Hands up if you had to much to eat in last couple of days? :) No worries. There are simple and healthy ways to detox so you don't feel stuffy and heavy and so you can fit in that beautiful New Years dress! 

Personally, I try not to eat more then 2 pieces of cake or traditional Christmas pastries on Christmas day, not more then one mid size plate of food for lunch as I have a quite a sensitive stomach and feel heavy and sick when I eat to much and to quickly, but sometimes, especially when surrounded with family and family friends who all love to eat and cook, I do break my 'diet rules'.

So on Christmas evening I prepared a simple detox water for the following day and let it stay in the fridge over night, today I am drinking this water instead of my regular 8 glasses of plain water.

Here is the simple recipe for detox water, in a large glass jar place:

- 2 liters (or 4.2 cups) of water 
- 1 large or 2 smaller cucumbers sliced into thin slices
- 1 lemon sliced into thin slices (+ I squeeze one smaller lemon into the water as well for taste)
- 14 leaves of fresh mint 

Great way to make a painless difference in your daily diet is to replace (at least one of) your coffee with green tea with mint and before eating breakfast just drink a glass of warm or cold water with lemon. You can also replace your usual dinner with a bowl of homemade soup, I make it simple and just steam some carrot, broccoli,spinach and spices and mix it in blender. It's important to eat dinner by 7pm and not eat anything afterwards until breakfast. 

In case you are staying at home for Winter vacation and are not planing to be overly physically active, this might be a good opportunity to do full body 3 day detox. I do this Friday to Sunday when there is a long weekend and I think 3 days is perfect timing. I wouldn't be able to do it longer and you can really see and feel the results on your skin, your nails and hair especially. 

P.S. Be sure that you don't party and drink alcohol or doing any long driving or some other heavy physical activity on the days you are detoxing as you body will be a bit weaker then usual.

In case you are interested in more healthy drink and smoothie recipes you can check out my     Workout & Detox Pinterest board with some simple and healthy recipes which are delicious and can really make a difference in your diet.

I hope you ladies have a wonderful Christmas, surrounded with your loved ones! 

I am sure all of you already planed and prepared ingredients for   Christmas meals, in case you need a bit more of inspiration (for simple and fabulous recipes) you can always check out my menu for tomorrow or my   Christmas recipes board on Pinterest. 

No worries, enjoy your Christmas 'not-so diet' meals, I am preparing a couple of detox posts for us all to be able to get into our New Years dresses! ;) 

"Christmas is the time to come together
"A time to put all differences aside
For the truth that binds us all together
I would like to say a simple prayer
That at this special time
You will have true peace of mind
And love to last throughout the coming year"

Here is the Christmas video card from my family to yours!

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Photos via   Anthro Blog

This year I am again celebrating Christmas with my boyfriend in Barcelona, so I am the 'cook of the house' and I learned to enjoy planning days in advance, experimenting few days before and finally cooking holiday dishes.

Since there is only a handful of dishes which I can actually make without following the recipe on my iPad I try to collect seasonal recipes in advance and test a few which I haven't made before.

This year I decided to make big Christmas breakfast as my boyfriend parents came over for the first time to spend holidays with us so I am making a delicious casserole for which I found recipe on   Anthro Blog. I recommend this recipe if you have four or more people eating Christmas breakfast. Since ingredients are not all what you would have in a fridge daily, it requires a bit of planing, also, you need to prepare the mix and let it stand for at least 8 hours night before. Baking it is not that hard, oven does all of the work ;)

For Christmas lunch the menu is as follows:
Main Dish

Turkey filled with champagne pate with baked red potatoes
Russian salad  &   Goat cheese salad with raspberry sauce


Carrot cake

As festive Christmas drink this year I am preparing Swedish drink called Glögg which I also took    recipe for from Anthro blog (God bless them).

If you are looking for inspiration for your Christmas day menu and don't like my proposal above you can also check out my   Pinterest Christmas recipe board for inspiration of some amazing holiday recipes, I tried about half and all came out really delicious! 

What are you cooking lovelies? :)

Photo: John Pavlish | Styling: Ivana Pavić | Model: Ana Laura

Young Croatian duo Ana-Marija Kralj and Mirjam Krajina launched their debut Spring/Summer 14' collection past November on Fashion Week Zagreb event. Both ladies are still fashion design student attending Zagreb's TTF college of fashion design and after wining Dreft Next Generation contest last season with their sketches they launched this quite successful collection which impressed fashion professionals, media and customers. 

Kralj & Krajina's minimalist collection was inspired by expectation of first Spring rays of sunshine and urban feel of the city. Collection features contrast of precise, straight line cuts, metal zippers with gentle and feminine sheer fabrics. Lookbook for this collection was also as you can see inspired by simplicity, clean lines and raw sexiness. 

Right after their show, I got my eye on this beautiful snake print dress with two zippers on a side, so right after seeing this campaign, I rushed to order it! :) I will post a photo once I get it and wear it.

Source: www.vogue.com

In continuation of my Pre-Fall 2014. collection review, after   Burberry-Prorsum Pre-Fall 2014. I am reviewing this fabulous, sexy and feminine Versace Pre-Fall line. This 'new' Versace collection is rich with beautiful wool, mink cashmere overcoats with romantic diamante-studded collars in pretty shades of powder pink and green.

Still, Donatella's touch is visible in mix of menswear inspired business piecs and her signature rock'n'roll details like leather tops, studded biker jackets, flirty leather skirts etc.

My favorite are soft coats and silk button ups and jersey coated neoprene and I adore the mix of woolen or cashmere sweater with soft silk skirts and dresses and A line leather skirts. I am really impressed with this Versace collection! Really wearable, soft, feminine but still has that glamazone Versace signature.

Left to right: Teo P. za Mak, Kralj & Krajina, Krie design 
Photo: Franjo Matković | Styling: Ana Nikačević, Ivana Pavić  
Make up: Danijela Lesandrić. | Hair: Olivera Stoimenova.

First and one of my favorite Croatian fashion portals moda.hr launched their traditional seasonal collection editorial from selected signature pieces of established and emerging young Croatian fashion designers.

This editorial features ideal evening and day outfits combined of trendy warm winter coats to luxurious evening dresses and gowns ideal for upcoming holiday parties.

The theme I noticed in this editorials are feminine shapes and details, comfortable, trendy, sexy gowns and very wearable coats which are true investment pieces as you can wear them from year to year.  My favorite pieces are on the photos below with #1 being a dress by two young designers (Kralj & Kajina), these ladies just launches their first collection, they are just sophomores of Zagreb's fashion college so if they continue to work hard on their craft, I do expect them to be a great success, judging by their professional attitude and beautiful first collection.

Dress by   Kralj & Kajina 

Left:   Teo P. za Mak | Right:   Arileo

Left:   CAROL modni studio | Right:   Di Dizajn

Photo source   www.style.com

This week I have reviewed WGSN trend reports and then browsed through Pre-Fall 2014. collections and I have to say their reporting is rather accurate and visionary. With this post I am starting a series of my favorite Pre-Fall 2014. collection with one of the top three in my opinion - Burberry Prorsum collection.

I simply adore Cristopher Bailey's British touch on this collection! :) My favorites are rich and dens textured flap-coats (you can find similar onse on lower price point on Free People), jacquards and velvet appliques on pencil cropped high waist pants as well as (you might be guessing) pencil skirts which I wear daily to work and combine with or t-shirts - I LOVE the city printed Burberry Prorsum shirts in this collection and smart jacket or cardigan, or with soft and floaty blouses. 

This collection is one of my favorites among other things due to it's long and lean silhouettes which definitely fit my shape (especially the long part ;)). Also, I adore (and most of the times can't afford) great quality fabrics he is using like angora for coats, velvet and lace for pencil skirts and pants and chiffon for gorgeous long gowns. 

Which of the Burberry Prorsum 2014. pieces are your favorite? 

Photo: Šime Eškinja | Model: Alma Cerić 

Talented Croatian young designer joined forces with famous fashion photographer Šime Eškinja to create this beautiful limited edition holiday dress collection following his successful RTW line for Fall/Winter 13/14 season called Game Changer. Designer mentions that these two collections are connected with inspiration, dress silhouettes and his signature feminine and sexy design which could also be styled in comfortable and casual look.

For this limited edition, made-to-measure holiday collection designer   Ivan Alduk used net, cotton, lace, till and other comfortable and easy to maintain fabrics in silver, petroleum, blue, pink and appropriate red holiday color. Dresses are embellished with handmade and bondage details. 

My favorite dress is pink one with black handwork detailing and of course, red one on the photo below embellished with beautiful lace. Can't wait to try one!

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Photo: Mladen Šarić | Model: Jelena Stanković | Make up: Saša Joković | Hair: Milena Maršić

This beautiful editorial campaign was done by Croatian fashion brand Boudoir and it was inspired by post-mortem Victorian photographs. Having photograph taken in Victorian age was expensive so it happened that children and people who died young had no photo taken in their lifetime thus no sign/proof of their existence, so post-mortem photographs that were taken were often last memory of a desist.

This Boudoir collection called "Lust for life" was also partially inspired with Victorian age, starting with lace collars for example. I love how even though inspiration comes from post-mortem photography images are so alive and vivid justifying the campaign name with expressive facial expressions of model on photograph so many of these images look like paintings really. 

My favorite item is this rich maxi white lace dress and gorgeous head collar.Campaign images due to amazing crew who worked on them but also (of course) the very talented designer duo are making me hopeful that another Croatian fashion designer team is ready to launch itself to international market.

How do you like this new Boudoir campaign lovelies?