If you follow my Instagram you have seen that I enjoy making various educational and sensory motoric DIY material for Anabela.

When she was a bit less than 1-year old I made this quiet book for her.

I know it's not nearly perfect, I had to fix it a couple of times as Anabela plays with it sometimes a bit too aggressively. But she really, really enjoys it.

I put these pages together by sewing them together and filling with an additional cotton base, later I glued and sewed smaller elements on each page. If you don't know how to sew you can definitely make it just with using a glue gun and go for cardboard vs. fabric and felt pages and just glue the elements on regular cardboard pages.

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I used materials such as felt paper, colorful buttons, pompons, pieces of colorful fabric, zippers and tools such as needle and thread, glue gun, sticky adhesive dots, binder rings, eyelet plyers and eyelets.

Since this one, I made a couple of more, more simple and easier to make quite books, this time I photographed the process and will share it with you in upcoming posts.

Anabela has never watched too many cartoons. I try to use cartoons as the last resort when I am in a hurry or really need her to sit still, like while in the airplane seated for example or during long car rides. During my last two trimester of pregnancy, I have to say her cartoon time increased as I am less and less able to do things with her physically outdoors.

Until her second birthday, Anabela didn't know the names of many cartoon characters. Well...now she does! :)

Little before her third birthday (aka a few weeks ago), she became 'obsessed' with Peppa Pig and I noticed that she has a bit less patience, especially after most of the day spent in kindergarten, to do any educational activities at home.

This is why I use these materials as my 'jocker in the sleeve' for rainy days or cold weekend days and travels when I introduce them as a 'new toy' to play with. I will post here on my blog the art and educational materials I made or found through various free sources online periodically so you can also give it a try with your child if you want.


Coloring Pages

Even if you don't think you have a lot of time and if you are not too crafty, you surely can find time to just print out some coloring pages and give it to your child along with a box of crayons, this will also save you money spent on coloring books :)

I print out coloring pages and staple them together and I just keep them in the stroller and give them to Anabela to color with a small box of crayons while we are in the restaurant or cafe rather than giving her my phone to watch cartoons.

To make the coloring pages last longer, you can run the printed out pages through the laminator and have my daughter color these pages with removable coloring pens. Later I just wipe out the pages with wet wipes and reuse them :)

Counting Puzzles 

What you need to do with these is just print them out in color on A4 size paper, laminate it (as toddlers rip paper easily or spill over it) and cut it in strips following the lines, your child will put together each of Pepa Pig family members as a puzzle and at the same time remember how numbers 1-5 go in order and how they look like.

I did the same with English Alphabet Cards print, laminate, and cut.

Dress Up Game

This one is Anabela's favorite! What I did with this sheet is print it out, laminate and cut and then I used magnetic paper cut it into tiny squares (you can just buy a strip which you can glue without glue gun) and glued them with a glue gun on the back of the each Peppa's clothing piece and her body. Next, I used small metal toy cookie tray I got from Ikea and used it as a backboard to play dress up with Peppa. This game is really great for the car and travel as the small pieces have magnets and will stick to the metal cookie tray background.

English Alphabet Placemat 

As we are raising Anabela trilingual I try to make educational materials on all languages she is speaking. So, although we speak to her exclusively in Croatian (her maternal language, the language of emotion) she also speaks Catalan, Castellano, and English daily and in Fall she will start with Mandarine Chinese and Russian.

This alphabet sheet I found on one of the Peppa Pig sites while ago and I decided to print it in A3 format and laminate it to use it as a placemat while Anabela is eating.

We try to always have her set her table on her own and sit and eat. In our family meals together are super important and social so we talk to her about her day and if she is having that day when she doesn't feel like eating we play a bit with this placemat learning letters with Pepa. :)


Depending on their age they will spend less or more time playing with it. I noticed Anabela grew into some things I made several months later and started playing with it most intensively so do not get discouraged if you spend time making these things and at first it looks like your child is not interested.

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