On the pic I am wearing: 

Thanks to my fabulous collegue Anita I was recommended to go to Milan to watch DSquared show, so I took couple of editors with me. Although sickish and feverish, after celebrating my postponed B-day celebration until late Saturday night with my fabulous girlfriends, I was excited to pack and get ready for Milan Fashion Week. 

Early in the morning, despite couple of traffic violations and a downpoor of rain, I managed to pick up one fashion editor and meet second one on airport and not miss the flight.

 As soon as we came and dropped our bags in the hotel we (read I) decided to explore Milan and find good local restaurant for lunch. Weather was beautifully sunny so walking around was a pure joy! Both of my editor guests had some original Italian pasta and I had pizza with rucolla and mozzarella. 

Then, I took the ladies to interview Pantene's global ambassador, celebrity hair stylist Sam McKnight who not only is a great hairdresser of many celebrities like: late Lady Di, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Uma Thurman, Sienna Miller, Drew Barrymore and Penelope Cruz, but also makes a great organic strawberry cake! 

 Sam designed hairstyles for many designers shows during recently finished fashion weeks. He did: Tweenty8Tvelve, Moschino Cheap and Chic, Brioni, Jaeger and most importantly DSquared which we went to see on that rainy Monday morning.

We hang out with Sam in the backstage.
Bellow are Sam's selected messy bow look for DSquared show which is not that hard to do at home. :)

If you want to try any of Sam's looks, there is a video tutorial of some on a side of my blog posts.

Dean was also getting beautified before the show.

Hair and make up girls were multitasking, while general mood in backstage was very calm and relaxed but also buisy (maybe cause of the parties night before and we were all sleepy).

We had couple of hours to shop and to see Milan, to shop and visit Corso Commo the whole city was living for fashion these couple of days, you could smell it on the street, see it in the store windows and see it in fabulously dresses Milanians. 

On the pic I am wearing:

Gray fedora from H and M
Doors T-shirt
Jean Top Shop button up shirt 
Naf-Naf sandals

Earlier mentioned Italian food was not all of the great food we ate, the following day we found great Sushi restaurant and after we missed our flight back we decided to comfort ourselves with some great Asian and Indian food.

Although we missed our flight back to Zagreb due to traffic jam in Milan and had to get up at 3am to be back in the office on time, we had a lot of fun, we interviewed Sam and had a short coffee with photo blogger Facehunter and managed to see the show and feel the fasion rush during Fashion Week in Milan.

Xoxo darlings,

Ok, I got it together. This should be simple and fast, NOT!
I shall start packing. Here is the list:
  • Passport
  • Laptop, iPhone, cell phone (my lifelines and I promised Cro bloggers I will send live pics)
  • My moleskine (it always make's an appearance - show off!)
  • Longchamp shopper bag (practical and familiar - I carry it every day)
  • Jean shirt - cause it goes with everything and it can act as a jacket on nice weather

  • My black leather high waisted mini skirt (if who ever of my friends I borrowed it to responds to my facebook plead to return it by Sunday! Thanks in advance!)
  • Leggings and socks because starting today is officially Fall

  • A pair of Oxfords to wear with socks
  • Classic Chucks - because they are always IN and great to run around and explore Vintage shops in
  • Skinny black jeans and a green plaid button up

  • My gray wool fedora hat
  • Couple of scarves

  • A pair of rockerish boots in black leather
  • A perfect dress (nude with lacy back) for after party

  • A pair of fierce heels because fierce is my middle name :)

  • ...and finally..some make up and polish to close the deal!


 “A journey is like marriage. 
The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” 

As I am slowly trying to figure out what to pack for short but fancy, busines but also pleasure - Milan FashionWeek trip I got inspired for a traveling outift. I am also practicing my Italian:

"Mi permetto per favore di avere un grasso-free menta piperita,e un croissant?"
"Dove posso trovare miglior pizza in città?" 
"E' vero che gli uomini italiani sono brevi e peloso?"
"Grazie! Io so che guardano favolosa!"
"Dove posso trovare le migliori calzature store around qui?"
"Dov'è il dopo parte?"

Here is my outfit of the day. What do you think? 

I am going to take photos of my favorite recent vintage finds. Check out what they are tomorrow. 

Arrivederci cari! :)



Since I moved back to Croatia I tried to identify some Croatian fashion bloggers. Just to get to know the blogosphere around here a bit better. Partially it was work related and partially I was just curious.
I found a couple I started to follow.

One Saturday last winter, when I was saying goodbye to a friend after a long coffee on a main square a young lady, she was a photographer, told me I had interesting look and took photo of me.
 Later through one fashion portal editor I found out that this girls name was Antonija, and she was a "Croatian Sartorialist". A young photo blogger who was getting inspiration on streets of Zagreb. Antonija recently got in the final round od Vogue's competition for young street photographers
Be sure to check out her blog, its fabulous!

Tonia seems to be a student living in Split. One of Croatian coastal cities. Her blog is more personal. She takes pictures of herself in various combinations, writing about her style, cosmetic and her style inspirations.
I liked her last post about bow rings she makes.

I hope to find more Croatian fashion bloggers! If you are out there, email me!

Xoxo darlings...I got to go write another post...I just got inspired for an outfit!

p.s. Good luck to Antonija on Vogue's contest!


   I promise. I did.
I tried real hard, to keep up my guard.
I am not sure how it happened so fast, or how long it will last.
I am not sure if you feel the same, or your just having fun
and playing the game.

I wasn't sure, so I tried to move on.
It didn't work, he lost and you won.
I didn't want to admit it, but I know its true,
he likes me and I like you.

Whenever you call or ring the door,
My heart beats fast and I like you even more.
I run to open and hug you real hard
and there it goes again, you broke my guard.

Last time I wrote about this Croatian designer and her brand Lei Lou was more than a month ago when she showed her resort collection. Alex stayed true to her style of making perfectly tailored but feminine business wear, curve flatering dresses in soft pastel colors and very comprehensive and carefully choosen accessories. 
                            Make up and hair were subtle reminiscence of 60's.

Alex was inspired by a strong and independant lady who does not need flashy clothes to show her personality, inteligence and worth in a man's world. 

Accessories looked rich and shiny, playfull and complimentary to the outfits. Tops were simple blouses, fitted T-shirts with open back and strong shoulders or body briefers in neutral powder color, cream, chocolate and white, while skirts were playfull, voluminous and body fitting in floral print and aqua floral embroidery. 

It was great to see how every top she showed can be easily worn with any skirt and its all made for real women on daily basics without looking to flasy or pretencious.

The collection theam was accented with a  short sleeve aqua dress with casual pockets, worn with shoes in bright colors: red, gold and purple. 

I really loved croco chocolate envelope day to evening purse with Lei.Lou signature gold branded token and fringes as well as her thin leather belts to compliment waiste with her dresses and pencil skirts. 

Knee lenght dresses looked comfortable and classy detailed with useful pockets and sexy cleavage as Alex smartly offered a selection of dresses for variaty of body types and age groups.

My very favorite were long powder skirt with shorter lenght sides and Celine inspired dress with strong shoulders reserved for tall women. :)

Photo sources: www.moda.hr, www.fashion.hr  
More photos here.

Overal the collection was 60's inspired in details and colors, romantic and sensual as usual, sexy but not over the top. Alex continues to choose great quality light and flowy fabrics which are feminine and accentuate female form. Price of her clothes is really reasonable and she is really great to work with so what are you waiting for? 

you can see full collection slideshow on a side bar of my blog.

Start shopping darlings!



  "The imagination imitates. It is a critical spirit that creates."