Lately I was thinking about modern women bounderies. How free we really are to do whatever we want versus how it used to be before. Granted, there is still a lot to fix in terms of significant differences in pay man vs. women as well as the choices we are still forced to make sometimes - having family or successful career.

But if we want to be completely honest, many of the boundaries are set by women for women.
  Are we so spoiled with choices that now we cannot make one? Are we trying to act so strong that we don't allow ourselves to relax and be gentle and sensitive, and let somebody else to take charge and do something for us?

Here is a magnificant lace & florals fairytale to remind us its ok to relax & enjoy being a women at its fullest. :)

Source: Vogue Australia, October 2010
Nicole Bentley/Codie Young/Rosemary Smith

"Whatever women must do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult."
~Charlot te Whitton~


Your write great rhymes,
Now I'm like your biggest fan,
Emotions took over,
That wasn't the plan.

It's been now a year,
by this time you should be clear,
You should know if you care,
you should know what you feel.

When I try to talk,
I am confused
because you ignore it and choke,
 this way I'm sure that I will stay bruised.

I am not looking for promise,
nor big romantic speech,
I am not looking for materials things,
nor romantic getaway to the beach.

Live for today, you said, 
Don't think to much ahead,
You should have told me this,
 before we went to bed.

I would like an honest answer,
I just want to know,
are you just having fun,
will you stay or go?

The solution is simple,
sometimes we don't get a second chance,
when we take people for granted,
it can be the final end of romance.

As I promised to the less fabulous gender, to make you a bit more fabulous, I will post one male post a week. 

Lets call this one a unisex post. :) Since I worked in Rugby RL I am in love with bow tie, as I was shown how it can be worn with so many different looks and make it more preppy/edgy or scholastic. 

I love wearing a bow tie with a white button up, black pencil skirt, yellow cardigan and some fierce heels and when I want to look really sharp, I add red lipstick and school teacher frames. Ouu yea :) You can also wear it as a necklace! Get inspired! Bow timeee!

So lets first teach you how to put one on (if visuals bellow don't help you,check out the video tutorial on the right :)

You are not a preppy type? No problem...Now, lets see how its done - street way! ;)

Or gentleman way or baby way....

Come on you all! Bust into your grandpa's closet & wear it your way!
Show me what you got by posting your photos on La Passion pour la fashion facebook wall!

Xoxo darlings!


Ahh what a fabulous night last night my dears!

Last night we had our first shopping nights out event powered by Dreft in Zagreb. The goal was to motivate people to buy Croatian Fashion designers clothing, to support local production, young talent and the local industry and to realize it is not all that expensive, when you look at its quality, ability for personal contact with the designer, having tailor made piece of clothing made just for you and on top always having an original designer to turn to when it comes to alterations.

I was really pleasantly surprised with craftsmanship and original ideas of the most designers I got to see. The 30% reduced prices are (as I hope participating designers realized yesterday) the realistic market prices for their pieces, as at this point they would not be cosidered unrealistically priced although still on the expensive side a bit. 
   I would say their business would go at least 20% up in volume instantly if they would keep their prices down permanently. The prices of their clothes are definite barrier to even enter their stores to an average consumer.

Also, I was actually impressed with their pleasant, positive and professional personalities, as well as their 'can do' attitude - here I am talking about Alex Dojčinović - who was most popular designer of the night, Ivica Klarić - already experienced designer and very cute, fun but very business savy although a bit immature duo ELFS.  :)

It seems like most designers were happy with how much they sold last night, media and celebs were also very interested in all of the fashion fuss behind the event and for the first time around, I think we could say all in all this was a good start! A good shake or slap on the face/kick in the but this industry needed in Croatia.

 Some things which could be better - was the preparation of designers, as some did came unprepared to merchandise and display their pieces, not all know how to talk to media and promote themselves and some still are overpricing their pieces to the point that even with the discount their clothes is unrealistically expensive for its quality and complexity. I hope those will wake up ASAP and realize that right now they are not being price competative at all and are pushing real mass customers away with that approach.

Here is what I got & tried on! :)

I hope to see more designers joining the event next year! :) 
You can see more photos from the event on my Facebook fan page!

Enjoy lovelies!
"The goal I seek is to have people refine their style through mine clothing 
without having them become victims of fashion.
~Giorgio Armani~


Fashion's night out - Vogue's initiative which jump started the wave of late night shopping events has been traveling across the world announcing the Fashion Weeks world wide, inspiring and motivating people to enter the designer stores where the full luxury, unique feel only designer clothes has hits them as soon as they enter the store.
Finally we have such event in Zagreb. We are staying true to Croatian designers, driven by fashion enthusiasts from fashion portal who have been unbiasedly following and supporting as well as educating Croatian designers on how to promote, advertise and sell, since this is not something which is obviously being taught ar Croatian fashion college. 

We are trying to revive Croatian fashion industry currently on life support. Rich with young designer talent while lacking modern production facilities, goverment support and business educated professionals with clear vision for the industry longterm. 

Here we go, bellow are some of the designers opening the doors of their boutiques, preparing supprise parties, jazz concerts and best of all 30% and up discounts on this seasons as well as on SS 11' seasons collections which are still hot from the runways!

I got my eyes on the Alduk chain purse with a fur detail, Lei Lou cream open back dress and a belt and ELFS skinny bow jeans.

Enjoy lovelies! :)

Foto: Goran Čižmešija
Styling: Jasmina Arnautović
Model: Ana Vukelić / Taliamodel
Make up: Nena Mrkonjić
Hair: Tajana Akalović / Evelin

I got a lot of requests from men to write a male fashion post and not just to mention them in traces as the "guilty" ones in heart breaking stories and testemonials. 
I hear you, you poor victimized men and I shall do just that. ;) (notice the manly green color font)

As I am, after all, a women, selfishly focused on more creative and more fun female fashion, one of the reasons I haven't written about men's fashion before was simple - I haven't had enough knowledge to provide constructive comments on trends in male fashion industry. But I have investigated and at least now I can provide you with links to knowledgable male fashion bloggers writing about male trends.

Male Fashion bloggers
Male magazines
So this post will be about the kind of men I like and the kind of man I am attracted to. Naturally, we get attracted to a men/women visually first, then we notice the vibe they project and just after that inteligence and all of those spiritual personality traits.

So here we go, my man is an URBAN GETLEMAN.

 1) Suits should be a staple piece of every post college man. Which not at all means he should be boring or to corporate.

2.) No, man is not to metro or totally gay if he pays attention to details and styles them well. There are really cool gloves, hats, scarves, man bags/totes and grafiti inspired cufflinks  for a man who is working a lot and is always on the go.

3.) Its important to choose right coat or jacket as it is a piece you wear three season in the year, one should be real worm and another one transitional. Its always good to choose one you can wear to work and out, so classic one with trendy details to show your personality. This seasons favorites are aviator shearling jackets and structured camel tone coats/black is an option to with rockerish details, my favorite are Burberry Prorsum coats.

On an off day man can go all the way personality wear. I really like the MJ inspired jacket and really cool harem jeans as they move away from classic straight fit or distresses jeans, still with jeans, its all about details. Spice them up with some dangerous accessories like a bullet belt or a bomb watch. 

For Autumn and Winter wear them with classic Timberlands or Frye boots, I loveee gray ones. When its sunny, don't forget your Ray Bans.

Photo sources: The Urban Getleman, Google search, GQ

So what you think boys? Is this something you would wear? :)
Ciao lovelies!

"Women thrive on novelty and are easy meat for the commerce of fashion. 
Men prefer old pipes and torn jackets."

~Anthony Burgess~