Photo: Goran Matijašec | Make up: Žana Kožul | Hair: Keune Academy

Most popular Croatian fashion designer Aleksandra Dojčinović did her first designer shoe collaboration with worldwide known shoe brand - Dr.Martens. Aleksandra designed a three model limited edition line which will be sold in one store only ShoeBeDo store in Zagreb.

With this collaboration Aleksandra joined a group of international fashion elite who already designed their limited edition Dr.Martens shoes such as Raf Simons who is a creative director of house of Dior today, Yohji Yamamoto and fashion model Agyness Deyn. 

Aleksandra gave her unique, elegant designer signature to historic '1460' and 'Vi' motocycle model and in that way she gave a fresh look to dozens of year old, well known and well recognize Dr.Martens boots look. The new limited edition 'Dr.Martens by Aleksandra Dojčinović' line is cool sexy, trendy and very much wearable just like Lei Lou by Alex Dojčinović clothing line. 

"It is a great honor for me to become a part of Dr.Martens family, especially knowing that before me some of the greatest world known designer names collaborated with this historic brand. I am also proud that through me Croatian fashion scene has become a part of Dr.Martens trend and that my three Dr.Martens designs are already attracting attention of Croatian fashionistas."
 Aleksandra Dojčinović

This limited edition line Dr.Martens by Aleksandra Dojčinović is available for purchase exclusively in ShoeBeDo Zagreb Gajeva store starting in November, 2012. My favorite ones are motorcycle black and gray ones and I can't wait to rock my pair!

Photo: Goran Matijašec | Make up: Žana Kožul | Hair: Keune Academy

"When designing my Dr.Martens line, like always, I had regular, working girls in mind. I tried to put myself in their shoes first, and start from there.I would like my Dr.Martens booties to be recognizable, unusual, elegant and equally wearable with romantic dresses and skinny jeans. Military trend is very much making a come-back this season so I am sure that Croatian fashionistas will know how to combine them with both day and evening looks."
Aleksandra Dojčinović

You can find more info on this exciting collaboration on ShoeBeDo and Lei Lou Facebook pages. 


"I wear my Chucks with any uniform I need to wear be it a team uniform for travel or a dress up suite for formal occasions. They are one part of my look which I always keep true to who I am."

This post has been long into making. Every time I am picking up my boyfriends sneakers around the house I tell him -"I really need to write a post about your sneaker collection sometimes soon, you have more shoes then most women I know!" So tonight,  finally this "sometimes soon" time happened.

Other then our love for each other (duhh), playing PlayStation 3 and eating peanut-noodles we also share our love for James Dean t-shirts and Converse sneakers, although my boyfriend definitely has more Chucks then I do, overall my heels pick up the total score to my advantage.

„Only the gentle are ever really strong.“ 
James Dean 

So today we pulled out his favorite sneakers from one of his shoe cabinets and realized that more then eighty percent of his sneakers are Converse. This must be worth of a blog post I thought :)

When we first started dating I noticed that he is wearing Chucks for..well..every occasion. He wore them for clubbing, for going to the beach, I was only surprised he didn't play basketball in them, which he probably would, if he could, so he told me the story of his oldest pair of slip-on Chucks and on how he got hooked for life to wearing Converse sneakers daily.

These red leather John Varvatos limited edition ones are my favorite pair

Ante got his first pair of cream color slip-on All Star Converse sneakers in Summer 2008. in New York where he went to participate on NBA draft. He paid them almost $100 at the time and wore them so much since that they broke at couple of places so his dad fixed them with superglue.

Although Ante keeps buying new pairs and various designer limited edition Converse sneakers, he remains quite emotional about his first pair of Chucks so he still slips them on occasionally. As you can see from the photo bellow - these really earned their retirement ;)

Few days ago we got Ante walked through the door coming from practice and he said: "They arrived!" with his face stretched in a big kid smile showing me the newest edition to his vast shoe collection - high top gray leather Converse shoes. I really like the round stamp logo on their inner sides and dark shoe laces. 

Knowing how hard it is for Ante to find cool casual clothes and shoes in his size I found the story he told me about his first pair of Chucks really heart-warming. I was surprised to find that he remembers all of the details so vividly and still has this emotional connection to his first pair of Converse sneakers which he bought on his own. 

Seems like not only us girls get emotional when talking about shoes! ;)


Dina Lijić reporting from Split.

One of my blogs loyal followers and amazingly successful young women currently studying in Italy reported from a very cool event which took place this week in Split, Croatia.

Today, in Split, Croatia the biggest to date Modni Alter Ego/Fashion alter-ego was organized. 
The concept of this fashion event is to present young fashion and accessories designer talents at the informal venue such as coffee or a bar where people could have coffee or a cocktail and meet a friend all while browsing through latest creations of young designer creative forces.

Some of the brands/designers present were: Pink Pig/Chiara izrada nakita/Majin proizvod/Oh, Tiger/TT/Picole Ateljer/ Yo Soi Juanita/Bartolino Hobby Art/Chaindelier/PinPin Bags/ Decoupage stari pazar 3-6/THC/REC&Klaž/Duju design. 

As part of this Fashion Alter-ego event, second-hand clothing and accessories exchange also took place where people could trade or sell their regretted „impulse buys“. 

Dina managed to find couple of amazing pieces here including leather skirt for only 40kn as well as blue short summer pleated skirt for only 30kn.

Split is usually the city which lives mostly during summer season and it falls in winter sleep mode during fall and winter so it is quire refreshing to know that this kind of events started to take place in these out-of-season months of the year. We are excited to see more of such amazing events which are popular among younger generations both in offering and price!


I am extremely happy to be able be the first one to organize giveaway of limited edition ženski rokovnik - company which is the partner of my blog for a while now. In one of my previous posts I have announced this new 2013. edition, so you can read more details about it here.

Ženski rokovnik celebrates its 5th birthday this year after four years of being totally sold out in Croatia. Together with five different new covers in trendy bright colors and one - limited edition fashion designer cover designed by most famous Croatian fashion designer - Aleksandra Dojčinović.

“For our 5th birthday we wanted to dress our rokovnik in most fabulous celebration dress.Choosing Lei Lou for this occasion was obvious choice for us with her feminine, comfortable and gorgeously fitting dresses. Lei Lou dress will surely be on the “shopping list” page of each fashionistas Ženski rokovnik 2013.”

Dunja Tadić, ženski rokovnik director

In this post, you can also exclusively take a first look and preview each page of Ženski rokovnik for 2013. imagine my surprise when I first saw that my blog's link was pre-listed in "blogs I follow" section of the planner! I was jumping of joy! :) 


Award:You an win one of two limited edition Ženski rokovnik feat. Lei Lou by Alex Dojčinović cover!
Winners will be selected via and will be announced on this blog 2.11. afternoon.
This is international giveaway but planner is in Croatian language.
Duration: 26.10. - 2.11.

In order to participate in this giveaway one must:

1. Like following Facebook pages: 
2. Share the link to this post on your Facebook wall.
3. Write a comment to this post with your email address and a link where you shared this post.

For additional entries follow me on Twitter (@la__Kat) and/or share this post on your Twitter. 

Ženski rokovnik will be available for purchase on book fair Interliber (13.-18.11.) on promo stand in Arena Centar (25.11. - 25.12.) and starting from beginning of November exclusively in all dm stores in Croatia. The price will be 89,90 kn.

Good luck ladies!

For this post I had a great pleasure to interview a lovely lady photographer, Mrs.Daša Gajić, who contacted me as a follower of my blog and we continued to set a theme for the photographs you will see in this post. 

I suggested and Daša agreed to describe a lady through different stages of her life in black and white photography. Daša was kind enough to follow through and put together a lovely portfolio of emotional and real life photos which best desribe a lifetime of a lady in Banja Luka, Belgrade and Venice.

Read through this short interview to meet Daša and her lovely ladies in black and white. 

When did you start photographing, do you consider photography your profession?  
Photography was part of my life as far as I can remember it. I grew up in artistic surrounding, and camera was one of my first toys. I was part of my first team exhibition when I was 13, but I never knew or planned photography to become my profession. I was focused mostly on studying political science, getting my masters degree and with looking for a “real” paying job, however, my love for photography overcame it all.

In 2010. Photography has become my profession, while I feel like I learned and grew the most this summer. This year was an absolute fairytale for me as it comes to photography! My fairytale continues through this fall as well, true testimonial for this is also this interview for a fashion blog which I regularly follow and love.

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
"This is one of my favorite street-style photos from Banja Luka, Bosnia. 
This lady is dressed quit stylish, 
she is proving that a lady can look elegant even when riding a bike." 

Do you ever think about fashion when you take photos? How do you define fashion?
I love fashion, but I don’t follow fashion trends much. Fashion is inspiration source for me, it is a game, source of joy and integral part of daily life.

As one of the most amazing fashion designers Dries Van Notes said:
"Coincidence is important, the convergence of different ideas, 
but sometimes you think so much that at the end it is dead.”

My personal view of fashion and photography is similar to his, I am trying to find this fine balance of coincidence and inspiration, I try to enjoy what I am doing, give it my personal mark and don’t put too much thinking into it.

Belgrade, Serbia.
"I usually don’t like to take photos of people from their back, this photo is an exception. 
I really like how mum and daughter outfits are matching.
 I really think this little girl will be a true fashionista when she grows up." 

Do you think that a person can learn to be a good photographer or one needs to have that “special something”?
I think it is extremely important to learn, to educate yourself, practice and continue to progress in technical and creative sense. It is very important to follow the work and learn from other photographers but I also agree that one needs to have that X factor, “an eye” to catch interesting things at right time on a right way.

My general motto is: 
“Learn all you can learn, and the forget all you learned so you could create.”

Venice, Italy.
"This lady defines elegance as per dictionary definition. 
Her outfit is simple, casual but sophisticated and balanced."

Do you think that photography as a format will essentially die out with development of new technologies and with advance of video format?
It’s hard to say, I hope it will not, although it is true that more and more photographers are turning to video format. I still think that the best days of photography are ahead of us.

Follow Daša's work via her Facebook page and her Streetstyle Banja Luka Facebook page.


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” 
Benjamin Franklin

I was delighted to find out that two of my favorite Croatian brands, female planner brand - Ženski rokovnik and luxury Croatian fashion brand - Lei Lou by Alex Dojčinović are cooperating on a limited edition, women only 2013. planner available for purchase already this November, exclusively in dm-stores! Just on time to buy it for Christmas/New Years gift for our girlfriends!

Fashion designer Aleksandra Dojčinović put together an interesting inspiration board for creation of this lovely limited edition cover of Ženski rokovnik.

Photo source: Lei Lou by Alex Dojčinović instagram: @LeiLouByAlex

This limited edition ženski rokovnik cover is launched as part of celebration of Ženski rokovnik's 5th birthday! For five years in a row this unique, customised, women only product has been sold out on Croatian market and is planned to be issued in two times higher circulation in 2013.

Ženski rokovnik is unique planner which is made by women and for women, produced and printed in Croatia and every year updated according to it's previous year users based on comments and suggestions collected on companies Facebook page.

This adorable little planner is different from all other on the market, it has a round mirror embedded into inner side of the front cover, elastic ribbon to hold a pen, it's made in purse friendly size and it's 6 covers including special limited edition one are following latest fashion with their trendy bright colors. 

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

This year Ženski rokovnik for 2013. is made in format of female magazine with editors letter to introduce you to it's unique new features like: more notes pages, premade lists and reminders like: PMS calendar, reminder and instructions for self breast check, list of  books and movies you would like to see, seasonal shopping list, vacation check list,  pre-made doctor visits list, favorite blogger list etc.

Other then cooperation with Croatian's most famous fashion designer, company also partnered with Max Factor and with each planner you will get new Max Factor lip gloss and foundation samples.

Stay tuned ladies...there will be more from Ženski rokovnik coming your way ;) Are you still using paper planners? How do you like this one?


Photo: Jure Perišić

Although I support, buy clothes from and follow the work of many Croatian fashion designers, there are a few who really grew on me through years and are really developing into not only creative talents but also a great business people working with many worldwide known brands and companies. 

LEI LOU by Alex Dojčinović

This post I am dedicating to my friend, a marvelous business women, practical and creative fashion designer and now a household name in Croatia and neighboring countries - Aleksandra Dojčinović who has developed her brand Lei Lou into a recognizable, luxury go-to brand known primarily by it's comfortable elegance, lovely, simple cut, meticulously tailored dresses with a mysterious dash of sexiness and intelligence to them which women of various ages and body shapes can wear morning to evening daily, while feeling comfortable and confident. 

Bellow you can see the romantic inspiration I pulled out of her patterns and fabrics while exploring her collection in the backstage of event for SS 2013. season. In line with Lei Lou brand equity - clothing for real women, Lei Lou capsule collection was modeled by selected Croatian Fashion editors. 

When I asked Aleksandra to comment some journalist's statement that she continues to "play it safe" with her collections and she said that "It is the hardest to design a simple dress", which I actually agree with. Knowing her I am sure she can sketch and produce quite comprehensive pieces but as she said: Who would buy it? Who would wear it? - indeed, she wants to design for real women, who get up in the morning and go to work. Lei Lou is here to provide them with all day luxury feel, because this is what ladies deserve. 


Another feminine and elegant Croatian brand which I closely follow is Envy Room. Designer duo Vjeko Franetović and Nikica Ivančević can certainly say they know women. Their amazing sense for subdued and mysterious sex appeal has won over the hearts of many women in Croatia and internationally who now became their returning customers. 

What I particularly like about this duo is their sense of aesthetics, ability to innovate and reinvent themselves from season to season, generating new trends and bringing fresh approach to Croatian fashion scene inspired by a strong women or particular era in fashion history. 

I really enjoy their lacy body hugging dresses with nautical detailing and short peplum from latest collection. 
Vjeko and Nikica are indeed just a burst of positive energy and quite a savvy and good looking business man duo, aways well connected personally with their customer through their blog, column, website and social media channels. My favorites are their Instagram: @envyroom and Facebook page

Envy Room SS 2013.

Envy Room FW 2012. 

Photo: Šime Eškinja | Model: Korana Gvozdić
| Make up: Sanja Agić | Hair: Irena Ružić

Which Croatian designers do you follow the most ladies? Who's clothing do you already wear and love?