So far in my career I went to a fair number of business trips, some short and some long and no matter if it was working for a larger corporation before or today working at my own small business I never cared to compromise the style for comfort but I did eventually manage to have both along with traveling convenience. 

One rule which is for me only valid when it comes to business travel packing is less is more. Indeed, when I pack for vacation I pack my whole life in those suitcases and I always proud myself for leaving that one piece of clothing behind despite needing it oh so much for my trip! :) 
Back to business travel, these are some very important rules I learned so far:


When choosing my travel outfit I always plan for various scenarios, what if I get stuck on airport in between transfers? What if my flight is late and I have to go directly to the office without making it to hotel? 

In Spring and Summer my outfit choice is mostly stretch cotton, wrinkle free, knee length pencil or wrap dress in charcoal grey, navy or black. I don't wear jacket if it's not to cold and if it's a short flight but in Fall and Winter I go for cashmere or thin wool dresses and a  structured blazer.

I never wear wired bra or jewelry on for travel day as I use my frequent flyer card to get fast tracked through security and I also want to avoid full body search on each security point. If I can't go to a hotel before my first meeting I just bring jewelry (earrings or a necklace not both) in my purse.
Also, I wear my travel shoes while on the airport and put my outdoors fancy shoes in cotton bag and in my purse (read more under FLATS ARE YOUR FRIEND :)).


Before the travel is one of the rare occasions when I review what's in my purse and really try to take anything I don't need for the trip. The purse I almost always wear is my black Prada Vitello, it can fit absolutely everything I need and its eternally chic.
Here is what I usually carry in my travel purse:
- Shoes in the cotton shoe bag
- Women's Planner 
- Mobile phone and charger (if I do a check in bag)
- Laptop
- Travel size basic cosmetics in a sheer cosmetic bag (toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, shower gel, dry wash shampoo, cotton balls, make up remover, moisturizer, Avene thermal water spray, hand sanitizer, lipstick, BB cream, mascara and a blush)
- 1 full one day outfit rolled in a cotton bag (silk or wrinkle free cotton or wool t-shirt and black or navy cigarette pants and spare underwear). Only if I check in my suitcase, usually on transfer flights or for longer trips.
- Tide stain pen (this is a lifesaver as you never know when someone could spill something on you during flight, it has happen to me numerous times!)


I own only one small suitcase which I (try) to use for all my business trips. The trick is that I roll each piece of my clothing so more can fit. This doesn't mean I just pack everything. No. I try to decide ahead of time on outfits for each day and I always check the weather forecast. 


I had my share of failures wearing heels for travel day and running across airports in heels and dress with suitcase, purse and laptop case. After living in NYC for years I learned to always carry simple, light flats in my handbag. A perfect and inexpensive choice are definitely ballet Butterfly Twists, they are as comfortable as slippers, they pack tight in the little travel bag they come in and are perfect for running around the office, driving or running across airports to catch your connecting flight. They also come in very stylish designs. While Butterfy Twists are not for every day wear outdoors, for years now I swear by Tory Burch Reva ballet flats. I had my classic black pair for years and they saved my  life so many times when some of my most fabulous heels killed my feet.


Always, always wash your hair and do your nails night or a day before the trip and have a blow dry. If your hair gets greasy fast bring a dry shampoo with you and some hair-ties. I really hate to see people with messy hairs and nails on the business meetings it's super unprofessional. 
If you are heading for a longer trip (to another continent) I swear by in flight face mask by SK-II or facial spray by Mario Bedescu, yes they can look weird when worn siting next to your work colleague but they work wonders, you can also use more social acceptable Eye Mask by Shiseido from Sephora. I also love Estee Lauder Serum to get that glow and some extra moisture.

Can you share some of your frequent flyer tips ladies? :)


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With Halloween coming up and new Fendi Monster collection hitting the stores I am sharing with you my favorite Fendi Monster looks from Farfetch. The Fendi Monster has evolved from Bag Bug key-rings, to a complete range that includes rucksacks, shoes, jackets and more.

Fendi Monster items are typically characterized with colorful fur, peekaboo or menacing monstrous eyes and large fluffy eyebrows. Hurry to get yours from   Farfetch as they are selling out like candies! 

I created 'Monstrous Workoholic look' for all of you hard working ladies featuring gorgeous pair of Jil Sander tailored trousers which have been on my wish list for a very long time now, Fendi white turtleneck top worn under trendy Fendi leather top and spiced up with Fendi Monster Micro Baguette & Fendi Bag Bugs Sandals (yes you can wear them over the socks). If you get cold just throw this super elegant Emilio Pucci Cape Coat over your shoulders to complete the killer office look. 

For all of the fierce ladies going to fancy after work Halloween party I suggest to snuggle up wearing blush pink   Unreal Fur Faux Gorrila Fur Jacket,   classic MSGM white sleeveless jumpsuit,   Shourouk necklace and   Nicholas Kirkwood fierce silver pumps sprinkled with Monstrously fabulous   Fendi Micro Baguette Bag Bugs crossbody bag &   Fendi Fur Cuff in hot pink. 

Did you find your favorite Fendi Monster yet ladies?
Follow #FarfetchMonsterComp.

Happy Halloweeen! :)


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Source: Vogue US


First three months (12 weeks) of my pregnancy were really bad as I felt very nauseous, couldn't focus on work and I generally felt rather sick. On top of it all, it was a very hot Summer and I was staying in Dubrovnik in between visiting my boyfriends parents and moving into a new apartment which was suppose to be ready to move in end June but it wasn't until more then a month later so it was quite of a nervous Summer all together on top of my nauseous start of pregnancy. The first three months my stomach didn't grow much so I didn't have to worry about getting pregnancy clothes.


First change I noticed on my body was growing boobs. They were just getting bigger and bigger which was quite visible if you are starting from C cup. My bra's started to bother me so I was mostly wearing my cotton Victorias Secret Pink lounge bralets. 

When I announced my pregnancy to my closest girlfriends they advised me to try maternity bra's which are not very attractive looking to say the least, I still purchased a few in Muller & H&M, I wore them a bit but they just weren't comfortable enough. 

Now when I am almost 5 months pregnant the lounge bralets I used to wear don't provide enough support either.  As I am used to wearing bra's with some padding and wiring these breastfeeding maternity bra's didn't do it for me both when it comes to comfort and aesthetics so I just went ahead and asked a lady in lingerie store to measure my current breast size and I purchased a few pretty lacy bra's with proper support for my current size and I also got one size up for next few months. 

Of course, this is a more expensive way to go about it but when you anyways feel bloated and your body is changing daily in the ways you never imagined, sexy lingerie makes you feel a little bit better about your 'glowing & growing body'.

Shop sexy selection of maternity bras here:


The first two items of maternity clothing I got were under slight duress by a girlfriend of mine in Croatia and motivated by my boyfriend who noticed that might high rise skinny jeans have started leaving a light pink red line on my stomach. I was having a lunch with a friend in Zagreb and I told her how although I love, follow and work in fashion I never noticed maternity clothes in stores. 
So we walked into Zara (back in September) and I asked if they have maternity clothes and the sales lady gave me the weirdest look and said "Nouu!" (little did she know they will launch maternity line a month later). 

So we went to H&M and they didn't have a big selection but they had some basics so a friend of mine and very nice sales lady persuaded me to try my first maternity jeans which to me looked horrendous but they actually grew on me now and they are indeed very comfortable with soft cotton part hidden under the shirt covering the belly. I immediately purchased a few organic cotton t-shirts as the ones I have were not long enough to cover the growing belly and I don't like belly showing of course, to me it looks very trashy.


When I got back to Barcelona mid September and I reviewed my Fall and Winter clothing I realized that majority of dresses, skirts and pants I have will not be to comfortable to wear during pregnancy so I decided to strategically research and shop online in the way that I don't spend to much on maternity clothing but still to have enough comfortable and chic essential pieces to stay warm and look stylish for the remaining 4 months of pregnancy and next couple of months of post pregnancy body recovery.


The next thing I purchased was an adorable 'The Bump Kit Paris' from Seraphine Maternity clothing store. The first impression I got of this store is that is classic, trendy but not to trendy, all the clothing looks comfortable and I loved that they have this Bump Kit with classic clothing essentials where you can choose your combination based on the fashion city and style you like the most. I got my order very quickly along with their branded cotton shopping bag.  Here is the video to show more ways to wear the Bump Kit:

I love everything in this kit, all of the items are made out of thick high quality cotton and they don't wrinkle so you don't have to iron them at all! I love that the tights I got are very soft and stretchy and seamless over the belly I wear them almost every day. I ordered size L although before pregnancy I wore S/M tops and M bottoms. 

Tights and skirt a still a bit to big on me while dress and a shirt fit just perfectly so if you decide to order and haven't gained to much weight (I got 2.5 kg so far) go with your usual size as all of the items in the kit are stretchy and fit true to size.


I ordered two pairs of sleeveless tops, 2 pair of tights and one dress from Asos Maternity shop.
All items were fair quality but the tights had a rubber band on top of the belly part which bothered me so I wear them in a way that I fold them under the belly.

A very chic, young mum friend of mine also recommended these stores as well: 

Mamalicious - offers adorable chic dresses and you can also purchase full outfits, I selected some of my favorite pieces bellow. Prices are fair just like other mid tier brands for regular size clothing but all items are adjusted for your growing bump. There are also some really adorable pieces for babies & kids.


Emoi Emoi has great selection of winter coats for mum's to be as well as jeans. The prices are very fair with jeans priced between 39 and 69 Euro. This french brand also has most adorable family sweatshirts for mum, dad and babies. :)


Definitely most expensive but also most luxurious, stylish and most carefully curated store for mum's to be is Hatch. As a big cashmere fan and fabrication snob I would definitely recommend Hatch cashmere and knits selection and their 'Bags & Boxes' where you can get very high quality cotton items like hospital bag necessities for a good price.


When it comes to Ingrid Isabel I love their Active Wear shop with tights which provide great support for the back and coverage for the belly. Prices are mid to high and selection is rich especially when it comes to essentials, I just ordered seamless tops which I can wear during and after pregnancy with or without a bra which were reduced to only 15 Euro. 


Gilt has a great multi-brand selection of discounted maternity clothing. I would definitely recommend it for evening wear. Bellow is my selection of three fab dresses.

What is your favorite maternity store ladies?
Do you have any tips on how to style maternity looks from your experience?


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A CHRONOGRAPH is a specific type of watch that is used as a stopwatch 
combined with a display watch.

What are the things we love to get as souvenirs from Switzerland? Of course chocolate, pocket knives if you are into it and if you can afford it most definitely a watch! Today I am representing a very special limited edition hand candy for you! A delicate & delicious touch of luxury and an entry ticket to a sometimes closed world of watch collectors and luxury watch lovers!

In the honor of the memory of its illustrious founder and on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its rebirth luxury watch company Louis Moinet unveils a visionary creation, positioning the chronograph not simply as a complication – but as a central component of it's new Memoris watch model. This timepiece stands at a historic crossroads: the Ateliers’ tenth anniversary, and the bi-centenary of the chronograph invented by Louis Moinet.

“It’s probably the most important launch we’ve ever done.” 
Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO of Louis Moinet
As such, it was important for this model to be significantly different from its predecessors, as well as to celebrate the brand's heritage. While everything – or almost everything – chronograph-related already seems to have been invented, there was still one step nobody had dared to take: no longer seeing the chronograph as a complication, but rather as the primary function of the timepiece. So much for watch chronographs; Memoris is the first chronograph-watch in watchmaking history! The chronograph as the primary function.


Ateliers Louis Moinet did exactly what the eponymous inventor of the chronograph did in his day; taking a completely different approach to watchmaking rather than attempting just to improve on an existing model. To showcase the chronograph in the style it deserves, Louis Moinet has redeveloped practically every decorative item of the watch. With Memoris, the entire chronograph function has been shifted to the dial.

Louis Moinet creations often make use of unusual materials, such as fossils and meteorites, in a unique creative approach combined with bespoke fine watchmaking complications. The brand’s core values are creativity, exclusivity, art and design.

Memoris: a 46 mm timepiece, available in pink gold or white gold, 
in three limited editions of just 60 pieces each.



Ateliers Louis Moinet was founded in Saint-Blaise, Neuchâtel, in 2004. The independent firm was established to honor the memory of Louis Moinet (1768-1853): master watchmaker, certified inventor of the chronograph (1816), and pioneer in the use of very high frequencies (216,000 vibrations per hour). Louis Moinet was a watchmaker, scholar, painter, sculptor and teacher at the School of Fine Arts – as well as the author of Traité d’Horlogerie, a watchmaking treatise published in 1848 that remained a definitive work of reference for almost a century.  
The firm’s timepieces, produced in limited editions only, have won some of the most coveted awards, including a Red Dot Design Award (Best of the Best category), a prize in the International Chronometry Competition, and a recent UNESCO Award of Merit. 

This luxury piece also comes with luxury price tag but a girl can dream, can't she? :)


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No more grande skinny Pepermint Mocha for me ladies. Well...maybe once in a while, tall size one.

Lately I felt a bit woozy and not really well...not really myself so I took that little digital pregnancy test back in mid June and it told me 'you are 2-3 weeks pregnant!'

HOW IT ALL HAPPENED (no juicy details included)

We did plan to try for a baby but we didn't know it would happen so soon out of the first try! As I am not a type of women who had her wedding and children planned since hitting the puberty I got lots to adjust to and to think about when learning about this exciting news. 

I am so excited to open this new chapter in my life and also on my blog. Now pregnancy posts will become part of my lifestyle posts while I will try to add some maternity dressing tips and tricks into my fashion posts and simple but healthy pregnancy juice and food recipes into my cooking posts.


As I embarked on this pregnancy journey four and a half months ago ready and excited to become a mum but not really aware of all the things that come with it I started talking to my girlfriends about much different topics then those we used to discuss during our coffee dates. 

Now I was also interested to learn what they think and how they feel about pregnancy planning, fertility issues for women in late 20s and early 30s, relationships, marriage, the pressure of age/timing for single ladies who would like to become mothers, miscarriages, abortions and how it all reflects on a women's hard earned career. I used the opportunity when I stayed in Croatia to talk to my more experienced friends who already had a baby about all of these fears, questions, body and emotional changes I was going through in recent months.

I would really like to hear your experiences and opinions on these topics which most of us women are faced with at some point of our lives but we rarely discuss them so sometimes we might feel lonely when facing them alone or don't want to ask other women fearing we would be judged. 

As I continue to write and post about my pregnancy journey I hope you join with your comments, advice or different point of view! 

"And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings." Meister Eckhart

Since I am just putting together my posting schedule to cover these topics (fashion ones are already in the pipeline of course) let me know bellow in the comments which topics interests you most!


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Loewe Spring 2016.

Lately, all the focus in fashion has been on the Fall looks that are making their way to storefront windows and online catalogues. The time has come to purchase items for cold weather wardrobes, so this is only natural. But this is also often the time of year at which we get our first hints of some of the looks that will dominate fashion in the next year to come. Whether through runway shows, trends with the potential to stick around, or even concepts from abroad, each Fall comes with hints of the following Spring.

It's still a little bit early to be entirely certain when projecting spring or summer trends for 2016, but these are some of the looks that seem likely to start surfacing.

The Fabric To Favour - LACE

Previewing a prevalence of lace in the spring and summer of 2016 isn't so much of a stretch given that the fabric typically known for warm weather and/or intimate attire has actually been making the rounds in Fall and Winter styles. Flowing white blouses are everywhere in the current season, and lace is inevitably involved. But it's not just the current state that's making us look toward lace for 2016. Early spring runways are   "upping the ante on see-through lace," according to Harper's Bazaar, with numerous designers showcasing stunning lace dresses made for the warm weather.

Trousers Of Choice - LOW-RISE

Unlike lace, which represents some expected continuity between Fall and Spring, this idea is all about reversal. Lately, the popular look in trousers has been high-waisted styles reminiscent of '70s attire (with the '70s in general being huge for fashion for the fall and winter of 2015). But if early exhibitions are to be trusted, things are going the other way as soon as the weather warms up in 2016, with a more relaxed, '90s-inspired look.

The Hottest Colour - RED

Based in Australia (where the Spring and Summer stretch is now approaching), Lyst cites red as "the color of the season." And while the site's highlighting of numerous flashy red items is in part directed toward an international audience adopting shades of red for the Winter, the focus on red in the southern hemisphere may just be an indication that its popularity will extend right into 2016. This would be a bold transition from the more traditional pastels and lighter shades we often see come spring time, and frankly it feels due.

The Jewelry You'll Love - YELLOW GOLD

That doesn't really sound like a surprise, right? After all, if there's any single thing in all of fashion that's never out of style, it's probably gold. But given the past year's focus on rose gold, and this Fall and Winter's welcoming of more casual jewelry pieces, yellow gold is actually in position for a comeback in a big way. Women's Wear Daily has said that "gold goes bold" in 2016, noting sculptural cuffs, bib necklaces and other big, bold pieces we're going to see in gold come next spring.
There's much more to come in the weeks and months ahead as more and more early spring RTW collections are revealed. 

But based on what we know now, these are at least a few trends that appear to be safe bets for emergence and/or ongoing relevance in 2016.

Which one of the listed is your favorite?


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