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Today I am having one of those sucky pregnancy days with now being in 26th week (in 7th month) I woke up all cheerful and then felt really sickish after breakfast which continued with plates falling from my hands and breaking, my back hurting, baby kicking, nipples itching ohhh so glamorous isn't it? :) 

Anyways, an hour later with ice packs on my boobs, drinking chocolate tea and eating white chocolate with nuts (please don't judge) I decided to online-shop for maternity holiday dress and even though usually a choice of maternity clothing is not so good in stores and a bit better online I managed to find some fantastic dresses which will hopefully make me feel less like a fat, swollen and grumpy pregnant women and more like chic, glittery and fabulous lady with a decent size baby bump. Girl can at least hope so!

When it comes to maternity evening dresses the same 'rules' apply as when you are wearing evening dress when not pregnant. You want to show your one best feature and then cover other things. For example in pregnancy your boobs will literary bloom which is particularly exciting for girls who usually are not to boobilicious so go ahead and show them off with beautiful maxi or cocktail dress with decent cleavage, however, in this case cover your legs a bit more.


If you got some more weight in your legs and stomach then you hoped for or you are like me tall in third trimester of pregnancy you might decide to go with long, flowy and romantic gown which is not to fitted so you will be able to wear your fabulous pregnancy underwear without showing panty lines. great thing about wearing a maxi gown (especially if you are tall yourself) is that you can get away without heels and thus be more comfortable during the whole evening.


In case you are in first and second trimester and your belly is not to big, you feel comfortable showing your not yet swollen ankles in those pretty holiday heels you might want to go with a beautiful sequin cocktail dress. I found a great choice on  Asos Maternity and  Glama Mama. There is a great selection of loose fitting but also stretchy but fitted mini dresses which are really festive but also comfortable enough for you to spend whole evening in.


Classic cotton , silk, cashmere or wool little black dress is a great investment piece in any case, you might choose to purchase a better quality branded evening dress which you can then also wear for less festive occasions during the year as well. These dresses are a great choice if you recently gave birth and you really want to be comfortable in stretchy dress while your body is recovering. Another great thing is that you can play around more with accessory and glamorize a simple one color dress with gorgeous necklace, shinny clutch and heels. 

Shop fabulous maternity holiday dresses here:

Did you already get your maternity holiday dress?
Which one of these do you think I choose at the end? ;)


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Yesterday we had guests over and we were out all day so since I had only an hour to prepare a dinner and appetizers for four people I decided to do this very simple but really delicious salad. I usually make this Moroccan Eggplant & Chickpea Salad with cuscus and for me this makes a full meal but yesterday I made it along with another salad, gnocchi and Argentinian steaks.


4 small red onions
2 medium eggplants
150 ml extra virgin olive oil
800 g jar of chickpeas
a bit of rocket salad

Sauce ingredients:

400 ml natural or greek yogurt
1 teaspoon of smoked paprika
4 tablespoons of fresh chopped mint leaves  


Preheat the oven on 200C. Wash and dry eggplants and peel the onions. Cut the eggplants into bite size pieces and red onions into wedges. Put the cut eggplants and onions into a bowl and season them with olive oil, salt and pepper. Spread out cut eggplant and red onions on to a baking tray and roast in the oven for 20 minutes or until the vegetables are softened and lightly browned (onion will look slightly caramelized). 

While eggplant and red onion is in the oven, drain and wash chickpeas, dry them and spread them out into a long but shallow serving plate, season them with salt and pepper. Make the dressing by mixing yogurt, paprika and chopped mint (I used a a blender for mixing cause I can't chop mint tiny enough manually).

Serve the warm baked eggplant and onions over chickpeas and spoon over mint yogurt sauce and voila! Delicious salad is ready! :)

Trust me you will love this dish even if you are not a huge eggplant fan! It's super simple and healthy!

Let me know how you like it once you give it a try!


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George Constanza from Seinfeld once said "I would wrap myself in velvet if it was socially acceptable." I kind of feel the same way about velvet. I love how velvet feels against my skin and really enjoy wearing it in numerous shapes and weights ranging from vintage inspired lingerie to structured suit jackets, romantic midi dresses and 70's inspired jumpsuits.  

Last year I got a custom made pink A-line dress made out of heavy velvet from a designer friend Alex Dojcinovic and this year we can see velvet being fashionista's favorite go to material for both day and after during dark hours.In her last Fall collection she did another version of the same dress but a bit lighter in weight (on the photo bellow). In her last Lei Lou by Alex Dojcinovic runway show Aleksandra showed variety of gorgeous midi dresses appropriate equally for work and evening cocktails or wherever else lady chooses to wear them. 


I myself particularly love to wear it in royal green color and burgundy red but recently more popular are gold and gray tones. My favorite way to wrap myself in velvet is most definitely a dress as number one choice but since recently I also got my eye on velvet 70's inspired lace up top jumpsuits and tops (loose fitting of course due to my pregnancy).

Velvet pieces are not only to be worn as evening wear, lately mass market brands have been launching velvet camisole tops and t-shirts which you can wear as part of casual look during the work day.


Big designer name brands like YSL, Ralph Lauren, Charlotte Olympia, D&G and many others always find a way to incorporate this luxurious fabric into their collections both when it comes to clothing and accessories. I love burgundy red backpack for this Fall.

When it comes to velvet accessories you should take a special care of them as this fabric is much more delicate then leather. Although velvet shoes may look very cool as they age, purses you should be careful not to wear them tightly close to your body as the fabric might shed. 


When it comes to velvet pieces my shops of choice are always Free People, Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters and Reformation. 

URBAN OUTFITTERS - Velvet Cami, Great Pretender Velvet Dress, Velvet Overall and my favorite Ecote Velvet Lace Up Dress.

FREE PEOPLE -   Vienna Mini Dress,   Velvet Brim Hat,   Red Velvet Jacket and a closet staple    Velvet Maxi Slip.


Whenever in doubt on how to care about a velvet clothing piece or accessory always take it to professional dry-cleaners.  Use a steamer to remove mild creases. Turn the garment inside out and point the nozzle of a steamer at the creases and folds. You may also hang the item in a steam-filled bathroom.

Do you have a velvet piece in your closet and if so what is it and how do you wear it?

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Rarely do I ever post about beauty products and skin care, even though I indeed spend a lot of time testing cosmetics and now by the age of 30 (almost), ok, I am actually 30.... :)...... after testing numerous cosmetic products I already know which products work for my skin and are practical for my lifestyle. As with clothes and everything else in life I go for quality over quantity when it comes to cosmetics as well. I am much less prone to experimenting when it comes to skincare during last five or so years and I religiously use the same products which really work for me so I think I can also write about them with certain empirical knowledge.

Today I choose to post about mu favorite (and yes quite pricey, but I work hard and I deserve it) facial and body cream. So here is the story about my miracle cremes....


Because something has happened here that cannot be explained. If miracles are defined as unique events that appear inexplicable by the laws of nature, then surely Crème de la Mer is a miracle.  For here is the crème that will truly change the way you see yourself, the crème that has inspired a devoted cult following.


A story of the legendary Crème de la Mer's main ingredient discovery, the Miracle Broth™begins with an accident and ends with a miracle. This is a story of hope and perseverance, meticulous science and the magical powers of the sea. It is a story of daily transformation and profound healing. 

Fifty years ago now, aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber suffered burns in a laboratory accident. Neither medicine nor science offered the benefits Dr. Huber sought, and he began a personal research to transform the look and heel his skin.  It took 12 years and 6,000 experiments, finally, he perfected the precious, nurturing Miracle Broth™, which he incorporated into the very first La Mer formula, Crème de la Mer. 


La Mer believes the world’s oceans have incredible properties that have yet to be fully explored and understood. With over 70% of the earth covered with water and 97% of the sea still undiscovered, the opportunities and inspiration for La Mer’s future innovations are endless. The ocean’s plants are able to survive extreme conditions and often adapt to changing environments, giving them potent powers to be harnessed for renewing the look of skin. 

The Miracle Broth™ is a blend of precious sea-born ingredients. It is the soul of La Mer’s iconic formulas.  At its core is nutrient-rich, nourishing sea kelp, which is then transformed during a three- to four-month bio-fermentation process in combination with other pure ingredients, into an enhanced energy source that acts as a powerful catalyst for skin renewal.


My skin is mixed, quite sheer and thin with oily t-zone and it's quite prone to breakouts. I am using La Mer face cream for more then 5 years now on and off. I started using it when I lived in New York City. Since I first started using it I did take short breaks and try some other facial creams but I always come back to La Mer and once I do I actually save money as even though La Mer is quite expensive cream, it's super rich but also light and it doesn't make skin oily but rather soft, toned and looking younger. The creme smells great as well. 

At the end of this past Summer I also started using La Mer Body cream and it also smells deliciously, it moistures my skin wonderfully and it's not greasy although it feels nice and rich. 


To activate the broth and release its key ingredients, warm a small amount between your fingertips.   As you pat onto clean, dry skin, you will instantly feel the soothing effects of the broth.  Smooth over face, neck end under the fragile eye area.  Apply day and night.

You can purchase La Mer in Croatia in Douglas drugstore in Zagreb while you can purchase it in all luxury department stores in Western Europe and US.

Shop La Mer products bellow:


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One of my main concerns when I think about my new baby is how it will get along with the first 'baby' in our home - our dog Papi. Let me tell you a bit more about Papi so you can understand a bit better why this is my big concern and then I will share all that I learned during researching this topic in details by reading different books and articles and talking to my friends who have pets and babies.


Papi is a mixture of a hunting dog and a royal puddle. Mid size dog with a larger then life character. In his short life (he is now 4.5 years old) he already lived in three countries Croatia, Hungary and Spain and during his first few years he flew and traveled more then the average businessman so now he is on his 5th passport. Papi hates flying and staying in a cannel. Luckily, for the last 2 years he only travels for vacation and stays most of the year in Barcelona.

Papi is very protective of my boyfriend and I and extremely attached to both of us. He cries even when we leave the house for a little bit to go to buy bread or newspapers. When I work in my office he sleeps on my feet with his head on my foot or his paws wrapped around my leg. Papi doesn't like house guests. When a doorbell rings the whole neighborhood can hear him barking. He doesn't like men with long beards. 

Papi enjoys long walks on the Passeo de Gracia, Barcelona's luxury shopping street, he especially enjoys peeing in front of the door of Gucci, Prada and the other high end stores. He fights with boys and loves playing with female dogs. When I take him to the dog park he sits on the bench. Papi eats yogurt for breakfast and enjoys Argentinian steak leftovers. He sleeps curled up next to me in bed, close enough to feel my heartbeat. Papi's favorite actor is Kevin Spacey and he doesn't let us change the TV channel when his movie is on. Papi is our first baby in the family and my best friend for life. 


I researched this topic a lot and this is what I learned so far:

1. Give your dog anti-parasite medication monthly during your whole pregnancy and up to when your baby is one year old. (I got this advice from both my doctor and my vet.) 

When you are pregnant your immune system is weakened (so your body doesn't reject the baby) so you are more prone to get infected if your dog get's any of the parasites. The same goes for your baby up to when he is one year old. Papi really likes this medicine, it's shaped as a small bone and seems like it tastes good as he eats it alone like a candy.

2. Refresh your dog's training or hire a professional to help you train your dog if he doesn't yet listed to the basic commands (sit, stay, stop, let go etc.).

If you haven't done any training with your dog your 9 months of pregnancy is more then enough time to do it. Your dog needs to know who is a leader of his pack (that would be you) and how to behave before you bring a new baby into your home. If your dog is well trained use the time of your pregnancy to refresh on his training and to spend enough time walking him. 

3. Baby's room is 'off limits'.

If a baby's room will be a 'no go area' for your dog (which is recommended by dog expert Cesar) establish this rule long before baby enters the house so your dog doesn't necessary realizes the connection with a baby. First start with establishing an invisible barrier for your dog and then later slowly allow him to enter and sniff some areas of the baby's room under your supervision and to exit the room at your command. After all, the baby's safety comes first. 

4. Introduce your dog to baby's scent.

A lot of resources I read said that your husband/boyfriend should bring a piece of baby's clothing, a cloth it was wrapped in or a burp cloth to your home and introduce it to the dog before you bring the baby home so you can claim your baby's scent and your dog will adapt to it and connect it with a baby when it arrives in person. Practice control by challenging your dog to sniff this item from a distance before approaching it so he or she knows that he needs your permission to interact with a baby.

5. Introduce your dog to the baby.

Cesar advises to take the dog on a long walk before bringing the baby home and drain his energy so you it can be easier to control him when introducing to a baby. When baby enters the house the dog will know that there is this new somewhat familiar scent in the house. Let him sniff the baby at the safe distance. Don't let your dog come to close on the first introduction. Slowly, over time, allow your dog to come closer and closer under your supervision and meet the new member of your pack. 

6. Teach your baby to respect the dog.

From the first day your baby enters your home you need to teach her/him to be aware and respect your dog's space, it needs to be clear for your baby that its not ok to touch your dog's tail, face, to hit him hard or to go after him when dog isn't in the mood to play. Never leave your dog alone with your child and never assume that if your dog is very small and was never aggressive that he won't hurt your child. There were cases when small and cute dogs have also bitten and even killed small babies. 

7. Teach your dog to respect your baby.

Make sure you keep the role of the leader and to keep up with your dog's feeding, walking and playing routine after the baby arrives. If you did an introduction properly your dog should already know the boundaries but always make sure you are supervising the time your dog and your child spend together. 

Do you have any good tips from your own experience? 

Post them in the comment bellow! 
I am really curious to read and learn from you!


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 Finally I can introduce a new edition of   LaKatWalk Women's Planner for 2016.! The limited edition LaKatWalk Women's Planner for 2016. is illustrated by beautiful, very kind and amazingly talented american illustrator Jessica Marie behind the website   Simply Jessica Marie and envisioned and designed by me and the design team behind Women's Planner. 

This year I decided to again go with illustration cover as  the last one was a great success. This year   LaKatWalk Women's Planner cover is featuring Parisian chic, fresh spring style outfit featuring my favorite colors and yellow A-line skirt shape, strolling down stone covered street in old town with my dog Papi.


The Women's Planner is a weekly organizer adjusted to the needs of the modern woman; its unique contents make it easier for you to organize your business and private life.

Beside a weekly calendar scheduler, it contains many interesting sections that make it more personal and special than conventional planners. Some of its sections such as PMS calendar, breast self-examination reminder and instructions, medical appointments calendar, seasonal shopping list, vacation checklist, information about your pet and your car, list of titles of books or movies you wish to read/see and the list of decisions and priorities for the new year make this planner a sort of a personal diary that you will always wish to carry with you.

The contents of the planner are divided into personal details, personal interests, reminders, year planner and pages devoted to personal development, as well as notes on the monthly budget. 

It stands apart also for the little, round, discreet mirror on the inside of the front cover, an elastic closing band and two ribbon bookmarks.

The Women's Planner is made entirely in Croatia. It is a protected brand registered with the Croatian patent office. The Women's Planner is not just another planner; it is a planner with a heart that will charm you completely and that you will fall in love with at first sight! :)


Another unique feature of this planner is its design: it changes every year keeping up with most recent graphic design trends. Every year its cover comes in several varieties, for all types of women, from playful to fashionable, cheerful to somewhat serious and classic.

The main characteristics of the Women's planner are:

Size: 110 x 170 mm | 4.3 inch x 6.6 inch
Hard cover
Number of pages: 192
A round mirror on the inside of the front cover
2 ribbon bookmarks
An elastic closing band
An elastic band for pen

When designing the Women's planner, the design team does not have in mind only its beauty but also its functionality, trying to obtain maximum space for writing within the limits of its dimensions.


The theme of Women's Planner for 2016. is "Love Yourself" which I think it's hugely important as most of us women tend to forget to do it on a daily basics. 

So this year's planner also contains coloring motivational board which works therapeutically and it's proven that coloring helps to calm and relax us especially during stressful hours of a workday. 

As every other year, the calendar has motivational quotes added but also small icon reminders to do drink water, exercise and do other things to care about our health, the same icons are available as round sticker reminders which are placed on the separate sheet and you will find them in the pocket on the inside of the back cover of the planner.

There are few exciting novelties in LaKatWalk Women's Planner for 2016. one which you asked for the most is that 2016. edition is in English language so more people will be able to understand and use it then last year when it was in Croatian language. 

The new edition of LaKatWalk Women's planner also contains free mobile app for Android and iOS featuring guided relaxation exercises. 

You can purchase your copy of limited edition of  LaKataWalk Women's planner exclusively on  LaKatWalk blog shop for 14.99 Euro. It also makes a fabulous Christmas gift for special ladies in your life! :)


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