I have a confession to make. I got the biggest crush on this jewelry design brand from Spain. The name is Papiroga and I was emailing earlier today with Daniel, brandmaker. Human. Mainly pure in the sky. Incredibly pleasant man to communicate with, and if you think this is not rare in fashion industry, boy, you are wrong!

The vibe around this brand is amazingly cook and positive, all from absolutely amazing hand made jewelry design, to people who are behind this brand to their website and social media channel. Absolute WIN all around! You know how sometimes when you enter some brand shops you feel a bit awkward, intimidated or attached by sales people? Well, here is a total polar opposite.

Description of the brand is:

 "Papiroga is a handicraft brand offering statement accessories with exclusive designs & limited pieces, which strives to change women's mood. Founded in Madrid in 2011 by Estefanía de Oliveira, Leire Urzaiz & Daniel Coma-Cros."

Logo of Papiroga brand is a seahorse, half fish half horse. Brand evangelist. Mainly coolest in town. :)

Papiroga pieces are now available on Trendcy for purchase so I selected my favorites below, I will sure be getting a couple of these pieces for this Spring and Summer and how about these unique rings? Love, love,
pure love!

Don't forget to check out their equally cool    Facebook   &    Instagram pages! :)

My boyfriend and I have one date night each week, usually on Sundays (when he is at home) and we go to our favorite restaurant in Barcelona   Carpe Diem on Barceloneta beach, there I always order the same (after I tried pretty much the whole menu) - Rocket dog goat cheese salad.

I absolutely adore goat cheese, I could pretty much eat it everyday so I decided to try to make it at home, can't be so hard, it's a salad after all right? So I found a couple of different recipes and decided to put together a hybrid of them all containing those ingredients I like and have at home. 

If you want to make this meal into a big lunch, you can add grilled chicken slices into it.

Half of chopped romaine and radicchio lettuce salad mix bag (depending how hungry you are)
8 cherry tomatoes , hand full of walnuts, half hand full or dried cranberries*
1 big piece of hard goat cheese with skin edge (I get thick round piece)
Seasoned bread crumbs
1 egg
Salt & pepper per taste
*Alternative toppings: fresh black grapes, fresh figs, fresh pears.

Dressing: 1 soup spoon of Dijon mustard + 2 extra-virgin olive oil + 2 vinaigrette + 1/4 cup of honey
Other dressing options: Raspberry or honey vinaigrette

1. Place salad mix base in the salad bowl. Cut cherry tomatoes to quarters or halves and add it to salad mix. Pan toast the walnuts until you can smell that nutty smell, then pore them over salad mix base.
2. Warm a bit of extra-virgin olive oil on a pan, beat the egg and dip the goat cheese piece in the egg and then in the seasoned bread crumbs. Fry the goat cheese on medium heat 4-5 minute each side and put it on the paper-towel lines plate to drain oil a bit.
3. To make dressing whisk honey, vinaigrette and mustard  and then whisk in olive oil slowly.
4. Pour dressing over the salad and drizzle dried cranberries on top and/or other toppings which you like.

I really hope you guys will love this salad as much as I do! Let me know once you try it!


Photo: Šime Eškinja | Make up: Sanja Agić | Model: Tatjana Galić 
 Hair: Draška Topić | Styling: Lea Krpan 

Talented Croatian designer duo Nikica and Vjeko behind the brand   Envy Room known by their elegant and feminine signature and mesmerizing wedding dresses have followed the global trend of affordable luxury and collaborated with Bosnian mass market fashion house Bellissima to launch a beautiful Spring capsule collection containing a bit more then 10 pieces with lower price point but very practical and still with their recognizable brand signature. 

“Bellissima is a Bosnian fashion house with long tradition and regional influence. With this collaboration we wanted to make our design more accessible for wide audience so when creating this collection we made sure that we are achieving perfect balance of accessible price and quality. While designing we were inspired to create all pieces that a women needs to have in her Spring wardrobe.” 

This Spring/Summer 2014. capsule collection is created to satisfy women’s busy daily schedule and various weather conditions, so it includes all from windbreakers to jumpsuits, business two piece suits, romantic blouses, cocktail dresses to swim suits. 

Stock photo

Today I am all ears waiting to hear, read and see which one of you will win one of the two fabulous ear cuffs from today's giveaway! New interactive fashion platform -   www.Trendcy.com, which I am curating and have already wrote about here has provided me with two beautiful ear cuffs in gold and silver to give to those of you who will give it a shot and sign up for their platform.

Ear cuff earrings trend has been major on runways starting in 2013 and continuing with Spring/Summer 2014. collections where you could see them on runway from Chanel (Spring 2012) to Dries Van Noten and Aqua Bendita swimwear , but you probably noticed them in mass market brand stores like Zara. Many celebrities picked up on this trend as well, as it gives you instantly more high fashion and edgy look.

 I actually own two Zara ear cuffs which I wore for picture taking but they are to heavy to wear around and I am afraid they will fall out, so I didn't get to much wear of them, but they do look beautiful with emerald green stones.

Trendcy ear cuffs

Recently I got also two cuffs from   Trendcy, one is for pierced ears (gold color one) and one with a clip (silver one) and they are much lighter on the ear, you can adjust the pressure by stretching them gently and they do not fall out when you wear them, so I have been wearing my silver color star cuff quite often and got many compliments as it looks really cute and gentle, not to over the top.

All you have to do to participate in this giveaway is to:

Register on Trendcy   HERE as a shopper.
Share the link to this blog post on your Facebook or Twitter with #JoinTrendcy.
Leave a comment below stating which ear cuff would you like to get - gold or silver color one.

This is an international giveaway, there will be 2 winners, you can win golden or silver color ear cuff from image above, winner will be announced on February 26th on my   Facebook page. 

Good luck ladies! 

Photo: courtesy of Estee Lauder team

My favorite make up artist and   Estee Lauder ambassador Tom Pescheux who's work I have been following for a while ( he also responded to my Instagram comment so we are practicaly BFFs ;) ) have launched   Estee Lauder Derek Lam limited edition make up collection under the slogan 'Luxurity without formality'.

The collection comes in a blue satin clutch and it consists of five make up staple products:

Derek Lam Clutch
Kajal Crayon, color: Near Night
Mascara in Black Black color
Eye-shadow in Smoked Gold color
Lipstick in Smoked Blush shade
Lip gloss - Barely Gold shade

These products used together form a look created by Tom Pecheux for Derek Lam's Spring/Summer 2014. fashion show. In Croatia, you can find this special collection exclusively in Anabella perfumery in Split.  

I personally currently use Estee Lauder Advanced night repair serum which I apply over night, after I clean my face and before my night cream and absolutely love it! During the day, I use Double Wear Light moisturizing cream base powder which covers all imperfections, there is no shinny t-zone and it leaves my skin looking natural and healthy.

In case you want to read more about Tom Pecheux - read my previous post with his interview   here, for more news on Estee Lauder, follow the Croatian brand page   here .

Fall/Winter 2014. Ralph Lauren collection was another confirmation of 40 years of luxury and timeless elegance brand represents. The show was split in two parts, one representing his firs Fall/Winter 14' line and second act a preview of his new launched women's Polo line, showing that house of Ralph Lauren recognizes and follows the democratic luxury trend and trying to satisfy that portion of the millennial market as well.

Ralph's FW 14' collection featured elegant pieces ranging from fur, feather and wool/cashmere coats to maxi dresses, high slip skirts, sweaters and  even jogging pants. Ralph Lauren is not a trend follow, for more then 40 years now he is a trend setting while staying true to his immaculate quality of making and his recognizable elegant, feminine and timeless signature.

Pieces in this collection are made to look and foremost FEEL luxurious, comfortable. They come in gentle color pallet of pastels and grays and are made out of expensive quality materials such as cashmere, Mongolian lamb, brushed suade, satin pongee and silk jersey.

As those of you who follow me from the start (so last 5 years :)) know, I worked for Ralph while working in NYC and I own many of his clothing and accessory pieces from his different labels, and I got to say one thing, he never compromises on quality and comfort so even after five years his pieces look like new. I still own his RL jeans, button ups, shirt dresses and a number of cashmere sweaters - these are my gems and I care for them dearly as they last and last and always look so sophisticated, luxurious and timeless so I never regretted one penny I paid for any of his pieces!

I got nothing but love for this man and the brand he represents! Bravo Sir!

Last week I took two days off to travel to Malaga where my boyfriend played kings cup - Copa Del Rey. I stayed there Friday to Sunday and had a chance to explore Malaga a bit. First day it was really sunny and warm so as my hotel was near the beach I took a walk to see what I could on foot. That area of he city was really beautiful! Long walkway by the beach was upgraded with wind turbines, metal exercising equipment, a couple of playgrounds for kids on and by the beach, bicycle rental stations and decorated with blocks of flower beds, marine themed statues and ecology messages.  What a fabulous place for young families - I thought!

Malaga is the city positioned in Southern Spain the community of Andalusia and it is the sixth largest city in Spain. The city has comfortable Mediterranean climate and one of the warmest Winters in Europe with average temperature of 17C. Malaga is known by being a birth place of famous painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso and actor Antonio Banderas

All images and video courtesy of   Curzon

When I first saw the teaser videos and advertising announcing this movie I was super excited!  Bergdorf's is indeed a New York city fashion institution, the theater, the palace on 5th Avenue and I must say I visited it weekly when living in New York if nothing else just to window shop and see new trends. Ohh..when I remember how many times I swiped my Amex there I feel anxious, excited and nostalgic at the same time.  

"It's best store in the world! So glamours!"

Still today, I can list every single piece of clothes there and yes..it's just as overwhelming, fabulous and magical as the movie sounds it to be! And the windows! Did you ever had a chance to see Bergdorf's windows during Christmas? Total fantasy! Hallucination! Absolute fashion wonderland!

If your clothes are not at that place then they have no future, there's no future for those clothes. Sorry."

Issac Mizrahi

Today on my blog you can see a short sneak peak trailer and win one of the two copies of DVD with this movie and actual DVD is just going to be available in stores as of February 10th.

With this movie you will be taken behind the scenes of New York's most exclusive department store in this glitzy, glamorous, insightful and truly breathtaking look at the luxury shopping destination of the stars.

It features interviews from the best in the fashion business and the store's dedicated, knowledgeable staff, SCATTER MY ASHES AT BERGDORF’S is a fascinating glimpse into a mecca of style and good taste featuring frank, revealing and frequently outrageous interviews with Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie, Joan Rivers, Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and many others.

There are some EXTRA goodies as well like: Theatrical Trailer, Extended Interviews etc.

I got two copies exclusively to give to You my readers! In order to participate in this fabulous giveaway you have to:
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Good luck fashionistas! :)

It's such a part of New York, It's just the epitome of the city!" 

Joan Rivers