Photos:   Mario Poje Dress:   Lei Lou by Alex Dojčinović

After eventful three days in Milan for   P&G Future Fabrics event where Giles Deacon was presented as new creative director for P&G Fabric Care (there will be a separate post on this, I am still cleaning up the images) I flew back to Budapest and drove straight to Zagreb, Croatia to watch the last day of   Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb shows, as representative of Dreft brand I was really looking forward to see who was selected as a winner of young designer contest, on the other hand as a fashion blogger and Trendcy curator I was looking forward to   Vjera Vilicnik show who I interviewed a while back, she certainly didn't disappoint. In following posts I will share my favorite pics from designer collections show on this Spring/Summer 14' DFWZ.

For the show I was wearing made-to-measure blush pink velvet   Lei Lou by Alex Dojčinović dress from her Fall/Winter 2013. collection with red patent leather stilettos and nude vintage clutch. The weather was horrible, it was raining all day so my hair wasn't as planned as it got ruined just by walking to the car. 

As well as many other Croatian ladies who attended the event I wrote a little message to brave and resilient ladies from ex-Croatian factory Kamensko who we hired to make our red promotional scarves for Dreft goodybags. Those women were left without salaries and unemployed after 20+ years of working for this historic Croatian textile factory and instead of staying home and receiving governments aid as many other unemployed Croatians they founded their own company and are trying to get work bit by bit and survive doing what they know and love.

To close the last day of DFWZ I took photo with beautiful Suzy Josipović, event organizer and my dear cousin Martina. :)

After last year's successful collaboration with most popular Croatian fashion designer Aleksandra Dojčinović product of which you could exclusively win on this blog, team of fabulous women behind Ženski Rokovnik - unique planner made specifically for women kicked of collaboration with a group of 8 young and talented creative people in Croatia for their 6th edition of Ženski rokovnik for 2014. They are: Friki Fimo , Atelje Bombona Kečkica, And You by Ana, Urshoes, Lolina kućna manufaktura, Micica, Nohaa and Puce.

As an additional gift, you can find discount coupons for up to 30% discount  for each of these eight artists designs in your Ženski rokovnik .

Cover Puce and Friki Fimo

Covers by UrShoes and And You by Ana

Covers by Atelje Bombona Kečkica and Micica

Covers by Lolina Kućna Manufaktura and Nohaa

Content and design of the planner is fully made based on the feedbacks of 1298 users who participated in the last years survey. Ženski Rokovnik for calendar year 2014. comes wrapped in variety of 14 different colorful and creative covers to choose from 8 of which are designer made while other 6 follow global fashion trends and patterns. Yes, you are guessing right, I am choosing leopard print one! ;)

Ženski Rokovnik is not just another cute planner you can get in any bookstore. It is really your best friend, purse essential and no matter the iPads and iPhone organizational apps and calendars, I still cherish it dearly and carry it with me every single day.

My each morning starts with coffee, soft music  playing from my iPad and opened Ženski rokovnik which I use to organize my work week, travels, my monthly financial budget, blog posts and other weekly tasks. What I really love about my Ženski rokovnik is a small rounded mirror placed inside of the covers which I can use to discretely check my make up between the meetings.

This years novelties on top of 14 new cover designs and collaboration with 8 talented artists are categories: 'Priorities of the month', 'small things which made me happy in year 2014' and a pen which you get as an extra present!

Another important thing which I wrote about in one of my last week posts is that it reminds me of my monthly breast checks. Ladies, ALL please do it, read my blog post on this topic to learn why.

Exclusively on my blog three of you, my readers can win one of the three copies of Ženski rokovnik for 2014. as per your choice. This giveaway lasts until Saturday, November 23rd. midnight I will announce the winner day after. Ženski rokovnik is written in Croatian so who ever understands it and want's it is eligible to participate.

In order to participate all you have to do is:

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3.  COMMENT below this post what is that you like the most about Ženski rokovnik and your email confirming you did all above.

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Ženski rokovnik is a perfect Christmas present for ladies in your family so be sure to order it via internet on time here.  It is also available for purchase exclusively in dm stores across Croatia. Bosnian people can order it via phone from distributer in Bosnia (more info on their Facebook page).

Good luck ladies!

For weeks now in Croatia there is a public debate (often not really civilized one) about upcoming referendum on December 1st pushed by a group of people who call themselves "In the name of the family" asking from government to change the countries constitution by defining marriage as the union between men and a women. 

This group of people created the whole campaign around their goal and financed by right wing political party and  a part of the catholic church they collected about 700K signatures demanding the referendum for this constitutional change.What this group hasn't been saying to very poorly informed, but unfortunately also many generally uneducated Croatian people is that if this referendum passes, not only that gay couples would not be able to get married but we would also violate their basic human rights, not only according to the constitution, but also in accordance to Croatian's family law and the law addressing the rights of minorities. 

Mind you, there is only 140 officially declared gay couples living together in Croatia, however for some reason, God fearing heterosexual majority is feeling so threaten by them and possibility of their relationship being called a marriage that they decided to spend 47 million Croatian kuna for referendum at the time when many citizens are surviving by digging around the garbage cans to find and sell plastic bottles for food. 

        After years of fitting bloody war for democracy in Croatia many families are destroyed with the loss of their loved ones. Today years later, we are as nation abandoning the sacrifice of the war victims and all they have been fighting for and we are abusing hard earned democracy to diminish and silence our gay friends, soldiers, colleagues, brothers and sisters, Catholics and Croat's basic human rights to be equally in love and happy in their same sex family as we are in our own. 

"I hate the word homophobia. It's not a phobia. You are not scared. You are an asshole."
Morgan Freeman 

Subsequently, I have been recently having long and at times emotional debate about this issue with my friends, family and within interest groups in my Facebook friends network. I don't understand how can anyone dare to decide to take away the right they themselves have to another human being? For me, marriage is a human right, not a heterosexual privilege. Love is a human experience, not a political statement. 

Some of my friends and family members judge me for being loud and outspoken with my opinion on this topic. I don't care. It's important.

 When I see a crowed of majority kicking the one person that is different in the corner, I will still go there and extend my hand to help, no matter how unpopular this might be, no matter if I also get kicked while doing it. It is still worth it. Because maybe, just maybe, another person will come and give us a hand. And another one. And another one.

I am sad when bigots are calling upon Jesus (who had two fathers) and church using God's house and playing with people's beliefs to blackmail and brainwash them to vote against gay persons right to legally be a couple with who they love. Why are you throwing stones at Jesus? You are that superior majority, why don't you protect the minority? Being gay is not a crime and it is not a sin, stop using God to justify your prejudice and hate.

Religion is about loving and respecting one another. You are just looking for an excuse to hate what is different. If we want to get scientific, homosexuality is found in 450 animal species (including humans), homophobia is found in only one. Which one seems unnatural now?

"I stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated, and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values. " 
Ellen Degeneres

Some dudes marry dudes. Some chicks marry chicks. Get over it. Being gay is not voluntary, it's not a choice. Hate is. 

Please, please ALL Croatians with common sense and humanity, go and vote AGAINST changing the constitution on December 1st. 

I want to know what itʼs like… 

To have equal opportunity. 

To know full equality. 
To be one humanity.

I want to know what it’s like… 
To be treated equally by my peers. 
To stand alongside every queer… 
On the edge of a new frontier.

A frontier that no one will dictate. 
A frontier where there will be no debate. 
A frontier in which everyone can relate. 
A frontier made up of love and not hate.
I want to know what it’s like… 

To open your eyes so you can see. 
The way this world is supposed to be. 
We arenʼt so different, you & me.

Lyrics source: "I wan't to know what is like"  (video)

Photographed by Irving Penn, Vogue, 1994

         Many people complain about US Vogue being so full of advertising and how it is not worth of the money you pay...bla..bla..bla. I tend to strongly disagree as someone who is subscribed to both iPad and print edition and as someone who reads it cover to cover. Actually, Vogue has some amazing journalist and writers and there is plenty of great quality articles and research work these journalist do to write them so I indeed think they need to be paid properly for the great work they do, hence the magazine is in my opinion worth every penny!

In this post I am sharing my learnings from one of these articles I read in the plane when coming to Budapest from Barcelona. Article is titled 'Girl, interrupted' and it was written by Jancee Dunn. This article has really shaken me, it made me think and act immediately.

The article talks about the unsettling new report which shatters the myth that youth is a defense against breast cancer. I was actually shocked as although I am having an ultrasound breast check once a year with my gynecologist exam, I wasn't really persistent with self breast check, I am kind of thinking, I'm young, chances are not that big, but boy was I wrong! As unfortunately more and more of young women are learning, breast cancer can strike when least expected!

Researches have shown that there is a growing number of young women aged 25 to 39 who are being diagnosed with breast cancer. The study published in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that advanced cases edged up from 1.5 per 100,000 younger women in 1976 to 2.9 per 100,000 in 2009! This seems like a minor increase but the research has shown that for some reason the disease is more aggressive with younger patients then older and the younger patients are more likely to need a mastectomy and lower survival rate then older patients.

This research together with Angelina Jolie's announcement of having double preventative mastectomy at age 37 has put more spotlight on young women with breast cancer. As according to the American Cancer Society the breast cancer is the most common cancer with women under 40.

To help lower the odds of developing disease doctors advise to cut down on drinking alcoholic drinks (as it changes the way women's body metabolizes estrogen) - relative risk increases 7% for each drink per day. Your diet should be rich with fruits and vegetables, exercise often, at least 45-60 minutes at least 5 days a week - this can lower your chances by 30% even! Also, do frequent ultrasounds, at least once a year or twice in case you have a history of breast cancer in your family and do self-breast check! Early prevention increases the chances of battling and beating this nasty disease!

Personally, since I am using   Ženski Rokovnik (this is a very cute little planner created for women available on German and in Croatian) so for the past couple of years, I have been much better with self breast checks as t reminds me to do it once a month and it also has a tutorial of how to do it in it.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM ON-Ear headphones 

After a lovely AddMyBerry QR code t-shirt giveaway where the winner was Marijana! Congrats darling! :)

Thus,  I decided to run another #FridayFunDay giveaway with my blog’s partner company Nove Boje Zvuka – importer for Croatia for latest fashion audio and video equipment.  

Their latest fashion product guarantees that you will hear your favorite music as good as you will look!

 No more annoying ear buds you get with your smartphones or iPods and then the wires get tangled and fall out of your ear when you are running, there is new generation of fashionable headphones which are not only of a top sound quality but they also look super fabulous – the name is Sennheiser MOMENTOM On-Ear headphones.

A really great feature of the MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones is the remote or rather three-buttoned control pod, which controls the sound, but also controls Apple devices. It can be used as a regular microphone to talk while listening to music on iPhone.  Apart from that, the buttons also work for adjusting the volume of the music.

For example, I can start and stop my iTunes playlist from the headphones, which can be quite handy, especially when I am working out or heading to work in noisy subway.

The colors, namely pink (my favorite), blue, ivory and pistachio have a metallic finish and hence are making these new Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headsets appear very chic. The head frame is supplied with metal-made sliders, which allows the user to adjust it according to the shape and size of his or her head. I think my head is mid-size but my issue with small iPhone ear buds is that they are too big for my ears so they hurt them after I use them for too long.

The Sennheiser ran a lovely photo-shoot and campaign in UK with bloggers, check out the behind the scenes video here:

The Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones are not as huge as other similar headphones, they are not bulky as some other popular types. They lightly sit atop the ears, without feeling to heavy or irritating your ears. The smaller size of the ear cups is very chic because I think I would feel a bit awkward when wearing it in the public if they were too big.

If you want to win pair of fabulous Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones which retail for $226 follow the simple steps below! 
Giveaway starts now and the winner will be announced on  midnight November 8th
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Good luck lovelies! :)