Photo source: Vala by Henrik Adamsen for Z!nk Magazine 
(September 2010) Editorial: Army Of Love
Everything looks better dressed in pearls doesn't it darlings? A cupcake, a hair clip, shoes, a shirt collar or an iPhone – pearls add  instant glam and sophistication to any item. I would even call a long strand of pearls a dressing item on its own, at a special setting with some red lipstick, sky high heels and a candle light of course...all for a very special person J
Last week I wrote a column for about my closet staple pieces and added a word or two about accessories, mentioning my favorite black woolen hat and pearl earrings among other things. Classic pearl earrings and one strand pearl necklace are as classic and as timeless as a little black dress or black stilettos. Every woman should start of her jewelry collection with some basic pearl pieces, no matter if they are your mums, grandmas or your ex bought them for you – girl should never get rid of her pearls.
Here are some inspirational pieces which I found while browsing for pearly perfections. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. How often do you wear pearls lovelies?

"Mademoiselle Chanel had a secret affinity with pearls, often wearing them as a talisman.“


I recently came across a website of a young Italian company Neronote, it is a new online clothing brand which manufactures tailor made and customizable shirts. It manufactures tailor made shirts in Italy, which can be all customized in every detail.

The Neronote's website has been realized to offer the customer a new user experience. In every step there are lots of detailed explanations, and buying a shirt will become a whole new personal and quite an intimate experience as it uses the approach which crosses the barriers of the standardization.

Neronote makes shirts basically in a classic "men's style" however many ladies have became their customers as they play with boy like style. This is why Neronote has introduced the option of left buttoning for the ladies. New options will be purposely added as well, like fancy buttons.

Neronote wants to serve a really wide variety of men, of different ages, body types, styles, cultures, social statuses. They don't have, and don't want, anything like "the ideal customer".
This is why they opted for a communication mostly centered on lifestyles and gestures that link the life's moments with shirts, rather than iconic people. For instance they have the groom with a white shirt holding the hand of his soon to be spouse, the precise man with a classic shirt adjusting his tie knot, or the cool guy holding a glass of wine at a social event.

Shirts standard sizes are up to 49 (20"), while „made to measures“ they can reach about the equivalent of a 54. Your customised shirt can be purchased online but you can also send a digital gift card to your man to choose his own shirt style.

To be sure of your true size here are the quite handy self measuring instructions and the video bellow.

Follow Neronote on facebook & twitter for most recent updated on the brand.


Real communication can help us prevent all that frustration,
So let’s skip all that accusations and created irritations,
Let’s focus on US and building our relation.

If there will be taboos, hiding things will just make us bruise.
The point of love is to share good and the bad,
Being honest will never make anyone sad.

If we think this can be love,
If we feel that we fit like a hand and a glove,
We can make it for sure,
If we stay together, together we’ll endure.

And...all of that distance...
 can surely be beaten by our emotions and our persistence.

All photos are property of Rugby RL, source: here.
In my last post writing about Rugby Ralph Lauren finally opening their first European store here in Europe (London) I immediately wrote a disclaimer about not being able to be totally objective when commenting on this brand since it grew quite close to my heart when I worked there couple of years back. I loved it all, magical window displays, company’s social responsibility and projects, super cool & tremendously creative team of people I worked with and brands edgy-preppy clothes of course.J
At the time I worked at University Place store in NYC, Rugby was a bit more edgy featuring all of those fabulous fashion forward dresses, basic Ralph Lauren pieces spiced up with edgy sculls, collegiate patches creating classic but also rebellious and rockerish young look.
My favorite pieces many of which I still wear are many, most of my closet is filled with Ralph Lauren pieces with favorite being: Rugby skinny jeans, distressed leather valets and belts, cashmere sweaters and cardigans, cable knit sweaters for work in pastel colors, classic gold button navy blazer, rugby dresses and scull tote and of course lovely bow ties and suspenders.
Even one of the world’s most popular fashion bloggers Susie Bubble likes to wear Rugby’s scull chinos. 

Photo source here.
Rugby’s spring collection will hit it stores on January 31stin all of its locations in US and London in Europe but it is already available for purchase online.
„It's the kind of clothes that mothers and daughters can wear, in terms of concept...

It's not about age. It's about taste, and it's about lifestyle.

I believe women of all ages can wear anything.“

Ralph Lauren


..then not to wear my jewelry and heels. Here I am not talking about costume jewelry which I used to wear piece at the time over dark dresses to showcase it more while I interned in Showroom Seven where amazingly creative Karen Erickson worked on designing her jewelry.
My lifestyle and work environment has changed significantly with my move back to Europe. From working in a NYC's fashion industry to Croatian office of multinational company consumer goods PR position, my jewelry and the way of dressing transitioned from high fashion to classic preppy Ralph Lauren. With finally settling as being mostly casual, mood and work dependant mix of RL pieces which I wear on my formal work days, up to rock&rollish and warm color silks, satins to finally feminine dresses for the evening. 

All listed, most of the times I wear decorated with my favorite, usually yellow and white gold jewelry pieces most of which are very personal, sometimes spiritual and quite discreet. Each piece has a memory, a story locked inside of it, which comes out with every compliment someone gives me on the account of my interesting jewelry pieces.

Here is my inspirational board for this post.

“For those of you in the cheap seats I'd like you to clap your hands to this one;
 the rest of you can just rattle your jewelry!”  
John Lennon