Sunday, May 25th
10:06pm (4 ujutro doma)

As I was finishing the last three pieces of my boyfriends medium classic crust mushrooms, ham and cheese (minus the ham) and his glass of Orangina, I started the rough draft.....
Agenda for tonight: Finish packing my boyfriend before he leaves to London on Friday.
Wish: "Please God cancel all the flights from US to Croatia until further notice."
Thanks, Kat
Brilliantly desperate ideas: Hide his passport, pretend your sick, call airport saying he's a terrorist, pay the cab driver to get stuck in traffic etc.
Reality Check: Flight will leave on time Friday the 30th, the whole entire month apart...oh...the desperation, the sadness, the thought of sleeping alone, the thought of no one to complain to, no one to smooch, to sing my bestest to!!! OMG this is completely OOC (out of control)! This is so much worse than I could ever imagine. I can already feel it coming, my eyes are watering....O.K , calm down Kat! Breath! More detailed planning is necessary ASAP.

So I wrote in CAPS LOCK BOLD....

SURVIVAL PLAN FOR JUNE (not that there was one for the month of May)
  • 4 pounds of mint chocolate ice cream, 2 ibs of pistachio ice cream (to be consumed on the night of)
  • Buy 10-15 kg of cokolino (breakfast)/Astoria
  • Cafe Misto with whole milk from Starbucks allowed daily (I'll live it up)
  • Go to see "Sex & The City: The Movie" with girls from work
  • Work,work, work (time will pass faster)
  • Pack for Croatia, don't do everything in the last minute (some shopping is needed of course)
Note to myself: Leave the freaking credit cards and/or ATM Card at home! ( in past known to be used as pain killers, they are healthier on my body than over the counter meds, deadly however to my bank account).
Plan is set. I'm gonna be OK, its just a month, I'll be busy(so I try to convince myself) , I will go to the gym every day and get abs like Janet Jackson had at her skinniest, or something. No, I will not be OK! We will be oceans apart! God damn...I hate relationships.Where is that freaking memory eraser thingy from "Man in Black" when I need it.
As I am looking at My Baby poking at his old cell phone with the knife ( he thinks somebody will steel it to get all of his "celebrity" friends, his mom's and dad's cell phone numbers) I can't help but notice how in love I am. When even that what he is doing looks so smart, intelligent and adorable. All until he cut himself trying to break his old bank card in half with his bare hands :) .
OK. Of I go to find a band aid and to spend some more very much valuable time with him and hopefully O.D. on him enough to last me for the month he is away.
Wish me luck!