Who says wedding rings need to be platinum and diamond? Of course, platinum and diamond wedding rings are beautiful. However, there are plenty of other ring options out there that can be just as special.
If you are thinking that buying a diamond ring is an age-old wedding tradition, then think again. De Beers, the diamond mining company, cooked up the idea back in the 1940s. After decades of successful marketing, people now believe that diamonds are a wedding essential. But are they really?
If you are like me, a person who prefers innovative and edgy items, then a traditional-looking ring might not be the right fit for you. You need something that looks unique in a crowd of similar (read all the same) wedding rings.

To help you get a ring that’s as special as you are, check out these 5 unique wedding rings that are truly different but traditional enough not to scare you off.

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Who says that you need a ring of metal around your finger? It’s your wedding you can do pretty much do whatever you want.

One of the recent trends is ditching the metal ring altogether and getting a tattoo that looks like a ring. This option is super handy for everyone who does any kind of manual labor and needs to take off their ring often. Ring avulsion being a very real danger, these tattoos help people stay safe. Sure, you don’t get to exchange rings, but you do get an awesome experience going to the tattoo parlor together.

Some couples even choose to get the impression of their actual wedding rings tattooed on their fingers. That way they get the best of both worlds.

Carbon Fiber Wedding Rings

Say what? Their non-metallic construction makes carbon fiber rings hypoallergenic. Even if you are not allergic to metal, you have to agree that wearing carbon fiber anything is extremely cool. :)

This material goes into making components for supercars, spaceships, and satellites because they are extremely durable and lightweight. So, hyper-geeks rejoice!

These rings have a typical dark grey color and are available in both glossy or matte finishes.

Non-Diamond Wedding Rings

There is no denying that diamonds are extremely popular choices for wedding rings. Therefore, if you want something different you need to find something a bit more unique.

Thankfully, there are plenty of colorful gemstones to choose from that are not diamonds. From lab-made deep blue sapphires to the sparkling green of a natural peridot stone, you will have plenty of choices if you decide to get a stone that’s not diamond.

Wooden Wedding Rings/ Rings with Wooden Inlays

Wooden rings are especially popular wedding ring choice for men. These rings have beautiful wooden inlays encased within a metal ring. The contrasting nature of wood and metal is what makes these rings look unique. If you want to shake things up, buy a set of wood inlay rings and use it as your wedding band.

Ceramic Wedding Rings

Ceramic rings have a unique look and feel. Contrary to belief, they are extremely durable. They also have a typical sheen that matches the shine of expensive porcelain items. Now, because ceramic holds on to paint really well, these rings are available in bright colors. 

So, how about a pair of bright red ceramic rings for your wedding? If that’s too out there you can always pick pitch black wedding rings made from ceramic.
What was (will be) your ring option? :)

The gorgeous purple-pink color of bougainvillea flower bush near my home in Barcelona is always the first sign of Summer for me. It reminds me of Greek Island Santorini and it's gorgeous blues, whites with touches od bougainvillea pinks or our Summer destination Dubrovnik, it's stone walls and wraths of bougainvillea framing front entrances to peoples homes. 

This #ootd was indeed inspired by this color combination and is hopefully sharing Mediterranean Summer colors and feel. 


After eyeing it for weeks I finally got this mini Self Portrait white lace dress with peplum trim and strappy back. As a mother of a toddler I rarely dare to wear white so for this Summer I made a conscious effort to add some white pieces to my Summer wardrobe. I was thinking I would wear this dress to one or two celebrations but I ended up wearing it a whole lot more.

My favorite things about this dress are that although it is not bra friendly it holds your girls just fine without a bra or any other support or a tape for that matter as the material is very rigid and firm.  The waist is taken in and gives you pretty curvy shape emphasized with peplum trimming.


My black and white Zac Posen handbag has been featured in many posts already. I want to be very realistic with my #ootd's. Although white this handbag is my go-to bag for business meetings and also for strolls with my toddler. It has enough of space for a laptop and a spare nappy + all the other essentials I keep carrying around with me.

Because it is almost all white it does require a gentle cleaning with leather cream cleaner but I anyways wipe clean all my leather accessory once a month so this bag is no exception.


A perfect pop of color (other than the lipstick) for any outfit comes from pointy toe kitten heel sandals by Sam Edelman. Looking at my shoe closet I often feel bad I don't wear more often all those beauties I invested my money in for years.

This is why I decided not to compromise comfort for beauty when shopping for shoes in order to get to wear each pair more often. These sandals are super comfortable and haven't given me blisters not even the first time I wore them.

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Sometimes you just need a makeup-free, worry-free, laptop free and all other kinds of -free day, out by the pool on the sun and alone. Alone with your thoughts, your worries, hopes, and fears. A time to breathe without doing absolutely nothing else. Sounds simple, I know but it's anything but. 


We are now in Croatia on vacation, traveling and staying at several locations to meet with some family and friends but also to have some time to be alone, only three of us, as a family. 

Yesterday I was playing with my daughter and I felt a bit restless, I was 'only' playing...no mobile, no distractions, no TV in the background nor radio. A few seconds later a WhatsApp message sounded on my mobile with a loud beep...sounds awful but I felt a bit of a relief (there it was, in a loud beep I was doing more than one thing again). 

My mom was asking when are we coming for a lunch, next message then arrived from my sister asking what she should bring. I was answering one message after another not noticing my daughter just standing in front of me with a little rabbit in her hand and a very disappointed look on her face. 

'Alo ai!' She ordered pointing at the table, asking me angrily to put my phone down. 'Zeko adormir!' her toy rabbit needed to be put to nap and I was to do it with singing 'Mama voli Belu' a song I remade from a popular cartoon and sing to Anabela before she goes to sleep.

I, who often say how I am very good and conscious about not using my phone much around Anabela have been totally unconscious of how my daughter felt and how much time I spent on two simple WhatsApp messages in the middle of a very important moment during play for her (and I).


Although I try my very best to be present and in the moments I spend with my family I am not so aware and honest to myself when I need to truly take an emergency time out and just go away. To go away guilt free, most importantly.

Go away and be alone with absolutely no distractions. Be alone with myself. Even typing it now sounds terrifying. It sounds like a major waste of time for someone 'so busy' as I consider and pride myself to be.

When I finally do it, when I organize everything at home and at work and leave to have a coffee and read a book in a cafe 2 minutes away from our apartment I find it hard to relax and focus on just reading. I often (not always but often) find myself pulling out my mobile and typing a food shopping list, to do list or looking at kindergarden camera to see my daughter is ok.

Meditation, breathing app and my amazingly supportive boyfriend and a great dad, really do help and push me to go and be alone once in a few days and do something for myself but I often wonder, why don't I also give myself a permission to do the same?


One of major 'aha' moments for me was when my boss in the multination company I worked in said to me: "I think that the most capable and most intelligent people find a way to do fewer things but to do them more efficiently." DU-Ghhhh... I thought but it's easy for him to say from the director's (and males) perspective when he is juggling fewer things at the time. Later on (when I got physically sick) I realized that I can to take charge of the priorities I make and my own work schedule and simply not do some things. I indeed became more productive. Why is it so hard to apply this to the daily family life?

One young woman, a cancer survivor said it best "Will I save someone's life if I stay to work late in the office?' No? Then it can wait until tomorrow."

Free People crochett one piece swimsuit.

This fabulous hat which has two holes to tie it through with a silk wrap is from Uterque, the parfume is Amor Amor by Cacharel, there is also a hand cream from L'occitane, a lip gloss Douglas and a bronzer from Kiko.

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