Last summer I posted a couple of color and pattern coded inspirational posts like orange loves pink, crochet and when I am looking back at them I can see that many trends seem to be here to stay, bright neon colors seem to be here to stay for sure, at least in summer months ahead, they certainly look lovely on the sun bronzed skin.

My favorite neon combo's are one neon piece with white and black, bright orange or leopard print.Ann Taylor makes lovely neon necklaces and Manolo Blahnik even made a neon green Manolo stilettos. 

Neon skirt - streetstyle

Neon clutch

Ann Taylor neon necklace 

Neon sneakers

Neon shorts

Neon dress editorial - Shanina Shaik Plays it Cool in Sunday Life, Shot by Jeff Hahn

Neon wrap

Neon belt and Manolos 

How do you wear your neons lovelies?

Elegance is a sort of harmony that rather resembles beauty, 
with the difference that the beauty is more often a gift of nature and elegance the result of art. Elegance is rare in the modern world, largely because it requires precision, attention to detail, and the careful development of a delicate taste in all forms of manners and style. In short, it does not come easily to most women and never will.

This is the second book titled Elegance which I read in the last 3 years. My friends often tease me that I have a funny way of picking books (based on the way the cover looks). Ok, it's true that I gravitate towards fancy font, pink colored, girly covers which mostly means that I go for so called chic-lit tittles.

The first book titled Elegance by madame Genevieve Antoine Dariaux I purchased on a yard sales when I lived in Towson, Maryland and went to many yard sales with a lovely lady who I babysat for at the time- Mrs.Deb.

When I came home I parked it at the shelf and didn't get to read it until I moved to NYC to work in fashion industry. I can say, without exaggeration that this book positively contributed to my transition from a young lady to a women, in that particularly sensitive age from teen years to twenties. This book is a complete guide for woman who wants to be well and properly dressed for every occasion, it is a true style bible. 

The second book titled Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro is inspired by the original Elegance by French madame Genevieve Antoine Dariaux. It is an interesting and witty real life trial and interpretation of Dariaux's style rules from the original book written in the 1960's  by an English lady author Kathleen Tessaro.

I highly recommend you to read this book so I will not tell you how it ends.At first, I felt sorry for the main character Louise Canova, she reminded me very much on a Bridget Jones type of girl, so I had some prejudices as such character is a polar opposite of my own personality. However, as I continued to read, I started feeling as I was her friend, she pulled me into her story and I could relate on many situation she was going through, despite our character differences. I was very proud of her at the end of the book. :)

Here is a short video summary of the book by Kathleen Tessaro herself. 

Next, I would like to share a couple of my favorite quotes and style rules from madame Genevieve Antoine Dariaux which I memorized and have continued to ensure myself into as I go through my life adventure, so I hope these help you lovelies as well.

"Being beautiful is no guarantee of happiness in this world. 
Strive instead for elegance, grace and style."

To be elegant is first of all to know oneself, 
and to know oneself well requires a certain amount of reflection and intelligence.

"Refuse to be seduced by anything that isn't first rate!"

"When comfort becomes an end in itself, it is the Public Enemy Number One of elegance."

"Always shop alone. Women who shop with their friends may be popular, 
but elegant they are NOT."

"Underwear. Do not confuse beautiful lingerie, the kind that supports well and remains fresh, with the cheap, vulgar stuff of men's magazines. Fascinating? I'm certain. But elegant it is NOT."

For a while now I am following your work and the way you showcase it. You are not keen to show at media events and to speak publically, what is the reason behind it?
One of my friends interprets my avoidance of media as a paranormal behavior (even when I do attend a media event) and he saids that paranormal is always IN. I don't have a special reason for not showing up at media events, I do come if I am interested and invited but I am aware that I am perceived as a private and shy person.

Your pieces seem to be made with „real“ everyday women in mind, they are wearable, romantic, seductive, how would you describe your average client? Who is she?
For me, all women are divas! They walk every day over invisible red carpet to work, to pick up their kids at the kindergarten, to meet a friend for a coffee or to go out clubbing at night. My clients are working, urban women who wants to be elegant all day long, but still quite chic when it is appropriate. I nurture retro chic style of designing clothes, I want and try to create timeless pieces or to redesign historically timeless pieces.

Photos: editorial

In one of your interview I have read that you would like to design shoes. Do you have any concrete plans in that department currently? Which Croatian producer did you have in mind? Would you have your own brand of shoes?
All that I wanted to do so far in life I managed to do, but on a bit different way. However designing shoes has remained my unfulfilled wish unfortunately so far.  I would definitely design my own collection, the only company technically capable to produce a proper shoe in Croatia is Borovo factory in Vukovar.

Footwear is different then clothing, in shoe making millimeters matter, if you make a minor mistake that shoe is no good anymore, it is very hard to make a good quality shoe!

Past March you have presented your 10th collection for local clothing brand Mak. How satisfied are you with this cooperation? Is it more profitable and safer for Croatian designer to build his own brand or to work for an established clothing brand? What are advantages and disadvantages based on your experience?
Based on positive media and client feedback on my last show, which I had on last Cro-a-porter, I am very happy with my long term cooperation with Mak clothing brand. I am very proud that I managed to build up Mak brand with my collections in Croatian market.

To have own clothing brand is an ultimate goal of every fashion designer. I design my own line under the name Teo.P, this brand is idle at the moment. Mak clothing brand collections I sign as Teo Perić.  For a number of seasons now I have in parallel design as a contributor for numerous fashion houses and my own brands (which is 4 collections a year).

To have own line means having your own design style and creative freedom and to take upon all of the responsibility for the results. Designing for other clothing brands means designing within a predetermined frame for already existing customer pool. Creating two totally different collections in style is quite exhausting and demanding, but every real love story hurts a bit, so does this mine fashion love story.

Why do you show your collections at Cro-a-porter? Do you think there are to many fashion events in Croatia?
I have tremendous respect towards the organizer Viktor Drago who started this event 10 years ago and challenged all other local events.  I think Cro-a-porter is very influential in branding of Croatian fashion designers and creating a local fashion market. Thank you Viktor!

You were offered to move and work abroad but you decided to stay in Croatia, why?
I see life as a puzzle which always misses one piece. During 90's I was interested into working abroad, and in 1996. In Seoul I got the offer from Ebenezer Company to stay and work in Korea. However, as I returned back home I got offered a job as a main designer for the local fashion brand  Nebo.

After 6 years working for Nebo I have continued my fashion journey with my own brand, store and a studio in the city center in Zagreb.

Do you think that in today’s economy it is important for a designer to be equally good business man as a talented designer?
It is quite rare that a talented designer is also a capable business man. Designers are usually artists, artists are cheap. In today’s economy, market and in fashion system, a talented fashion team without a good businessman can hardly succeed. A successful international designer brands lie on such designer- businessman collaborations.

Every season you show quite mature, complete, good quality and wearable collections, you don’t follow trends much and many of your pieces could be cold classics which can be worn season in and season out. Do you think that women in Croatia recognize and appreciate well made clothes or are we to focus on trends and name on the label?
Trend factor is a measure of quality for most, producer and a shopper but also for some designer. I don't follow trends, I don't think I make them; I focus on making timeless pieces.

Croatians are very fashion nation, especially women, who very much appreciate and buy good quality fabrics and making. I come from a family of tailors and clothes makers – my biggest role model is my late father who was a tailor. My mother is a true fashionista with an amazing style and my sisters have tought me all about trends, anti-trends, branded and unbranded clothes.

Do you think that Croatian designer made clothes can compete with price and quality with mass produced low end brands like H&M and Zara?
No, but with Croatia entering EU I see more potential of Croatian designers working with local clothing factories on mass factory producing their collections and selling them globally. Current situation in Croatian textile industry is not allowing this to happen.

How do you see the fashion bloggers, social media and street style influencing fashion industry globally? Is this influence positive or negative?
Fashion defines who we are; this is where I think fashion bloggers came from a need to express ourselves, our personality, through clothes we wear. I see this as a positive trend and influence on global fashion industry as they inspire and leave no one ambiguous, which is good for design and industry overall. 


One of my favorite online stores has grown from a personal shop/sell vintage store on Ebay owned by Sophia Amoruso in only 5 years. Nasty Gal has grown into a worldwide inclusive but also cool online store offering new and  vintage clothes, accessories and shoes. 

Nasty Gal has a worldwide delivery and issues monthly style lookbooks, its buyers shop for high and low end merchandise trying to put together a store full of unique pieces with a character. Delivery charges are not to high, clothes runs true to size (I ordered only dresses so I cannot speak for all) and prices are fair in comparison to quality. 

Dresses I got are easy to take care of and wash. Also, there are always some promos and award games for loyal customers which is cool and appreciated. :)

When I shop, I get couple of dresses and I try to pick those made out of fabrics other then polyester. I know one might say ok, I pay for a bit of a lower price then Zara or H&M and then I pay for delivery and at the end the price is a bit higher even then in local store where I don't have to way for dress to arrive in mail, but honestly, at least you are not wearing the same dress and everyone else. Last Saturday I went to a wedding in Dubrovnik where two girls were wearing the same Lei Lou dress and the other two had the same Stradivarius dress on.

Bellow are the Nasty Gal dresses which I have placed on my summer must have list :)


Lenardo Cano FW 2012/13 - Madrid

Long time no post when I probably should have considering that Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb has been going on in my city last week, but wearing two hats during this event - PR for main event sponsor and naturally a blogger and a fashion lover got the best of me, not sparing one second of my week.

Nevertheless, I managed to complete all my work related task and fly over to the wedding at beautiful Dubrovnik (post shall follow) on Saturday night. Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb has traditionally hosted some young Croatian and well known international designers and with this post I present you my favorites from both camps.

Is obviously specially intrigued with  shapes and volume, his collections are over the top voluminous and female curves and joints exaggerated while still symmetrical and quite theatrical.  I loved the detailing and 3D fabrication effect he has given to the pieces with combining different sowing technics with fabric patterns. Arabian influence is quite visible in this collection but my favorite is the way he made leather shirts fits so naturally and comfortably as if they are made of cotton. Also, I am quite impressed with the way he made woolen pieces so voluminous. Although quite coutureish still very wearable collection!

In my review of Basso & Brooke collection from last years DFWZ you could have seen how much I love digital print & florals. Hermione de Paula didn't fail to impress me with her feminine, female figure faltering and oh so wearable «Marguerute's Menagerie» collection of shoes and clothes. She indeed managed to evoke the dark Lolita she was inspired by when creating this collection. I loved the way she played with floral prints which transformed into animalistic shapes & the way tops and bottoms are naturally fitting together but still gorgeous as separates.

Has narrated a quite emotional story with his collection.Judging by the looks at people's faces in Zagreb many didn't really get it, which I am sorry for.  His collection "Selam 1 and 2" is envisioned as a pathway in between life and death, leading the soul to another world, influence of the Muslim culture is more then noticeable. Safak Tokur used great quality materials and presented his collection in quite an innovative way. I loved the way he doubled up the shoes so each men's shoe looked like it is glued on another one. 

Is a young Croatian designer whose intention is always to surpise and/or shock her audience. She described her collection as a combination of punk and barok, double-faced, zip & unzip combo. Martina showed her great tailoring skills and although not a great quality materials were used she has showed an amazing potential to create that couture - RTW combo which sells well! Great job Martina!

This line is divided on two lines: main one and the black line, although usually two opposites, in the FW 2012/13 collection these two lines have combined and matched into one whole. Featuring quite a androgynous, monochromatic, wearable & simple collection. I loved the way that cotton and wool/cashmere were forming spiderweb affect making simple tailoring & fabrication more daring & effortlessly sexy.

Has positively surprised me on and off the runway with his simplicity, politeness and kindness to his show team. His 50's inspired collection is flirty, soft falling, curve hugging, playful and quite commercial.The collection has flirted with shapes of university and prep school uniforms, rockabilly stage and baseball Americana look. I loved the floral fabrication in inner pockets of shorts and gorgeously tailored nude pajama pants.Casual clothes made of luxurious fabrics, lace and silk? Yes please! I'll take it any day! 

Which show was your favorite lovelies? 

Urban Outfitters is hands down one of my favorite brands. This is actually a boutique store brand whose buyers select the best brand and designer pieces and feature them in their bricks and mortar stores and online.

Price wise, Urban Outfitters clothes runs a bit more expensive then for example H&M or Zara, however the price widely depends on designers or brands wholesale price but also on fabrication and delivery charge.

I loved browsing thought Urban Outfitters store when I lived in New York. In Soho store I found great pieces for my apartment and some amazing accessories and dresses.

After moving back to Europe I continued to shop online but not so much for home  but mostly for accessoriesjewelryshoes and dresses. Clothes runs true to size based on my experience, delivery price is reasonable and there are always sales and special promotions. Browsing is made easier as it is categorized by current trends as well which I mostly find what I am looking for.

I have selected several pieces I absolutely love bellow but I highly recommend you to check out UO swim collection for 2012 and new clothing collection which just came out couple of weeks ago!

Here is couple of photos from UO April catalogue

What are your experiences with shopping Urban Outfitters?