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I wrote about Aristocrazy last year when they launched Game of Thrones ring collection which still remains in their portfolio due to popular demand.

Aristocrazy is a 'baby brand' of well known historic Spanish luxury jewelry house Suarez which has a rich heritage with three family generations of 100% high end jewelry making.

"Aristocrazy belongs to a family line of jewelers whose recognized prestige and tradition go back to 1940"

The new brand has over 50 sales locations in Spain and 18 in other countries like Mexico, Portugal, Guatemala, Aruba and Portugal with further expanding within EU, Latin America and Middle East. 
Last week I was invited to preview Aristocrazy Spring/Summer 2015. jewelry collection at their gorgeous store at the very main shopping street in Barcelona (Passeo de Gracia). I went there with my dear friend, blogger and a journalist Lorena Vilanova behind gorgeous blog The Stylistbook.

The part of SS 15' collection which left the biggest impact on me was definitely Savage Collection inspired by animals. As you can see below I tried out a gator ring and a snake necklace.

A photo posted by Katarina Stimac (@lakatwalk) on
A photo posted by Katarina Stimac (@lakatwalk) on

Spring/Summer 2015. selection also includes the Basics Collection, Tubogas, Malla,  Knot, Retro, Collection a Trois, Stones, Elua and Savage Collections. Trendy 2.0 lines are also: Adventurine, SIlver Jungle, J-Code, Lights and more affordable Fun Collection. The brand also carries watches and diamond collections.

Aristocrazy is showing their luxurious line at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

After being introduced to Aristocrazy, no other costume jewelry brand will do it for me! Not only the brand has a great quality and affordable price pieces but also very luxurious looking and one piece is enough to bedazzle your daily outfit!

What is your experience with Aristocrazy line jewelry?


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All photos by   Matea Vrčković   for 

Fashion weeks in Croatia started and although I am far from Croatia this year I am trying to follow how design signature of best Croatian designers continues to develop. First out of three fashion weeks in Croatia kicked off with Spring/Summer 15' shows of some of my favorite designers. Spring is my favorite season of the year as the weather is perfect and nature is in full bloom so it always reflects in people's clothing and designers inspiration for their seasonal collections.

Classic Spring blooms and floral prints are reflected in body hugging silhouettes and flower petals like peplums and waves of fabrics in soft form in Envy Room line and a bit harder in fabrication and more structural in Kralj & Krajina's monochrome collection. Envy Room definitely takes best collection of the season award so far for me! They had it all from red carpet dresses to individual pieces which can be beautifully combined to daily office looks & wedding dresses.

Ivica Skoko mixed gold with peachy blooms for more sensual and festive looks with maxi dresses, maxi and a-line knee length skirts in 70's cuts & shapes. My favorite pieces were definitely floaty red, romantic white polka dot dresses.

Although I have been following Elf's work last couple of years and their genius sense for local Croatian market and it's demand for branded party clothing I could never fully relate to the brand myself. So far I purchased only one black wool cape coat from them. 

This year, seems like Elfs expanded their collection and with it, their customer demographics targeting not only young party going, logo crazy girls and boys but also a bit older, working, classic and romantic dressing ladies. This year Elf's collection was inspired with Spanish soap-operas and although I never cared to watch this kind of shows I feel like this collection is absolutely on the point with what I would wear and this is not only this Spring but cross seasons! Gorgeous floral prints on silk and cotton are beautifully cut into sun dresses, tight sexy cocktail pieces and laptop cases! Bravo Elfs! You are all grown up!

Bite My Style by Zoran Aragovic brand added a drama to their collection with gorgeous punkish mohawk helmets adorned with white and metallic color pearls. Similarly to Elfs in previous collection although I admired their work I couldn't find a piece for myself in the brand's collections while this season designer gorgeously combined romantic white lace with Spring appropriate floral details with punkish casual cuts.

My favorite pieces in this collection was this deep V lace adorned and open shoulder white dress, super fun backpack and pearl covered nude high waisted pencil skirt.

Aleksandra Dojcinovic stayed true to her romantic signature while playing with 70's colors and Prada like cuts. My favorite Aleksandra's pieces from this collection are bellow.

On a more structural, less romantic, military and architecture inspired side I enjoyed Marina Design's gorgeous military inspired color combos with asymmetrical cuts and sexy zippers.

Hedra Design brand featured loose fitting pieces with architectural pattern cuts and 70's color pallet which came together beautifully into a smart and clean modern women workwear collection. 

Kralj & Krajina stayed true to their style and continued the path from their last (and first) collection playing with Celine-ish color pallet and cuts mixing leather with super soft fabrications to create monochrome and simple but impactful futuristic collection.

Which collection was your favorite so far?


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Photo source:   Spell Designs

Although I love wearing thigh high winter boots my favorite part of the year is definitely Spring and Summer, not only for the abundance of sunny weather and new and fresh Spring fashion styles but I am also super excited about Spring and Summer music festivals, especially know when I am living in beautiful Barcelona!

My go to brands when it comes to festival dressing are Free People and Spell Designs. You might remember maxi crochet open back dress which I shot for the blog in Dubrovnik this Summer, that one was from Spell Designs. Whatever I ordered from these two brands I was absolutely pleased with and both brands have that effortless boho chic appeal.

Since I work long hours I am not sure if I'll make it to any of the Spring festivals outside of Barcelona but I will for sure go to a few Summer ones in Croatia and in US. Here is the schedule of some of the most popular ones:

SXSW: Austin, Texas, from March 13th to March 22nd.
Coachella: Indio, California, from April 10th -12th and April 17th - 19th. {SOLD OUT}
Lollapalooza: Grant Park, Chicago, from July 31st to August 2nd.
Outside Lands: San Francisco, California, from August 7th to 9th. 
Governor's Ball: New York City, from June 5th to 7th. 
Austin City Limits: Austin, Texas, from October 2nd - 4th and October 9th - 11th.

These are just festivals in US but you can search festivals near by your location at Music Festival Junkies website.

For the festivals you definitely want to wear soft and natural fabrics, not to tight. Since you might be wearing one piece all day you want to have swimsuit or strapless top under the long sleeve maxi dress, short denim shirt dress or a short romper for the evening.

Sun screen, sun glasses and/or a fabulous hat are a must have along with the flat sandals, espadrilles and backpack which will fit all your essentials. Make sure you drink plenty of water (especially if you are drinking a lot of alcohol).

Since I love flash tattoos and tons of statement jewelry, festival is a great time to let loose and just pile up my favorite rings and bracelets along with flash tattoos.

Although I had a haircut few days ago my hair is still very long and I love to braid it into a messy braids or braid wreath. For festival season I love to add a few tiny faux flowers and just tuck them into the braid all over. I got the inspiration from Valentino Spring show bellow.

Photo source:   Spell Designs

What are your plans for this Spring and Summer? 
Are you planning to attend any festivals?


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Last week I went to a fabulous event which took place in a new, beautiful, multimedia Mazda Space in stylish Born district of Barcelona in the honor of young design student Cristina Torrent getting a scholarship to the graduate design fashion school in Spain, as a winner of Grant Rebels by Mazda Espana & Marie Claire Espana competition. 

More then 200 designers took part in Mazda's competition but the competition jury recognized Christina Torrent capsule collection as a winner for being: rebellious, multifunctional,  innovative, young and fresh design as best fitting to philosophy of Mazda brand.

Cristina Torrent, the winner of this competition is a ​​26 years old architect from Barcelona who is going to go to study in London for a semester where she hopes to learn new things but also to get inspired by London's fashion and architecture multinational scene. After spending a semester in London Christina is coming back to Barcelona where she will pursue her masters degree thanks to Mazda's scholarship.

During her speech Marie Claire Espana director Maria Pardo de Santayana said that Christina won her over with architectural inspirations and multi-functionality of her designs:"The winning garments challenge the conventions and demand attention by being innovative. The result is a brilliant multifunctional design."

Benno Gaessler, Mazda CEO in Spain said:"We are proud to promote and grow entrepreneurs. In this case, the designers who dared to design rebelliously, break the molds and add value."

I was equally impressed with Christina's collection as with gorgeous multimedia Mazda Space (more then 200 m2) which purpose is not only to display Mazda cars but also to host concert, presentations and cultural events.

Here are some interesting facts about Mazda cars:

#1 The first car to wear the Mazda badge was the ‘special’ R360 Coupe
#2 The largest parade of Mazdas was at the grounds of the UNESCO Zollverein World Heritage site in Essen, Germany in 2010. There were 459 MX-5 owners in total.
#3 Mazda company is originally from Hiroshima, Japan
#4 Mazda MX-5 broke two Guinness World Records  (most sold sports two seater car)
#5 Mazda is 15th biggest car maker worldwide 

Car industry was always flirting and standing close to fashion having Mercedes Benz sponsoring all major global fashion weeks and other car companies featuring celebrity models and doing photo shoots with well known designer brands as both clothing and car companies are selling the image, the desired look and luxury. It is encouraging to see that companies like Mazda are investing their money in charity projects and young designer sponsorships, especially considering today's economy and how hard and expensive it is to get a good quality education and a design job!

Well done Mazda!

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There are some places that deserve their well-earned reputation for being popular tourist destinations. And with miles of sparkling beaches and countless historical sites to explore, Malaga, Spain is certainly one of them. The area is responsible for drawing in thousands of visitors every year. But before you add the destination to your must-see list of 2015, you'll want to make sure that you dress for the occasion and know the best places to see.

Take a look at three of the hottest attractions the area has to offer, and how you can cater your wardrobe to each.

Site 1: The Pablo Picasso Museum

Better known as the Museo Picasso Malaga, the Pablo Picasso Museum holds some of his most prized pieces that you can't see anywhere else. As the birthplace of the famous artist, the museum has a personal connection to preserving his work and his memory. Take advantage of one of the guided tours to get a first-hand perspective of the pride the region has for this beloved local.

What to Wear: While you don't have to wear something super formal, you shouldn't stroll up to a monument of one of the world's best artists wearing yoga pants or a tube top (come to think of it, yoga pants should be worn for yoga class only!). Dress more on the conservative side with a nice sundress and sweater when visiting this prestigious museum. Not only is it an appropriate way to show respect for the setting, but it's also a good idea as the museum can get a bit chilly.

Site 2: Costa Del Sol notes that some of the most popular destinations to visit in Malaga are the beaches along Costa Del Sol. The sand is bright white, and the ocean is a sparkling blue. The coast is also lined with restaurants, shops, and tapas bars to quench your thirst and satisfy your appetite for the local cuisine.

What to Wear: Sport your best bathing suit while soaking in the sun. If you're strolling the beachside shops, though, you'll want to bring something more than a coverup. While you'll find plenty of food carts and outdoor bars, there are also nicer restaurants along the beach that have a stricter dress codes. A sundress and nicer set of sandals or wedges should suit most of them.

Site 3: Alacazaba and Gibralfaro

Malaga has two historic castles within its boarders, Alacazaba and Gibralfaro. says that although the castles' surroundings pay homage to a more modern society, the architecture and rich history of the castles serve as a window to the city's past. Use one of the guided tours to see everything the castles have to offer on the inside, and experience the breathtaking views by exploring the meticulously kept gardens on the outside.

What to Wear:
The steep hills and narrow staircases in and around the castles make them a strict no-heel zone. Save your ankles and opt for ballet flats or sandals. A flatter sole will make it easier to navigate the uneven terrain inside in addition to outside in the gardens. Complete the look with a wide brim sun hat to protect from the glare outside. It's more convenient than taking your sunglasses on and off as you repeatedly venture in and out of the dark castles.

Even though there's no better attire to sport on the edge of the sands than a bathing suit, you'll want to pack a little more than that. Use these outfits when planning your wardrobe for these Malaga hotspots, and you'll be prepared for all that this slice of paradise in the south of Spain has to offer.

Ahh, don't you just love traveling through Spain!
Have you even been to Malaga? Let me know which site you liked the most!


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As probably most of you I am religiously devoted to pair every new trend to my favorite pair of jeans. I noticed that as I am growing older and my body and life habits are changing a bit (just as fashion trends are changing) I am looking to wear different types of jeans.  One thing however remains constant and that is my height along with my long legs. J

All the long legged girls know that there are few brands that offer fabulous selection of women’s jeans that accommodate long legs. True Religion is one of these brands. They have extended sizes sections for those with really long legs.


Since I don’t shop for jeans that often I prefer quality over quantity so I end up getting a pair of designer jeans, which I am sure will last for at least a couple of years.  My challenge is always to find pair of jeans which have a bit of stretch, which flatter my butt, fit nicely on the waist (I prefer mid-waist to high waist rather then low) and are long enough for my legs so I don’t look like I constantly have a flood at home! I own about 20 pairs of jeans and even though I am a girly girl wearing skirts and dresses often, jeans are my go-to item, which serve me as a base for styling my daily looks.

Here are some tips on how to choose jeans ideal for your body shape. Choose jeans that work with your figure! You want to choose a pair of jeans (color matters) that will balance out your ‘problem’ areas and draw attention to your most flattering features.

Hourglass body: choose wide-legged jean with mid-rise and flat front.
Pear shape body: look for a pair of flare jeans in dark or medium wash with higher rise on the back and a bit lower up front.
Boyish figure: go for a boot-cut pair of jeans with more flare on the bottom, as this will add a curve to your figure.
Apple shape body: choose mid-raise jeans which will fall just a bit below belly button to cover your mid section.
 Flat butt: look for a pair of jeans with higher back pockets; this will help make your butt look more rounded.
 Big booty: try to find a pair of jeans with lower and closely together positioned pockets on the back; they will help to make your butt a bit smaller.
Pettit body: boot cut and skinny jeans will work perfectly for your figure, especially in light wash, grey or white to attract more attention to your curves.
 Tall, lean body: look for a straight leg jean or flare jeans to get that great fit all the way down the leg.
 Plus size body: look for a straight or a boot cut jeans with medium rise. Try to avoid distressed jeans as they make parts of body look bigger.

Consider your lifestyle to get more wears of the designer jeans you are purchasing. If your budget allows you to buy one pair only, go for dark wash or black jeans which are appropriate both for work and casual wear. While, if you are looking for casual jeans only, go for medium to light washed and polished silhouette. Try different styles if you are unsure which will fit you best and be sure to try to sit down, walk around and bend over in jeans to be sure they are not to tight on you.


When it comes to jeans style for Spring I love to combine white jeans with blue denim button up and heels or camel trench coat, navy and white striped shirt and flats.  Last season I invested in fabulous pair of red moto jeans that look really flattering on my legs, they make them look skinnier around the knee and longer.


True Religion is that designer jeans brand for men and women that is not only celebrity favorite brand but also brand with proven quality. Once you invest in a pair, you know you will get your money’s worth and wear a pair of they jeans for jeans to come.

My current favorite styles are:

Halle Mid Rise Super Skinny Biker Jean in white as they are high enough for me to tuck in my button ups for more dressy look and look great with my V-neck t-shirts for casual look.

European Beth Super Skinny Moto Jean in black with gusseted knees and rock & roll zippers on side pockets. These look super flattering on the butt as well!

For the Spring  & Summer I love Halle Mid Rise Super Skinny Biker jean in sunset coral color. These have similar gusseted knees as European Beth Super Skinnies but these are a bit distressed.

Are you looking to buy new pair of jeans for Spring? What are you biggest challenges when looking for a perfect pair?

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