Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest consumer and polluter of water in the world right after the oil industry? Shocking right?! 

Fashion industry yearly releases tons of hazardous chemicals into environment. While all of the unsold clothing are also dumped into landfills creating more waste and releasing more chemicals into environment resulting with enormous carbon footprint. 

"It can still take more than 5,000 gallons of water to manufacture just a T-shirt and a pair of jeans."

It's funny how we are more and more conscious (luckily) and want to know where our food comes from and how it's been grown while we don't necessarily question the pesticides (used in cotton farming) and chemicals (from toxic fabric color dyes used in manufacturing) our skin is absorbing through the clothing we spend the whole day in. 


Currently, textile waste represents the biggest growing waste in the Europe. Shopping has become a way of life in many western countries, a weekly pastime and for many an addiction. Sadly, consequences are much greater then a maxed out credit card.

“Fast fashion” is a 10 year old trend where cheap and disposable clothing is designed to be moved as quickly as possible from catwalk to store and to consumer.  Such pieces mostly fall apart after just a several washes, obviously, so you can replace them with new ones.

This fast turnover doesn't do anyone any good (well other then the fast fashion company owners), ultimately it is accelerating carbon emissions and global warming, you are left with cheap clothing made to be disposable, loaded with chemicals and pesticides which (let's be honest) also looks quite cheap no matter how you style it. 


Puppa is under the radar upcycling fashion company from Slovenian Pomurje -a region with a long textile making tradition. The company prides itself on valuing their employees with fair salaries and empowering working conditions thus keeping the jobs in the local community.

Puppa makes fabulous clothing sustainably, ethically and with zero waste. Their goal is to show that making and wearing sustainable clothing can be also very chic and trendy.

All of the Puppa apparel is created in sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. The brand has developed production process based on upcycling where pre-existing materials (rescued dead-stock) is used to make new clothing pieces. By doing so, less waste is generated and less water is consumed in production process thus there is less pollution coming from clothing production. 

Puppa red holiday cardigan  & BlackPearl by Sara Loncaric choker necklace.

Puppa blue denim & white stretch cotton peplum top and Mala Radnja Dizajna Hat Backpack

On top, the brand developed Zero waste production process using applications created out of leftover material to design new designs and no further material scraps are going to waste. How fabulous is that? πŸ˜ƒ

Puppa is really re-loving ♡ unused fabrics and creating trendy designs with lots of positive energy injected into it.

All photos by Andrina Peric.

The only way to force fast fashion to change production process is by changing our consumer way of thinking and our shopping behavior. We should be equally conscious about what kind of chemicals we are exposing our body (and our fashion style frankly) to through clothing we are buying and wearing. The women looks endlessly more trendy wearing a few classic high quality items then piling on new 'current trend' junk on every few weeks and then disposing it.

I personally have quite a romantic way of thinking about fashion, maybe a bit foolish, I take time to care about the clothing, accessory and jewelry I own and think about my daughter playing dress ups and proudly wearing my clothing when she grown into a young lady.

Do you think about what you shop and wear ladies?

Long time no post!

Do you remember that old school childhood excuse 'a dog ate my homework'? Well, I got equally creative one but mine is sadly true, my daughter chew through my computer charger and I had to have it fixed as it seems like her saliva did a number on my Mac laptop + I needed to buy a new charger. To make things worse, day after the did the same thing to my boyfriend on his laptop. Yes, it appears our 10 month old daughter is way smarter then two of us 'trying to be good parents'. πŸ˜ƒ

Anywho....I am back to posting and kicking it off with suggestion of 3 Christmas looks for different celebratory modes.

This year we are staying home with a baby for Christmas and New Years and we will have friends over for a house party and that calls for a completely different mindset when it comes to dressing!

Have you ever heard of cashmere sweatpants? Now you did! (You are welcome stylish moms!πŸ˜„ )

#1 Super Casual Staying at Home - Darling Look

Shop the look:

#2 Going to a Fancy Christmas Party - 60's Look

Shop the look:

#3 Hosting a Big Christmas Family Party - Tribal Look

Shop the look:

What are your plans for the holidays and which of these looks is best fitted for your plans? πŸ˜ƒ

It's finally here! Long awaited (on my end particularly πŸ˜€) limited edition LaKatWalk Women's planner for 2017. This is the 3rd year I am privileged to have the opportunity to design my own limited edition Women's planner. 

  • Next in 2016, I continued with illustration again and collaborated with American illustrator Jessica Marie who illustrated myself again walking down the street with my dog Papi.
  • This year for 2017 edition I worked with extremely talented Croatian artist Josipa Maras who is also a designer who designed remaining of the 2017. planner covers and illustrated inside of the planner with more then 157 calendar appropriate & very fashionable illustrations.


The Women's Planner is an agenda adjusted to the needs of the modern woman. It measures (110 x 170 mm | 4.3 inch x 6.6 inch) fit in most handbags while it's unique contents make it easier to organize business and private life.

It stands apart for the little make up retouch mirror on the inside of the cover, an elastic closing band and two ribbon bookmarks.

Beside a weekly calendar planner, it contains many interesting sections that make it more personal and special than other conventional planners. 

Some of its sections are: pms calendar, medical appointments calendar, seasonal shopping list, coloring pages, vacation checklist, list of titles of books or movies you wish to read/see and the list of decisions and priorities for the new year make this planner a kind of half-diary that becomes a handbag essential in no time.

The contents of the planner are divided into personal details, personal interests, reminders, year planner and pages devoted to personal development, as well as notes on the monthly budget.

The Women's Planner is made entirely in Croatia, partially handmade. It is a protected brand registered with the Croatian patent office. It is the first planner with such contents and in such form in the Croatian market. Currently it comes in Croatian, Bosnian and English language with 5 covers (including LaKatWalk) in English and 8 in other 2 languages.

Women's planner is now a household brand name among women in Croatia and the region and every fashionistas handbag essential thanks to endlessly talented and truly beautiful lady, a creator of Women's planner brand - Dunja TadiΔ‡.

(See!!! She is a total babe!😍 )


The 2017. planner theme is 'Power Women Empower Women' and it represents a homage to all of the women who worked together on the Women's planner through the years to create this truly unique planner, a planner with a heart, as many call it. A planner with a cult following all through the region where women eagerly wait for the new cover designs to come out to add another year to their Women's planner collection.

The planner features inspiring quotes by amazing Croatian writer Ingrid DivkoviΔ‡. My favorite quote is right at the beginning of the planner as it sets the positive tone for the whole year (you will see what it is when you get the planner πŸ˜‰ .


For 2017. I wrapped LaKatWalk planner in foggy 3D peonies print with green leaf here and there peaking over the quote on the back and year on the front. 

What's new? This year there is one ribbon bookmark in orange instead of two white ones, there is no self breast exam instructions but there are beautiful new coloring pages,  clothing and shoe size charts, fair number of note pages and much more!

For LaKatWalk limited edition Women's planner I decided to continue building on this wonderful theme of women working with and not against one another and I added another inspiration or rather self-encouraging mantra I live by on the back cover of the planner reading 'Always wear your invisible crown πŸ‘‘' in gold glitter cursive letters.... You know..... to match the color of your invisible gold crownπŸ˜‰.

To explain, I personally, just like I am sure all of you reading this right now, do have experience in how it feels to be different, to dream big, to work twice as hard, to win, to make mistakes, to regret, to fall down, to get back up, to dust myself off, fix my crown, check my make up in the small mirror inside of my planner covers pretending I am checking my schedule for the day and then continue KatWalking on to my next challenge. 

So this one is for all of YOU queens out there! πŸ‘‘  

Cute as a button, the size and the color of a delicious powder pink macaroon LUNA play byFOREO is definitely the most adorable looking skin care gadget I ever tried. I have the same skin care routine for years and I rarely introduce a new product or a cleaning device for that matter. 


LUNA play is the smallest deep-cleansing facial device by Swedish company FOREO, with pulsating super gentle silicone brush up front and play button on the back. It is completely waterproof and you can use it up to 100 times, as it is non-rechargeable. It works for all skin types as well. 

The soft silicone it's made of is completely resistant to bacteria build up (unlike for example your shower loofah). 

The brush head has two zones: a thinner, bigger silicone bristles for gentle skin part of your face (around eyes, cheeks and the mouth area) while thicker bristles on the top  are to be used for T-zone cleaning (forehead, nose and beard). 

LUNA play by FOREO is the perfect and by my experience the most gentle cleaning device to try if you are looking for a face cleaning device. 


You should use LUNA play for 1 minute, 2x a day. You should see visible results after a few uses. First you should wash your face with water, apply your regular face cleaning product, press play on LUNAplay and gently massage your face using thin bristles on softer part of your face and thicker bristles on top for washing T-zone.  

I decided to try LUNA play as in comparison to other similar products it appeared more gentle to skin and simpler to use. And on top you can choose among 7 beautiful colors and it's tiny so it fits in any cosmetic bag thus perfect for travel. 


It is fair to say that I have a quite sensitive dry skin with at times oily T-zone. Face cleaning routine and products I am using are about the same for years. I do my quarterly face cleaning at the salon with La Mer products and here and there I do additional treatment. I use La Roche-Posay Effaclar face cleaning wash gel and La Mer day and night face creams.

Before trying LUNA play I also tried Clinique and Clarisonis brushes which I both got as a present and felt like they are a bit aggressive on my skin, making it drier and sensitive to touch after cleaning (but that's just my experience). 

After first 6 days of using LUNA play I noticed minor changes, while now after using it for two weeks I do plan to keep it as essential part of my face cleaning - particularly exfoliating.

The results I personally noticed with LUNA play are softer skin to touch, less t-zone shine (no makeup, no filter :P) and less visible pores/more even skin tone. Also, my subjective feeling is that my face creams are better absorbed now as my skin feels more fresh during the day and it's softer to touch.


If you are reading this from Croatia you can get your LUNA play at dm drugstores all around the country, or via FOREO online shop. If you are reading this from other countries worldwide you can also look for it on foreo.com.

Anabela is now 8.5 months and no I won't be one of those parents telling their baby's age in months past year one because I don't want to make people do math in their heads. Life is hard enough as it is!  You know! Those parents who are like 'How old is your baby? Mine is 265 months old." :)

Anyhow, this post is about my 10 favorite most-useful things we got for Anabela and are still using daily and think that these were actually great worth for the money spent. Trust me, we got waaaaay to many things which were are cute but to us were not that useful or totally useless.

If you are on the market for baby things, you might find our experiences useful.


Before I gave birth I was never fond of these baby carriers, I always had this misconception that 'hippy mums' wear them, whatever that meant. I thought I could never match it with any of my outfits and that it would be a death of my personal style. :) I could argue that I don't have as much time to put together my outfits now having a 8 months old but I am definitely not walking around in yoga pants and sweatshirts. 

Back to the carrier, in all reality, this was by far the best investment in baby items we did and it's the most used baby item in our house. So as it appears, women who wear this are not some 'hippy moms' but they are women (and men) who have shit to do!

My duola, brought both a wrap and this boba baby carrier for me to try for a week as she said it helped tremendously with her baby who also had colics like Anabela and was a very bad sleeper.  I could not be bothered with a wrap but this carrier was a life saver and it still is! I can cook, clean, work and walk the dog with Anabela sleeping in it, it most definitely helped me get stuff done during the day while it also got Anabela to finally fall asleep.

On a bad side, kids do get used to the closeness and this snugly feeling of being carried all the time so you should be conscious of the time baby spends in it (unlike I was so now I am still using it to get her to sleep and then I transfer her into the crib). 

Boba carrier is easy to wash (hand wash or machine gentle cycle), it has useful pockets and purser strap holder, it has several carry positions (infant carry, back and front) and sleeping hood. You can also nurse the baby easily in it. 


When Anabela was 4 months I started looking into baby steam cookers and my friend Iva suggested Beaba. The great thing about this steamer is that it cooks baby meal quite quickly and you can cook 2 different meals at the same time (for ex. fruit and veggies and/or meat) each in it's own pitcher. You may water down the mixture by adding some water left from steaming back into the mixture before mixing it all together. It takes about 10-15 min depending on how much produce you placed inside of the pitcher to make 2 different meals.

I started using it this Summer and at the beginning it wasn't to clear for me how it works, I thought both sides are mixing and cooking/steaming but actually both side (pitchers) are steamers and the right hand one is a mixer, also I learned that you should be very cautious when dosing water as machine might stop working with to much water inside.

The pitchers are super easy to clean, just drop them in dishwasher.


Bloom Baby Fresco Chrome is definitely very luxurious high chair. This was one of the biggest investments for us when it comes to baby things, but we wanted a high chair which is very versatile and aesthetically fits into our kitchen well with the dining table and chairs. Chrome Fresco with white leather interior was a perfect choice for us. We were also looking to get a chair which Anabela can still use when she starts walking and this is most definitely it as we can lower it completely and use it as a pre-school desk chair for her in her room. 


My friend Maja advised me to get white noise playing night light for Anabela. When I was 8 months pregnant we got this Care Bear night light star projector with three different music tunes: white noise, forest and lullabies. It also comes with remote control which you can use to control volume or turn the whole thing on or off.

When Anabela was 6 months old, she stopped having colic but she wasn't staying asleep for long without night light and music. Using white noise and night light kept her asleep for a fair bit longer.


Now when she is teething Anabela is using pacifiers much less then during first 6 months but she still needs one to fall asleep. During the night she ends up dropping it and then wakes up crying and looking for it around the crib. 

My friend Iva recommended Mam pacifiers after we went through about 4 or 5 different types and for some reason this is still her favorite. It seems to sit on her mouth nicely and also has quite a wide nipple and it comes in many fabulous colors along with a sterilized box.


We got this crib in white color, there is also a natural brown wood color and we got the bigger size right away although you can purchase a smaller one. Anabela has a very light sleep and she wakes up on the slightest noise. 

This crib has wheels and brakes so I can just wheel it to the room I am spending the most time in during the day, home office in my case. This way I can have her sleeping next to me as I am working and she wakes up less then when she sleeps in another room further from me.

This crib also has three height levels, when the baby is just born you want to set the crib floor on the highest level and as they begin to sit up and stand you can lower the crib floor and eventually drop one side of the crib and it becomes a bed child can come out on it's own when they can walk.


As any inexperienced and overexcited parents we got a lot of things we didn't needed for Anabela even before she was born. This wasn't one of this things. Anabela is 8 months old and we still use Avent sterilizer for Anabela's bottles and pacifiers.

The great thing about Avent's sterilizer is that unlike many other brands this one can fit in most microwaves and you can fit all kind of different shapes, brands and material bottles in it!

 We traveled to Croatia for Summer and there we have smaller microwave then we do in our Barcelona apartment so when we got there we couldn't use the sterilizer we got before she was born from another brand as we never thought about checking if it would fit the microwave.

Due to water hardness it often gets water scale stains which we clean by leaving 1/3 cup of wine vinegar and a cup of hot water in it and then wash it regularly with sponge and it cleans and keeps wonderfully.


Aden & Anais is one of my favorite baby brands. I love their multifunctional muslin swaddle blankets and we are still using each we got (and we have lots) on thousand different ways daily!

Muslin refers to a finely-woven breathable fabric. It is believed to have originated in Bangladesh during the Middle Ages and it's one of the purest, simplest, most gentle and most perfect fabrics in the world.

You can use the swaddle muslin blanket as burp cloth, tummy time blanket, a nursing cover, changing table cover, stroller cover when the weather is bad or to protect a small baby from bugs or as a sleeping swaddle wrap.

My latest Aden and Anais purchase was a fitting Stokke Sleepi Crib bed sheet, bandana bibs and super soft pajamas.


My boyfriend Ante and I decided to be as conscious as we can be of not letting Anabela play with smart phones, watch TV and iPad and we try to get her wooden didactic/educational toys.  

Educational toys are toys  that can teach a child about a particular subject or can help a child develop a particular skill. The key difference is the child's learning and development associated with interacting with the toy and they are usually made out of wood. The most popular producer of such toys is a German company Haba.

We are taking Anabela to sensory and motor skill development workshops and we noticed there that on top of self-made toys they are using a lot of Haba toys, which Anabela was interested in so we got her some to have at home as well.  


We looked long and hard, online and offline to find a right stroller.  We had several non-standard conditions on top of the given ones (getting safe, fabulous and comfy stroller for Anabela) that had to be met - height of the stroller handle - my boyfriend is 215 cm and I am 183 cm so do the math! :) Most of the strollers did not work for us as handle could not be pulled up enough. 

Secondly, our building has a fairly small elevator so we had to have stroller which can fit along with one of us (or preferably both + dog) in the elevator. 

We purchased a purple Stokke Xplory Stroller along with the newborn carry basket, Be Safe car seat and a regular high seat that comes with it. The only thing that we used for a very short period was a car seat which became to small for Anabela quite quickly as she is a tall baby so she felt very constraint in it. The car sear served us great for the first 4 months as it easily attaches to stroller base so you don't have to carry also a basket with you when traveling with a car. 

What we love the most about this stroller is how close you are to the baby (even if you are tall like we are). The stroller moves easily and it has many great positions. What I don't like as much is that for me it's quite heavy to pick up and put into the car. Luckily, Barcelona is really stroller friendly and when walking around sidewalks are adjusted for strollers and bicycles. 

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Did you know that over 80% of women are wearing a wrong bra size? The other day I went through my bra drawer, I washed and stored all of my nursing bras and brallets as I am not breast feeding Anabela anymore and I realized that now (post-prego) most of my bra's don't fit well at all (well frankly, some of my pre-prego clothes also don't fit yet but that's a story for another post)! Some of my sexy time lace bra's start feeling to tight while pre-baby super comfortable seamless shape bra-s are not providing a great support anymore and I am starting to have a bit of a side boob spill over which is not a good look!

So, to solve these bra-blems I started having I went bra-shopping. 


Don't even look at your bra drawer and continue to buy the same size bra if you have any discomfort at all when wearing any of your bras!

Just take a tape measure and measure your ribcage (where your bra should sit) , directly underneath your boobs and horizontally all the way around your back. The tape should be snug around your torso but not pulled tight so it digs in or slack and able to move (your bra back band should only just get 2 fingers under – it should be firm and when you drop your straps it shouldn’t move). 

Whatever the number says - this is your back band bra measurement. If you have an odd number then try both sizes (one up and one down) try them and see which is most comfortable.

When researching this topic online I stumbled upon a great site which helps identify your bra Fit in few simple steps. Find your perfect bra-fit here.



As underwear goes directly on your private parts you want to make sure they are always super clean and made out of great quality natural materials which will allow your skin to breath. After all, you wear them all day most days. 

Shop fabulous bras:


Ideally, the best care for your undies would be if you could hand-wash them, however, if the reality of your busy life doesn't allow it, you can certainly take measures to make sure that your underwear keeps their original shape and serves you well longer. 

Make sure you use the mash wash lingerie bags for your bra and for your panties before putting them into the washer, hook your bra together and wash it on cold, gentle cycle with detergent for delicates.

Always store your bras standing up in a drawer with enough room to breathe, never fold them half. When packing bras for travel put them in the garment bag on top of the other clothing and fill the cups with other clothing or socks so they don't loose shape.

Shop lingerie care:

It's 2:20 am and Anabela is sleeping (which is not always the case at this time) so I decided to make Italian sausage ragu just because! :)

Just kidding...not about making of the Italian sausage ragu part but about just because part. My boyfriend is flying in late from his game in Belgrade so I made him a full dinner with protein rich salad, ragu with polenta as the main dish and desert and all. It wouldn't be fair to have him eat a sandwich after the long and late trip.

Off I go to share the recipe, it's quite simple actually, when I make it for myself I make it with red wine while tonight I made it 'healthy way for an athlete' with home made chicken stock.


1/2 of a big onion finely chopped
1 big clove of garlic
1 tbsp olive oil
6 mid size Italian sausages
1.5 tbsp of fresh rosemary leaves
1 cup (cc 250ml) of red wine or chicken stock
Instant polenta
1 tbsp of tomato paste
400g chopped cherry tomatoes (you can use a can of pellati tomatoes as well)
grated parmesan cheese
salt & pepper to taste

Optional: mushrooms


If you are using cooked sausages you don't need to bake them, I used fresh ones and I baked them before preparing as part of the recipe.

Heat the oven on 200C. Coat the baking pan with aluminum foil (for easy cleaning) spread sausages evenly over the pan and bake for 20-30 min. Let cool a bit, slice and prepare as per recipe bellow.

1. Heat oil in a large pan over medium heat. Cook onion until softened and gold in color. Add the sausage slices in pieces, garlic and cook for about 5 minutes until the sausage is browned and all well combined. If you are using mushrooms add them now, cook with steering until mushrooms are softened.

2. Add wine/chicken stock and cook for a few minutes until liquid is slightly reduced. Add tomato paste and stir for a bit, then stir in tomatoes. Add spices, salt and pepper to taste.  Increase the heat to high and bring to the boil. When it bubbles Reduce to low and simmer for 15 minutes until liquid is reduced and you reach desired thickness of the ragu sauce.

3. Meanwhile, cook polenta according to packet instructions (I got instant 1min polenta.  Add grated cheese, serve topped with the sausage ragu, parmesan cheese and topped with rest of the rosemary.

I served it with salad.
Bon appetite!

Envy Room designers Vjeko Franetovic and Nikica Ivancevic are the creative duo behind luxurious women's wear fashion brand and uncrowned kings of bridal fashion in Croatia for over 12 years now. One of their most recent successes was appearance in UK Vogue among young designers to watch, the opening of their luxurious showroom in Zagreb and their most recent runway show for Spring/Summer 2017 season.

Read the interview with Vjeko and Nikica HERE.


Photo: Neja Markicevic

The new, light and specious Envy Room showroom space spreading over 250 square meters in old town Zagreb is carefully minimalistically designed to put a spotlight on 120 pieces of evening gowns and wedding dresses. The showroom is taking a scheduled visits only so designers can focus on each individual client.  The price of wedding dresses ranges from 350 to 800 Euro and wedding dresses from 800 to 1400 Euro.


All Fall/Winter 16' Collection photos by Sime Eskinja

Fall/Winter 16' is one of my favorite Envy Room collections thus far. I love the embroidery and lace mixture with touches of metallic, leopard and pussy bow. The perfect mix of Victorian and 70's influences I would dare to say with couture elements which are most definitely wearable as a ready-to-wear.  I want to say the collection is Dolce & Gabanish (without suggesting copying as Envy Room designers did similar motifs seasons ago themselves) but with more urban, down to earth and Envy Roomish, romantic kind of way.

What I like about this brand is that old the pieces are immaculately made out of luxurious fabrications while still manageably priced. Also, these pieces are not something you will wear only one season for sure if well kept, you can certainly hand it down to your daughters.

The handbag collection consists of mini bags with embroidered leather guitar strap.


Envy Room Spring/Summer 2017 collection is reminiscent of retro age with a recognizable touch of glamour and gentle elegance. The designers stayed true to their signature romantic sexy-peal with flowy shapes, ruffles and sheer fabric patches on shoulders and ankles, as in other collections we could have seen fitted jumpsuits equally suitable for office and red carpet wear.  

 The news we have seen in this collection was mixing street-style elements like embellished ruffle hoodies with evening-wear pieces. Also, we could have seen pop of neon colors for both day and evening wear with playful semi-sheer one shoulder 80's inspired dresses and tops.

I particularly like dramatic high neck embellished collars and lace midi pencil skirts over white ruffle top which all together make very futuristic look with elements of old time glamour.

See the video of full Spring/Summer 17' runway show: