The longer I live in Barcelona the more it grows on me and I don't want to go to live anywhere else!
In the last few weeks by boyfriend and I made a conscious effort to walk around the city whenever we find an hour to spare to find and explore all of it's corners, best restaurants and beautiful parks.

Just a few weeks earlier I got beautiful pair of black  Cortina Ankle Leather Booties (produced in Spain) from  Free People. They are made out of beautiful delicately embroidered soft leather. I broke them in and now they are amazingly comfortable with very small heel so I literary wear them every single day with both dressy and casual outfits.

For today's pre-Christmas outfit perfect for running errands and doing some last minute shopping I paired my  Cortina Ankle Booties with fabulous Kate Almighty coat, Salsa high rise DIY skinny distressed jeans and Topshop scarf and sweater.

Are you done with your holiday gift shopping and have hands covered with flour and sugar while making cookies like I am?  :)

Shop all Free People Boots   here.

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First time I met The Gianluca and David was sometimes last Summer in my Trendcy buyer role when I was recruiting them to become one of Trendcy's designers. Soon after we went on our first adventure to Croatia as they were invited to show their SS 15' collection on Zagreb Fashion Week.

We all live in Barcelona and although they often travel for work to Milan we still got to see each other often and brainstorm on how to further market and sell their designs. Gianluca designs fabulous handmade Italian shoes and David designs clothing, they first met a while back when they were working together for Dolce & Gabanna in Italy. The third designer from their collective is Valentina Brugnatelli who designs jewelry and who also worked with them for other fashion houses back in Italy.


Before launching their own name brands all three designers had years to perfect their craft while working for major fashion houses such as: Bally, Kenzo, Monclear, D&G, Zuhair Murad and Versace just to name the few.

The idea for The Wandering Collective concept came during womenswear show fitting in Paris where all three designers were working as freelancers combining Valentina's costume jewelry, Gianluca's shoes and David's ready to wear clothing designs in one complete look. An immediate camaraderie is born out of a shared sense of style, of glamour and fun with a communal desire to express it.

Gianluca moved to Barcelona first and then David came to stay couple of years later. Valentina moved to Switzerland with her boyfriend but they all three continued to work together on common inspiration for their upcoming collections during their meetings in Milan where Gianluca and Valentina have production while David produces his RTW clothing in Barcelona.

Their lines can be purchased and are marketed seperately as well in numerous boutiques and luxury department houses around the world but just when the full look comes together, magic happens and true The Wandering Collective Women comes to life. Gianluca's shoes and David's RTW clothing collection can be purchased online on

The Wandering Collective look celebrates the creativity and individuality of the three founders whilst coming together in thematic harmony. 

Not only do designers carefully choose luxurious fabrics and follow their own unique artistic standards but they also design their own custom prints which results in trully unique pieces which you will be able to wear for years to come and which will never go out of style!

Launching own brand came with liberating creative freedom but also with major capacity and resources restrains said David which they are just now realizing as they simultaniously continue to design for other brands as freelancers but also build The Wandering Collective brand. "I have to think twice when ordering fabrics and be careful of how well I am going to utilize it." - said David.

When asked who is looking for inpiration in whom Gianluca laughed as he said it doesn't always run smoothly in terms of direction but their chemistry in the team, respect and never-ending flow of creativity allows them to democratically decide on direction in which collection will go.


During one of our brainstorming meetings I mention to the guys (who are by the way AMAZING illustrators as well) that I am offered by my fab friend Dunja to design limited edition women's planner Ženski Rokovnik cover and they generously offered to help me with their illustration's of me wearing their favorite items they designed: beautiful maxi dress with custom print and Gianluca's fabulous and comfortable platform sandals, which are my third pair of his shoes (and counting). 


In this post you can also win a signed copy of  LaKatWalk Limited Edition Ženski Rokovnik!

#1 All you have to do is (publicly) share  this Facebook post.
#3 Comment bellow this post confirming that you have done both!

Please don't leave your email address in comment so others can't see it and use it to spam you. I will choose a winner via and publish the name on my Facebook page on December 24th so please check there if you are a lucky winner and then I'll ask your contact info via private message.

Good luck to all in this fabulous giveaway! :)


You can buy another copy of LaKatWalk Ženski Rokovnik for your mum, friend or sister HERE.

Regardless if you are making a hot chocolate for Santa on a Christmas Eve or for your family during holidays you will want to read this post and maybe learn and try some new ways of making this delicious drink.

My personal favorite hot chocolate mixes are lavender-dark hot chocolate where I use natural, dry lavender which gives that amazing scent and taste to your hot chocolate and peppermint hot chocolate where I use both crushed candy cane (I put a candy cane stick in a zip log bag and crush it to pieces with a hammer I usually use to soften meat, this process is also great to de-stress ;)) and fresh mint leaves which I use to decorate the drink but they also reveal beautiful mint aroma as they get in touch with liquid hot chocolate. 

Ouu and if you are feeling extra adventures, you definitely want to try salty caramel hot chocolate. 

In our kitchen here in Barcelona we have a breakfast counter where we have a cereal dispenser, Nespresso coffee machine, selection of teas and cocoa but during holidays I also add a hot chocolate ingredients and decorate them to make a festive hot chocolate counter. 

On my counter I placed decorated jars with: colorful sprinkles, coconut,  peanut butter and chocolate chips, peppermint candy, marshmallows, cinnamon and cream.

This makes also a great drink bar for parties, if you are organizing a grown up party you can add some rum or bailey's. ;)

All of the bellow hot chocolate mixes by SheKnows you can also make into a coffee by adding a shot of espresso to each variant. 

Do you know of another great hot chocolate recipe? Share them in comments, I would love to try them! :)

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Porter Winter 2014 | Photographer: Chris Colls | Stylist: Maya Zepinic
Hair: Eric Jamieson | Makeup: Fara Homidi | Model: Zuzanna Bijoch

While browsing through my Winter Escape   +PORTER magazine issue I got inspired to share with you my fabulous ladies one of my favorite color match this season PINK + RED

I was in love with it last season as well (remember my post   Pretty in Pink), I wore pink cashmere cardigan over red A-line dress and tiny brown belt but this season Winter is announcing 70s inspired Spring with recognisable 70s cuts and color mixes. 

This wonderful Porter Magazine editorial features red only in accessories but still strong enough to evoke this trendy and chic 70s vibe. 

Try it yourself by matching heavy knits like wool or cashmere sweater or turtleneck with leather or lace, this texture contrast (even if it's head to toe powder pink) together with red accessories or just a red lipstick will give you this beautiful, romantic, Winter look. 

For day wear go for brown or burgundy accessory to mix with powder pink and for the evening try bright red or even dramatic plum color.

Shop the look:

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Do you also have a little bit of anxiety when choosing a perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones or you always know what you are going to get for everyone?

I was never really good with memorizing and remembering birthdays or being overly affectionate in general, my boyfriend and I do not celebrate 'relationship aniversaries' but the older I get, the more conscious effort I put into both noting down birthdays of my loved ones and planning what to gift them with. 

I love giving gifts much more then receiving them, especially when it comes to buying gifts for my boyfriend who gets so overjoyed and excited days ahead of his Bday or Xmass and has this enormous smile on his face when opening gifts that I spend a lot of time and imagination in planning and buying his gifts just to see him so happy and excited.

When it comes to buying gifts for my closest friends, boyfriend and family I have a rule I shop by to design a perfect gift all together and this rule can be followed on any budget. So my gift usually consists of three parts which sometimes overlap:

Usually this item is core of my gift, so maybe a bit more expensive then other parts. This is something I know that a person I am gifting wanted for a while but still didn't get it or couldn't find it, something that I am 100% sure a person will like.

For example this can be a piece of clothing if you know the correct size or a piece of electronics like Kindl or an iPad (depending on your budget), a great book, a fabulous watch or a set of gorgeous cashmere hat, scarf and leather gloves (this works wonderful for men and women). 

If you have a friend who never watches the forecast and always gets caught on the rain maybe you want to get him/her beautiful rubber boots or umbrella and a raincoat

If you are running on a really low budget you can purchase an affordable winter hat in H&M or C&A and then decorate it with feathers, sequins and little crystals from Hobby Store which makes a beautiful customised and personalized gift for a friend, you can even embroider friends name from inside of it (there are tutorials for that on Youtube ;)). 

If you are getting a book for a boyfriend you may want to write a note with special meaning for only two of you inside or customize a button up shirt, a sweater or a bath robe and slippers by taking it to seamstress and asking her to embroider his initials on it.

No matter if your budget is $10 or $1000 you can always make your gift on your own or customise it to make it more personal. I even hand make name tags and add something funny on it which only I and a person I am gifting will laugh at. 

My boyfriend is the King of finding and gifting totally useless but incredibly funny gifts, God only knows where he finds them but he does and they are fabulous!  Few of the stores I personally use and love are  Fancy and  Gag Gifts .

It's 15 more days to Christmas so you don't have to waist time and walk through the cold city and around crowded shopping centers to nervously search for gifts, shop ONLINE people! 

- Kindl, iPad, gift card to Apple Store (for songs and apps), leather business card holder, tie and cuff links, a book, soft bathrobe and slippers with customised initials, button up shirt, yearly ticket for his favorite sports club.

Where to shop?,,, River Island, Converse, Net-a-Porter, My Theresa,

- Shoes/boots (it's not a sience, check her closet for size), Book, Laptop sticker, Gold Foil Tattoo - just like Beyonce, custom jewelry, wallet, clutch, poncho, gift certificate for spa (which has mani & pedi), cashmere tartan scarf, wool hat, iPhone mask, Vogue yearly subscription or LaKatWalk Planner and a Coffee Cup with QR code ;)

Where to shop? ,, Luisa Via Roma,, River Island, Missguided.

Trust me you will pay less and obviously have more choices to choose from and you will certainly get it on time for Christmas. It is beyond me when I hear that (young) people in Croatia still don't shop online but rather get ripped of for prices and quality in local shopping centers. I get all of my gifts online and have never had to return anything yet in last 7 years!

How do you shop for gifts? Share your comment bellow! 

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December is a perfect month to shine! When I say shine I mean shine like precious metals gold and silver. Thankfully, there is make up, clothing and shoes to make this happen, on top of your natural shine within of course! ;)

Even though I am not big on make up and never use layers off it, mostly I use strong lipstick and sometimes I try to (with more or less success) apply eyeliner, however this season I feel adventures so I might try gold as it looks better with my dark complexion. My favorite eye shadow for that is Mac Goldmine.

From Casadei to Jimmy Choo and Steve Madden everybody has done silver or gold stiletto pump this season so you have a lot of options to choose from on different price points starting from $50. Don't think of silver pumps as shoes you can only wear in this festive month, you can wear them both dressy and casual all year around. They look fabulous with little black dress as well as with your favorite distressed jeans.