January 1, 2008

Arena Centar bloggers challenge ID: La Kat

Where do you see your blog in 5 years from now?
Formally I see it as it is now, but with even more visits and readers. My blog is my only diary which honestly and trustfully describes me and my growing up experience in the last 5 years I am writing it, I want to keep it personal. My blog is profitable for a while now, I have signed with UK based publisher couple of years back and I am very happy with our cooperation so far. My readers are wonderful and I communicate with them via various channels daily. I founded my blog 5 years ago when I lived in NYC; most of my readers is from US while about 30% is from Croatia currently.

How long does it take you to get dressed?
Ugh..I am not a morning person, so until like 10am I am not totally awake. In average I need about half an hour to get dressed and ready to leave the house. I have a lot of clothes which I collected shopping in various vintage stores in NY and traveling around the world, I also worked for Rugby Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch so I have a lot of their clothes as well. My clothes is well organized in 2 closets, one with work and one with casual clothes obviously adjusted to season of the year.

Would you say that person is what he/she wears?
I don’t think that person is what she wears, but I think it shows person’s personality somewhat. First impression is very important, especially in work setting, and clothing is obviously part of this first impression. Looking at persons outfit can tell you a story about the person, just like a tattoo.

What is your favorite fashion creation ever?
Red dress, pencil skirt and stiletto heels! These pieces are the basics of my daily work outfits, a tad of color, skirt that perfectly hugs the curves and good quality comfortable heels in which I can run around completing my daily work tasks. In ideal world, I would rather wear couture gowns every day, but from practical reasons I don’t do it really. ;)
When I was little I thought I was a princess and it wasn’t an issue for me to stand out with the way I dressed. For a long time I was wearing a crown, it was very hard for my parents to persuade me to stop wearing it.

If you can have a one day in fashion designer studio, which designer would you choose?
With absolutely no doubts – Alexander McQueen! For me, couture is the definition of fashion, and Alex for me represents the definition of fashion designer, he was a true artist! Each of his collection pieces was a unique piece of art. I loved his contrast of royal lady in rich luxurious nightgowns and leather RTW pieces with sculls. I am less interested in retail store ready to wear lines.
If your blog was a song which one would it be and why?
Hahaha...it would probably be one of Edit Piaf’s songs, something French for sure.
I was always interested in true ladies, bit wild, hardheaded adventurous ladies, strong, independent, secretive and gentle.


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