Ethical fashion labels are my go-to choice whenever I manage to find a size and item that suits my personal aesthetics and most 'statement pieces' I have in my closet are done by independent designers. This oversized neon yellow and green jacket by Slovenian designer Miro Misljen is one of those pieces. This jacket is not something you would wear every day as you would a black coat but it is a true statement piece I often get questions about when I wear it.

As I am now 23 (almost 5 months) weeks pregnant all of the oversized clothing pieces are part of my daily outfits. For this look I was inspired by overized shoulders and sleeves so I styled Miro Misljen's stand out oversized jacket with my Asos chunky neon yellow sweater with braided sleeves while I kept the bottom of the outfit in black. 

These sides tie up leggings reminded me of braiding on the sweater sleeves so I used this to connect top and bottom of the outfit. I got them a while ago from Nasty Gal if I remember correctly. The tight high suede S.Weitzman boots I got a few seasons back and they continue to be one of my best footwear investments.

Although, any pregnant women will tell you there is no such thing as comfortable footwear during pregnancy (if you exclude Uggs, Crocs and similar shoes which I don't consider shoes) sooner or later even sneakers bother your swelling feet especially if you run around a lot during whole pregnancy like I do.

Finally, when it comes to the dressing, I try to use my #ootds to brighten my mood as I am a mateoropathic person so I try to use rich, vivid clothing colors in Fall and Winter to brighten my outfit as for my mood it seems to be equally beneficial for my mood as bright and warm rays of Winter sunshine.

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