Cold wind, early night fall, city workers high up on the leathers setting up Christmas lights and people in the windows of cafe's hugging their tea cups with both hands are announcing festive Christmas season in Barcelona. This city has different kind of charm during holidays then snow covered cities in Croatia. 

For this post I built my inspiration for the 'French look' around beautiful wool red beret 'Pardon my French' from Remake Home shop. I paired the beret with a couple of more red accents, my favorite every day mini bag from Homanz, red bandana from Nasty Gal & Mac red lip polish.

We started shooting in the early evening to capture the gold touches of light and busy street life in Barcelona. 


Christmas in Barcelona is somewhat different for our family then in Croatia. There is no snow here (which I like) and some celebration customs are much different. Here in Spain Three Kings celebrated on January 6th are more important holiday then Christmas Eve (Nochebuena/ Navidad).

Also, interesting figure in nativity scene in Catalunya (but also parts of Italy and France) is Caganer (a figurine of a peasant literary pooping with his naked butt showing).

Caga Tio (tio means uncle) is a wooden log with a smiley face painted onto one end. Caga Tio also wears a traditional Catalan red hat and is basically the Catalan equivalent of Santa Clause. Tradition is for Caga Tio to be 'cared for' by kids from 8th December until Christmas Eve. The kids need to cover the back of Caga Tio with a blanket to keep him warm, they feed him with orange peel and depending how well they care for him that is how many gifts Caga Tio poops out for them. On the Christmas Eve they beat the log with the stick and sing a song to persuade him to 'poop out' their presents.

Our Family traditions include long preparation and cookie baking. We start decorating and playing Christmas songs beginning of December, also we kept some Croatian traditions so we buy or make an advent reef with 4 candles, we light one every Sunday until Christmas.

Also, we buy Christmas bouquet from local florist early December and then we dry it (contains eucalyptus) and eat lots of Panettone with dry orange peel and black chocolate.  Ante, my boyfriend is in charge of building nativity scene in Betlehem under the tree and we all decorate the Christmas tree together a couple of days before Christmas.

This year my whole family is coming to stay with us for holidays so we will have a full house!


In the post I am also wearing J.Crew striped turtleneck, pearl embellished mom jeans from Uterque and black suede pearl booties from  & Other Stories. I shop a lot from J.Crew because they have tall sizes so I can order denim, tops and especially jackets with sleeves long enough for me but with skinny fit.

All photos, as always by the fabulous Andrina Peric.