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First, I need to tell you how I started watching Game of Thrones earlier this year. My boyfriend is generally reading a lot of books and watching a couple of TV shows such as Suits and Game of Thrones religiously. Earlier this year when there was a break in between seasons of Game of Thrones he persuaded me that he thinks I would really love the series and if I would like to watch all of the already aired episodes with him again starting from the first one. So I did.

At first, the show was a bit to bloody for me, in general I am not a huge fan of this genre, neither I am a fan of the way most female characters are treated but I was intrigued by the family stories behind it, really loved some strong female characters (grandma is my #1 favorite character :)) and shocked by the overall developments. In short, I got hooked. After all, we all have a guilty pleasures. For me so far it was only a chic-lit & tons and tons of fashion magazines. :)

After I caught up with all the episodes of Game of Thrones, animal characters on jewelry got a whole new meaning for me, each animal reminded me of a particular family in the show (as if I wasn't geeky enough) so I got inspired to write this post for other GOT fans out there who are also a true fashionistas! :)

Last week, here in Barcelona jewelry brand    Aristocrazy (brand name totally suited to what is going on in GOT :)) opened their store at Paseo de Gracia where one can also buy this    Game of Thrones exclusive collection. 

I already have a couple of pairs of earrings and a necklace from Aristocrazy and wear them often, now when the store is so close to me I will have to go and get my GOT ring as well! It surely won't be Lanister ;)

Which of the GOT rings would you wear? :)

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In a last couple of days I was searching for a cute lingerie and just as swimwear I am always scared to order it online (while on the other hand shoes I am never afraid to order one way or the other, ironically :)). Online research brought me to  Cosabella website or super adorable and sexy items where I also found this, believe it or not glow in the dark panties and bra, which even if you are not working as a striper, let's be honest may come handy and actually be quite fun (yes, even if you are single).

Now, from that moment on, I started noticing only glow in the dark pieces for some reason. So now I found also a super sexy glow in the dark dress by Croatian fashion brand  VAIN I always loved technology + fashion mix and I am not quite sure what technology it takes, but come Summer I am getting kind of into these colorful glow in the dark pieces.

Alexander Wang unleashed the monster during a past show when he dressed his models up in glow-in-the-dark outfits. The trend has quickly been adopted and it also promises to be big with evening wear. Fluorescent glow-in-the-dark accessories are once again a good option for those not too keen on going all out with this trend.

With me being so ATD, my research ended on page where i ended up ordering glow in the dark nail polish  from American Apparel in jupiter orange color, looks super cool!

 It goes on sheer, glows in the dark in a fluorescent shade. Not only is it fun, but it also comes in quite handy when searching for something in your bag in the dark. ;)

I got three, so today I decided to organize a giveaway and two of you my readers are going to glow Jupiter orange soon! :)

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Photo: Maja Kljajić | Hair: Katica Topčić | Make up: Žana Kožul

Aleksandra's new lookbook and collection for Spring/Summer 2014. season continues to refine her feminine and classic designer signature. Very well rounded, commercially smart and wearable collection redefines some classical dress and dress suit shapes with modern feminine touch.

Designer continues to be very conscious of feminine body with emphasizing curves in seductive and sensual way featuring only three colors: powder pink, green, red and a tad of giraffe print in light blue Buga dress and matching top and pants suit styled for the show.

Aleksandra used fine French lace, silk and leather for accessories and continued to play with fine thin sponge filling for lining and creating gentle volumes.

This well rounded collection is intended to dress up and style modern working women for any occasion so it features pieces like ravishing evening gowns, oversized jackets, dress pants, day dresses and blouses. Collection is completed with new accessory line of miniature leather clutches with recognizable golden buckles in rainbow of colors made by well known local craftsmen.  

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A couple of you, my ladies have sent me messages and emails to share your relationships doubts, issues, fears and questions. 

At first I was reluctant to respond, even though I am almost thirty I still don't feel like I know enough about how to manage and maintain a happy long term relationship that I can responsibly share a good advise to young girls on how to act in these very specific situations you mentioned in your messages.
On the other hand, I wanted to help the best way I could, so I decided to write this post, as if I am advising my 23 year old self. 

Personally, I believe that one of the most important aspects of happy serious relationship vs. relationships in younger age where you are mostly learning about yourself (what is that you really want in a man and where you learn how to give and receive, how to compromise etc.) is timing. 

           After you become independent from your parents emotionally, financially and move out of their house, the most important relationships are those you have with your friends, but most importantly with yourself. These are usually your college years and year or two after graduation when you are looking for your first job or going after your masters degree. 

      This also means that if your romantic relationship stands in your way to fulfill any of your important life priorities like for example taking a really amazing job in another city or attending once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the school on a scholarship which you couldn't afford otherwise, you should probably focus on yourself and going after these amazing opportunities for you. If your romantic relationship is strong enough, it will survive a long distance arrangement, if not, it will be a good lesson, you will cry it out, survive and move on. We have all been there. 

(Remember Summer camps in high school? You always meet that super cute guy during last couple of days of the camp. :))

When I think back, I had three serious relationships in total in my life, all of which lasted from one to three + years and to be honest I remember crying more about fabulous shoes which were hurting me or I couldn't find in right size then over men I dated in total. This doesn't mean I haven't cried much, this just means that I learned what kind of men I don't want to date and eventually maybe marry one day and which I do.  (I continued to wear super fabulous, super uncomfortable shoes and crying about them. Some lessons you never learn.)

After a while you realize that relationships which didn't work for one reason or another were simply valuable lessons , there were good times and there were bad times (usually more bad if it came to an end) and that's just that. As you get older you cry less tears, dramatize less and eat less ice cream per break up and you just move on.

The truth is, relationships can be messy and people's feelings get hurt. Without knowing what hurt feels like and learning what you do not want in relationship you would not be able to recognize what you do want, who deserves your love and what really works for you and makes you happy. 

Other six keys of a great relationship which has a potential to last are a friendship, freedom, honesty, trust, understanding and communication. Currently I am at the place in my life where priorities have started to change and when I look back I feel good about choosing career and education over relationships in that sensitive age of self fulfillment and testing my own limits and potential. 

Today I put my relationship first, I have my career which I continue to build by learning and challenging myself daily but I also adapt my work to allow my relationship to prosper. 

So far it has been working very well and I feel like I am juggling it  both successfully, mostly thanks to being in a relationship with a really amazing man who cares about my happiness, helps me unselfishly and full heartedly every single day to make sure that I have time both for my work, Me time and Our time together. We try to be a team, best friends, lovers and give best version of ourselves when we are together, never relax and take each other for granted. 

There is time in your life for everything, don't try to rush it, enjoy it all as it happens and keep in mind that the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, once that one is well established you will be able to give best version of you to other person as well.

What is your most valuable relationship advise you could share with your 23 year old self?

Karla Špetić Fall/Winter 2014. collection

Like, like, skip...LOVE! This best describes how I discovered Karla Špetić collection on Instagram while following Fashion Week Australia shows coverage. Two hours later I was clicking away and magnifying piece by piece on this young designers online shop admiring her past and current collections, bookmarking pieces I am starting to save for as of tomorrow!

Croatian-born but Sydney based Karla, beautiful enough to be a model herself,  launched her namesake label in 2008 at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, just two years after graduating from the Sydney Fashion Design Studio. 

Karla's pieces are playful, minimalistic, modern and very wearable, adored by girls and women from around the world which confirms her prestigious stockist and media coverage gained so far. 

“I’m actually still trying to figure out my style. I do like clean things; I like simplicity. My pieces aren’t complicated.”

Said Karla for The Weekend Edition 

Karla came to Australia as a refuge from war struck Croatia in 1993. with her family when she was just 10 so now she feels more at home in Australia, however since her family is still in Croatia she feels like she has two amazing home countries to call her own.

“When I was little my dream was for the war to end in Croatia. That’s what I remember because my childhood years were spent in Croatia before the war, and after the war I realized I didn’t have a childhood at all. It was a nightmare. I just wanted to live in a happy place.”

When asked what inspires her collection Karla saids that it comes organic, for her it is important to grow as a designer, she doesn't draw her designs, she keeps it in her head and just lets it come to life when draping on a dummy.

 Karla Špetić Spring/Summer 2014.

"Don’t have too many expectations. 

Do it because you love it, otherwise it’s a waste of time.”

I am totally in love with Karla's design, youthful, fresh, minimalistic super to combine and match all through the year and make my own!

Yesterday after an exhausting work day I had a pleasure to be the first visitor of newly opened  The Wandering Collective showroom, here in beautiful Barcelona. 

The Wandering Collective is a group of three individual designers, each creating their own product with a common theme, presented collectively, sold either collectively or individually. 

Shoes are designed by  Gianluca Soldi, clothing by  David Wyatt and wonderful costume jewelry by  Valentina Brugnatelli.

The trio came together a year after working together backstage at Paris fashion show fitting, to work on the looks combining the elements of shoes and costume jewelry with the ready-to-wear, while each bringing their own unique style, personality and expertise to shape a unified  collection of  complete head-to-toe looks, designer trio united vision.

"This is how The Wandering Collective was born, a total look that celebrates the creativity and individuality of the three founders whilst coming together in thematic harmony."

  The Wandering Collective women is daring, romantic, feminine and decisive. She has a real personality and is difficult to frame in a box, she has a contemporary character that evolves and changes like the reality she lives in, but always staying true to her deepest values.

Valentina Brugnatelli Spring/Summer 2014.

Inspiration board for Fall/Winter 2014.

Gianluca Soldi Spring/Summer 2014.

David Wyatt Fall/Winter 2014.

Soon you will be able to shop The Wandering Collective on    Trendcy as well, stay tuned.

Browse through full The Wandering collective Fall/Winter 2014. collection    HERE.
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I start PMSing about 4 days before my period. My boyfriend swears it's about 2 weeks prior. Anyways, in the light of my preparation for bikini shape where I set myself quite an ambitious weight loss goal and meal and exercise routine I looked for a PMS remedy in my smoothie recipe collection.

I managed to gather quite a nice collection of diet and exercise tips and recipes on my Pinterest boards     DIET  and   WORKOUT and DETOX boards, so check them out and follow if you are preparing for Summer clothing or just want to have a nice detox.

For this particular PMS remedy, tropical smoothie you don't need to much ingredients and you can also substitute those you can't find in store or don't like the taste of. Ingredients needed are:

2 small bananas (fresh or frozen)

1 cup (236 ml) frozen or fresh mango

1 cup (236 ml) of frozen or fresh cilantro

1 to 2 cups (I used one to make 

2 glasses full of smoothie) of coconut water or regular water 

Place all of the ingredients in a blender and blend away! Enjoy! Below is a printable version of the recipe, in case you want to add it to your healthy cookbook or put it on a fridge.

What is your favorite smoothie or PMS remedy? Add the recipe in the comment and I'll share it all in new posts! :)

Designer duo Envy Room known by their endlessly romantic and beautifully tailored wedding gowns, after working hard on Spring collection for Bosnian fashion house Bellissima launched another signature collection for Fall/Winter 2014. season which is welcomed with thrill by Envy Room fans.

Envy Room Fall/Winter 2014. collection features brand's signature dresses and gowns with deep V open back, lace pencil skirt made casual with branded white t-shirts, tube dresses and their newest launched design piece - beautifully tailored jumpsuits which really flatter and lengthens women's figure.

Red tube top jumpsuit with peplum detail over the bust, I just can't decide which one to order, red or black, what do you say?

The color pallet was diverse from black and red to pastels and florals patterns and traditional white for wedding dresses which came out last. As some fashion media editors commented, this collection was not presented as 'new collection story'  thus it didn't have a new, common theme thread, but it was rather showed as pallet of brand's best sellers combined with several new designs with color shirt and dress in blush peach color.

Watch full Envy Room fashion show here: