September 22, 2010

Searchin' Croatian fashion bloggers...

Since I moved back to Croatia I tried to identify some Croatian fashion bloggers. Just to get to know the blogosphere around here a bit better. Partially it was work related and partially I was just curious.
I found a couple I started to follow.

One Saturday last winter, when I was saying goodbye to a friend after a long coffee on a main square a young lady, she was a photographer, told me I had interesting look and took photo of me.
 Later through one fashion portal editor I found out that this girls name was Antonija, and she was a "Croatian Sartorialist". A young photo blogger who was getting inspiration on streets of Zagreb. Antonija recently got in the final round od Vogue's competition for young street photographers
Be sure to check out her blog, its fabulous!

Tonia seems to be a student living in Split. One of Croatian coastal cities. Her blog is more personal. She takes pictures of herself in various combinations, writing about her style, cosmetic and her style inspirations.
I liked her last post about bow rings she makes.

I hope to find more Croatian fashion bloggers! If you are out there, email me!

Xoxo darlings...I got to go write another post...I just got inspired for an outfit!

p.s. Good luck to Antonija on Vogue's contest!



  1. im answering to a post in the past. hope u read it. im into fashion a lot, but wouldnt post pictures of myself in clothes. a streetstyle blog would be good. u can visit me

  2. living in Italy (Udine)...quite near to you.
    nice blog ..
    come for a a visit and if you like sign as follower...I'll do back

    ciao ave