Three years ago to date when I was preparing to deliver Anabela I was researching a lot on how to prepare my dog Papi for a new, upcoming baby and I wrote this post with tips that were super useful for our family 7 Tips How To Prepare A Dog For A New Baby.

A dog is even more likely to get jealous if he is a male dog and if he has not been neutered or spayed. With Anabela Papi's adjustment was much easier than we expected but he was noticeably different, a bit sad for the lack of attention he got from us in first months when we hired a cleaner who then took him for his midday walk.

Papi went from being our 'only child' to having to share us with a very demanding baby, now a very active toddler.


What was very important to us is to make sure Papi knows that a new baby is part of 'human wolf pack' meaning his 'new owner' and not his competition, a new little pet. This was particularly important for us when Anabela was starting to spend more time on the floor when we were strict about not letting Papi play with her toys and vice versa.

At one point Anabela started to interact with Papi and kept following him around the apartment, pulling his ears and tail, thinking he is another stuffed animal. We made sure we protect Papi physically and verbally so both of them know what is off limits, the only time they got in a small fight was over a toy when Papi scratched Bela's cheek a bit and we punished him for it by removing him physically from her and taking away his toys for a while.


Now in preparation for the arrival of our second daughter, we are doing the same prep work with Papi (and Anabela) as we did with him three years ago. We also plan to bring the first hospital clothes our baby will wear to Papi to get used to her smell before we bring her home. When we do bring the new baby in the house, just as with Anabela we plan to let him smell her well on the floor from her car seat and with time get used to this new little human family member.

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