This blog is my growing up story posted in daily sequels on www.themumpreneur.com & branching social media pages. I have a passion for learning new things, growing my marketing & PR consulting business, a tech startup I am involved with, and cooking delicious meals ready in max 30 min, all while wearing fabulous clothes (you know, like mum jeans)! However, raising my daughters to be kind and independent humans is my life mission.
MUM. I am a relatively new mom, I gave birth to two fierce, little girls in the past four years, out of which I haven’t slept for two at least.
As Mum in Mum-preneur comes first, so do my girls come first to me, gotta get them ready for the world (or world for them, depending on how you look at it). Many of my posts will be about never-ending battle of finding the right balance between raising my little humans and developing my work passions all while navigating through the various countries by my partner’s basketball career.
ENTREPRENEUR. I am a mama-preneur who works from home office (read lots of late-night shifts). After a corporate career, I now do public relations & marketing consulting for small to midsize companies and I am investing my work into a super exciting AR tech startup I partially own with a fabulous group of guys - www.golivecard.com.
FASHION LOVER. I am a life long fashion lover, also a life long occasional drama queen! Sometimes I am posting my daily outfit inspirations, let me tell ya, those changed a whole lot after 2 kiddos! My go-to clothing pieces are romantic floral maxi dresses, hats, boots, and leather jackets. A big no-no’s for me are all those overly comfortable, ‘nobody should ever wear’ kind of shoes: Uggs, Crocs...
FOODIE. Being an athlete my whole life, living with a professional athlete & having two young daughters I am very curious and (try to be) creative when it comes to cooking and serving healthy food to my family. My #1 rule is that I make food that can be made in max 30 minutes.
Step into my world, have a coffee, stay a little, let's do business together.