December 27, 2012

Christmas in Barcelona.

Happy holidays lovelies! I hope you enjoyed quality time with your family and friends, ate some amazing food, got some fabulous gifts and had lots of rest during days of Christmas celebration. 

Last couple of days I haven't been posting as much as I could content wise as I was busy preparing my first Christmas dinner, cakes, sweets and decorating the house. Since this was our first Christmas in Barcelona and actually first Christmas together for my boyfriend and I, we kind of had to start from scratch, buy all decorations, figure our our own traditions and apply some we learned growing up from our families. 

It was actually quite nice to cook on my own and enjoy Christmas in vanilla scented candle smelling house, with this gorgeous Christmas tree, my dog Papi and boyfriend by my side.

We spent most of the Christmas day at home, eating, playing games and opening presents. I got my boyfriend a cozy, warm and soft bathrobe, some funny and sexy stocking stuffer and a new generation electric shaver and he got me latest version of iPad with pink covers of course! I am absolutely obsessed with it already! Papi also got some dog treats and toys for being good and not eating to much of the house decor.

Day after Christmas we spent again with mostly lounging at home and in the evening we went for a walk and dinner here in gorgeously decorated Barcelona.

How was your Christmas darlings? 

"Christmas, my child, is love in action. 
Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas."
Dale Evans 



  1. jelka i pokloni ispod izgledaju divno :)
    predivan poklon si dobila moram da priznam :)

    fotke su divne, uvek mi je fascinatno kako je divno ljudima koji zive u gradu koji turisti masovno posecuju... kao da zivis u muzeju, savrseno!

    1. Hvala ti Anibani :) Trenutno živim u dva grada, Barceloni i Budimpešti i točno je to što kažeš, baš kao u muzeju. :)

  2. Sretan Bozic draga moja Katarina! :* Bor je divan! <3

  3. ljepi darovi! sa zakasnjenjem sretan božić

  4. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Love that building by Gaudi!


  5. really loving you posts and blog :)
    hope you like mine