Last couple of days I have been hungrier than usual and due to lack of time, lack of culinary talent and some other excuses I can make on spot, I have started to eat out more and used this opportunity to socialize more with my friends who I have neglected much since I joined the new company.
Since I moved back to Croatia I have been slowly but surely nesting in Zagreb and I tried to find ways to enjoy my city as a different person I am now versus a little girl I was when I left.
When I left to study and to live in US I have grown and matured a lot, my interests changed and while I was away Zagreb has grown and matured as well. He changed. Currently we are trying to develop a brand new relationship, more serious one than before. I think I have started to fall for him all over again, this time I think it might be for life.
Last week my friends Tomislav and Matija and his girlfriend went for a dinner at the city center to fancy Italian restaurant called Stefano located in the historic palace from the beginning of 20ct. the atmosphere was warm and intimate and the service was helpful but discreet.
Other than amazing wine and buffalo stake my male friends loved, I enjoyed a smoked octopus salad with parmesan cheese and ricola and home made bread, I also loved panna cotta with berries I had for dessert. I definitely recommend it for first dates, to all the guys who want to impress the girls with amazing food and still would like to get to know her better and chat in this intimate environment.
Couple of days earlier when I went for a girls night out of dancing with two of my very close friends and before which I stopped by for a huge nutella, coconut and cherries crape they make on the street corners in a cute little window service restaurants.
We went for a late night sandwich at the very well known sandwich bar called Pingvin, it is located at one of the theatre's entrances and after a great night of dancing in clubs everybody rushes their for an amazing sandwich, they are all made fresh on the spot. My favorite one was a grilled vegetable sandwich in a pocket like bread which the fill with grilled veggies, tartar sauce and fresh salad.
A week before that when planning this fashion project I am working on, the organizer took me to great Japanese restaurant called Takenoko. As I am very familiar with Japanese food having Japanese roommates during college, I think I can freely say their Misoshiro soup and tofu wok were great. I definitely recommend it for business lunches/dinners.
Another great place I was absolutely delighted with was Hellas. A friend took me there to cheer me up and he definitely did, we had so much fun as this place as people who work in Hellas are full of positive energy and very pleasant, we ate a lot and stayed there talking for hours.
Hellas is an authentic Greek restaurant located close to the old church, where there is always a lot of people, atmosphere is fantastic and the food is amazing, the place is decorated to look very authentic and it takes you straight to Greece, there is an open fireplace in the wine basement and two more floors of the restaurant area. I absolutely adore their Kokino soup, an amazing home made bread with olives, Roca Tiri salad and of course their Baklava.
I leave you with the picture of some dishes:

Bon appetit! :)


November 5th, 09'

Have you ever wondered which hurts the most: saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing, and wishing you had?

Somehow I always go with the first.

One person recently told me I always go after what I want to aggresivly. He said he feels intimidated by me and the fact is, he believes I am better than him.

How ironic I thought, this whole time I was looking just for peace, security, love and life to share and home to call my own, and somehow I ended up having to prove myself over and over again that I am good enough for him, to a person who was insecure himself. I ended up trying to make myself a women I thought he wanted and ended up loosing the real me. The whole time while listening to him talk I just wanted to scream : Let me be myself, let me be me!

I almost laughed at the irony of it all, the whole time, since the very begining I was exactly the person he always said he wanted, I am focused on family, I have my priorities straight, I do just want normal and balanced life as booring as it may sound, but I also want to keep the creative, fashionable, wacky and childish side of myself that I love! I will never be the stepford wife or a perfect mother.

I want to have a modern wedding on the beach, travel with a husband I will adore and continue to have an amazing sex life. I want to work as well and have a life outside of the house.

I will jump the pudles on the rain and play soccer with my son one day and dance around the house in balerina costume with my daughter. I will bake cookies of different color with my kids and invest every second of my life to make my children and my husband happy and my home fun,warm and safe place to be.This is all me! I can't be tailored into a motheroid or wiferoid who will obey and fullfil her husbands expectations.

Funny the way it date somebody and go through many rough and many wonderful times with this person and after this longer relationship you give up and eventually you meet another person under more calm conditons, or even as a rebound. This person shows just a bit of interest, listens to you complaining and seems not to have any troubles in the world.
You don't know this person, so she/he seems somhow so light and easy to get a long with. You start dating this person, everything stays superficial and light, easy life, you think.
Than, you marry this person after short time of dating you are thinking this is it and than life hits you. Later under the different circumstances you realize that you made a mistake and there is no going back.

One day you walk down the street and see her, the women you went through good and bad, and who you loved happy with somebody else.



"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."