As you know I am working as a buyer and curator for online fashion boutique   Trendcy so I am bringing you a selection of my personal favorite Black Friday Sale deals which on Trendcy last until Cyber Monday, December 1st at midnight!

Some of these items are on my Xmass Wish list as well. My favorite designer when it comes to coctail dresses and joga wear is definitely   Kate Almighty, she sold a bunch of these beautiful open back sequin dresses already.

Anna Sequin Dress, Before $250 | Sale price: $112.50

Alexia Ulibarri from Mexico is my favorite clothing designer with her ladylike but chic and young designs. The items I am eying for a while are sweater which can also be sweater dress, knitted dress with leather details and a cotton sweater with floral leather patches.

Grey cotton top with leather details: Before: $400 | Sale Price:$320
Knitted black and navy dress with leather patches: Before:$210 | Sale Price: $168
Bing Chunky Sweater: Before:$210 | Sale price: $168

First of all, I really don't like ponchos. When someone saids Poncho first thing I think off is not Sarah Jessica Parker wearing 1,400 Euro worth monogrammed Burberry poncho on 5th Avenue, but rather stereotypical short, fat, Mexican man having a siesta by the tree and wearing sandals, poncho and huge hat.

I like the notion of 'blanket coat' if worn with beautiful suede thigh high boots with jeans or decent lenght dress or a shirt as otherwise it may look very trashy.

Instead of full poncho, I went for more of a structured version with sleeves, leather piping and looks like more of a wrap coat like the one bellow.

Rag & Bone Fall 12'

Topshop | Deva Obre Coat | Topshop

See my selection of blanket coats for any budget bellow:

Blanket coat looks great with thigh high boots, I prefer suade ones, black, grey or burgundy, preferably flat ones, especially if you decide to go with more expensive pair, you want to get maximum number of wears out of them and let's face it...heels hurt. :)

Stuart Weitzman

What's your pitch perfect Fall look? Write it in comments!

Last week on Thursday November 6th we (  team) organized our second Sample Sale for designer trio - The Wandering Collective. As I wrote earlier this year I made a big career change and from working in global corporation Procter& Gamble for years I entered a fashion startup adventure, I became a part owner, buyer and curator of online fashion boutique site

Trendcy sells mens and womens designer clothing, shoes and jewelry by hand-picked designers from all over the world. These designers are already well known in their local markets and we as Trendcy team provide them with global sales and marketing and PR services to grow their brand internationally.

After I perfected classic ham, cheese and spinach recipe it was time for me to try cupcake quiche which is not at all hard to make and it doesn't require a lot of ingredients. Read through my recipe and see some alternative ways you can make this delicious breakfast-brunch-dinner kind of meal.

My favorite quiche is the one with ham, cheese, spinach and mushrooms since my boyfriend doesn't like tomatoes but when he is away I add tomato and peepers (yellow, red or green).

I make quiche cupcakes when I have guests for breakfast or as a bite size dinner for just a two of us, I am actually just typing this post while my second batch is baking, I can already smell it.
Tonight I plan to serve it with fresh lettuce, tomato and cucumbers salad.