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As now I fully moved to Barcelona and had a number of designer meeting this week for Trendcy here in Spain, this year I couldn't attend Lei Lou Spring/Summer 2014. show in person. As #1 designer of event, Aleksandra opened the event last night with her feminine Spring/Summer 2014.  'back to basics' show. Due to market economics many designers in Croatia are not showing season ahead collections, especially those focused on local market.

Aleksandra stayed true to her style, although her Lei Lou lady seems to be more grown up this seasons. Her wardrobe is equipped with pieces to combine into daily business look and glamorous night at trendy spots in any metropolis.

Designer used luxurious fabrics like finest French lace and a lot of hand sown sequins and beads on various lenght skirts and dresses with soft feminine pants added to the line up. The color pallet ranges from gentle nudes and pastels to passionate red. Silhouettes were Alex's signature, body conscious with twists to emphasize feminine curves, made out of wrinkle free fabrics to cater busy lifestyle of Lei Lou lady.

You can see the full show video here via 

What are you favorite pieces?

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My boyfriend and my family know that when they find me cleaning vigorously, I am probably quite stressed so I am cleaning out the apartment to de-stress or I go for a long run around the city, it usually happens couple of times a week so, well, at least I always have a nice and clean apartment and will hopefully get in shape for Summer ;)

This time I associate no stress with cleaning and organizing, I am rather excited to welcome the Spring in my closet by organizing it in a way it will fit my daily fashion needs as I usually change 2-3 times a day. 

During my research I found some amazing tips for closet organization by true fashion experts so I decided to share them with you. 

1.Edit Your Wardrobe
“Many women have closets bursting with pieces they haven’t worn in years. Be honest with yourself and donate anything you haven’t worn in the past year (with the exception of special-occasion items). You’ll have more space to organize a wardrobe of tried-and-trusted classics.”  
Suzanne Timmins, senior vice president and fashion director for Lord & Taylor

2.Organize by category
“Organize by category—pants, sweaters, shirts, etc. This makes it easier to see all your options and potential combinations.”  Saul Ortiz, visual director for Joe Fresh

3.Create uniformity with hangers
“Put everything in your closet on the same type of hanger, and hang everything in the same direction. When your closet has great flow, dressing becomes effortless and gives you a chance to see the possibilities.”  Saul Ortiz, visual director for Joe Fresh

4.Arrange Categories by Color
“Arrange each section of your wardrobe by color, which makes it easier to put an outfit together. When organizing, think about small details that will help you navigate your closet, such as sleeve length; your tops should be hung starting with the shortest sleeves working into long sleeves.”  
Lisa Missick, national stylist director at Nordstrom

5.Display Jewelry in a Pretty Way
“Using trays for jewelry will help you see all your pieces at once. When mornings are rushed, you don’t always have the time to dig through boxes or jewelry chests to find that perfect piece.” 
Lisa Missick, national stylist director at Nordstrom

6.Highlight the Pieces You Currently Love
“If there is a certain item, outfit, or trend you can’t get enough of right now, find a way to highlight the piece(s) in your closet—it can be as simple as keeping them front and center on your clothing rack. It’s a nice way to edit your closet and reminds yourself of what you are (fashionably) standing for this season.” Jennifer Ely, apparel merchandiser for Piperlime

7.Out Denim Instead of Stacking It
“If you have table surface to fill, try laying your denim versus stacking. It’s a great way to avoid overlooking certain jeans you own, and the end look is a fun alternative for your closet or dressing area.” Jennifer Ely, apparel merchandiser for Piperlime

8.Make Pieces That You Wear Less Frequently More Prominent
“Move all of the clothes you don’t wear to the front of your closet. Seeing them more will motivate you to wear them more.” Sharon Shemtov, personal shopping manager at Topshop

9.Store Off-Season Items in a Separate Place
“Invest in storage bins that can be stowed away to create more space for current season clothing.” —Sharon Shemtov, personal shopping manager at Topshop

10.Have Fun With Your Shoe Collection
“Bookshelves are great for artful shoe organization. Display with fashion and art books for a curated boutique approach.”  —Suzanne Timmins, senior vice president and fashion director for Lord & Taylor

On top of practical advices by experts I also plan to make a trip to Ikea to get some sheer shoe boxes and accessory compartments for belts, hats and clutches to beautify my newly cleaned Spring ready closet. :)

Source: Exactly How to Organize Your Closet for Spring, 
According to Top Fashion Merchandisers

by Megan Gustashaw.

Florals on florals? Why not?

Last weekend I went plant and flower shopping with my boyfriend as we are uncovering our pool, cleaning out our deck and planting new flowers and herbs around it to mark beginning of Spring season in our Barcelona apartment.

I was almost as excited to go flowers shopping as I am when I go shoe shopping. I don't know why but I get butterflies in my stomach when I enter gorgeous flower shop rich with scents and colors of the beautiful flowers, herbs and citrus trees, I just feel like jumping and throwing myself on the flower bed, and staying there doing nothing the whole day, fragrant, colorful and happy! :)

 "KATARINA! KATARINA!" Ante, my boyfriend woke me up from my day dream. "Did you pick any herbs yet? Let's get out of here." He was equally excited to leave as I was to come to the flower shop as wherever he goes basketball fans stop him to take photos and get autographs.

So, at the end of the day we purchased flowers, herbs and deck bushes in the amount of brand new manolos. Jesus! I got two beautiful orchids in pink and white, two huge bushes for the deck, big lavander plant, one nice mentha herb bush, some artificial white flowers for my office and some gardening supplies.

Full afternoon spent gardening on the deck, two broken nails and five cuts and scratches later, I got beautifully decorated deck with my own lemon tree and mentha for green tea in the morning and mojitos in the evening!

Now, let the Spring begin! :)

After taking a weekend of and going to Lloret da Mar , my boyfriend and I kind of liked having one day a week for ourselves so we decided to make it a habit. Today my boyfriend had a noon game at home, here in Barcelona so after cleaning out our deck and planting new flowers and bushes around the pool yesterday we decided to have a relaxing Sunday afternoon and we went for a late lunch & dessert at fabulous Cup & Cakes Barcelona

We both had wonderful burberry & chocolate cupcakes with coffee. Tomorrow I will share with some newly learned tips (and  my new passion) on planting house plants, lemon tree, mint lavander and other herbs at home, with so many fail attempts I think I am slowly but surely getting it! :)

On the photo I am wearing:

Zara embellished pleated skirt and knit cropped sleeve sweater.
 Prada Vitello bag.
 BCBG platform sandals.

How was your weekend?

All products by Olive Jew, available for purchase on Trendcy

Last time I wore wrist watch was in high school, I just never remember putting it on and I was always attached mentally and physically to my phone and this is where I was also checking the time so other then looking nice on my wrist, watch didn't have any other function really, I never used it.

On the other hand, I always liked jewelry, the bigger and flashier the better! Costume jewelry was my always my favorite and I fell in love head over heels with it while working in Showroom Seven and having privilege to work with Erickson Beamon high fashion, costume jewelry. 

Other then necklaces, elaborate earrings and traditional rings I always liked non traditional jewelry like ear cuffs, tiaras and body jewelry. Recently I ordered a stack of beautiful rings  and a wishbone necklace with matching earrings from My Kitisch and beautiful silver and gold color ear cuffs (one for pierced ears and another one with a clip) from Trendcy.

All of you fashionistas who are like me, each month anxiously waiting for the delivery guy by the window with cup of coffee in your hands waiting for your monthly print editions of Vogue UK, US and France (yes, I still read print magazines to) must have noticed that all of the signature models of designer bags shrunk quite a bit! Major fashion houses like Celine, Chanel, Dior and Ralph Lauren all launched mini editions of their signature bag models. Spoiler alert - prices are not so 'mini'! :) 

Ralph Lauren mini   Ricky bag - $1750.

So as I was putting together my starving plan and wondering how long can really human body survive without food so I can get one of these purses (I anyways need to go on a diet) I browsed the internet while flipping and marking UK Vogue pages for more info for this post, but also to start research for my next 'can't live without + will make me skinny designer purse'. In case any of you plan to go on a similar 'diet plan' as me, I selected a few of my favorites and found best prices for each.

Don't you already feel less hungry for food and more for these ouu so lovely clutches, bags and shoulder bags?  Let me know your 'diet plan'! ;)