Bite my Style by Zoran Aragovic

I took some time to review this years best Croatian designers Fall/Winter 2014. collections and was really excited to see a comeback of some designers who's collections I used to adore like Zoran Aragovic who came back this season with strong collection under his label name 'Bite My Style'.

One of the hardest thing for me to prepare was always pork meet. I never know how to prepare it to be soft and delicious. Recently I purchased it again and tried a new recipe, for me personally it was revelation and my boyfriend kept asking to make it again.

Pork tastes really great, it's soft and a sauce is marvelous! I usually prepare it with couscous but you can also make it with rice, pasta or potato.

"Some days you just have to create your own sunshine."

In today's day and age seems like people care more about how your life is percieved by others in social media and by friends and family then how good, with quality we live it daily. Many times what is percieves to be is far from what it is. Let's face it, nobody has a good day, every day but it's definitely worth of making an effort to live in present and make each day for ourselves just a little bit better. 

All Photos: Niki & Claire Frank

Recently I got the opportunity to colaborate with a new casual brand from UK called Toby
I rarely wear full casual head to toe look and always somehow feel most comfortable in heels and a dress but since I started working as a buyer on time I spend working from home I do dress a bit more casual. 

Toby recently released his Vintage Collection which is already available from After his last collection being sported by the likes of Kate Moss and Carrie Bradshaw, his new line is set to be even, bigger, better and more exclusive.

All photo source: | Celine SS 15' hair style

For Spring/Summer 2015. show other then the gorgeous clothing pieces Celine showed a simple, clean and sophisticated hairstyle with gold metal circle hair clip. Hair was very natural, pulled back from the face. I am sure that this clip (Celine's product for the show) will be quickly imitated by high street brands. I think it makes fabulous & easy hair look for whole year long. Really simple, classy and cool and definitely better option then the good old (and a bit boring) ponytail most of the girls with long hair (I'm guilty as well) end up wearing daily.

Photo source:

Mention of Elie Saab always brings gowns and red carpet to mind first.

Nevertheless, this season brand took a bit more practical approach and extended the collection range with more day looks while staying true to the brand equity with luxurious fabrication and making as well as soft and feminine lines and color tones.