October 15, 2010


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Day #2 in Budapest Hungary. 
3 hours of drive, 1 Starbucks venti skinny peppermint mocha with rather crisspy Almond Biscotti and a strong headaque later, I finally got home. 

Last two nights were pritty intense with traveling, cold hotel room and long hours I put in last couple of days ( aka since last Xmass when I actually had a proper vacation). Just when I was about to log off from my computer around half past midnight I got interview questions from www.moda.hr which urgently needed to be answered so Eva can meet her blog article deadline. I answered them half awake trying to pull last atoms of common sense out of me to finally be able to go to bed. If you want you can read my answers here.

Note to self - schedule a damn vacation or you WILL start showing wrinkles!

Anyways, I got inspired by one editorial in UK Vogue featuring grey jersay sweatshirt dress with enhanced leather patch shoulders so I actually selected my top urban pics from Urban Outfiters smoking new collection.

What you think? What will be your key piece for this Fall?

Photo source: Urban Outfiters
Xoxo lovelies!

"Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn."
~Elizabeth Lawrence~


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