Photo: | Dsquared Fall/Winter 2013.

Dsquared duo Dan and Dean were inspired by jazz 40's style for Fall/Winter season 2013. In Milan 40's were indeed overwhelming trend to anticipate for upcoming Fall! So prepare your think ties, suspenders and suit up ladies!

My favorite were wonderfully tailored double breasted suits with trousers and especially skirt suits above peep-toe platforms as well as attention to details D&D have when it comes to show styling with jabots, bow ties, paste jewelry etc.

I love the way green lether pants are combined with the floaty lavander top and jacket and trendy yellow jacket over men-tailored grey suit classic. Most memorable for me are definitely the skirt suits.

How do you like the 40's comeback darlings?

Photo: | Dsquared Fall/Winter 2013.

Photo: | Dsquared Fall/Winter 2013.

Photo: | Dsquared Fall/Winter 2013.

Photo: | Dsquared Fall/Winter 2013.

Photo: | Dsquared Fall/Winter 2013.


Even though I come to Barcelona every month, due to the fact that I work 10-12 hrs/day and the rest of the time I am catching up on house choirs and spending good quality time with my boyfriend or supporting him at his basketball games we didn't have quite much time to explore Barcelona and its fabulous tourist spots like park Guell which we visited this past Saturday.

Neither my boyfriend nor I like to be at places with a lot of people due to the fact that I am working in communications, so I am talking and emailing every second of the day and he plays basketball so people pull his hand all of the time for autographs and photos and he is rather introverted vs. me, I am a total hyper social butterfly most of the time but when I am spending leisure time with him after work hours, I don't like to be disturbed.

Evening at park Guell or Gaudi park as they call it, with so many fascinated, at times a bit creepy Gaudi's art mixed with natural beauty of the park and gorgeous view of the city as if it was on the palm of our hands together with a glass of home made sangria surely made our weekend. We promised to each other that we will try to go and explore cultural spots of Barcelona more often rather then just stopping by our favorite restaurants and lounging at our couch.

Sunday was rather special as well, it was my boyfriends birthday but he also played a game that evening. During his morning practice and afternoon rest I closed the kitchen doors and cooked bunch of food, snakes, muffins and a cheese cake for surprise party I was throwing for him at our apartment. It was a bit hard since he was right there, but luckily, I played it cool and he didn't see it coming.

Week earlier I ordered him a huge birthday cake with his photo and happy birthday written in Croatian which I have sent to locker room after the game so he can celebrate with his teammates and I have key to the apartment to his four closest friends from the team, during his post-game press conference they managed to get to and hide in our apartment, my boyfriend and I arrived soon after and they jumped up to scare him, he was absolutely thrilled!

This was the first thing I was hiding from him since we have been together, I almost told him everything couple of times! But thanks God, I managed to keep it for myself and his party was a total success!

Photos: Courtesy of Estée Lauder

Since I have posted an   interview last year with Tom Pecheux for Estee Lauder as part of NYFW coverage I started paying more attention and trying out Estee Lauder products such as lipsticks and eyeshadow and my last repurchase was Estee Launder's fabulous BB cream which I featured in last post, I found it one of the perfumeries in Vitoria, Spain during Copa del Rey where I was supporting my boyfriend at his basketball games. 

Recently I got the advice from a friend who works in beauty industry to use daily moisturiser (I use Avene) and then Estee Lauder's BB cream for the day after which I also apply a bit of Bobi Brown's powder finish, it really works great and maintains oil free foundation during the whole day.

This fashion week in NYC marks seventh consecutive season of Estée Lauder sponsoring the beauty look (makeup & nails) at the Derek Lam Fall 2013 runway shows. 

Eyes: New Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio in Smoked Chrome (launching Aug. 13')

Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux led a team of 13 makeup artists to create the stunning look on 27 models – while famed manicurist Jin Soon Choi and her team polished their nails with NEW Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in So Vain and Nudité (launching March 2013).

 Lips:  NEW Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacqure in Electric Wine (launcing Aug, 13')

Makeup: Tom Pecheux for Estée Lauder | Nails: Jin Soon Choi for Estée Lauder | 
Photos: Courtesy of Estée Lauder

“The beauty look Derek Lam and I created for the Fall 2013 show is a sophisticated, minimal urban hippie – playing off of Derek’s inspirational mood board and the textures and colors of the fabrics in his collection.  The focus is on the eyes and the lips.  I placed a highlight of metallic shimmer in the center of the eyelid, to make it appear very flat, like a two-dimensional painting on a canvas.  The saturated stain on the lips is very strong and intense –  a mix of brown, maroon and burgundy.  The skin is very fresh and iridescent, a satin-matte texture,” said Tom Pecheux, Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Director, who used Estée Lauder makeup to complement Derek Lam's stunning collection.


“Every relationship rests on three legs: accepting, supporting and challenging. That's really it, isn't it? You want your relationships to be grounded on accepting each other as you are. On supporting each other through the inevitable ups and downs. On challenging each other to become more, to grow, to flourish." 

Samantha Goodwin

Last couple of days I have actually put everything on a side, work, fashion, even following NY fashion week, set on an airplane leaving from Budapest to Madrid at 5 am in the morning and then drove with a friend from Madrid to Vitoria on South of Spain to support my boyfriend during important tournament - Copa Del Rey (King's Cup). First game they played was against Real Madrid, club in which he played last couple of seasons and where many of his dear friends still play. This was actually a true 'finale' game as Barcelona and Real Madrid are realistically two best basketball clubs in their league.

Thankfully, my boyfriends team - Barcelona, won the first game after two quite emotional overtimes, I lost my voice cheering, I knew how much this game means to him so our friend Zoran (who took most of these photos) and I sat right behind the basket with big Croatian flag so he can see us and hear us during hardest minutes of the game. It worked! They won both of first two games and tonight they are playing in finals. If they win, and I am sure they will, this will be our second medal from Copa Del Rey in two years since we have been together. 

It is hard, we both work and travel a whole lot and are often tired but one thing we promised each other is to make each other our first priority. Meaning, when we have very important or emotionally draining work event, be in something related to my blog or work or for him important game, the other person will take a first flight and come to support, no matter what.

Since the weather was quite cold and rainy and I tried to spend some time with my boyfriend in between his practices, rest breaks, media meetings and games I found just about an hour or so for a quick run around town with our friend so I stopped by Kiko and iF parfumeria to get some of my favorite beauty essentials which I didn't have time to stock up on during last busy work week.

Vitoria-Gasteiz had a really bad weather last couple of days, raining, snowing and cold, however this little town is really special by so many things. It is first in the whole Spain as per green areas and cultural places per capita, also it is second as per quality and standard of living in Spain. Southern Spain - Pais Vasco is the richest part of Spain.  This area is also known by its famous Inernational Jazz Festival.

Here I stayed at historic and comfy hotel Paradores, hotel is very close by car to city center, about 10-15 minutes, staff in general doesn't speak good English but were quite helpful and sweet, food in hotel is pricey but delicious. 

 “Build me up and I with you. For we are more one than two.”

 Deborah Day

Photo source: | Gucci Spring 2013. RTW

Seems like this Spring 2013.season started way early in stores this season and pushed out those Winter sales dressing us in Spring's beiges, whites, dots and ruffles already now when it is still quite cold outside.
Karl Lagerfled said couple of years back: "The future of fashion is 6 months" , I would actually upgrade and fast forward this statement saying that fashion industry now became such a fast pace industry that now with resort, pre-season and regular season collection launches it's turn around period is 2-3 months which is quite a big challenge both for creative teams but also sales and distribution teams.

This again leads to unavoidable trend in fashion which is - bringing back and upgrading traditional cuts, fabrications and patterns. After covering Spring 2013. color trends white & yellow, with this post I am covering polka dots trend which I like and can imagine myself wearing if dots are really small white on black and ruffles trend which for me is an upgrade of overused peplum trend in last two fashion seasons.

Here are some of my favorite polka doted and ruffled designed pieces with my absolute favorite being Stéphane RollandGucci and Balenciaga

                               Photo source: | Chanel Spring 2013. RTW

Photo source: | Ashis Spring 2013. RTW

                                Photo source: | Balenciaga Spring 2013. RTW

Photo source: | Balenciaga Spring 2013. RTW

Photo source: | Gucci Spring 2013. RTW

                                    Photo source: | Gucci Spring 2013. RTW

Photo source: | Stephane Rolland Spring 2013. RTW

What about you ladies, are you up for ruffles, polka dots or both? :)