Soel by Sonja Lamut Fall/Winter 2013. collection

Following recently finished and   Cro-a-porter fashion events I have selected a number of Croatian designers coats and jackets from their Fall/Winter 2013. collections for a review. My favorite pieces are by   Lei Lou by Alex Dojčinović (I ordered a black wrap coat with pink lining) and by   SOEL by Sonja Lamut, as a matter a fact I kind of love all from her collection and need to order more of her stuff for this Winter.

Lei Lou by Alex Dojčinović Fall/Winter 2013. collection

Recently I discovered Croatian brand   Arileo and was pleasantly surprised with their quality of making, beautiful clean lines in their new Fall/Winter 2013. collection especially when it comes to coats and dresses! You will surely see more of their work on my blog. 

Arileo Fall/Winter 2013. collection

VAIN is also fresh and young fashion brand by talented (and adorable) designers Ivan and Timy! I ordered a super cute black cocktail dress from them and now I am in love with this sheer trench coat (3rd on the photo below).
VAIN Fall/Winter 2013. collection

Teo Perić for MakTeo Perić as an established designer didn't disappoint this season either, he continues to lead Croatian fashion industry when it comes to consistency in his seasonal RTW collection, precise tailoring and knowledge of the local market. I really hope he has plans to expand internationally. You can read my interview with Teo   here.

Teo Perić for Mak Fall/Winter 2013. collection

Young designer duo TWINS by Domagoj Štimac and Damir Begović surprised me with maturity of their design and attention to details. One of my few favorite coats this season is the raspberry colored coat (third on the photo below). I am looking forward to see how their work will evolve.

TWINS by Domagoj Štimac and Damir Begović Fall/Winter 2013. collection

Two wondeful ladies LINK by Ogi Antunac who is already well known and established Croatian designer and Tatjana Pantoš who is still young and emerging worked with black for this season's outwear. Even though Ogi's work is a bit different from my personal style I really admire her work.My favorite pick from below black pieces is short sleeve jacket by Tatjana Pantoš, even though less practical for cold days it surelly is fierce and stylish piece which won't go unnoticed.

LINK by Ogi Antunac Fall/Winter 2013. collection

Tatjana Pantoš Fall/Winter 2013. collection.

On top of interesting coat design (and love the styling with hat) by Croatian fashionista's favorite Robert Sever I choose a dress coat by Jelena Aleksić and beautiful and elegant white and grey coat by fashion brand Nebo.
Jelena Aleksić | Robert Sever | Nebo Fall Winter 2013. coats

Croatian fashion industry 'bad-boy' Juraj Zigman who is never constrained by fashion trends and loved by top celebrities played with tartan and digital print which resulted with brilliant pieces, my absolute favorite is far left dress coat!

Juraj Zigman Fall/Winter 2013. collection

On top of my daily work, so PR and communications for large US corporation my first two loves are fashion and technology. Those who know me very well know that I am usually walking around with my BB, iPhone and iPad + I have the laptop I work on. When I am running I have my fabulous pink Nike+ sneakers on and of course I am measuring my runs with sensor in my shoe which is via app connected to my iPhone. From the morning when I wake up to when I go to sleep ( I am not saying this is good but this is my reality hehe) I use my tech gadgets.This is why I was super excited to learn about new fashion company which combines these two of my loves - fashion & technology! 

" We liked the potential of QR codes and everything connected to technology and fashion while we know everyone is always buisy with smartphones, on top we spent many years networking in this industry, the idea for Addmyberry came as a results of it all combined. We wanted to connect people in the way their are naturally inclined to do it." Rembert Van Cauwenbergh

Addmyberry is a fashion brand in a moving industry, which applies technology to their rocking clothing line which allows their users to communicate through fashion. How does that work you might wonder? Addmyberry connects people through an app on their smartphones just by wearing their Addmyberry t-shirts!

The secret is in QR code which connects You - the T-shirt wearer to the Addyberry Mobile App and allows you to discover the message your t-shirt is hiding. Essentially, Addmyberry is the brand for connected people.

I am really excited to be able to collaborate with this brand! Just got my first Addmyberry shirt and I am planning to order one for my boyfriend because after seing mine, he wants one for himself as well!
Of course, I got the one for you ladies as well so if you want to get a chance to win one all you need to do is to follow below three steps, lucky winner will be selected and published here on the blog on November 1st at midnight
1.FOLLOW fierce Addmyberry brand on Facebook
3.CONFIRM in a comment of this post that you did steps 1 and 2.
EXTRA POINTS: follow Addmyberry on Twitter or subscribe to my fabulous weekly newsletter

Check out the latest campaign video from Addmyberry:

Good luck ladies and scan you later! :)

All photos: Jurica Sentić

Well known Croatian fashion designer, singer and my favorite part - costume designer Matija Vujica launched new, I would say Couture rather then RTW collection titled Lady X. Different then other Croatian fashion designers Matija started her career as a singer but with time developed her fashion design career with focus on evening gowns made out of luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin and fine lace.

Matija is loved by Croatian celebrities and is their first choice when it comes to red carpet wear, she is also well known costume maker on Croatian theater scene. She is showing her seasonal collections on one of three Croatian fashion events - Cro-a-porter. Public knows and appreciates her customized wedding and prom dresses.

My favorite part of Matija's design work is actually her costume making touch to the collections which makes her absolutely unique on Croatian scene, she is designing dreamy gowns and for the most part is not dependent on global trends but is following her own inspirational story. Since I follow her work for some years now, it was in the last years collection that I noticed for the first time quite a lot influence from leading global brands when it comes to design inspiration. Seems like this year, she is back to her track which makes me happy. :) Matija's store is located in very center of Croatian's capital - Zagreb. She is also known by her bubbly and dynamite and outspoken personality.

In Matija's latest Lady X campaign staring Croatian's top celebrity singer Severina  as lady X.  As Matija's top trait (in my point of view) is very dramatic and costumey. Lady is is presented as powerful, fatal lady, lady who makes an appearance and demands attention with not much effort. Collection is compiling hand-made evening gowns celebrating femininity with emphasizing female curves in shape of hips, shoulders, thin waist and voluptuous lower body curves. Dresses are bedazzled with luxurious lace, feathers and crystals.

Runway photos of this same collection you can see below, show was shown yesterday at Cro-a-porter:

I know it is dreamy, and I know it's couture, but if I could, I would wear these every day! :)

You can follow Matija Vujica on Facebook or contact them directly for orders via e-mail.

Dalma Devenyi and Tibor Kiss are Hungarian designers who founded   Je SuisBelle brand back in 2005 and since then it has become one of Hungary's leading fashion house as well as an internationally recognized label. Their concept is constantly collaborating with various branches of art especially with visual arts. They consider traditional techniques and giving contemporary frame to folk art as two of their main intellectual values.

Je Suis Belle muse is profoundly interested in her surroundings as well as in herself. She is creative, embraces her talent, witty and cool. Designers believe that anyone who wears their clothes becomes part of Je Suis Belle world and through her personality she shapes our world equally.

Dalma and Tibor develop their collections using a complex system of references: their pieces always reflect the current social and cultural changes. The constancy of quality is brand's core value, the clothes lack unnecessary details they are straightforward and communicative. Brand's philosophy is that fashion is not a privilege but a fundamental part of everyday life, beyond comfort and wearability it's an important tool for building one's uniqueness.

Last week on Budapest Fashion Week, Je Suis Belle presented their Spring/Summer 14' collection but since we are currently in the Fall/Winter 13' shopping season I am also presenting you with my favorite pieces from their collection for current season.

I fell in love in the softness, casual feel but luxury sparkle of this brand while color pallet they use also fits my personal aesthetics when it comes to day wear. In their Fall/Winter 13' collection I love warm wool and cotton sweaters and sweater dresses over sparkly mini skirts as well as sequin detailing on simple silhouette white or gray pieces. 

Photo by: Glódi Balázs

The various artificial furs, the full-bodied woolen fabrics, and the soft knitted materials are in contrast to the crunchy canvas and softly hanging chiffons. The sharp flare of the graphite-silver-colored sequins slashes through this light harmony.

For Spring/Summer 14' season designers kept the same color pallet but their added floaty materials such as silk and neting to connect top and bottoom of the day wear pieces, I very much enjoyed the animal digital print on white tops.

Watch full video of Je Suis Belle show bellow:

All photos: Holecz Endre 

As you know I live in between Budapest and Barcelona (BB connection :)) and I dedicated some of my free time in Budapest (which is often not a lot unfortunately) to explore Hungarian fashion scene. As part of my research I interviewed young designer showroom owner   Eva Marillai who also gave me a historic overview of Hungarian fashion industry.

In the meanwhile, just KatWalking through Budapest, I already found Hungarian designer pieces which became my favorites. One of which are casual luxury pieces by talented Sandra Sandor, young designer of already established fashion brand called -   Nanushka.

Nanushka is the childhood nickname of head designer Sandra Sandor. Born in Budapest, Hungary she graduated from the London College of Fashion, only to return to her home town to establish the label.
Through her collection Sandra aims to combine playful cuts and lush fabrics with elegance and comfort to create collections that exude a harmony which contrasts the overwhelming noise of the big-city experience. 

Nanushka is fashion for the urban nomad, for those who are on the move but always at home.
Though Sandra’s collections are finding new followers in every corner of the world and the brand is aggressively expanding into new markets, it is still based in Budapest, Hungary, where it recently opened its flagship store. 

 Nanushka store is designed in very unique, minimalist way, very connected to nature, wood and down to earth, just like her designs. Below you can see Nanushka SS 2014. collection shown last week on Budapest Fashion Week.

My favorite pieces from her last SS 13 collection were red brick colored motorcycle jeans and in this collection I am loving bomber jackets, silk athletic tops, leopard print shorts and short thin jean overalls. Can't wait for collection to hit the store! On top - prices are quite reasonable for designer clothing and fabrics are really of a great quality, soft and comfortable.