Altuzarra Spring/Summer 2016.

This season I decided to start my fashion week reviews by city starting with of course New York, I have seen all of the shows and selected my favorite looks based on wearability, quality and visible, interesting trends for upcoming fashion season.

Altuzarra's designer described his collection as “Very serene, about the beauty of materials which are close to nature, like linen, cotton and burlap; things which are not fussy, and meant to look wrinkled.” 

I love this collection because it's strong, rich with great quality fabrics, the looks are combined to be suited as office wear and evening wear, very elegant and easy to take care of. My favorite looks are the first two brown leather coat and top worn with navy linen pants pictured above.

Altuzarra Spring/Summer 2016.

 Altuzarra Spring/Summer 2016.

Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2016.

My romantic self loves Anna Sui, Carolina Herrera, DVF, Oscar de la Renta team and Rodarte who produced romantic, feminine and soft collections with 3D lace, floral print, pleats and sheer and airy gauzy materials. 

Carolina Herrera used high tech material to create up-town, gentle and feminine shapes, the keyword was pleats. Not the old school ones but those crated visually with strips of fabric connected with sheer mesh material. I adore gentle rose pallet colors which dominated this collection but didn't make it to girly or inappropriate for office wear, even more so the color pallet softened the cuts and shapes combining them into perfectly feminine and powerful ready to wear line.

I love how DVF floral and floaty dresses and pant-vest two piece assembles were constrained with dark brown leather belt.

Oscar de la Renta stayed true to late designer's original and recognizable romantic and rich in texture and shapes signature. My favorite two looks were two power red dresses, one on the left is a half embroidered cocktail dress with A-line bottom and another one is more fitted, knitted and appears sheer but lined in nude midi sleeveless pencil dress.

Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2016.

DVF Spring/Summer 2016.

Oscar de la Renta Spring/Summer 2016.

Rodarte sisters poetic 70's inspired, glam-rock but very feminine collection was one of my favorites! I love to wear and touch velvet in Fall and the sisters showed us some gorgeous velvet mini dresses with tie up cleavage and g touches of lace, Victoriana sleeve fringing and beautiful metallic lined embroidery.

Rodarte Spring/Summer 2016.

After pink flamingo's this Summer seems like fashion's next favorite bird will be a swan! Marc Jacobs show was love letter to the movies, very pop-art inspired, colorful and rich in details. My favorite colorful and detail rich pieces were this double breasted military jacket with swan's in love and the gorgeous lace dress with gold embroidery with swans in love -again. What can I say I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to fashion! :)

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2016.

Givenchy show irresistibly reminded me on the late Alexander Mcqueen shows rich in it's artsy, shocking and out of this world craftsmanship meant to be locked in the box and daily admired not worn. Tisci made his show into a   meditation on the losses of 9/11on which he creatively collaborate with performing artist Marina Abramovic. On top of gorgeously detailed, silk and gold embroidered coats, dresses and more the most media attention was given to the face decoration n studded golden jewelry, tulle frills, and lace.

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2016.

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2016.

As Donna Karen resigned as head designer,  Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne took over designing for the brand and used brands signature 90s power suite as a building block for their debut collection. 

Unapologetic power women from New York City who walks the walk and talks the talk is still there, it's in the brand's DNA. Big shoulders and casual, young and stylish takes on signature power suit took the front stage and updated the brand's appeal for a fresh tribe of 21ct power women.

DKNY Spring/Summer 2016.

J. Crew and Ralph Lauren showed what I call 'Greenwich Connecticut look', J.Crew catering to younger audience and lower price point while RL traditionally to crowed looking for high quality luxurious pieces. This is the look I sometimes go for for my casual and work wear classic dressing.

J.Crew is endlessly fun, young and chic but has gone high up in pricing while Ralph Lauren as always justifies the price point with quality, durability and fabric/making quality which is eternal, never goes out of style.

Ralph Lauren's signature Americana looks are very wearable as separates but also styled as on the runway with more dramatic head to toe leather suite looks or double breasted multicolor midi raincoat.

J.Crew Spring/Summer 2016.

J.Crew Spring/Summer 2016.

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2016.

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2016.

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2016.

Victoria Beckham showed simple, fresh, wearable and carefree collection inspired by her life in London, Miami and New York. Long has gone Victoria from high platform heels and short cocktail dresses, her new collection of mostly midi dresses shows little skin, breads with sophistication and luxury.

Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2016.

Alexander Wang celebrated the first decade of his brand after leaving Balenciaga and launching a successful capsule collaboration with fast fashion brand H&M. As always Wang' s collection listened and followed the street, more accurately, the streets of New York, there was no special concept behind the collection as designer himself admitted, it was young, urban and modern featuring military and deconstructed denim pieces, with a tad of more dramatic fringe on oversized military jackets.

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2016.

Did you see any of the shows? Which one was your favorite?


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All Photos: Armina Bavcic | Dress: Spell Design | Crown: Kreativni Nered
It's funny how no matter how good of a planner you think you are a life sometimes jumps at you with more things at once.

 This Summer was a life changing for me while at the same time very different then any other, busy and dynamic both professionally and more so on private level. My priorities definitely changed, but more details about the change in one of my next posts ;)

My boyfriend and I decided to settle in Barcelona where we purchased our first home together and plan to stay here for next three years and possibly also live here after his basketball career ends.  We also decided to furnish our own Summer home in Dubrovnik, an apartment which my boyfriend had for some time now and which was just sitting unfurnished for years. This was the dynamic part of Summer where I spent most of the time chasing the workers who were pre-paid to work on the apartment to actually come and work. Needless to say, Dubrovnik apartment is still not done and they promised to have it done by end of (last) June.
I used the opportunity of spending the Summer in Dubrovnik to collaborate with some Croatian designers and crafters. One of them called  Kreativni Nered  (in translation Creative Mess) made me a gorgeous needle stitched white crown featured in this post alongside of my favorite Summer boho vintage lace dress from Spell Design.

The City of Dubrovnik and surrounding area is absolutely gorgeous so it wasn't hard to find a great shooting location. My friend Armina suggested Arboretum Trsteno, gorgeous small botanical garden where Game of Thrones was filmed close to the beach with breathtaking views and untouched nature. Arboretum Trsteno is known by it's natural beauty and the 500-year old giant natural monuments - Asian plane-trees. 

One can easily get there in some 20 minutes by one of the regular buses connecting Dubrovnik with the Dubrovnik coast land. Trsteno boasts the15th century renaissance summer residence of Gučetić-Gozze family, with its garden which has been cultivated from the 15th century until today. The garden encompassing the summer residence, aqueduct, mill, the fountain with Neptune and nymphs and the belvedere pavilion overlooking the sea and islands is the finest example of Dubrovnik summer residence garden architecture.

How was your Summer ladies?
Are you well rested and ready for a new back to work season?

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"There really is nothing else quite like it.
We read more books, watch more films
and listen to more songs about it than anything else.
It quickens the heart, lights the soul and makes us whole."

As I already posted in last several posts, this Summer my boyfriend and I moved to a new apartment in Barcelona but also into a new Summer home in Dubrovnik so this Summer was all about packing, unpacking, cleaning and decorating for us. The good part of moving into a new place is that you are forced to go through and organize all your stuff and get rid of the stuff you really don't need anymore. 

My favorite part of settling into a new place was unpacking my photo albums and my jewelry. I peaked into each of these little precious boxes of earnings, necklaces, bracelets and rings and with this I opened mostly fond memories connected to the jewelry piece I was unpacking.

Most of my jewelry I got as a gift. Some of it is connected with gentle, loving, positive emotions while some make me a bit sad as I reminisce, such as my late grandmothers pearl earrings. 

For centuries people have been gifting jewelry as a symbol of love, a promise, friendship or appreciation. No matter the value, jewelry symbolizes the gift of heart, a gift of emotion which intensifies and revives with each wear.  

I often find myself impulsively clinging on my heart necklace whenever I watch my boyfriend play an intense basketball game, when I feel proud or when I just miss him for being away for home on a longer trip for a number of days in a row. Every morning I am putting it on my neck it feels like I am getting a big hug from my boyfriend no matter if he is home or not at the time. When I put it on, I feel fully dresses and ready to go about my day.

Photo source: 

When I first discovered Michael Hill Jewelry, the historic brands vision and direction of designing and crafting contemporary jewelry collections really hit home as they simply 'get it'. They know how to show emotion in a way that is bigger then words and their jewelry design caters to a whole rainbow or emotions, types of love, type of people and gifting purposes. The brand was founded in 1979 in New Zealand by entrepreneur and visionary Michael Hill and since it has expanded globally. 

"When given it’s an expression of love.
Young love, old love, motherly love, straight love,
gay love, forbidden love, brotherly love, it seals
love, nurtures, creates, kindles and declares love
for all the world to see."

"We don’t care what kind of love
you’re into, we just want to make
sure you get your fair share."

by  Michael Hill Jewelry
"We’re for Love."

What would you do for love? I would love to hear a story behind your favorite jewelry piece in a comment bellow.


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