I am a fashion and PR passionista, social media affectionada and a curious globetrotter with fashion being my main transportation. 

My fashion blog was founded when I was still living in New York and working in a fashion industry back in April, 2008. Before that I studied and lived in Maryland, then Connecticut and then New York City after which I returned back to Croatia to work in a communications department of amazing global corporation - Procter & Gamble. Today I live with my boyfriend Ante and my dog Papi in beautiful Barcelona, Spain and working as a full time fashion blogger and entrepreneur - a co-owner, a buyer and a curator for e-commerce fashion startup www.Trendcy.com.

  Fashion is very important and influential part of my personal aesthetics. All of the categories I cover in my blog are luxuriously illustrated and viewed from my personal point of view shared in a way I would share it with my girlfriends over a cup of Starbucks skinny peppermint mocha.

My goal is to share my growing up life, travel and love lessons, commentary to current fashion trends and my passion for fashion as it translates into every segment of my daily life.

I hope you will enjoy reading and commenting my posts as much as I enjoy writing and sharing my views, emotions and daily thoughts with you lovelies. 


Katarina Štimac
Founder & editor
Email: katarina@lakatwalk.com