping you and take time alone to calm down. Baby can definitely feel your frustration and this will not help to calm it and make it fall asleep. 


Many fussy babies relax into a deep tranquility when they suck. If you are breastfeeding you can try to offer baby your breast when fussy or a pacifier. For Anabela Avent soothing silicon pacifiers do the trick, my friend with a baby three months older then Anabela also recommends Mam pacifiers

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When feeding your baby make sure baby's head is in higher position then it's stomach. We also used Dr.Brown bottles which reduce colics. If you see your baby is struggling with gas and cramps (bringing her knees towards her stomach, stomach is hard and/or baby has issues pooping, clenching her fists etc.) make sure you burp her/him during feeding and after feeding. Either way, you should always burp your baby to prevent reflux, digestion problems and stomach pains.

Football Hold
If your baby is gassy, try to hold him/her as a football (american football) by placing baby's stomach on your forearm and baby's head in the palm of your hand sideways or in your elbow (depending what feels more comfortable for you and your baby). 

Across the Lap Hold
If this doesn't work try to place the baby across your lap belly down. This position is also good to help baby burp.

'I Love You' Belly Massage
Belly massage has proved really good for us with Anabela. Our duola (post birth support) taught Ante and I how to massage Anabela's belly to help her poop and get the air our of her bowls, thus soften her stomach and reduce cramping. I will do the video on this topic soon but it;s super simple. We did this massage twice a day after changing the baby right there on changing table. Try to do it when your baby is relaxed and fed. 

Your baby should poop once or ideally twice a day. If your baby has issues with bowl movement and constipation you can also try rectal glycerin inserts in the morning and evening after feeding to stimulate and help your baby poop.

Gripe Water / Colimil Drops
One of the things which worked best for colics (the same day we used it) was   Gripe Water which we ordered from Amazon, we use 5ml 5-6x per day, we just add it to the milk bottle. 

If you are breastfeeding you can use a syringe you get with the drops and give your baby drop her drop on the side from the inner side of the cheak and then just offer a pacifier right after so she swallows it and continue until your baby takes recommended dose.

 It's a herbal remedy for colics many doctor's recommend usually used in UK. If you don't shop online, you can try Colimil drops which you can find in most European pharmacies. They are also herbal. 

Since she was born Anabela is very observant, she keeps looking around with her big eyes and she catches each stimuli from the environment and reacts to it: light, sounds and scents. This makes it hard for her to fall a sleep during the day. We also noticed that she gets irritated very quickly and starts crying if we don't figure out right away what she wants (food, change her diaper, needs to fart etc.). 

Our pediatrician recommended a very successful osteopath, even though I was skeptical and scared she would crack her back or something, I was pleasantly surprised. We went to two treatments where she just gently touches and presses certain spots on Anabela's back, neck, stomach and hips with her fingers and holds. 

Few days after each treatment we noticed Anabela managed to sleep longer periods during the day and she sleeps all through night and only wakes up once for feeding and falls right back to sleep.

I hope this post helps at least one baby and one new mum sleep better! :)
Do let me know if you have any more useful tips on this topic bellow in comment!


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This recipe as most of the recipes I recommend is super easy and healthy. My boyfriend asked me to make it again and again after I first time made this polenta, salmon combination with light cucumber and carrot salad. You can make all of this with a steak or different meat if you are not a salmon fan.


Cucumber yogurt sauce:
0.5 cup greek yogurt (I used Fage)
1 garlic clove 
1 tbsp lemon zest
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 cucumber
salt & pepper

Carrot salad:
1/2 tea spoon of cumin seeds 
1/4 tea spoon of ground turmeric 
1 large carrot
1.5 tbsp of fresh chopped cilantro 
1 tbsp of olive oil
1 tbsp of lemon juice

2 salmon fillets (1 per person)
1 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil
sea salt & pepper

1.5 cup polenta
3 cups water


Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

1. First prepare cucumber yogurt sauce as it requires 10-20 minutes of chill time in the fridge. 
2. Combine thin sliced (peeled or well washed) cucumber, greek yogurt, grated garlic clove, lemon zest and lemon juice in a medium size bowl and gently steer with a spoon. 
3. Season with salt & pepper per taste. This sauce keeps well in fridge for 1-3 days (without cucumber added) if you want to prepare it ahead.

Carrot Salad 

1. Toast cumin seeds for 1-2 minutes over medium heat, add ground turmeric for the last 20 seconds of these 2 minutes. 
2. Add thin sliced carrot (I use vegetable peeler to peel it and then to slice it so slices end up paper thin and look preety on the plate), olive oil, cilantro and lemon juice. 
3. Add sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste.  

I usually just mix it all well right there in the pan over medium heat for 1 minute and then place it in a medium bowl, chill and serve. 


1. Season salmon fillets with sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste. 
2. Heat olive or coconut oil over medium heat and grill salmon 3-4 minutes on each side until it gets nice color depending on thickness. 
3. Bring 3 cups of water to boil and add 1.5 cup instant polenta. It's done in 1 minute! :)

I promise you if you love salmon you will adore this recipe! :)


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This year one of the most popular and definitely most dreamy and most glamorous Croatian fashion brand   Boudoir celebrates their 15th birthday. Two beautiful sisters Morana Saracevic and Martina Cicko are artistic and business forces behind the brand which has became a go to brand for not only Croatian but also regional fashionistas and celebrities. 

Boudoir sisters celebrated their brand's sweet fifteen with a couture collection featuring print's taken from their multiple times sold out pret-a-porter collection Fiskultura and their recognizable gothic couture signature. 

Sweet Fifteen is a collection of romantic dresses made out of layered tulle, sprinkled with handmade rose petals and silk applications. 

"In our celebratory collection we tried to combine all of the creative elements ever created under Boudoir label. All of the dresses are rich with details, our though process was 'when it's to much, it's not enough',  while final result is very well though through and each detail purposefully placed on each dress and created in true spirit of Boudoir brand." 

Morana Saracevic and Martina Cicko

Photo: Mladen Šarić | Make up artist: Sasa Jokovic | Hair stylist: Milena Maršić (Salon Glamour)
Syling: Ivana Pavić  | Models: Ivona, Goga, Tia

Happy Birtday ladies! 
Wish you many many more! 


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If you want to try only one quick and easy recipe from my blog, let it me this one! 

This chicken breasts recipe in orange sauce with brown rice is great for all of those who like a bit of sweetness in their dish (healthy sweetness) and for all of you who like to eat healthy but delicious food which will fill you up but you won't feel sleepy and heavy after having a generous portion.

As I mentioned on my    Facebook page post I have started going to the gym daily after having Anabela three months ago now and I am testing some quick, healthy and delicious recipes to help me loose weight without feeling hungry and miserable :)

This recipe is super easy to make, there are a few ingredients which are mandatory, others are just healthier and tastier additions. I made this meal for my boyfriend who usually doesn't like sweet meat and brown rice or pasta, he had it two days in a row and loved it! It's even better next day so make a full portion from recipe to have some leftovers for next day.


2 oranges
5 pcs skinless and boneless chicken breasts
150 ml (5 oz) orange juice (squeezed)
1 orange zest of 1 whole orange 
20g (0.7 oz) brown sugar
2 soup spoons of olive oil or 2 tea spoons of coconut oil
1 tbs honey dion mustard 
salt & pepper to taste

Croatian spice mix Vegeta
2 tea spoons of flour mixed into a little bit of warm water


1. If you got a thicker chicken breasts slide them on thinner pieces before seasoning. Marinate chicken breasts on both sides with salt & paper or optionally with Croatian spice mix. Vegeta. Set a side for 10 minutes. Coat chicken breasts with mustard with a brush on both sides. 

Prepare a side dish: steamed vegetables (broccoli or green beans seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper) or brown rice. I love this recipe with brown rice. 1.5 coffee cup of brown rice is cooked in 3 coffee cups of water and ready in 20 minutes. 

Extra tip! 
The secret of preparing rice well is to use wide sauce pan so rice can cook evenly, make sure you add some sea salt to water and mix well. 

2. In a bigger sauce pan heat the coconut oil (or oil of your choice) on medium high (I used setting 7/10).  Grill chicken breasts on medium heat for 8 minutes total (3-4 minutes each side depending on thickness). 

3. Meanwhile, squeeze 150ml (5 oz) orange juice and prepare orange zest from 1 orange and weigh brown sugar. Wash and dry one whole orange and cut 3-4 thin slices to add to sauce later on.

4. Once chicken is done, set it aside on a warm plate. Keep the remaining oil in warm sauce pan and add orange juice, orange zest and brown sugar and boil on medium heat for 3-4 minutes. If it appears to thick add a bit more orange juice.

5. Optionally, add a mixture of a bit of warm water and 2 tea spoons of white flour if you would like the sauce to be thicker.  Add 3-4 thin slices of well washed orange.

6.  Add chicken to orange sauce and cook for another 3-4 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Let me know how you like it once you try it and if you made any tweaks to make it even better! Would love to hear about it!


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I must say that 90's are not my favorite decade in fashion but there are some trends I like and can always find a way to incorporate in my personal styling. These pieces are most definitely those which can be considered as classic pieces which with a modern twist can be made into fabulous Spring/Summer outfits both for day and night looks. 


During Summer I love wearing open back dresses and bodysuits while chocker necklace along with off shoulder top, curled hair, shorts and flats makes a romantic evening outfit.

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So called Lennon sunglasses  are not really the best for my face shape but I found less expensive dark round frame sunglasses with thin gold lines which I wear with a couple of strands of hair hanging loose around my face.

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If well constructed, cropped denim jacket can be very flattering on both tall and short ladies. I like distressed light wash jacket and have recently found a brand which customizes both leather and denim jackets which ads some personality to the piece. If this option is to expensive you can always purchase a set of badges in one of the fast fashion stores and customize the jacket as you wish.  

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Last season I got beautiful maxi marsala color slip maxi dress which I wore over white t-shirt and espadrilles and a thin wool hat. For this Summer I am thinking about purchasing midi slip dress with some lace trimming to remind more of a lingerie. 

Photo: Lachlan Bailey

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Few months back I purchased super cute red bandana from Nasty Gal which I wear with black wrap dress around my neck for evening look or with white T-shirt, high rise jeans, round glasses and red lipstick for more casual daily look.

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I really love bodysuits if they are made well around the butt area :) My favorite one was always Soel by Sonja Lamut open back  bodysuit with bow tied on the bottom of the back. I got it in red and grey. 

Black Ribbed Bodysuite

For this Summer I am looking at Nasty Gal,  Free People and Missguided bodysuits. You can wear them with jeans, shorts and skirts looking like a tucked in top without hems coming out from the pants.

Shop trend:

What is your favorite 90's trend to rock? :)

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