Unless your bridesmaids happen to be exactly the same age, height and body build, it is difficult to find a universally attractive dress to flatter all of them. If you feel strongly that all bridesmaids need to wear the same exact dress, stylists generally agree that an A-line silhouette that starts narrow at the waist and flares towards the hem is the most universally flattering. They are the best compromise, but must be fitted properly to make sure they do not pull at the hips. Floor-length A-line dresses are generally the easiest to make look good on all figure types.
That said, the days when bridesmaids had to wear the same exact gowns have passed. It is now very common to see a bridal party wearing the same or similar color dresses in several different styles.

Which gowns best fit each body type?

Petite bridesmaids can wear many styles including A-line, sheaths, empire waists and trumpets as long as they are structured. Stylists recommend petite bridesmaids wear open, sexier necklines that are strapless or off the shoulder. If they wear sleeves, they should be ¾ length to make the arms appear longer.
Lean and straight figures look great in almost everything. Mermaid dresses are not forgiving on other bodies, but were made for the straight, lean ones. High necklines look excellent with full a-line skirts, and this is the one body type that generally looks amazing in crop tops with many different kinds of skirts. Most sleeve types and necklines work for lean and straight bodies, primarily dependent on height.

Plus size and busty bridesmaids need to choose gowns that accentuate the areas where they want attention and de-emphasize those that they’d rather conceal. Structured fabrics that don’t cling are best, but can have an embroidered or sheer overlay. As previously mentioned the A-line dress is best for plus-size figures with an empire waist as the next best option.


Most bridesmaid dresses are primarily made of one of three fabrics: taffeta, chiffon or satin. Taffeta is the most structured but also the warmest to wear, so it is commonly chosen for cooler weather weddings. Airy chiffon, like all three fabrics, can be worn any time of year, but is cooler and thus popular in late spring and summer. Satin is classic and associated with formality. It can be extremely unforgiving in photos, though, so it should only be worn on any figure when properly fitted.
Other fabrics that contribute texture and style to bridesmaid dresses include organza and tulle. Embroidery, lace and beading can enhance (and sometimes hide!) figure features. And of course, design elements like rushing, pleats and folds can work to some bridesmaids’ advantage.


The most universally flattering colors are monochromatic and deeply saturated – navy blue, burgundy, black and coral for example. In the lighter shades, mint green and blush tones like champagne, ivory and pale mauve look great on most folks. You can just pick one that you love and allow your attendants to choose a shade of that color that works best for them. Six bridesmaids in tones that complement your palette and styles of gowns that make them feel beautiful and confident could be your wedding day dreams come true.

For the location of this shoot I choose a unique concept store in my neighborhood Luzio.  Luzio was opened in 2006 by María José Gómez and Maximiliano Zigart so last year the shop celebrated 10 year anniversary. 

 Luzio is a first luxurious concept store in Barcelona with over 800 m2 of space in exclusive Turo Park neighborhood with unique experience which represents a delight to all five human senses: sight , touch, hearing and smell. 

The venue includes a luxurious home decor and furniture shop, flower shop and a Brooklyn style restaurant Iluzione opened on shop's 10th anniversary. 

If you get a chance to visit Barcelona be sure to visit and experience this exquisite shop where you can buy high quality home-wear and accessory carefully curated by Luzio's experienced team of buyers.


As a base of my outfit I choose Miro Mišljen Design vest with unfinished seems.The front of the vest is flared outwards and it ties in waist with a ribbon with two side front pockets. The vest is made out of two different materials, front one is soft dark green checkered material while the back is made out of thicker carpet like wool in floral print, resembling embroidery.

Miro Misljen is one of the most popular Slovenian fashion designers, he studied interior design but fashion was his love since the early childhood.

Miro opened his first boutique when he was only twenty years old and since has been favorite designer of Slovenian celebrities. He is known as a 'bad boy' of fashion as his shows are often shocking and designed to carry a social or artistic message. He is known as an extravagant and somewhat eccentric designer.

Miro is forever inspired by love and people living on margins of society, he always searches for new ways to combine fashion and art.

I purchased the vest as I loved this carpet floral material on the back and I saw myself wearing it with white bell sleeve blouses or grey t/shirt and high waisted black jeans.


Hats are one of the accessory I wear the most! I got lots of hats and I choose them carefully. The green wool hat I am wearing in this post is by MIYUU Barcelona . Handbag I am wearing is a super-hero handbag by Croatian brand Hero4Heroes. My ID bag saids my super power is being Anabela's mum which is really the truth as this 'job' takes more energy then anything else I ever have done!

Whenever I wear this handbag I see people sitting next to me reading from an ID card that is on the front of the bag and smiling! 😃

The brand Hero4Heroes is based in Rijeka, Croatia. It represents a positive fashion spirit for true everyday heroines dressed up from head to toe. Designer Marijana Hero mostly designs unique, one of a kind pieces that are partly or fully hand painted on silk.

Her designs are embellished with pearls and faux gemstones. The brand is known for it's bright and cheerful spirit and using colors and fabrications in full rainbow color pallet.

When it comes to jewelry I wear necklaces the most but I also like statement rings like the Trendcy ring I have on the photo bellow.

I decorated the vest with vintage pins I collected over years, most of which I purchased on various yard sales and in antique shops in New York, each has it's own story. For example, this long wooden needle pin is from my grandmother and it was worn as a pin on red checkered Scottish pleated skirt.  

For the past 2 years since I found some fabulous ear cuffs I wear those whenever I am going somewhere without Anabela as she always pulls it when I carry her. The bronze color floral ear-cuff I am wearing on the photo bellow is from H&M, I got it in late 2015.

I also own a fair number of choker necklaces and my favorite one are velvet ones, I have a couple of those simple chokers from Asos.

All photos: Andrina Peric

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The most common mistake when preparing chicken breasts is overcooking or over baking it which dries up the meat. This is most often done when you are trying to bake a thicker piece of chicken where it happens that it ends up being raw inside or over baked and dry.

This has happened to me million times when preparing a grilled chicken for salad or my diet meal of grilled chicken and steamed vegetable until Mrs. Deb whom I babysat for taught me to brine the chicken.

Five steps to making great, moist and juicy chicken breasts are:

1 - Brining & drying
2 - Brushing
3 - Rubbing 
4 - Roasting 
5 - Resting

I promise you, once you try this simple and fast way of preparing chicken breasts it will make your cooking choices so much easier as you can prepare ahead and use it next day in a salad or switch up the side dish and have several meals ready at once.


Boneless chicken breasts
Olive oil or melted butter
Salt and pepper
Powdered sweet red paprika
Optional: garlic powder

The recipe is simple.


1. BRINING: place chicken breasts in warm (not hot) water in which you mixed until dissolved 1 large spoon full of salt and keep it in the water for minimum 15 minutes and maximum 6 hours (if you are preparing it for dinner or day later.

IMPORTANT! Rinse each piece of chicken breasts in cold water and DRY each piece with paper towel on both sides.

2. BRUSHING: brush the chicken generously with melted butter on both sides. If you prefer low calorie version use olive oil instead.

3. RUBBING: Mix together salt, pepper, sweet paprika and powdered garlic. Rub the spice mixture generously on both sides of the each chicken breasts.

For low fat version you can just use salt and pepper and squeeze some lemon juice over the meat and add a couple of slices of lemon around it in the dish while baking. You could also add fresh rosemary or other spices you like.

4. ROASTING: Warm up the oven to 230C/450 F. Line the dish with baking paper and place chicken breasts on it with leaving enough room in between each piece. Bake for 15 minutes.

5. RESTING: Before you dig in, let the chicken breasts rest for 5-10 minutes this will make them soft and moist.


As a side dish I often serve gnocchi with creamy mushroom sauce. You can also just slice the chicken and add it into a green leaf salad with tomato and brushed Parmesan cheese. Alternatively, you can serve it with steamed vegetables (broccoli and green beans) and if you still don't want to eat chicken without a sauce you can mix honey and mustard and dip chicken in honey mustard sauce. 😃

Earlier this week I went to visit one of the most fabulous places in the city - Bellavista del Jardin del Norte. It is a small town or as here in Spain we would call it El Pueblo hugged together into an adorable restaurant perfect for group dinners and family gatherings. Guaranteed to make a lasting impression with every single little detail well thought off the place looks and feels as if you are walking into a book.


There are abundant of beautiful restaurants and cafes in Barcelona but Bellavista del Jardin del Norte offers unique experience indeed with a game room, arcades, record player, barbershop, a place to buy and post postcards and oouu not to mention delicious red velvet cake and beautiful green patio on the back.

Instapix Polaroid Camera | LaKatWalk 2017 Planner


Couple of years back I got this basic boxy denim jacket from Zara for Summer and never really wore it much. Now after having Anabela I embroidered a couple of her dresses and denim shirts with her name and various cute patterns and decided to decorate this (now somewhat small on me due to recent pregnancy) jacket I never got to wear and give it a new life! 

First I got a number of iron-on patches from various online sites and then I outlined the LaKatWalk logo on the back by using the print out of a decorative font I found online and printed it out in large bold font on A4 paper horizontally. I cut it out precisely with xacto knife and outlined with special pen which disappears in wash, but you can also use a regular white chock pen. 

Then, I got a shinny gold embroidery thread, round embroidery frame and started tracing the letters with a thread to create a frame, next I filled it across using cross stitching technique and voila! Few days later I had 'LaKatWalk' embroidered on the back! 😃  I was working on it about half an hour a day when Anabela was sleeping at night but if you have time to sit down and do it, you can certainly do it in one day.


Dress over pants is not a look that I would regularly wear but I decided to give it a try given that I live in Barcelona which doesn't really have a true Winter and my closet is packed with cross seasonal clothing like this pin stripped asymmetrical shirt-dress. I am not a fan of wearing heavy Winter coats but I do enjoy layering clothing into interesting outfits so for this casual look I decided to highlight the DIY jacket while underneath I wore coated rose gold skinny ankle length pants, nude camisole and mentioned pin stripe collared dress.

When it comes to choosing accessory I went with pink camera bag from & Other Stories and pink unicorn Startas sneakers. The only jewelry I wore was Trendcy ear-cuff with matching stud earring while I tied dress belt as a neck scarf.

Have you ever embroidered before? How do you give a new life to your old clothing pieces? 

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Business Preppy Look by LaKatWalk

This is my first outfit post after having Anabela. She is now almost 11 month and becoming more and more independent so I am slowly but surely getting my grove back when it comes to managing my fashion business - Trendcy, my blog and managing my household which is not an easy task when you live with a professional athlete. :)

In this post I have put together a quite preppy business look which is suitable for a day in the corporate office with a dress code equally as for a job in creative industry (both of which I had during my career). Even now, when I work from home office I still dress up and apply make up every work day morning as I would when going to the regular office. This is important part of my daily schedule as it get's me going and puts me in a creative mood which is not always easy when you don't sleep through the night and have a back to back work-home-baby schedule, so right clothes does help! 😃


Rugby by Ralph Lauren used to be a collegiate brand in Ralph Lauren brand portfolio which I worked for while i lived in New York. Just like all the other Ralph Lauren items I have in my closet this jacket is of such a great quality that it's a piece you wear for life. It has a beautiful gold signature buttoning and rugby yellow and blue stripes on the back of the collar. 

Well tailored navy smart blazer is a piece I recommend every women to have in your closet. It is as easy to style as little black dress and it absolutely picks up any look! I wear it with light wash boyfriend jeans, grey v-neck t-shirt and white converse sneakers on ☼ Saturday morning walks with Anabela but it's also a signature piece for business wear. As part of workwear look I often combine it with dark denim and heels or nude and beige skirts and boots.

Business Preppy Look by LaKatWalk

BELL SLEEVE BLOUSE - Blackpearl by Sara Loncaric 

Since I first got it a month and a half ago I have been wearing my bell sleeved Blackpearl by Sara Loncaric blouse a whole lot combining it with skinny black high waist jeans and leather jacket or with a denim bell shaped button up skirt and flat tight high boots.

It this workwear #ootd I am wearing the blouse with leather midi skirt and navy smart jacket.

This Blackpearl blouse reflects a sense of relaxed and timeless romantic elegance, it is made out of soft ultralight semi-sheer fabric featuring subtle details that create an unique aesthetic which I really love, thus I wear it over and over again.


I got this super unique Valentina Brugnatelli ring in Trendcy pop up shop in Barcelona and although it's definitely not the piece to wear every day whenever I do wear it it makes a statement and it's always a conversation topic at parties!

In 1990 Valentina began working for Gianfranco Ferré, who would go on to be her mentor for the next twenty years. Her collaborations range from Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo and Missoni among others. Today she has her own jewelry line and still does collaborations.

I wear this ring on middle two fingers, it is costume jewelry and really a unique piece which I save dearly to hand over to my daughter one day.

Valentina Brugnatelli believes a jewel needs to have a soul: an element that doesn't relegate it to something decorative. It is essential it tells a story and triggers an emotion. She imagines her jewels worn by by a free-spirited woman with a personality strong enough to wear whatever she feels like.


& Other Stories is a brand from H&M group which has creative ateliers in Paris and Stockholm and it designs diversified fashion collections with interesting details and batter quality materials then what you would find in regular H&M stores. They sell online but also have physical store here in Barcelona. Often the brand has capsule collection collaborations with young designers but also more established ones like with Rodarte.

The beige midi pleated high waisted leather skirt is by & Other Stories and although it's quite bulky it's super easy to wear it! My favorite way to wear it is with stripped nautical sweater and white converse sneakers.


Lastly, Intropia is a brand from UK previously called Hoss intropia. INTROPIA is a life style, a philosophy, where the Mediterranean spirit and way of life shines through in every piece.

I got these fabulous black suade booties with leopard print hair heel a couple of years back and I still wear them quite often despite the heel hight. I like to add a dash of leopard print here and there to my look.

All photos by Andrina Peric

Quinoa Salad with roasted vegetables

Since I still didn't shed all of my maternity weight one of my new years decisions was most definitely to speed it up so I can get my Spring fashion going! 😃 

What I am trying to do is to avoid dinner and not to eat after 6pm, I have to say I haven't managed to work out daily as my boyfriend is traveling frequently but I did loose bread from my menu as well as sweets and the rest of the 'bad' carbs and saturated fats. 

This salad fits right into my diet and it's also a great, protein rich meal for my athlete boyfriend. People who are not accustomed to cooking with quinoa are sometimes afraid to try but it's really super easy to cook. You just rinse quinoa and cook it in double amount water and that's it!

The great thing about quinoa salad is that it's easy to make and it keeps longer then green leaf salads and it actually fills you up even without bread and can serve as a full meal. It's really easy to customize so if you want you can also really put any veggies you like into it you don't have to do the ones I listed below. You can easily play with adding grilled chicken to it if you can't live without meat, otherwise this is a great vegetarian dish as well.


1/3 cup of well rinsed quinoa
1 small eggplant diced in small pieces
1 zucchini sliced or diced in bite size pieces
1/2 of medium squash (or you can use 1 sweet potato)
1 cup of halved grape tomatoes or diced regular tomatoes
2 tbsp of fresh mint leaves
2 tbsp of fresh basil leaves
2 tablespoon of pine nuts or sunflower seeds, toasted 
Crumble feta cheese (optional)
2 tbsp olive oil
salt & pepper to taste

2 tbsp of olive oil
salt & pepper to taste
juice of 1 medium lemon
1 clove of garlic pressed


1. Preheat oven to 220C/425F. Put the diced vegetables in large bowl and sprinkle with 2tbsp of olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Mix well. 

2. Line two large baking dishes with baking paper. Divide the vegetables on two large baking dishes in a way that you have enough space in between them and it's not packed otherwise some pieces might come out raw. Bake on second and third rack of the oven together for about 20-30minutes, after 20 minutes check to see if soft and beginning to brown, if not leave a bit longer. Set aside to cool.

3. Cook quinoa by rinsing it first in water and then cook 1/3 cup of quinoa in 2/3 cup water (use double the water of what you have quinoa) and bring to boil on medium high temperature. Cover and reduce temperature to low and cook for another 15 more minutes. Fluff with a fork and set aside to cool a bit.

4. Toast the seeds (pine nuts or sunflower seeds) on a hot pan (medium high) for about 5-10 minutes or until they get brown color or you can smell the fragrance. Set aside. 

5. Wisk together in the salad serving bowl pressed garlic and lemon juice lightly, slowly poor 2 tbsp of olive oil and continue mixing into coherent mixture. Add to it sliced tomatoes, quinoa, washed and cut into pieces fresh basil and mint leaves, add roasted vegetables and toasted pine nuts. Season all with salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with crumbled feta cheese, toss well and try it. If you want it more zesty add another squeeze of lemon.

This fabulous salad serves great as a side dish with meat for lunch or dinner or you can eat it as a meal on it's own. Keep it in the fridge up to 3 days.

Bon appetite my ladies! 

Women Bag by Joanna Kruczek

Joanna Kruczek is well known Polish handbag designer who's work I first learned about through working with her on Trendcy. I was really drawn to her bags as they look and feel unique both in the way they are made, using high quality materials but also with innovative usage approach which I always admire.

Joanna Kruczek handbags

Joanna designs handbags, suitcases and leather accessory for men and women and she is the only Polish designer who has patented (all through European Union) her two most popular handbag designs: ORIGAMI and WOMEN.

Her starting point when designing a new bag is the culture. The culture of the bag in specific country thus Joanna considers herself as equally cultural anthropologist and an accessory designer.


I was specifically interested in Joanna's patented The Women bag so I had a quick chat with designer to learn about her inspiration.

This bag shape and black patent leather reminded me of the bag Angelina Jolie wore during one of her secret agent missions as Mrs.Smith in Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie. I remember she used the handbag to escape the murder scene by jumping from the tall building window using it's multi-functionality as the bag had the wire rope mechanism inside.

The Women Bag
The Women bag comes in white and black patent leather, red patent leather with fur and cream color

 Joanna pointed out that the bag is made out of genuine leather and finished with luxurious satin silk lining by the house of Armani. All of the materials used for the bag are imported from Milan. While the bag is made by the best Polish craftsmen.

"For the Women bag I was inspired by the harmony of the female body.
The Women bag thanks to its unique shape also seems to remind people on guitar, cello, pear. It's fascinating for me to discover the bag's new meanings for shoppers."

While working on designing The Women bag Joanna was thinking about what would be considered the shape of femininity and what is the importance of femininity in the world today, both for men and women.


During design process Joanna always has the modern women in mind, who will be looking for a unique handbag, to express her unique personality. She also had in mind the fact that a modern women needs a practical bag which she can use daily.

Joanna Kruczek Handbag

"When I dress up in the morning. A bit differently probably then most women I start by choosing a bag and then build my outfit around it."

This 'ideal customer' is a resident of a large city, she loves to play with fashion, she admires haute-couture but what she looks to wear is her own version of ready to wear. She looks to wear clothing to express her personality, not just to showcase current fashion trends.

You can discover and shop the whole selection of Joanna's work of art handbags and accessory here.

Joanna Kruczek Pink Handbag

Joanna Kruczek blue clutch bag

Joanna Kruczek box black bag

The rabbit meat is low in fat and high in protein thus it's perfect meat choice for kids and athletes. It also has less cholesterol and it's the lowest in calories and fats vs. chicken, beef and pork while it's also higher in protein value then turkey. Rabbit meat is high in B12 vitamin and low in sodium.

There is a fabulous organic grocery next to my house and they have really good meat selection so once I learned that rabbit meat is as easy to prepare as chicken but carries much more nutritional value so it's perfect for babies (Anabela is now 10.5 months) and also athletes such as my boyfriend, I decided to give it a try.

After making this simple recipe, we continued to use rabbit on our menu once a week along with Argentinian beef, organic turkey and salmon as my top meat choices when cooking for my boyfriend.

Rabbit is frequently prepared in Italy so if you don't like to use wine you can prepare it with tomato sauce, mustard sauce or if you are making it for a child you can just prepare it simply over olive oil as you would chicken.


1 Rabbit cut into pieces (I used boneless white meat)
1/4 cup of olive oil
1.5 cup of chicken stock
1 cup white whine
1 onion chopped
1 carrot chopped
3 cloves of garlic chopped
1 celery stock chopped
1 tbsp of dry rosemary (I used 3 fresh branches)
A bit of flour for coating
salt and pepper to taste

Optional spices:
4 whole cloves
2-3 bay leaves
1 tbsp of fresh cilantro


1. Wash rabbit meat and pat it dry with paper towel. Coat the pieces with flour and shake them of to loose any extra flour on it.

2. Heat a large pan over medium high, add olive oil on hot pan and brown rabbit pieces slowly one by one over medium heat, turning them until equally browned on all sides. Place all done rabbit pieces and keep them on the hot plate.

3. Add a bit more olive oil to the pan and add all vegetables (onion, carrot, garlic, celery) and rosemary and sauté it in a pan for about 5-7 minutes or until soft.

4. Add white wine and deglaze the pan (scrub the pieces that are stuck to the bottom of the pan with a spatula into sauce) add white wine, bay leaves, rabbit pieces and salt and pepper to taste.

5. Add chicken stock to the mix so rabbit meat is well covered with fluid. Continue to cook for about an hour adding chicken stock per need basics, depending how much sauce you want but you don't need to add it all. Continue cooking for about 1 hour slowly over medium heat.

Serve with polenta, rice or pasta.

I hope you dare to try this recipe, you will love it I promise!