One of the most anticipated shows for me on this SS 2013.season's Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb was Ada's show. I interviewed Ada before she came over to Zagreb to do the show, she told me about her passion for creating sustainable fashion pieces, about challenges of working in today's volatile economic environment and of course she showed me a sneak peak of her SS 2013. fashion film.

Backstage at DFWZ was as hectic as everywhere else, Ada still managed to have fun with her team of dressers and to sneak on some popular Croatian candy - Kiki.

I cannot say I was surprised by the energy, girl power and fierceness of Ada's SS 2013. collection after following her work for couple of years now there words are exactly describing Ada as a person. I loved everything from mood film, styling, amazing Julian Hakes shoes, luxurious floaty silk used for dresses as well as patches of leather which accentuated shoulders of dresses transforming a romantic floaty silk piece into a protective armor for tigresses in all of us.

One of my very favorite dresses from this collection on top of the green jungle dress with leather patch sleeves and open back is the bellow gray digital print silk dress ideal both for work and play which I plan to order upon my return from Barcelona to Budapest.

Jungle dress - 100% silk, made in London, £770

" It was fantastic to be back in Zagreb for the third time to be part of Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb.  Many thanks to Suzy & Sarah for inviting us back! Yet again, the experience of being part of this event was fantastic and Alexis Knox, my stylist and I had great assistants backstage, fantastic models and a great production crew to work with. The audience response to the show was brilliant - we were really thrilled and following the show we had celebrities and new customers wanting to buy dresses from the collection."  

Ada Zanditon

Jersey print dress, 100% silk, made in London, £405

Bellow you can see the full fashion film - Tigress Reign, the location of filming was Cyprus with the help of Ada Zanditon's partners: Easy Jet Holidays, Ecover, Illamasqua and Keune.

Director : Thomas Knights | Music: Sebastian Bartz  Styling: Styling: Alexis Knox | 
Makeup: Mika Johnson of Illamasqua | Hair: Christian Landon 


The other day, rather late in the evening when I finished responding to all of the work emails, done my house choirs, walked Papi and did my daily pampering routine after quit an exhausting Monday I got a lovely email from Butterfly Twist team which definitely brought a smile to my face in an instant. They wanted to introduce their brand to me and as soon as I saw their product I looked over the screen of my laptop at my toes, wiggled a bit and thought to my self "What a neat idea! I need these in my life!"

Then, I thought about you ladies, my readers, fabulous working women from all over the world running around in heels all day, maybe just like me, from meeting to meeting, from taxi to plane, at home and at the office - we working ladies, we never stop. So...why not give some fabulous rest to our busy feet?

I talked to the Butterfly Twist team to find out what is so special about these fabulous ballerinas!

Cream quilted Oliva - my favorite pair! So Chanelish!

How did you come up with the idea to launch Butterfly Twists? 

It was actually a funny way they came about! 4 guys started it in London! College friends Emmanuel, Frank, Mark and Philippe, came up with a unique fashion-forward idea after one of them (who shall remain nameless!) literally knew what it felt like to be in a woman’s shoes after losing a bet and attending a party wearing a pair of 6 inch stilettos! A long bight of discomfort, for the unfortunate one wearing heels, prompted them to come up with an idea to end high-heel suffering for women.

Butterfly Twists since won UKFT award (United Kingdom Fashion Textile) and are sold in over 30 countries and continue to grow internationally in all kind of stores from Asos to Topshop and Selfridges&Co.

Who is your target customer? 

Our ideal customer is the girl that loves to wear heels but also loves the idea of fashionable comfort and needs it because she is always on the go. The Butterfly Twists girl is a social butterfly that loves fashion, travel, nightlife, and being adventurous not to mention head-to-toe in style wherever she goes, that's why she needs her Butterfly Twists. They take her everywhere she needs to be. 

We provide a chic comfort to some famous feet as well like: Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Hale Berry, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Cameron Diaz etc.

How did you manage to produce such a useful, good quality product for such an affordable price? 

It was definitely no easy task. A lot of time and research went into finding the right resources that would bring quality, style and comfort into a foldable ballerina at the right price. It's easy to source the most expensive materials and offer a high priced shoe; it is much more difficult to make an affordable shoe with all the high quality attributes that a high-priced shoe has, but that is what makes Butterfly Twists stand out. We are here to provide a product that is exceptional in every way. From price to fit to comfort. 

What are your plans for the future in terms of brand expansion and development? 

We have a few new products that we are launching and are very excited about! Coming soon for SS13 are foldable flip flops! We will continue to expand by bringing women's favourite, go-to products with a twist.

Did you had a chance to check out Butterfly Twists website? Which model is your favorite? 
Mine is definitely Cream quilted Oliva but I got my eye on couple other ones as well! 

Follow my blog's Facebook page and Butterfy Twists Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest pages for upcoming surprises ;)


As Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb is coming closer (22-24.11.), I got the chance to interview British designer - Ada Zanditon. This is the second time Ada is showing at DFWZ, last time she did an interview for Croatian press she said that she absolutely loves Zagreb and would love to come back, so she is coming again this year.

I first met Ada at DFWZ after party, we were coming out of the cars at the same time in front of one club and she said "Girl, you look fierce in that dress!" - I was wearing Lei Lou multifunctional fitted dress with long bat sleeves and later wrote a post called 'Ada the Fierce'.  Ada was all smiles that night after she showed her rather impressive collection called  Poseisus. 

My favorite thing about Ada is not only her amazing designer talent but also her passion for creating sustainable fashion pieces in this time of crises when most designers are focused on how to increase the income and not much thinking about how damaging their product creation might be for environment or where are they sourcing their materials. Also - Ada worked for the house of McQueen - my absolute favorite brand in the world. :)

What was your inspiration for SS 2013 season which you will show this week in Zagreb?

My inspiration for spring  summer 2013 is tigers, Particularly the way that the female tiger is both majestic elegant and beautiful and I made a narrative based around the tigress As if she was a woman in a Quentin Tarantino film. Here is the short preview. 

How much effort does your brand put into sourcing and producing eco-sustainable fashion pieces? Why is this important to you?

We make a great deal of effort to source our  fabrics sustainability and from transparent sources it is important to me to do this because I want to show that it is possible to create products which are desirable, innovative and interesting. I want to create a narrative that can be engaged with because it is a creative story or because it is analogy about our relationship to our environment, Whatever someone chooses to take from the collection as long as it's inspiring, then that's what's important. 

Either someone will choose my brands because it is sustainable and they like the product or they will choose it simply just because they like the product. 

Do you feel the impact of economic crises on your creative work? How much did the economic crises affect the sales of your collections if any?

It has been a very big challenge to grow a business during the recession however it has also given me resilience and strength that I have Milans how to grow a business on the download economic climate, make it flourish and continue to grow.

Alexander McQueen is my all time favorite fashion designer. How would you describe the experience of working for the house of McQueen?

I am very lucky to have had some good work experience before setting up my brand. All the work experience that I did helped me to understand how tough the fashion industry is and what level of dedication and perfectionism would be required in order to create a brand.

Do you think that in today’s day and age fashion designer needs to be equally a creative genius and a business person in order to build profitable brand?

In today's climate if you are a new designer and you are independent and you cannot afford to pay someone else to do the business side entirely for you, then absolutely you must be good at the business as well.

 I have to spend at least as much of my time answering emails and working on the business strategy as I do spend being able to design and make things.


It was five a clock in the winter afternoon and it was already dark. We were not allowed to turn on the lights in our apartment. The city was under air attacks again, attacks were happening couple of times a day.

I was 5 years old, sitting behind the curtain with my nose touching the cold glass balcony doors yelling out to my mum the names of the neighbours in our building in whose apartments I could still see some light, I was scared that bomb will hit our building if they don't turn all of the lights off.

When we heard the siren, many times in the middle of the night, we would take our blankets, some water, my doll and rushed down the stairs together with the rest of the people from our building to the concrete shelter positioned in the middle of the building's yard, under the ground. The shelter was stalked with iron bunk beds without mattresses. Our mums would just fold the blankets and lift up several of us kids to one bed and tried to keep us calm and quite. There were mostly women, kids and old people there.

 We didn't hear from my dad for a long time now, he was somewhere close to grandparents house wearing military uniform and hunting rifles (as they didn't have any real weapons yet) together with his brother trying to break through the thick woods on foot, get my grandparents out of the harms way and try to defend the house they were born in from Serbs who marched into Croatia trying to win over, rob and burn as much as they could while killing the people who tried to stop them.

They managed to get the grandparents out but the house was burned to the ground. Next few years we didn't see much of my dad, he was coming and going every few months with some other soldiers to pick up military candles, boots and equipment which my uncle bought and shipped from Chicago.

Our apartment was always full of people and shipping boxes, my uncles family lived with us for some time - aunt, niece and nephew who were refuges from their city as it was to dangerous to live in at the time. My mum traveled daily and worked close to Zagreb at the town which was heavily attacked and bombarded every day, she was pregnant at the time, after work she would go to get some food, powder milk and military cookies in order to make somewhat decent meal for all of us at home.

Sometimes there was not much food, but my mum being as creative as she is was able to make sweets for us only from egg yolk and some sugar, she tried hard to make our life as normal as possible. My sister and I were still to little to understand much but we asked lots of questions, one question I remember never getting the answer to neither from my parents nor from dad's military friends was : 'Why are they throwing bombs at us, why do they want to kill us?'

Now, I am not a nationalist, I don't hate anyone, I didn't see the worst of it during the war like kids in Vukovar or Bosnia did. I am blessed because I didn't loose anyone from my immediate family and I was way to little to understand what was going on.

 The fact is, there are certainly no kids from Serbia who can tell you the story of Croatian army throwing bombs in their back yard or taking their dad to concentration camp - because Croatian land was invaded and Croatian people were attacked and that is the simple fact which has now been officially recognised and proved by international court of justice with recent liberation of our military generals who lead our countries defense to victory. Now, our nation and it's war victims got their dignity back and with this their sacrifices were not made in vain.

Today, 22 years later, we are remembering Vukovar and it's victims, the city and the people who's homes and bodies were front line of Croatian defense,Vukovar was our shield which protected the country from falling under aggressors hands and Vukovar and thousands of people who lost their lives for us to be able to call this country our own, to speak our language and live our culture, which many people take as given or for granted. Vukovar should NEVER EVER be forgotten.

The world needs to know the truth about Vukovar and never let it happen again nowhere else, not in Gaza, not in Syria.


"Always wear your invisible crown!"

Not that my work wee wasn't super exhausting, but then I finally get everything done by ten o'clock Friday night and start typing up one of my blog post, being my usual ADD (attention deficit) self, two minutes later I end up reading an article on Mashable saying that only 9% of people actually get to work in a profession which they dreamed about when they were little. 

Ugh...thanks Mashable,'real inspiring', just what I needed on Friday night. 

A minute later, my hyper, at times slightly ghetto self said - "No,no, can't do!" I'll find a way to become a princess, meaning to wear a crown, daily, again (I did it as a child and then they made me take it off when I started going to school) without getting myself fired or ending up in mental institution. 

So I said to myself...tone it down just a bit Katarina, maybe I shouldn't go for full blown Miss America tiara cause then I have to do that elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist wave whenever I see someone I know and in the P&G office in Hungary that might look just a tad unnatural. 

Second best option for me was to consult Vogue. See, Vogue is like fashionistas google, it knows everything! So I did. My compromise solution is to start wearing this lovely, trendy and OH so chic head accessory just like they showed it on runway this season! 

Photo: Rodarte FW 2012.

Photo: D&G FW 2012.

Photo: Chanel preFall 2012.

Photo: Oscar de la Renta FW 2012.

Photo: Oscar de la Renta FW 2012.

Come on, admit it! What did you wanted to become when you were little lovelies? 
Did you give up on your dream already?

"You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling!"
Eames (Tom Hardy, Inception)

Photo source:Vogue

Working from home today due to high fever and feeling sickish and already feeling sick of drinking tea with lemon and honey all day, I thought that this would be a great time to put together a fall/winter essentials post as I am slowly but surely updating my warm clothes as the weather is getting colder and colder.

Some of pieces I am planning to invest this season are:

Warm and cozy sweatshirts and sweaters are very trendy this season. I already wrote about the trend of printed sweaters earlier past August when it hit the runway. There are many really lovely designer ones. My favorite ones are those which are not itchy and scratchy.

 I prefer plain color sweaters which I can wear with patterned smart high-waisted or cigarette work pants for the day accessorised with statement necklace or earrings and leather pants or jeans and boots in private time for a more of a casual look.

During Summer and Spring I worn cropped trousers with wedge heel sandals, tops and blazers for work or just with denim button up in a more casual variant. For this colder, Fall/Winter season I am looking for obviously heavier fabrications but I am also very much into lovely colorful patterns to brighten up short winter days and cold-dark nights :) 

I recommend wearing cropped patterned trousers with ankle booties with thick heel for the day and stilettos for the evening. Ladies who are more into casual look might want to combine them with men's oxford flats or slippers and warm and cozy sweaters.

Photo: DSquared

Photo source: Vogue US

Hats are my favorite accessory and I just never have enough of them! Just last year I discovered an amazing hat making store Mimoki. I also love wearing head wraps and turbans, I keep trying to find a new way to tie them. This winter I am thinking about investing in a brown wool hat, a bit wider then classic fedora. 

Photo source: French Vogue November 2012.

Hats can really last long if cared about properly and are an absolute classic so you can wear them every single year and look ladylike, mysterious and sophisticated. Currently I own a wide brim wool hat (JLo is how they call it often) and a classic gray wool fedora. 

Photo: Goran Čižmešija for portal | Coat: Teo Perić for Mak

My DKNY classic, fitted, knee-lenght coat has been serving me just great for the past couple of years but it has worn off a bit after wearing it a whole lot during cold New York and Zagreb winters, I recently donated it to Red Cross and now I am planning to invest in a good one for the couple of upcoming cold seasons.

As part of my seasonal Coat check post I selected some lovely structured runway looks during the fashion week, since, I have been looking for pret-a-porter version of these structures.

                            Photo: Goran Čižmešija for portal | Coat: Teo Perić for Mak

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I fell totally in love with long KARL by Karl Lagerfeld black tailored coat with zippers. I was just about to order it online but got a bit worried about the lenght of the sleeves since I have rather long hands so I still didn't order it. Another option which I am looking at is buying one of Croatian designers - Teo Perić za Mak classic coats which seem to look great on tall girls.

What will be fall essential pieces you will be investing in for this Fall/Winter season?


"Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them,  you are one day closer to the next time you will." 

It's been a while since I wrote 'lines of life' post, mainly due to ironically, being busy with life. Last couple of days I have been trying to complete my move and all of the vast documentation which comes with it and hopefully finally settle here in Budapest, Hungary.

Recently I have taken upon a new, international assignment in my company, working in communications department and covering the whole region for particular product category which now brought me to Budapest. From here, I continue to travel each month to Barcelona, Spain where I work from in order to be able to spend some time with my boyfriend who lives and works - plays basketball there.

Both of us have a quit busy working and traveling schedule, especially him who practices twice a day and travels at least two up to four days a week, during the whole season, having only about 10 days vacation a year - not as glamorous as many might think professional athletes life to be.

 I am also traveling for work quite frequently to countries in Central Europe, but also, after my work day ends which is quite often late in the evening, I am working on my blog posts and blog's Facebook page my monthly print column and my weekly weekend Stylebooks and trying to spend as much time as possible with my dog Papi, who is quite spoiled and demanding for a one and a half year old dog.

So, how does this arrangement work and how long it will go along?

        Well, will see. So far, it works quite well. Distance has been one of the sacrifices we, as a couple, decided to make in order for us both to do what we love and this is the way we manage to have both at the same time, each our own careers and our relationship.

Another reason why it works is that we are very similar, as people, we are both young, driven and we easily adapt to new country, sports club and lifestyle, neither of us wouldn't want it any other way currently, my boyfriend would not want to be with a girl who is always by his side and living of him, with no personal goals, life, work or career.

Photo: Vogue Hellas

"For anything worth having one must pay the price, 
and the price is always work, patience, love, self-sacrifice"
 John Burroughs 

On the other hand, as hard as it is, and it gets hard, I spend a lot of time at the airports, I need to be extremely organized with my work and travel, manage two homes at the same time, cook, clean and still do something for myself occasionally....and I get tired, I get very tired and want to have a deadline, the end of this constant travel and being in a long distance relationship which is emotionally, physically and financially draining and wish for it to be more of a 'normal couple' life.

So what I do, at the times when it is the hardest, I try to listen to my heart and what it really tells me is not to give up...not to give up because it feels right and because it is worth of it.

Until we decide to settle at one location together and live more of an ordinary life, I will continue to collect my frequent flayer miles and hope that my heart won't fail me.


This is the first time in my life that I got excited about the car ladies! WACKA WOW!

 Why you ask? But colour, fashion and fabulous details of course – this is what matters to girls the most I would say...ok,ok..And performance ;) .

My boyfriend is always making fun of me for not knowing the difference between car brands and their distinctive features, so for me the cars were always the one with circles up front or „the blackish, roundish up front one“ but after the research and time I spent on preparing this post I assure you that I know what I want in a car, I want Volare Blue Fiat 500 Colour Therapy with wowser white door mirror covers and retro white detailing. This one for sure I would never lose in the car park.

I talked to my dad who claims that he was “the man” back then in 70s wearing his bell bottom brown pants paired with colorful tight fitting button up shirt with pointy collar, and sporting his long hair and moustache look which I find hard to believe my mum fell for. He managed to dig out the photo of how Fiat looked back then in Croatia. He got all teary eyed and said: “Ouu yea that was the car women were falling on!”

Fancy a road trip around the Italian Riviera or better yet around Adriatic coast? Fiat 500 Colour Therapy gives you a palette to play with that was made for blazing sunshine. Or if you’re closer to home, you’ll find it brightens up any trip to the shops.

Fiat already recognized as one of the most stylish city cars in the world has now launch this new range called Foat 500 Color Therapy, it is designed to bring back the spirit of the 1970s with a collection of vibrant colours and retro white detailing combinations that made the Fiat 500 famous in Italy and around the world during the 1960s and 1970s.

New Fiat 500 comes in five 70s retro colours highlighting the car’s history and heritage:  New Age Cream, Countrypolitan Yellow, Pasodoble Red, Volare Blue and Tech House Grey. This fabulous, classic and timeless city car has unique retro features which give a distinctive personality. It is available in both hatchback and convertible versions.

NEW Fiat 500 Colour Therapy fabulous features include:

        White wheels – SUPER FLY!
   New white detailing – YOU DIG?
   70s pool bar gear knob – ACE! 
            White door mirror covers – WOWSERS!

What about the price you say? The mid-range Colour Therapy still gets air conditioning,  white mirror covers, white wheel covers, a ‘poolball’ design gear knob and specific key cover as standard. It costs £800 more than the entry-level Pop, but you get  more than £1000 worth of extra equipment, sooo The Fiat 500 Colour Therapy range starts at £10,760 (OTR) for the 1.2 Colour Therapy, rising to £14,510 (OTR) for the 500C 0.9-litre Colour Therapy TwinAir.


To celebrate the launch of their new Fiat 500 retro fabulosities, Fiat gives you opportunity to win a £500 shopping spree and 70s yourself up! Enter the competition by sending email  to with the answer to the question below along with your name, address and contact details.

Q: How many 70s inspired colours are available in the new Fiat 500 Colour Therapy range?

a)    2
b)    3
c)    5

Terms & conditions:
There is one prize on offer.  The prize consists of one £500 Selfridges gift card. There is no prize alternative. Travel and any other extras are not included. The gift card must be used within Selfridges terms and conditions. The prize is non-transferable and non-exchangeable and no cash or credit alternatives are available. In the event of circumstances outside of its control, the promoter reserves the right to substitute an alternative prize of equal or greater value should the prize be unavailable for any reason. Competition is open to UK residents aged 18 and over.

This is a sponsored post.


Photo source:

A little while ago, I posted on my Facebook and Twitter pages how trilled I was with the last Marie Claire Spain November magazine issue which was chief edited by Karl Lagerfeld for magazine's 25th anniversary. 

I usually don't buy Marie Claire on a regular basics but since for a past year and a half I am trying to learn Spanish I have been purchasing more and more of Spanish fashion magazines. This particular November issue attracted me both with its amazing cover photo, lovely stories and fashion spreads as well as the 25th anniversary gift – this stylish KARL by Karl Lagerfeld canvas tote.

In preparing this post I dedicated some time to research this fairly young brand and brows through its FW 2013. collection available exclusively on Net-a-porter and it took me about 4 minutes to run to get my credit card. Ouu yes...I am hooked on Karl. 

This is Karl Lagerfeld's second collection for lower-priced line Karl by Karl Lagerfeld. The Kaiser Karl has launched sophisticated and edgy mix of clothing and accessories available for online purchase via Net-a-porter.

Like Lagerfeld’s first collection for Karl, this new collection offers a feminine twist on the designer’s signature personal style: There are sharp tuxedo jackets, embellished crisp white collars, and, of course, studded leather gloves. The collection is predominately black and white, but Lagerfeld also included a lovely miniature camouflage print and red stand out coat as well as some silver and gold stand out pieces. Most of the items are within a price range from $50 to $1000, so collection is as last year quite possible to sell out soon.

Iconic London department store Selfridges was where two collections from the fashion brand including KARL MAN + WOMAN and newly launched premium line KARL LAGERFELD PARIS MAN and KARL LAGERFELD PARIS WOMEN debuted.

Bellow are my favorite pieces from KARL collection, couple of these are already on their way to me J

KARL'S lower priced as well as his premium lines are available for purchase exclusively via women's lines and men's lines.  Lagerfeld launched pop-up-stores on 3rd floor of Selfridges but also at Luisa Via Roma and St Tropez which closed earlier this October. 

Saint Tropez pop-up-store  offered holiday makers the opportunity to discover – besides the beach line collection developed exclusively for that place – a selection of ready to wear items for the KARL and KARL LAGERFELD PARIS lines. Last pop-up-store opened was at Bleecker Street in New York.

All photos source: and Net-a-porter

How do you like the new KARL brand lovelies? Do you find it wearable and affordable for your style and budget?