Photos: Mladen Šarić

One of my absolutely most favorite Croatian brand just climbed a page higher in my book when they combined custom flower and animal print with my bellowed skeleton motifs. As a huge Alexander McQueen fan and (mostly) aspirational McQueen shopper I was thrilled to see such gorgeous prints on A-line skirts, peplum t-shirts and Spring bomber jackets in Boudoir Cruise 15' collection.

Always ahead of other designers when it comes to artistic touch and craftsmanship Boudoir sisters found a way to expand their shopper demographics and successfully incorporated their branding with custom print and soft, cool and comfortable fabrication to create still very affordable Cruise collection.

Creative sisters Morana Saračević and Martina Čičko-Karapetrić have recently been featured in New York Times short tourist video of Zagreb.

Their collections represent true fairytales, with at times distinctly positive and at other times slightly darker inspirations, oscillating from graceful colored fairies to subtle S&M messages that speak volumes about the essence of female power in dressing. Fluid richness of soft feathers meets dramatic tulle in a romantic marriage between many different layers of lace. Colour palettes vary from collection to collection; however, their liking for black and white is obvious, while the grey area in-between is made up of pastel shades.

Now you can order Boudoir new Cruise collection on Trendcy HERE.


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From mass market to couture fashion designers fell in love and got inspired with famously gorgeous pink bird - flamingo. Since early Spring and in traces during last Summer seasons we could have seen pink flamingos printed on absolutely everything from pajamas and underwear to shoes, dresses and purses and it all started with blow up pink flamingos which celebrity kids started posting on Instagram from their Summer pool parties.

Kate Spade took up on this trend most seriously and with the most success. She designed all from pink flamingo print t-shirts to hoodies and handbags.
I got to say that I am a sucker for this print with my favorite being navy wrap dress with tiny pink flamingos and Kate Spade purses, especially the pink feather one! How cute? :)

Giles Deacon Resort 2015.

C Wonder Smoking Suade Flamingo Slippers 

John Lewis Pink Flamingo Sandals 

Shop Pink Flamingo Print bellow:

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Photo: Puma Girls Blaze

I never really liked wearing any other sneakers other then classic white and high red high tops Converse but since more and more both athletic footwear labels and fashion houses started to really look into and design fashionable sneakers, intended to be worn outside of the gym and even suitable for more dressy looks, I really found a lot of gorgeous, desirable styles to combine with skater skirts and dresses in Summer. can even wear it with the tutu if you like! :)

Naturally, first I looked into leopard print ones (Adidas) which are actually sports shoes for gym workouts but look fab enough to wear around town. They also have a casual styles.

Nike and Adidas launched a several big name designer collaborations as well.
NikeLab x JFS launched a collaboration recently with Berlin-based Acronym designer Johanna F. Schneider but they have a wide variety of customization options on their style sneakers like: Nike Air Pegasus 83, Nike Internationalist, Nike Roshe One iD,  Nike Juvenata Print and my favorite Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 Photosynthesis.

Adidas has an ongoing collaboration with Stella McCartney (Adidas by Stella McCartney) but they also work with Yohji Yamamoto (Y-3),  Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Mary Katrantzou and Jeremy Scott.

Raf Simons for Adidas

Other brands who stepped up to the occasion with fancy fashion sneakers are Reebok, Puma and New Balance, with latest being my favorite of the tree.

Did you also go crazy for this trendy but also comfy sneaker styles? Which one is your favorite?

Shop more popular styles here:


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Detox is super modern buzz word lately and you can find numerous recipes online but not all are equally beneficial and working equally well for detox. It's really important to try to find a good, knowledgable resource before you try to mix and match your own juices. This is especially important if you have some kind of eating disorder or any chronic condition or if you are pregnant or nursing, in this case it's best to consult your doctor before doing detox on your own.


I'll be very honest with you, I always loved eating fruits and vegetables and my mum (forcefully) made me and my sister drink vegetable and fruit juices from a very young age so this detox & juicing trend is not something new,  it just came back in 'fashion' just like the 70's fringe bags. I don't smoke or drink (maybe a mojito, gin tonic or a glass of red wine once in a blue moon) but I do drink 1-2 coffees a day. I make time time to cook at least 2 healthy meals a day for my family and we don't eat out a lot, at most 2-3x per month.

However (very) recently since I turned 30 I noticed (regretfully so) that my metabolism isn't what is used to be, I am working from home now and moving a lot less then before and although I am trying to exercise as often as I can I can feel like my muscle tone isn't what it used to be back (like...yesterday) in my 20's.  

Like all the experts will say, 80% of good health is what you eat and drink and 20% is exercise so I decided to make a conscious choice and invest a bit more time into choosing my groceries and preparing my meals with a little bit more care and love. My boyfriend is a professional athlete so I got another great reason to take special care of how and what I cook.

My friend Anka introduced me to juicing. Not that is matters but it's related obviously, Anka is super physically active and a perfect fitting model size thanks to her healthy lifestyle choices. :) 

She is a vegan and she is researching and testing numerous juice recipes and reading various books about juicing and healthy nutrition for years now so she recommended me to invest in a cold-press juicer should I decide to juice on a regular basics. I am still searching for a good one and will share with you once I find it.

Since I don't have a proper juicer but only blender which is great for smoothies but makes to thick of a drink to be good for juicing, I did one day detox yesterday with professionally prepared 5 juices, one glass bottle of organic almond milk and a shot of ginger and lemon concentrate to drink with water from  Lo & Lo juicing bar in Barcelona.


Just like I used to, when I mention the importance of eating healthy, juicing and exercising to some of my friends they say stuff like: 'I don't have time for all that', 'It's to complicated' or 'It sounds expensive' but then they do complain about being tired all the time, overweight or doing crash diets. 

My response to this kind of comments is simple - you need to care about your own health, you need to love yourself and your body to be willing to make an adjustment in your diet and your lifestyle and stop putting junk in your body.

 Just going to the gym and doing manicures and pedicures won't make you healthy and pretty if you eat crap. Once you make this a priority, you will feel better, you will be more positive, in a better mode, you will focus better at work and you will be a better role model for your kids and your family.


Juicing is a good way to introduce natural vitamins, minerals and other goodies from fruits and vegetables into your diet, especially if you naturally don't prefer taste of some fruits and vegetables. Multivitamin pills cannot give you the same value natural juices can.

Yesterday I did my first one day professionally prepared detox by   Lo & Lo Juicing team. The package cost me about 30 Euro and it contained of 4 juices, 1 almond milk and 1 smaller concentrated immunity shoot in about 0.5L glass containers.

Lea from Lo & Lo Juicing recommended me to drink green 'Love Greens' and 'Detoxify' juice in the morning and red 'Energy Boost' juice in the afternoon, a small yellow 'Immunity shoot' I drank mixed with 0.5l water through the day and orange 'Balance' juice I drank in the evening. 

Love Greens: apple, green pepper, cucumber, kale or chard, ginger and lemon
Detoxify: apple, fennel, cucumber, turmeric or ginger, parsley.
Energy Boost: apple, beet root, carrot, turmeric or ginger, lemon.
Balance: apple, carrot, turmeric, lemon.
Immunity Shoot: ginger & lemon concentrated juice.
Almond milk: 0.5l

I choose a day when I worked full day from home to do this detox as you will need to go to pee more often :) Around about 1pm I felt a bit woozy so I mixed a half a bottle of almond milk with small banana in a blender and drank. I didn't feel hungry at all during the day, in the late afternoon after my third drink I already felt energized and alert as if I had a cup of coffee. 

Did you ever try juicing at home ladies? 
Share your recipe in a comment!


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I am always inspired by beautiful stories of women resilience, power and creativity. Today I am excited to share a story about Bosnian lady, a shoe designer Gordana Dimitrijevic who now lives and designs shoes successfully in Paris.

The story starts in 1995 in the war blasting Sarajevo.

Gordana as a young student leaves her hometown, her family and her studies in Economy. Suitcase in hand, her will and talent packed, she sets for Paris. She finds work as an au pair, and quickly becomes a distinguished student at the famous Parisian fashion school Studio Bercot.

Poached right out of school, she begins designing for Charles Jourdan, where she stays four years. With this experience, she accepts a new challenge and goes to work for then emerging brand, Mellow Yellow and divides her time between France and China. Subsequently, she designs two collections for Stéphane Kelian before becoming artistic director for Accessoire Diffusion, a role she carry on today.

"Gordana makes her wishes come true. She has willpower, pleasure and incredible intuition. Throughout each stage of her life, she has inspired trust and exposed her creative universe, gathering confidence and support along the way."

During this time, Gordana’s desire to create her own brand and place of expression continued to grow. To make this dream a reality, she joins the French Institute of Fashion in September 2009 and enrols in the Global Management MBA, aimed to train future leaders of fashion companies. There, she built a team around her project.

Today, Gordana's gorgeous name brand collection has been featured in Grazia, Cosompolitan, Elle, Marie Claire, Madam, Figaro to name the few.  Famous fashionistas, bloggers and fateful clients in fashion capital of the world can't get enough of her gorgeous shoes.  
Here are some of my favorites, is this a true #shoeporn or what? :)

Scroll over each image to see the price and link to shop. 

How do you like Gordana's shoes and which one is your favorite style? :)


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After almost 6 months my boyfriend and I went to lunch to Carpe Diem Barcelona, one of our favorite restaurants with a couple of friends and their two adorable daughters. The friendly staff there already knows us and already knows what we are going to order as we almost always order the same.
They offer a mix of Asian and Arabian cuisine so we always order a mix of Arabian tapas and some rolls and sushi for appetizer, my boyfriend eats Kobe steak and I go for their famous Rocket Goat Cheese Salad. I never miss to order their amazing strawberry mojito! 

Today's salad recipe is inspired by my favorite Rocket Goat Cheese Salad while I make it at home a lot and already have played with this recipe a lot I will offer a few optional topping options which I know works fabulous with this salad.

It's a season of fresh figs so you must include them in your Summer menu to make your salads just a tad more fun and a whole lot delicious!

This recipe makes enough salad for two people as I mostly cook for two. if you are not familiar with prosciutto & fresh fix mix, just try it first and see how you like this salty & sweet combo.


6-8 large fresh black figs
1/2 kg of cleaned rocket/arugula salad (other kind of salad will do nicely as well)
10 large green cleaned asparagus
200g of very thin freshly sliced soft prosciutto
1 coffee cup full of walnuts
Hand full of ground hazelnut (optional for goat cheese roasting)
1 egg
Bread crumbs
1 fresh goat cheese
Olive oil 
Salt & pepper  

Optional toppings (either/or):

1 thin slides green apple or pear
4-5 sliced strawberries 
Hand full of sliced black grapes 
Hand full of dry cranberries 
1 small red onion sliced thin in circles


1. Clean, wash and cut all of the vegetables. 
2. Steam asparagus for about 10 minutes and set aside to cool. Cut it into small bite size round pieces.
3. Mix salad, walnuts, asparagus, figs and prosciutto into a large bowl.
4. Whisk vinaigrette into a small bowl with salt until the salt dissolves, slowly add olive oil and fresh ground pepper to taste. Season the salad and mix well.
5. Mix 1 egg, mix bread crumbs and ground hazelnut on a separate plate. Cut goat cheese in 4 big 1cm wide slices. Heat non stick pan with a bit of olive oil. Dip each piece of goat cheese first into egg mixture and then into bread crumbs and ground hazelnut mixture and then fry it on medium heat both sides until golden brown or until cheese starts melting a bit.
6. Serve salad on the plates and place 2 slices of fried goat cheese over seasoned salad on each plate.

I bet ya going to love this salad and prepare it often!
Let me know how you liked it once you try it!


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My designer friends David Wyatt and Gianluca Soldi from The Wandering Collective invited me to attend their Spring/Summer 15' collection promotion at luxurious   Aline Boutique in Barcelona. 

Aline Boutique is a fairly new shopping destination in Barcelona located in a very center of the Gaudi's city at  Provenca 306.  The boutique owner Aline is originally from Brazil but she lives in Barcelona for a while now and has inherited the love for fashion from her mother who was also a fashion store owner back in Brazil. 

Aline boutique carries brands like: David Wyatt, Gianluca Soldi, Madma Carena, Elisabetta Franchi, Federica Cui, Justicia Ruano, Schultz, Paola Frani, Ella Luna, Tete by Odette etc.

At Aline boutique you can find a variety of great quality fashion pieces ranging from Gianluca's shoes made in Italy to David's silk pieces made locally in Barcelona as well as romantic floral dresses and gowns by well known Spanish and Italian designers like Justicia Ruano or Elisabetta Franchi. 

 For the event I was wearing David Wyatt's maxi silk 'egg print' dress and Gianluca Soldi's black velvet lace up heels along with my yellow Zara clutch.

A photo posted by Katarina Stimac (@lakatwalk) on

Gianluca Soldi Snake Skin Oxfords

Leather clutches with knuckle rings attached   by Deeksha

Leather clutches with knuckle rings attached    by Deeksha

Gold top by David Wyatt

Jumpsuit and dress by David Wyatt | Schutz shoes

Elisabetta Franchi 

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