Day: hot and miserable saturday
Emotional state: heartbreak( broken into pieces and doctors gave up on recesitating)
Guilty: knockoff who presented himself as an original

As Carrie Bradshaw said there are to L`s women look for in New York City, labels and love. I thought I found both. However, it is much easier to recognize a knockoff to experienced fashionista`s eye when it comes to labels than to love. Being hopeless romantic as I am I trusted, loved and cherished my New York found love. I cared for it better than for any shoes or a designer dress. I love it more than all the label pieces I have as well.

Unfortunately, when it comes to love there is no dry cleaning place, nor the detergent to clean it with, nor the store where you can return it for a brand new one or even the original, because when it comes to love pieces are unique. If you have bought a knockoff, trusted it to be the original, great quality and just what you needed and it ends up breaking and falling apart, there is nothing that can be done. Knockoff will stay a knockoff, that can not be changed.

So what to do now? You are left heartbroken, you feel disappointed, cheated on and miserable. Who`s fault is it? That is a hard question! Is it your fault for not knowing that this great looking, great quality original will quit on you the very first time it gets tough? Or is it his fault for deceiving you this whole time knowing that he is knockoff? But does it really matter?

At the end all that matters is money, right? It is the value of something you lost. I guess I found out what my monetary value is, how much am I worth to my "original" and that is what really makes me sad, that even love has its worth on the stock market.


Where did the summer go?
I am not quit sure what is happening this year but I felt like summer has just swooshed by in a light year kinda speed. I vaguely remember snow this year in the City, meeting my boyfriend, having a spectacular two people New Years party with him and than it got warmer ( yes it got warmer in January!) , fashion week in Bryant Park, the showroom rush and than sum...and than ..mer was over! I just don´t get it, do seasons last weeks rather than months now?

Well, designers certainly recognized and are fully aware of the demand for "all seasons" fashion pieces. This was particularly noticeable in Fall/Winter 08 going on Resort 09. Due to the current situation in the global economy and the ever more visible effects of global warming, the fashion is changing and adapting to consumers needs for more affordable, practical and better quality fashion pieces, wearable year round.

On the other hand, when it comes to couture collections the rules of demand are not the same. All of the higher profile fashion houses (Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Armani, Ralph Lauren) have focused and adapted on their highest paying customers and most developing markets of Middle East, Asia and India. After watching the shows and showroom pictures I have picked my favorites for both Fall/Winter 08.

Fall 2008 .
My absolute favorite shows were Galliano´s and McQueen´s shows. I also loved Ralph Lauren and DSquared collections.

McQueen used his trip to India as well as British Empire as inspiration for this collection. McQueen showed great craftmanship, his model was Victorian punk meets British royalty and queen Elizabeth. I loved the tulle skirts, India inspired jewelry, beautiful Fabergé egg purses, interesting skinny trousers and "the prince suit", gorgeous knit dresses and beautiful "feather lace"fabrics. McQeen´s fabrics were rich and royal, he used red, white, black and gold fabrics made in India, beautiful embroidery and feathers.

Galliano´s collection was beautifully insane as always. His scene was" a pastiche of a Rudolf Valentino-era silent-movie set"(Sarah Mower). I absolutely adore his houri pants, oversized head pieces, thirties chiffons, floral print dresses and coats and gorgeous free falling furs. The color pallet was wonderful (pale pinks, blues and burgundies).

DSquared showed vicious but wearable looks, I am sure Texas or Indiana would not be the best selling markets but it will be a definite success for New York as well as for many other fashion capitals in the world Paris, Tokyo, Milan etc. DSquared´s model was naughty secretary/librarian who wears fishnet stalkings, high waisted red plaid skirts, black fur, red lips and long leather glows. Batter return your books on time people!

On the other hand Ralph Lauren showed safer but very elegant and timeless collection. I loved one shoulder velvet dresses, high boots in red and purple, precise tailoring, gorgeous leather belts and Ricky bags, as well as feather and leaves embellished pieces. The color pallet was black, white, red, green, gold and purple.

In conclusion, Fall 08 Ready to Wear was artistically beautiful (Galliano and McQueen), timeless, elegant and classical ( Chanel, Ralph Lauren) and young and naughty(DSquared).
The trends are:

-Peplumed 40s style dresses and houri pants
-Plaid skirts and shirts, tweed
-Velvet/ shearling one shoulder dresses
-Silhouette skirts and coats
-Less is more philosophy (unless you are going for Diva Glam look)
-Black is a new black
-Minimalistic tendencies
-Futuristic caped jackets
-Funnel-collared furs
-High boots(red and purple is great)
-Chunky knits

Dress it up people September is behind the corner!


Today is the day17 . of my prolonged stay in Croatia.

Update on "La Situation Miserable"

Bad stuff: 2 bad interviews the day after arrival, cancelled vacation plans, expired passport and awkward situation with some of my friends.

Good stuff : interview scheduled for tomorrow and analytical testing for P&G on Monday(WOHOO). My new passport will be done before the end of the month. My boyfriend is coming to visit in seven days. I read two books in past two days. I got inspired by one of the books I read and got an idea for starting my own business. I also discovered my love for French chansons & Édith Piaf.

"Full Blast"

The book I finished yesterday (the only one I saved out of my library left in US) "Full Blast" by Janet Evanovich & Charlotte Hughes is just what I needed to get me out of my "Attitude Miserable" and to get me going.

"Full Blast" is a steamy romantic adventure which will make your fingers hurt from speedily turning the pages. It is truly a one breath read. Not only this book made me laugh out loud, it also evoked many familiar feelings in me when it comes to family issues and romantic relationships. Jamie's (main character) fears and doubts of falling in love, commitment and letting oneself be lead by heart while risking of getting hurt, definitely hit home on so many levels.

I really believe that a girls heart can go through just as much before it breaks. Than, it heals again and covers itself with this glossy protective shield which makes it appear healthy, shinny and new from outside, and the girl moves on and lets it shine for somebody all over again.

However, when the second heartbreak happens, not only it starts beating slower, but the glossy shield breaks into tinniest pieces which than pierce the already tired and slowly beating heart and damage it to beyond repair.

Now, all this might seem just a bit over the top and dramatic, but I am PO-SI-TI-VE that this is what really happens to the girls heart.

So, all of you girls out there do be careful and doubtful, but first, go all out, take that first risk, let your heart get hurt and heal once if needed. Let it build its delicate shield and let yourself be lead by your heart, because it will detect that One person who will be mesmerized by its shine. That person, is the same person capable of breaking the shield and causing a heartbreak. But, if He doesn't.... than... Fireworks.

With Love.


It is 5th day since my boyfriend left.
3rd day in a row of going to the gym (2 days in between emotional therapy talks with my girls).
2 Emotional breakdowns ( possible PMS, so it doesn't count).
1 domestic attack (I made banana bread, mushy middle, crusty sides...I just ate the sides.)
No ice cream crisis.
So far so good.
Anyways, since my boyfriend left, even though I miss him dearly and I am jumping from joy every time I see digits 385 on my cell, I do have more time to focus on work and fashion over all, which I by no means prefer over hanging out with him.

Last thing I was researching was the impact that current economic situation has on this years couture and RTW collections and designers inspirations. As I was scrolling through some archive RTW (ready to wear) videos on I started with my favorites. Galliano's RTW Fall 2008 was sensational, arguably one of his most artistic and wildest collections ever. His inspirations for set and collection came from Rudolf Valentino era of silent film. I was amazed by the fantasy Galliano has created and how he managed to isolate himself and his creative inspirations from current economic events. He certainly did not save a penny while putting this show together and was able to maintain his original "bias cutting, retro coats, and overblown headgear(Sarah Mower- . " My absolute favorites were pink houri pants, his new line of amazing jewelry (oversized broaches and necklaces) and his signature craftsmanship.

Next, another one of my favorites was McQueen who created absolutely mesmerizing collection rich with Indian Jewelry and "British-colonial romance inspired crinolined princess dresses". McQueen had spend a month in India and consequently created an amazing collection out of carefully selected treasures (gorgeous fabrics and jewelry) found in ancient India.

Personally I loved a peacock feathered lace, a structured military plaid jackets, an amazing skinny leather pants under gorgeous fur coats (yes, fur) and thin knit tunic sweaters, as well as gorgeously rich Victorian gowns carefully embellished with Indian Empire motives.

I loved it all, this collection was absolutely brilliant and I am anxiously waiting to see the way its going to be interpreted on the City streets this fall. I know I will be rocking curly hair and humongous broaches on my knits over skinny pants(maybe I even dear to go wild and wear houri pants in my signature purple).

Beauty sleep time.....zzzz.....


Sunday, May 25th
10:06pm (4 ujutro doma)

As I was finishing the last three pieces of my boyfriends medium classic crust mushrooms, ham and cheese (minus the ham) and his glass of Orangina, I started the rough draft.....
Agenda for tonight: Finish packing my boyfriend before he leaves to London on Friday.
Wish: "Please God cancel all the flights from US to Croatia until further notice."
Thanks, Kat
Brilliantly desperate ideas: Hide his passport, pretend your sick, call airport saying he's a terrorist, pay the cab driver to get stuck in traffic etc.
Reality Check: Flight will leave on time Friday the 30th, the whole entire month apart...oh...the desperation, the sadness, the thought of sleeping alone, the thought of no one to complain to, no one to smooch, to sing my bestest to!!! OMG this is completely OOC (out of control)! This is so much worse than I could ever imagine. I can already feel it coming, my eyes are watering....O.K , calm down Kat! Breath! More detailed planning is necessary ASAP.

So I wrote in CAPS LOCK BOLD....

SURVIVAL PLAN FOR JUNE (not that there was one for the month of May)
  • 4 pounds of mint chocolate ice cream, 2 ibs of pistachio ice cream (to be consumed on the night of)
  • Buy 10-15 kg of cokolino (breakfast)/Astoria
  • Cafe Misto with whole milk from Starbucks allowed daily (I'll live it up)
  • Go to see "Sex & The City: The Movie" with girls from work
  • Work,work, work (time will pass faster)
  • Pack for Croatia, don't do everything in the last minute (some shopping is needed of course)
Note to myself: Leave the freaking credit cards and/or ATM Card at home! ( in past known to be used as pain killers, they are healthier on my body than over the counter meds, deadly however to my bank account).
Plan is set. I'm gonna be OK, its just a month, I'll be busy(so I try to convince myself) , I will go to the gym every day and get abs like Janet Jackson had at her skinniest, or something. No, I will not be OK! We will be oceans apart! God damn...I hate relationships.Where is that freaking memory eraser thingy from "Man in Black" when I need it.
As I am looking at My Baby poking at his old cell phone with the knife ( he thinks somebody will steel it to get all of his "celebrity" friends, his mom's and dad's cell phone numbers) I can't help but notice how in love I am. When even that what he is doing looks so smart, intelligent and adorable. All until he cut himself trying to break his old bank card in half with his bare hands :) .
OK. Of I go to find a band aid and to spend some more very much valuable time with him and hopefully O.D. on him enough to last me for the month he is away.
Wish me luck!
Inspired by the lack of daily intellectual activity and the pile up of thoughts and ideas in my rather creative head with the limited information storage space (and probably inability to find a person who would be willing to hear all of the above, other than my boyfriend who doesn't count as he has no other choice)I decided to start writing this blog. This way, I can bother all of you willing to read it, with my daily dilemmas, worries and observations.

So,today, on my day off work I woke up 100% PMSal ready to scream at, cry to and complain to the first person I see, as my boyfriend ran out to work before I fully regained my conscious my first victim was my mother. Which is great since she must always understand and forgive, she has to! That's her "mother duty"-Mother's Law 1252.1 :"Never take anything your PMSal daughter saids to heart".

Next, I talked to my GF and BFF, we discussed rather important issues with finalizing her wedding plans and she educated me on "The American Weeding Traditions" which are soooo damn confusing! Gosh!!!! I miss Croatian good old "cash in the envelope" kind of gift giving.

As I finished my conversation I finally started reading Teri Agins's "The End of Fashion" and sinfully indulged in my 654 Calorie Grande Fat Free Pepermint Mocha (God Bless Starbucks on the first day of PMS and damn you New York City officials for showing the calorie count in my face).

Recently, I started to research fashion history and fashion business to help me decide if I should go to fashion graduate school or not. So far, the more I read the more I am realizing that my view of fashion is very naive and romantic. I have been living in an "isolated bubble".
In my little bubble, fashion is still painfully gorgeous, impractically fabulous and totally unwearable, and I love it like that! I seem to be one of a dying kind. I learned that those who would agree with my views and who would share my mindset died in 60's (Dior, Chanel) or are alive but severely drugged and medicated (but still very successful) and have no connection to the reality what so ever (John Galliano).

Please don't get me wrong, I am not comparing myself with their geniusness but simply realizing that I myself think of fashion garment as little pieces of art, rather that a pieces of fabric stitched together by a 10 year old factory worker in China. As Teri Agins realistically noted the fashion has ended as it existed before and became a mass-pleasing part of entertainment industry :(

Obviously, I have just started reading this book but I am hungrily turning its pages, praying to find a thread of hope to grip on, hoping to learn that it is not all about money and catering to couture illiterate sloppy dressing masses and that there is still interest in fashion in form it has once existed: exclusive, reserved for sizes 6 and under ,fabulous, expensive, glamorous, uncomfortable and painful to wear but stunning to look at and a privilege to wear.


LINES OF LIFE  are posts which reflect emotions and life lessons I learned and  went through in different stages of my life, these are the lessons of growing up which based on your kind feedback many can relate to and find comfort in.


INTERVIEWS category contains quick interviews I did with young and talented fashion designers, editors and business people in fashion world with intention to get a better picture of what is happening in backstage of fashion industry.

If you know or you are a young designer who ‘s work I might want to feature  on my blog please feel free to email me  designers resume and  photos of his/her work and I will be happy to consider you for a post and/or an interview. I am always looking to support young designers and showcase their work.

Where do you see your blog in 5 years from now?
Formally I see it as it is now, but with even more visits and readers. My blog is my only diary which honestly and trustfully describes me and my growing up experience in the last 5 years I am writing it, I want to keep it personal. My blog is profitable for a while now, I have signed with UK based publisher couple of years back and I am very happy with our cooperation so far. My readers are wonderful and I communicate with them via various channels daily. I founded my blog 5 years ago when I lived in NYC; most of my readers is from US while about 30% is from Croatia currently.

How long does it take you to get dressed?
Ugh..I am not a morning person, so until like 10am I am not totally awake. In average I need about half an hour to get dressed and ready to leave the house. I have a lot of clothes which I collected shopping in various vintage stores in NY and traveling around the world, I also worked for Rugby Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch so I have a lot of their clothes as well. My clothes is well organized in 2 closets, one with work and one with casual clothes obviously adjusted to season of the year.

Would you say that person is what he/she wears?
I don’t think that person is what she wears, but I think it shows person’s personality somewhat. First impression is very important, especially in work setting, and clothing is obviously part of this first impression. Looking at persons outfit can tell you a story about the person, just like a tattoo.

What is your favorite fashion creation ever?
Red dress, pencil skirt and stiletto heels! These pieces are the basics of my daily work outfits, a tad of color, skirt that perfectly hugs the curves and good quality comfortable heels in which I can run around completing my daily work tasks. In ideal world, I would rather wear couture gowns every day, but from practical reasons I don’t do it really. ;)
When I was little I thought I was a princess and it wasn’t an issue for me to stand out with the way I dressed. For a long time I was wearing a crown, it was very hard for my parents to persuade me to stop wearing it.

If you can have a one day in fashion designer studio, which designer would you choose?
With absolutely no doubts – Alexander McQueen! For me, couture is the definition of fashion, and Alex for me represents the definition of fashion designer, he was a true artist! Each of his collection pieces was a unique piece of art. I loved his contrast of royal lady in rich luxurious nightgowns and leather RTW pieces with sculls. I am less interested in retail store ready to wear lines.
If your blog was a song which one would it be and why? would probably be one of Edit Piaf’s songs, something French for sure.
I was always interested in true ladies, bit wild, hardheaded adventurous ladies, strong, independent, secretive and gentle.


LYRICS OF PASSION are the impulsive, spear of the moment lyrics that come to me randomly when I am in love. These lyrics are personal notes about my past and current relationships to which I often come back to and to which many seem to be able relate based on wonderful feedback I am getting from you, my lovely readers. 


PS, I Love You Movie Tie-In Edition
L-O-V-E (2003 Digital Remaster) Other People's Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See Love: What Life Is All About  


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