“Fashion, it’s the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. I don’t think you could do away with it. It would be like doing away civilization.”

There are no words to express how much I adore this man.

 I saw Bill once working when I was coming back from Anna Sui's studio to showroom I was working in with Karen, the showroom owner. I remember running in my heels, hands full of jewelry samples, trying to keep up with speed walking Karen. We passed next to Bill and Karen waved to him: "Hi Bill!" he waved back "Always nice to see you Karen!" with big smile on his face. Later in the showroom I asked her who was that peculiar old guy. She responded: "That is Bill. Bill is New York. Everyone knows Bill and Bill knows everyone who matters."

“You see, if you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do. That’s the key to the whole thing. Don’t touch money. It’s the worst thing you can do. Money is the cheapest thing. Liberty, freedom is the most expensive thing.”

Bill Cunningham is The New York Times photographer and cultural anthropologist who is now more then 80 years old. For decades Bill has been riding his Schwinn bicycle and documenting fashion trends and high society charity soirees for The Times Style section in his columns "On the Street" and "Evening Hours".

You can now see his photos online in video form in his weekly column on the Times website, he just improvises, talks about his photos in the video, without a script and adds some interesting historic facts to his trend report, I listen to it every week, he is my reporter from New York. :)

Bill has been as he saids 'documenting' New York's uptown figures like Anna Wintour, David Rockefeller, Tom Wolfe, Brooke Astor and others as well as downtown eccentrics and stylish passersby on the streets of the City who's clothes interested him. We can freely say that Bill has  pioneered the street-style photography.

 “Most of my pictures are never published. I just document things I think are important… I do everything, really, for myself.”

What I love about Bill is his passion and love for his craft and dignity he projects. This old man is so happy when working, it's contagious! Most importantly, when Bill gets out on the street he does it without any preconceived notion, he just let's the street talks to him and he lets street trends tell him new fashion story every day. Bill never judges the trends, he just notices them, reports them and shares them using wonderful descriptive and warm words - you can tell he loves fashion. He knows so much about fashion and history it's absolutely incredible! 

“I said many times that we all get dressed for Bill.” 
Anna Wintour 

In 2010. a documentary came out about Bill. Below is the teaser movie clip, I really urge you to watch the full documentary and get to know this very special man. He really changed the way I love fashion and the way I love New York.

Bill Cunningham New York is a 2010 documentary film directed by Richard Press and produced by Philip Gefter. Bill Cunningham New York is distributed by Zeitgeist Films and was released in theaters on March 16, 2011.

“I don’t work. I only know how to have fun every day.”

Here's to Bill. 
A historian. An artist. Happy man. Gay man. Simple man. Energetic man. Lonely man.
Modest man. A kind man. A broken man. A legend.

September is here again, already! I get butterflies in my stomach, just like I did when working long hours in NYC showrooms before, during and after fashion week. There is that positive nervousness, anticipation and business in the air, everyone is running around in heels and typing vigorously on their iPhones, BBs and laptops and scheduling showroom appointments with buyers, all in preparation for these couple of days of craziness. 

In this post I have gathered a number of interesting facts about most influential fashion weeks in the world as as well as the useful links and schedule of worlds top fashion weeks for your convenience, no matter if you plan to just watch your favorite designers live streams or attend the shows and showroom appointments in person.

Top four most important fashion weeks shows you can follow via live-stream on   Fashion.TV, selected shows via   Style.com or via event websites:

Other fashion weeks I like to follow are   Copenhagen Fashion Week which took place already from 7th to 11th of August and   Madrid Fashion Week showing SS 14. season 14-19th of September in Madrid.

Now some fun facts about New York Fashion Week :) Did you know that:

- New York Fashion Week was originally launched in 1943.and it was called "Press Week" 
- In 1993. shows were consolidated and shown in Bryant park called "Seventh on Sixth"
- Every year about 90 shows and presentations are shown in Lincoln Center 
- 270+ shows in total are shown during NY Fashion Week in Lincoln Center and supporting locations
- 4000+ registered journalists, photographers, bloggers and other members of the press
- 34 countries are represented by international press
- more then 100,000 attendees
- 15,000 Diet Pepsi are consumed in Lincoln Center during fashion week
- Average PR associate works 14 hours a day during a fashion week
- 10-20 min is duration of an average fashion show

Do you plan to follow designer shows for upcoming SS 2014 season? Which are your favorite shows to watch usually?

Photo source: Current Eliott | Wythe | Janie overalls | Isabel Marant

There is not to many 90's trend I would like to bring back in fashion or wear for that matter but overalls if chosen carefully I would so in this post I am sharing a number of overall models worth of checking out from various brands and designer labels. 

First, just a couple of interesting facts about this historic piece of clothing. As you probably know, overalls were essentially workers and military uniform and just in 60's they moved from work-wear to street wear and in 90's many popular hip-hop artists wore overalls with one strap unbuttoned. 

In today's day and age you want to be careful how you will style your overalls not to look like a child, a farmer or a plumber. It's important to make them look modern and chic, dress them up a bit, and you can do it by wearing your favorite model of overalls with chic blouses, striped tees or crisp white shirts. 

Now check out how overalls are styled and worn from runway to street-wear:

Photo: Diesel | Ralph Lauren

Photo: Acne Studios | John Paul Gautier | Unique

Photo: Asos | Free People | Nasty Gal

Photo: Phillip LimNasty Gal | Phillip Lim 

"Opportunity is missed by most people because is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
Thomas Edison

Hanging out with my beauty blogger friends and partnering with Estee Lauder for a number of posts now got me quite interested for beauty and make up world as I realized what a bit difference good quality product and proper application of make up make. Duhhh you might say, but when it comes to make up I always kind of kept it basic for the day and when I need an evening make up done, I have a professional do it for me.

As a day-wear I use Estee Lauder BB cream, MAC blush, Clinique Chubby Stick for lips and a bit of a mascara and out I go. For traveling I use mineral spray from Avene as I spend a lot of time in airplanes so my skin gets quite dehydrated during my sometimes weekly travels.

To upgrade my knowledge of make up application I consulted a creative make up artist, young lady from Serbia - Nataša Veličković and a 'just what I needed' purse size make up manual "My Little Make Up Book" put together by a publisher of my favorite planner - Ženski Rokovnik and my friend and favorite beauty blogger and vlogger Ana Mandekić

Now, 10 lessons I learned from "My Little Make Up Book" which contains tricks and tips for make up application, 13 full make up tutorials for different occasions and looks: 

#1 How to apply liquid eyeliner
#2 Smokey eyes tutorial
#3 How to properly blend eye shadow 
#4 Which brushes to use and how to angle them 
#5 How to shape your eyebrows
#6 What are the must have items in cosmetic purse (on a go, make up book fits to purse as well)
#7 How to choose make up based on your face shape
#8 How to hide blemishes
#9 Best way to emphasize eyes based on their shape and make them bigger
#10 Best way to apply your lipstick to last longer

Now, since I am not a beauty expert but rather still learning I asked make up artist Nataša Veličković to top up with some of her basic make up tips she use with her clients. This is what she shared:


For a day wear I recommend my clients to use oil-free compact powders (ex. Shiseido) just to event out their skin tone a bit, to emphasize their eyes with a dark mascara with rubber brush (ex. Loreal golden mascara) and lipstick or gloss in neutral color (ex. Clarins Eclat Minute).


Evening make up should of course be a bit more prominent so Nataša recommends liquid oil-free foundation matching your skin tone over which you should apply mat powder with a gentle brush corresponding with your blush.  Ladies with darker skin tone should go with more bronze or apricot while ladies with lighter skin tone should use pink shades of blush. Nataša recommends to emphasize your eyes with volume mascara with rubber brush and liquid or pencil eyeliner (which ever you feel more comfortable using) and of course lipstick in your favorite color.

EXTRA TIPS! Many girls like golden-brown shades of eye-shadow or silver-purple mix. while if you have green or blue eyes you shouldn't use blue and green eye-shadow colors. On a wider part of your face you should never put bronzer as it further widens them.

Do you want to win "My Little Make Up Book" (written in Croatian)? 

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Good luck lovelies! :)

All photos by Emoke Gyurasits

It took me some time to get a feeling for Budapest and find things I love in Hungarian culture as I moved to live in Budapest primarily for work and my heart was and is still in Barcelona  where I live with my boyfriend for the second part of each month.

What really attracted me to Budapest, intrigued me and made me fall in love with the city are at the first place friendly people, my friends - young people of different cultures I got to meet, food, romantic and mesmerizing historic architecture and urban young and creative subculture I am looking forward to explore even more in upcoming weeks and months as I am KatWalking through Budapest.

For this particular shoot on Danube coast and by rivers beautiful bridges I choose my Summer favorite,   Lei Lou by Alex Dojcinovic floral tube dress 'Fani' with bra padding which I can wear with sandals for a stroll around Budapest, ballerinas for work or high heels and more elaborate jewelry for fun nights out.

This outfit was also featured on Budi.In portal. 

"There are definitely inequalities. As a female I don't get to run less, I ran 400 m just like my male counterparts but we do get lower appearance fees and prize money."

Sanya Richards-Ross, 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist 

As the topic of today's post is quite close to my heart I have been working on it for a couple of weeks, trying to step back and look at the issue from an observer stand point rather then participant that I was when I myself was an active athlete, so I took several days break to move away from the subject, research it a bit more and then hopefully come back to it. So I eventually did.

As one of my volunteer activities I was approached by my favorite coach from when I was an active athlete to help him get companies who would support young female basketball club he is now coaching. I took it as a project, put together a presentation in English and Croatian presenting this perspective and charismatic team and their families trying to get more financial support for their program in order for these young girls to lead a healthy lifestyle and play the sport they love.

Next, I approached several friends (man and women) who have their own companies or work for different multinational companies and as soon as I said it was a girls team, I got similar answers "but no-one supports women's sport" or "both men and women are in the same boat financially" which is as we all know not the fact. This left me quite disappointed as I can see that in my country sexism in sport is very much a harsh reality. 

Are men and women treated equally? Is there still sexism in sports? I think there is! Who is it to blame? Media, government and sports associations I think as they are the ones forming the opinions of public.

Here are a couple of interesting facts to support this:

- WNBA lead minimum salary is 30,000 USD, mens NBA 300,000 USD
- Women soccer association was advised to make shorts tighter, worlds boxing association suggested women to box in skirts and beach volleyball to play in two piece suits to make a game 'more popular'
- It has taken just about 100 years for women to be able to compete in Olympics in all sport
- In 2012. it was the first time in history that every nation was represented by at least one female athlete on Olympics

"Women's sport still gets just 0.5 per cent of all sports sponsorship money, a problem that links back to a lack of media coverage. Media coverage and sponsorship are two halves of the same coin – unless the media covers women's sport, sponsors won't support it." 

Leora Hansler , WSFF


During the part of the month I stay in Budapest I watch CNN quite a lot, couple of days ago I came across amazing documentary called "Uneven playing field" ( which isnpired my post title) following last London Olympics which were known as 'Women Games' as it was the first time that every country had female athlete representing them. This documentary shares some of their stories. I highly encourage you to watch it.

Photo source: Vogue


 I am naturally a girly girl. I always loved fashion and pink was always my favorite color. I also love to compete and most of all, I like to win. When I was younger (and today still) I was very hyper and my parents allowed me to take all extracurricular activities I wanted to try (at the same time) in attempt to get as much as energy they could out of me. That didn't work so well for them, but I had lots of fun ;) 

Anyways, one of these activities was basketball. I was tall and thin, once local club team coach came to my PE class and asked couple of us if we wanted to try to practice basketball. I said yes even before I asked my parents. I thought it would be a lovely activity right after piano class and ballet-aerobics I was doing at the time. At the beginning I was quite clumsy, I liked to run and shoot the ball and I became good at it. Years past and I started dropping some other activities but continued with basketball. I went through many selections in a couple of club teams and national team in Croatia, enrolled to high school for perspective athletes and got offered a full athletic scholarship for Towson University in United States to study and play for the university team.

"Sport can build your confidence and teach you skills – such as working in a team and speaking in public in front of people. There are lots of little things it can help you pick up." 

Nicole Adams, first women Olympic gold medalist

Years of playing and practicing in Croatia were at the time still manageable because we had amazing enthusiastic coaches and still functioning club to take care of our development and supportive parents who were driving us to practices and paying for our equipment, doctors and travel. The difference in treatment of men sports and female sports was always present and I started to notice that when we hear about men athletes we hear about their accomplishments but when we hear about women athletes most of the times we hear about their looks or how well fitting they are in their 'female role' of daughter of an ex-famous athlete but never about their athletic achievement only. On the other hand I admit, seems like we -women, gave up this fight way to easily as we accept to be seen as sex objects and embrace that they like us because of our looks and not our sports achievements.I regret to see female athletes in gossip or lifestyle news article photographed half naked rather then being (just like men) featured in sports sections in their jerseys.

Thus, society taught us that to be accepted as a men it means to 'achieve' and to be expected by a women it means to 'look'. 


Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn shoot by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

In United States, I felt situation to be much different, not only in equal opportunity for female and male athletes which came as a result of 'Title IX'  legislation in US which mandates equality in education for men and women and best training for talented athletes coming from federal funding.  No wonder that US female athletes now have more Olympic medals then more then 200 other countries in the world in total! 

When I practiced and play for my University I felt that I got the same care men's team got, furthermore they acted towards me as toward their fellow athlete or teammates not as towards a 'chic', 'shorty' or a 'girly girl' or a 'women who is hot or not'. I will never forget my first injury. After a hard pre-season couple of days before my first freshman game I twisted my ankle. I was crying in the training room with my ankle wrapped in ice and one of the guys from the men's basketball team - Tony came to talk to me. He was a junior already, he put his hand around me and said I would be ok, he told me about his first injury and how he felt at the time, he was talking to me as towards his teammate 'we-Tigers' he said, which helped me feel as part of the community and the team. Men's team came to watch our games, supported us and played scrimmage with us off practice. I felt as equal, not as a sex object or a lower class human being. 

Today, five years later I am not an active athlete anymore and I get "thanks God that you are not an athlete anymore" from guys as if it would make me undesirable as a women. Personally, I didn't want to pursue sports further as my career, I developed a new love for fashion with overpowered the one for sports but I acknowledge and appreciate sport that formed me into a person I am today. I learned to be disciplined, a team player, to be a leader, to speak my mind, to be a lady athlete (which coach emphasized on every single practice calling us lady tigers), not just an athlete to go after and achieve my life goals and dreams and this is why I take pride into promoting women's sports and qualities they build into young women. I do hope for my children to be born into a healthier, more equal culture then the one we have today.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." 

Eleanor Roosevelt 

"Here is to the guys who love us, the loosers who lost us,
and the lucky bastards that get to meet us."
S&TC quite

Yesterday I had a business meeting with a very young, smart and pretty Hungarian lady who wanted to introduce me to Budapest and Hungarian culture in general. First we talked about cultural stereotypes both about Croatian's and other similar Mediterranean nations versus Hungarians and their lifestyle, trends and issues young people have today in modern Budapest. One of the things she mentioned as noticeable concerning trend  is that there is many single career 30ish men and women but from what I understood, mostly women, who struggle to find a 'nice, good guy' to be with. 

This was really interesting to me as she was pronouncing it, all of a sudden I became self conscious about and alarmingly aware of my own age while at the same time I was surprised and thought i my head - In New York this is a desirable way to be: young, good looking, financially independent and with a perspective career. 

This made me wonder...should the fact that I have a career and I am not married at the age of 28 be concerning for me? 

It's time to cheer on girls and women who want to sit at the table."
Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO

So..later in the evening when I was typing out the draft for this post, as these thoughts kept bothering me asking to be explored, I consulted my boyfriend to see what are his thoughts on this topic. 
         Since I am with him for couple of years now, his opinion didn't surprise me. He said he could only be with a women who is independent from him both emotionally and financially. He doesn't like to depend fully on anyone and doesn't want anyone to depend on him completely. 

On the other hand, my mother, labeled as career women throughout her life who has  managed her career, a successful family life, a garden, and wrote a book at the same time, warns me often (quite aggressively at times) that I still don't have kids, on one hand, but on the other hand, that I shouldn't make career decisions to better accommodate my love relationship as I might regret it later.

All this could make a girl quite confused at times, can't it now? :) 

I would say that it is 'just 21st century' and maybe it will take some more time to even out the playing field for men and women cause even though modern technologies do enable us women to be able to manage career and family efficiently the main barrier is still in our cultures, our heads, our believes and our religions which didn't manage to catch up with realities of modern way of life and very individual needs we all have.

The saddest thing for me is to see powerful women with talent, power and dreams give it all up easily just to meet cultural and societal expectations which leaves many of them tired, unhappy and resentful towards their partners who did continue to work on their careers and follow their personal passions on top of the family life. Or, on the other hand, women who blindly do follow their careers leaving their private life unattended and then being jealous towards those women who did find balance and fulfillment. 

Personally, I still stand to believe that it both, career and love life choices come down to the same, ability to sincerely find a thing that really moves you, inspires you and makes you feel alive. For some it is a baby, for some it is a career and for some it is a family, maybe just a family of you two, you and him or you and her and for some this might very well depend on the stage in life they are in and change with time.

Photo source:    www.wwd.com 

"My personality resembles my designs to a large extent. 
I'm in sync with myself and I'm transparent, just like my designs."
Elie Saab

Recognizable red carpet glamour, sparkles and sequin marked the Elie Saab Couture 2013. collection. Every time I watch the Lebanese designer show I feel as if I am part of the beautiful fairy tale, a dream out of which I don't want to wake up from. 

Ohh it would be so nice if we could wear this kind of gowns for our daily affairs. I love Eli Saab approach to designing, focused on luxurious touch, feel and look of the fabrics and his focus on details. Every single of this dresses is a true piece of art. 

This 2013. Couture Fall collection featured luxurious gowns in familiar silhouettes focused on waist in deep red, sapphire blue, emerald green and smoky white color pallet. The designers heavily crystal embroidered gowns made of soft silk, mousseline and lace offered wide choice of modern cuts emphasizing top part of the dresses with intricate detailing.

Below you can see a selection of my favorite pieces from this dreamy couture collection which will for sure be a favorite pics of celebrities for upcoming red carpet events.

How do you like Elie Saab's Couture Fall 2013 collection darlings?

All photos by Emoke Gyurasits

On a hot Summer afternoon by the Danube river in Budapest my colleague and talented young photographer Emoke Gyurasits, my friend Katarina and I got inspired to shoot a beautiful Croata kaftan from their Summer 2013. Brijuni line

This amazingly luxurious, airy and elegant kaftan with my favorite flower - exotic orchid and other floral patterns is combined with Croatian historic Glagolitic script in turquoise blue and made out of finest silk thread. I love the color palet ranging from light mint green to deep blue, black and yellow.

My favorite thing about this kaftan other then amazing feeling of silk and airiness you get when you wear it is that it is extremely multinational, you can wear it as a dress on one shoulder or both, with belt or shorts, traditionally over the bikini or to work in a more formal version as a tank top or tunic over skinny jeans or tights.

It is extremely comfortable to wear, breezy and gentle on the skin and it truly gives a lady that diva feeling of sensuality, elegance and femininity. It comes in two different models and three different patterns. 

These new luxurious kaftans from the luxury Croata Brijuni line are available in Croata boutiques in Zagreb (Oktogon), Split (Peristil) and Dubrovnik, and on the companies webshop. The price for one is 3,000 HRK and it is a perfect souvenir to bring home from Croatia.

To find out more about the brand you can read the interview I did with Croata's art director.

For this particular shoot and location I wore it in two different ways but stay tuned and follow my blog as in one of the August posts I will show you all ways you could wear it when on vacation by the seaside. ;) 

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