It is 5th day since my boyfriend left.
3rd day in a row of going to the gym (2 days in between emotional therapy talks with my girls).
2 Emotional breakdowns ( possible PMS, so it doesn't count).
1 domestic attack (I made banana bread, mushy middle, crusty sides...I just ate the sides.)
No ice cream crisis.
So far so good.
Anyways, since my boyfriend left, even though I miss him dearly and I am jumping from joy every time I see digits 385 on my cell, I do have more time to focus on work and fashion over all, which I by no means prefer over hanging out with him.

Last thing I was researching was the impact that current economic situation has on this years couture and RTW collections and designers inspirations. As I was scrolling through some archive RTW (ready to wear) videos on I started with my favorites. Galliano's RTW Fall 2008 was sensational, arguably one of his most artistic and wildest collections ever. His inspirations for set and collection came from Rudolf Valentino era of silent film. I was amazed by the fantasy Galliano has created and how he managed to isolate himself and his creative inspirations from current economic events. He certainly did not save a penny while putting this show together and was able to maintain his original "bias cutting, retro coats, and overblown headgear(Sarah Mower- . " My absolute favorites were pink houri pants, his new line of amazing jewelry (oversized broaches and necklaces) and his signature craftsmanship.

Next, another one of my favorites was McQueen who created absolutely mesmerizing collection rich with Indian Jewelry and "British-colonial romance inspired crinolined princess dresses". McQueen had spend a month in India and consequently created an amazing collection out of carefully selected treasures (gorgeous fabrics and jewelry) found in ancient India.

Personally I loved a peacock feathered lace, a structured military plaid jackets, an amazing skinny leather pants under gorgeous fur coats (yes, fur) and thin knit tunic sweaters, as well as gorgeously rich Victorian gowns carefully embellished with Indian Empire motives.

I loved it all, this collection was absolutely brilliant and I am anxiously waiting to see the way its going to be interpreted on the City streets this fall. I know I will be rocking curly hair and humongous broaches on my knits over skinny pants(maybe I even dear to go wild and wear houri pants in my signature purple).

Beauty sleep time.....zzzz.....