After restful and calm whole Summer long family vacation I came back to terror struck Barcelona and I couldn't make myself post anything, anywhere. I was out of words, out of motivation, I felt emotional, empty and hurt. I felt angry at criminals momentarily robbing me from my sense of safety and security in this truly most beautiful and lively city in the world - Barcelona.

This feeling of anger quickly turned into need for action, rebellion, compassion, grieving for the people hurt and love. Yes, love. I tried, hour to hour during last couple of days to bring myself to see the fight and love for freedom and peace on the faces of people of this city which is absolutely indestructible. No matter what, they, we, are not afraid, we keep on living and we keep on celebrating the freedoms and versatility this gorgeous city has.

Andrina and I shot this look before I went for vacation but the mood of the photos felt oddly appropriate and fitting to these new feelings I have after days of feeling shocked and empty. Emotionally it feels as if Fall came early this year and it's up to us to bring back the sun.

So this post is not about clothes and #ootd looks. This post is about coming back home, getting back to our daily routines in this amazing city we are lucky enough to continue to call our home. To drinking coffee in near by Starbucks which, however crazy or basic it might sound does provide me with sense of belonging, sense of homey and sense of known wherever in the world I might be; to going to our favorite park to play in sand and getting dirty; to eating lunch super late in the afternoon and having dinner after siesta far later then appropriate for toddler parents out on the restaurant terrace surrounded with all the other families with equally obnoxiously loud kids - tranquillo, no rush.

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