Jean Paul Gauliter leaves Hermes!

Jean Paul Gauliter will have his last collection with for Hermes next October in Paris and will turn his focus to his own line  female (couture and ready to wear) and male. In addition he is launching his own furniture collection this June. It has been said that his successor will be Christophere Lamaire from Lacoste.


Sarah Burton becomes Alexandar McQueen creative director!

Sarah was McQueens right hand since 1996. and knows Lee's work inside out. Gucci Group has confirmed that according to all Sarah is indeed logical choice to continue his legacy. Right now, Sarah is working on pre-collection and is keeping a low key image. Good luck Sarah!



 "Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations. "

 ~Faith Baldwin~

Hi lovelies,

So, today I did a floral socks on brown heel sandals, gray jeans and blush pink flowy sheer blouse and a short brown leather jacket combined with "no time for a make up" and "in the bus made braid" and huge glasses to hide that I haven't slept night before. Now, let me tell you why this was so wrong. 

First, "no make up" face hidden with huge Prada's - MISTAKE cause there was no sun & I had to meet people who I probably scared when I took them off. 

Second, floral socks with brown sandal heels, fabulously fashionable one would say! MISTAKE - cause it was raining and I was PMSing. I came home feeling fat & made a croissant to make me feel even fatter. Than I spoke with a super cute guy who convinced me I am cute and that we must meet for a coffee soon and than I kinda forgot all of the mistakes above.

Ok fabies, with no further due, here is your next FSF(fabulous shoe fix). I know, it gets more bizarre as we go, I guess I am really missing McQueen, he is probably designing wings for MJ right now up there...


After reading this post my friend got inspired and sent me the picture of these, controversial indeed!

...and for the dessert...  

Ahh...they are stunning, absolutely stunning.


    La Kat

 "I've spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? 
I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!" 

  Last weekend I moved into my new apartment: think small kitchen (custom fit), pale pink walls, walk in closet and a fairly spacey living room. Ahh my shoes finally have a good home!

 I had most of the week off and surprisingly I am getting interested in vine glasses, salad bowls and curtains. I thought this might be the end of fashionable me as you know it as I was passing by the designer clothing store windows and walking in home decoration stores. However, I found myself placing heels I haven't worn yet on display on the cupboards as they are picture frames...ahh I am  hopeless. 

Bellow I listed my latest 5 favorite fabies I found for inspiration:

1. Gorgeous pattern head wrap worn with one of my all time favorite camel coat.

2. Scull lace skirt is absolute must have for every girlie girl :)

3. Alexa Mulberry bag is my new Hermes in this particular color it can be worn with anything and fits a lot of stuff (that are all important and worn in womens bag every day). Ahh I shall get it one day :)

4. Floral socks worn with brown sandals, I just got a pair of suck socks in H&M recently and I wear them over my brown gladiator heel sandals, washed out boyfriend jeans and a floral dress.

5. Perfect city bicycle. I have been searching for this one to replace my gym so I can do only pilates in the gym. Tomorrow morning I am going to a vintage market so keep your fingers crossed for me to find a decent one to color latter on in pink ;)
"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."



Many if not all of us have played with Barbie or better say Barbies when we were little. 

I had 11 of them, together with a custom bathroom,car, house,horse and all the other accessories. But was this only a doll we played with and which made our childhood fun? Or was this a doll that tough us how the women should look like, dress and live? Does this doll determine how strong our confidence is and how feminine we feel?

Lets review some facts:

Poor Barbie, she may someday marry Ken, but chances are, they will never have children. 
Based on research done by Rader Programs, the percent of Barbie's body fat would be so low, she would have ceased to menstruate--that is if she ever started. She has been grossly underweight since the beginning.

If Barbie were a real person, she would be 6' 0", weigh 100 lbs., and wear a size 4. 
Her measurements would be 39"/19"/33". 

 The average woman is 5' 4", weighs 145 lbs., and wears between a size 11-14. Her measurements are approximately 36"/30"/41". There is a fifty-fifty chance that she is on a diet right now.

After spending her childhood playing with Barbie, watching models and actresses who stand 5' 11" and weight 117 lbs. sell them on the idea of the perfect body.

On top of that, since fairly recently there was no black Barbie and no fat Barbie...she is "perfect" ,white, skinny and blond. Has an expensive car and equally handsome boyfriend Ken and some babies (depending how many family members get you one of those as a Xmass present).

Bellow are the recently published photos of not so perfect Barbie:

     Not to be a hypocrite, I played with Barbie and it was my favorite doll when I was little and I have bought some to girls I babysat as I do not consider them being a bad influence to little girls - but I have also never had issues with weight and built my self-confidence through athletics and school success. The education and reflection to self esteem  part is on parents and teachers to do,more than on Mattel - the toy producer.

For more blog's on Barbie craze today: Fashion Gossip wrote a great piece as well.



"If Barbie is so perfect, why do we have to buy her friends? "

This morning I woke up with my new heels on. Looks like I am back to being  my old self again after a long time! 

I am taking some risks and moving on (in the full meaning of the word). Night before yesterday I went out again with this guy, who is so not good for me, but he is sucha freakin' adorable, artistic hottie with a great body that I can't make myself stop. We started kissing at this random place and two peeping weirdos were looking at us the whole time. 

     Thankfully I haven't been the first to notice them but he did and he was terrified...hahaha...I was dying laughing although I bet I wouldn't sleep for days if I saw their psycho faces myself. Hanging out with him is really fun, we are like some two rebellious teenagers getting in trouble all the time.
I really need a reality check asap ( Note to myself: DON'T fall for him).

 I have been trying to break into these peep toe high heel brown booties and I wore them all day yesterday while packing and cleaning the house all day. Mission completed. I hope they won't bother me next week while on business trip.

Lately I have been overloaded and haven't been in a blog writing mood. With all the emotional and other big changes in my life I couldn't get myself to start writing. 

    Today, some things are more clear and I am really excited :) If everything goes well I am moving into my new apartment this Friday . Cross your fingers for me so everything goes well!

I am dedicating this post to going back to my old self again, taking risks, following my heart and having fun while at it!

           ...and here are some marvelous editorials for inspiration....


     La Kat

"You can do anything, you just have to dress for it".

~Edith Head~