Photos: Franjo Matković |  Styling: Marko Grubnić | Make-up: Sanja Agić |
 Hair: Luciana Šakić, Salon Teuta | My dress: Matija Vujica, Alex and Marija in Lei Lou dresses

"We used to have small successes and less possibilities but we were never selfish towards each other and this is why we continued to develop and grow, each in her own direction 
and with being very supportive towards each other.", Aleksandra

Mid March quarterly glossy fashion and lifestyle Croatian magazine Storybook came out with interview and editorial themed "Lipstick Jungle", TV series based on Candace Bushnell's best selling novel.

If you haven't watched it already it is a dramedy following private and professional lives of three based friends all of whom are top professionals in their respective careers.These three powerful women are always there to support one another and at the same time navigate the crazy, romantic, and sometimes scary world that is New York City.

"Female friendship pact"

The Storybook editorial featured my two beautiful friends Marija young and successful marketing manager in Opel car company and Aleksandra, business owner, fashion designer and executive creative director of her brand Lei Lou by Alex Dojčinović and me :) they wrote my job title as 'communication expert' trying to shorten my looong Procter&Gamble title name, but basically I do PR/communications for one category of six brands on nine markets of Central Europe and working on my blog and lifestyle column on a side. 

"Travels with my girls make me the happiest, even if these are just a short weekend trips, I enjoy all packing to planning, all of our little rituals." , Marija

You might remember that I published some teaser photos from this shoot on my blog's   Instagram and Facebook but couldn't share it further before magazine comes out.We had such a great time shooting with a team of true professionals and at the same time celebrated Vedrana Čarapović's (Storybook assistant editor) graduation with some amazing cakes and my favorite Fancy Cakes macaroons.

Some of my friends from US and well...other countries then Croatia asked me to translate my part of the interview so they can understand it to so I selected couple of titles to translate :)

"Trip to New York, macaroons which I like to receive and give as a gift and trips to wellness is what reminds me of my girlfriends the most.", Katarina


All photos: Šime Eškinja | Model: Luna Valas, Talia Models | 
Styling: Lea Krpan | Make up: Sanja Agić | Hair: salon Teuta

Envy Room , Croatian fashion brand, is predicting hot Spring with bring red and cobalt blue, lace and stripes.  This amazing SS13. photo campaign is delivered by top Croatian photographer Šime Eškinja and wonderful editorial team. 

Envy Room's SS13. collection is romantic, dramatic but very wearable and all pieces can work from day to night. Even though the two designers flirted with retro tailoring they still managed to pull our the urban feel by adding their signature t-shirts and having in mind versatile styling choices for all of the pieces, this full collection contains a wide selection of t-shirts, blouses, tailored pants, pencil skirts and body flattering dresses. Common denominator of this collection is 3D lace in patchwork technique and Croatian cost inspired colors like lavender, Adriatic sea blue, bugavilla pink and mandarin orange.


I am really excited to share with you today the three lucky ladies, winners of     Picard Croatia giveaway which I published about a week ago now. Without further due, the winner are Ana Marija Pavleković, Lucija Šimić and Petra

Ladies, I will send you an email to congratulate you today and ask you to send me your addresses so      Picard can send you your super cute pink passport cases. I will ask you just to send me a photo of you and your cute passport case from the first trip you go to :)

Thank you all for participating and I am looking forward to more giveaway opportunities to reward you - my lovely readers and BIG thank you to my blog partner   Picard Croatia on this giveaway! 

One of my friends and blog readers is already ordering Picard's super cute mint bag bellow :)


   Last couple of days I spent on a short business trip in beautiful Brussels, Belgium. Other then rich architecture and world famous chocolate and pastries I was thrilled with gorgeous hotel  Amigo
their great customer service and delicious food. 

 I had just about half an hour when I arrived to see the city a bit before checking in the hotel, I wouldn't be able to do more then that even if I wanted to as it was very, very cold for this time of the year, especially for me flying in from Barcelona. 

Chocolate and pastries were at every corner so if you are on diet, my advise is not to go to Belgium as it is absolutely impossible to resist Belgium's great quality chocolate, cakes and pasty offering. About 10 minutes after arriving to city center I already had warm Starbucks skinny late and Belgium waffle in my hands, enjoying every single bite of it during my short walk to the hotel.

On Monday evening we had delicious dinner at   Atomium, monument built for the World Fair in Brussels 1958. and today most popular tourist attraction and symbol of this European's capital.The highest sphere - Panorama is at 92m and it offers a 360 view of the whole city!  

Hopefully I will get back to Brussels soon, when there will be warmer weather and of course, when I will not be on diet. :)


First time this basketball season my boyfriend and I had a free Sunday together when we didn't have to work or practice so despite the not so warm early Spring weather we still managed to spend couple of hours in this beautiful Barcelona's park. 

My boyfriend came home late after midnight night before from away game so we didn't wake up today until noon, we ate big breakfast, went to have our early afternoon coffee at nearby Starbucks where we met a couple of ladies from Dubrovnik who of course took his autograph and then we finished our coffee and finally decided what closest park we will go to before it starts raining. Papi was super excited to finally have couple of hours long walk and some quality time with Ante and I.

Bellow you can see few pics I took during our lazy Sunday spent in Turo park, my favorite is the pic of the orange three. How did you spent your weekend lovelies?


Photo source:

Jenna Lyons, J.Crew president and executive creative director, with a company for 22 years, is staring in this short video talking about J.Crew's traditional shoe manufacturing techniques and creative thinking process behind making of every pair of J.Crew  'Shiny Ponies' as she likes to call the shoes which make the cut and eventually show up on J.Crew's store shelves (those that don't are called then ugly Dollies).

J.Crew shoes are made in the small workshop at Pisa, Italy. Jenna herself owns 289 pairs of shoes, some of which she doesn't wear but likes to look at them. :)

So let's check out the video, Jenna Lyons about  'Shiny Ponies':

Bellow is a selection of my Shiny Pony favorites, with free shipping and reasonable prices for a great quality, I will be sure to order at least one pair of ballet flats (leopard print or lavender) and one pair of chunky heels!

"As far as I'm concerned leopard is a neutral."

"Design inspiration is sometimes like a river, picking up things along the way."

"These say business in a front and party in the back."

Jenna about J.Crew's Shiny Ponies: 

"We wanted something that felt chunky and really glossy with a lot of surface areas so you can use incredible colors and shapes on it and makes a statement."

Which pair of Shiny Ponies is your favorite?