Personally I love to eat fish but I used to be very reluctant to buy a fresh fish and test recipes. This Summer I promised myself I will try and learn to make at least 5 different types of different fish recipes. After I mastered different salmon recipes back in Barcelona which even my red meat loving boyfriend dared to try and really liked this time I tried to make oven baked hake dish for my boyfriend and friends who stayed with us for a week, they all really enjoyed it while my boyfriend even said this is one of the best fish recipes he tried, ever.

In total, it takes about 30-40 minutes max to make this recipe and fish remains soft and absolutely delicious! Actually, this was the best hake fillet I ever ate as well! ;)


Main Dish:
1 kg hake fillet
2 lemons (1 sliced to garnish)

4 slices of bread toasted (I used a multigrain bread)
50 g / 1.7 oz of grated cheese (I used dry cheddar)
50 ml / 1.7 oz virgin olive oil 
1 tbsp of fresh cilantro chopped 
30g / 1 oz almond slices

Side Dish:
400 g /14 oz potatoes peeled and chopped into bite size pcs
300 g / 11 oz fresh chard leaves
3 cloves of garlic 
olive oil to taste
salt & pepper to taste


If you are using frozen hake fillets set them aside to defrost.
Peel and chop potatoes into bite size pieces, place it into a pot full of cold water and cook until soft.
Prepare marinade for hake fish by squeezing juice of 1 lemon (with no pits) into a small bowl, adding some sea sold and freshly ground pepper to taste. Place the fillets in the large plate, cover it with marinade and coat each fillet with it on both sides. Let it marinate for about 15 minutes.
Wash chard leaves very well on both sides, dry it well and and cut it into thin stripes. Check if potatoes are cooked, when ready just add prepared chard leaves a little by little into the hot water along with cooked potatoes. Mix gently and cook on medium heat until chard leaves are cooked (less then 5minutes). Drain excess water and serve potatoes and cooked chard into a large bowl. Season it with olive oil, minced garlic, sea salt and pepper and mix gently.
Prepare a crust mixture by adding together toast cut in small square pieces, chopped cilantro, olive oil, grated cheese and almond slices and mix it in grinder until it has a consistency similar to bread crumbs.  Coat ceramic baking dish with olive oil and place thin layer of crust (half of the mixture) on the bottom of the dish. Place hake fillets over the layer of crust, poor a bit of left over marinade over the fish, coat the fish with the remaining mixture to create a top coat and sprinkle some more almond slices over it. 
Place thin slices of lemon over the final layer for decoration. Bake on 150C/302 F for about 15 minutes or until the crust is golden.
Alternatively to cooked potatoes and chard you card serve hake fish with rucola salad.
Bon appetite ladies! :)
Photo: 26 Schon Magazine Editorials

After having Anabela I became much more careful about reading ingredients on food and cosmetics labels. I was quite excited to test Croatian organic cosmetics brand   Sache

Sache cosmetics  has been ecologically manufactured from 1955. It is completely natural and it is a synergy of bee products and herbal extracts. It contains ecological herbal oils, the best quality wax, pollen, propolis, honey and royal jelly. Thus, it's definitely not for people who are allergic to bee products but it's absolutely marvelous for everyone else including people with sensitive skin and people prone to other skin allergies as it does not contain preservatives, emulsifiers, paraben, artificial colors nor synthetic scents.
During last month and a half I have been testing some of the   Sache products which I have reviewed bellow. My skin is normal with oily T-zone and mad hormones post baby. 
The brand has a range of products accommodating to all skin types using specially selected herbal oils from ecological farming which stimulate skin regeneration and acts as an antioxidant. One of the mail ingredients pollen contains all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids which are preety much a „superfood“ that deeply nourishes skin for a long time.
Some of the special advantages of   Sache cosmetics are:
- Natural formula that protects the skin outside and nourish it inside
- Revitalizes and energizes the skin giving it a healthy, fresh and bright look
- High concentration of natural antioxidants, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids 
- Helps and protects against premature aging of the face and body skin
- Bee products have a scientifically proven positive effects on the skin
- Stimulates a natural skin defense mechanism
- Due to it's natural ingredients, risk of allergic reactions is set to minimum
-  Protects against free radicals, visually reduces wrinkles, reduces skin irritations
- Makes the skin healthy, nurtured, elastic, smooth and deeply nourished
All of the Sache cosmetics I tested is honey yellow in color, it has an oily consistency, neutral natural scent and it's quite rich when massaged into skin. This might be a quite a different experience for those who are used to white commercial creams with perfume scent but it's most definitely cosmetic which gives quick results.


This mask is packaged in convenient single use saches. It's yellow-gold honey color and it has rich oily consistency. I applied it twice a week for 30 min all over my face after washing and cleaning my face very well. After using it my skin felt softer and I noticed that inflammation I had appearing on my chin reduced. 

This mask is a synergy of bee products, honey, wax, and pollen with olive and St. John wort oil represents selection of all essential nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and fat acids that nourish your skin richly. Honey and propolis with their composition act anti-oxidative and antibacterial and correct defects and return a natural functions of the skin in balance. With the application of this mask, skin will be thoroughly nourish and clearly regenerated.


I used this hands and legs cream also on my heels and elbows and it worked amazingly. Personally, I applied this cream on damp skin after showering right after coming from the beach and it really helped my skin stay hydrated and it never peeled. Just like the mask this cream is yellow in color and it has oily consistency but it absorbs quite quickly.

This extremely nourishing cream is composed of beeswax, olive oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, marigold oil and locust honey soothes and heals the skin providing it with the necessary essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.Carrot macerate with its rich composition of carotenoids has an antioxidant effect and protects the skin from harmful external factors. It eliminates skin damage and fatigue giving the skin a nurtured look.
 If you are looking for a truly natural cosmetics which gives quick results I definitely recommend that you try  Sache. You can also shop it through   online shop with prices from 7 to 24 Euro.

Recently I discovered great casual wear brand Afunguard from Poland which features simple cut but perfectly (and ethically) made comfortable pieces which can be worn as part of business or casual look on so many ways. 
Different then fast fashion brands you can wear Afunguard items for years as they are very well made out of great quality fabrications.
Afunguard is independent designer brand from Poland lead by Marta Hernandez which aspires is to be a global brand which creates casual women’s clothing by merging timeless aesthetics, high quality fabrics, affordable prices and product value.

Graphic Print Tunic Blouse

I love how versatile this top is! This blouse can be worn as a tunic over a swimsuit while lounging with sleeves 3/4 buttoned up, over jeans or tights as a tunic top or with a pencil skirt for work. Virtually, you can wear it year around.

Loose fit white button up mid way tunic with black flower print. Works great as a tunic for work or as part of casual outfit. Sleeves can be buttoned up 3/4.

Short Navy Cotton Suite

Since I have started working in fashion I try to avoid wearing classic office suite. I could not resist this Afunguard 'Summer suit' made out of soft navy cotton which makes it so easy to wear separately shorts paired with a t-shirt and sneakers as part of casual outfit for a weekend stroll in town or worn together with a blazer jacket as a light Summer suit. For a coffee with local designer I wore this Summer suit with gorgeous Miss Julie necklace.

If you to love to have really versatile pieces in your closet I promise you will get a lot of wears out of these Afunguard looks!

Photos: Goran Čižmešija. 
Styling: Mimi Krtinić Rončević.  
Models: Antonia K., Leonarda Z - Taliamodela, Monika G. - Midikena, Anja Š. - Sonic models. 
Hair: Ivan Pervan, Terezija Duranović, Ivica Palinić,Antonia Krstanović. 
Make Up: Kasandra Draganić and Mirta Pejić.

Even though Croatian government doesn't really support enormous young fashion design talent in Croatia there are some media and enthusiasts who now for years provide creative outlet and directions to young designers, the most experiences of them is for sure fashion portal

For more then 6 years now, twice a year portal issues a seasonal lookbook featuring Croatian fashion designers and up and coming fashion brands. The first such lookbook was issues back in 2009 when very few local media gave little or no space in their outlets to young talents.




Đina Grbin


Matija Vujica


The main idea is to feature a signature look for each collection put together in one big fashion story. Due to high demand and interest in local fashion design, these lookbooks became a tradition in local fashion industry.

Designers love to participate in this project as it allows them to present their signature look to wide audience of new potential clients and it also provides them with logistics which they alone cannot always organize on time especially with ever increasing pressure created by fast fashion brands of launching more and more collections each year.

In our first lookbook we had 8 designers participating, this season we had 35. These number are truly impressive for such a small country and they also show the trust designers have in our work."

Lucija Biondić editor in chief

See full  lookbook here.
Who is your favorite Croatian designer? :)